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Because there are so many other evaluations of NudistFriends available on the internet, this one was purposefully prepared to provide all of the relevant information that cannot be found in any other review. You will be provided with all of the relevant information about the site as well as some additional data, which will allow you to determine whether or not the platform is worth your time. You will learn about the positives and negatives of the site further down below. Your first impression of the NudistFriends website will be more accurate as a result of doing so.


NudistFriends is a dating site that was established in 2001 by SuccessfulMatch specifically for the nudist community. It is a community that is constantly expanding, and there are already over 800,000 people using the website. Even though it has been showing signs of growth year after year, the number of practitioners is still very low. As a result of this, the website provides anyone who may be interested in nudism with extensive information regarding the lifestyle. In this way, more people will become aware of how it operates, and they may feel more confident in their ability to visit nudist beaches and clubs in order to meet a nudist companion.


In this review of NudistFriends, you will learn that the website functions in a way that is quite straightforward to use. Registering with some of your basic information and then searching for other nudists is all that is required of you to get started. You are permitted to share naked photos of yourself, but you are not permitted to publish information that is sexually explicit. There is a significant gap between the two categories of information.

You may meet other people and learn about the best nudist hubs in your area by exploring the various forums and blogs that are available on the site.

This review of NudistFriends provides additional information regarding the functionality of the website. You will find a wealth of material that is not included in any of the other NudistFriends reviews.


Although signing up for NudistFriends is quite an easy procedure, this does not imply that the website is in any way dangerous. At start, the website requests only a few bits of information, which include the following:

  • Regardless of whether you are a guy, a woman, or a pair
  • Seeking guys, women, and couples to hang out with
  • Age
  • Email address

After you have finished entering all of this information, there is a brief statement that states, “A Service Agreement and a separate Privacy Policy regulate the relationship between and each and every one of its members.” You are required to read the terms and conditions of both agreements, acknowledge that you agree to them, and then check the “Agree” box located below in order to become one of our members. You will not be allowed access to the site if you do not agree with this policy.

The final step in completing your registration is to check the box indicating that you agree with the terms and conditions.

You have the option of joining with your Facebook account rather than submitting your email address when you first sign up. That ought to be considerably more expedient.

How to Get in Touch With Someone

You are able to quickly search for people on the NudistFriends website, and you have the option to either accept or reject suggested matches that show up to you using the “Let’s Match” tool. You can compile a list of your favorites on the website, and you are permitted to send up to fifty winks per day. The most effective course of action is to use Instant Messenger to communicate with the people that are of interest to you. This dating platform has incorporated features found on a variety of other dating websites in order to assist users in finding the ideal nudist companion.

Even while the site restricts access to a number of its services, such as the chat room, for premium members exclusively, basic members can still access a number of the site’s other features. In spite of the fact that gaining access to the messenger is what everyone is after, you may still investigate the site using its fundamental functions to determine whether or not paying for the premium membership is worthwhile. You are unable to initiate a conversation if you are a free member, but you are able to respond to messages.

Blogs and online discussion groups are also available as additional communication options on the website. Even though you won’t be able to initiate private discussions to explain who you are and what you’re about, you can still meet new individuals and have talks with them in the various locations throughout the site. Additionally, it assists in developing a sense of camaraderie among nudists.

You can get information about locations to go to in order to meet other nudists by reading blogs and participating in online forums. You might be able to find new nudist beaches, saunas, or campgrounds where you can go to relax and meet new people to socialize with.


On dating sites in general, it is usually to your advantage to fill out your profiles with as much information as you possibly can. You can increase your chances of getting laid by creating a profile that is both comprehensive and informative. In spite of the fact that what you will experience on NudistFriends will make you feel quite at ease, if you want results, it is best to exhibit what you are all about.

As has been stated previously, NudistFriends does not permit pornographic content of any kind. Even while many share naked pictures of themselves (after all, it is a place for nudists), you are not allowed to publish sex films or images, as well as any other visual material that is even slightly sexual. This online dating service is for nudists and not for pornographic content.

You are permitted to submit a maximum of 26 photographs to your profile on the NudistFriends website, and you have the option of setting each of those photos to either be public or private. Private albums are only accessible to the people to whom you have granted permission to view them. Other users cannot view them. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that moderators will view everything that you publish to the site. Because of this, it will be impossible to conceal illegal material in private galleries.

Because of the high concentration of users from the United States on NudistFriends, it may be more challenging for users from other countries to locate nudists in their immediate area. Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Spain are among the other nations that have a presence on the website. There are 51% women and 49% men, which results in a proportion that is fairly balanced.

Profiles At NudistFriends

The fact that the majority of members on NudistFriends are older than 34 years old is an intriguing aspect of the website. It is a popular misconception that young people are the most liberated with their bodies; nevertheless, it appears that older individuals are more attracted to the nudist lifestyle than younger ones are. Perhaps those of a more advanced age are better able to disassociate nudity with sex, allowing them to enjoy nudism with greater maturity.

Since there isn’t much that needs to be included in a profile on NudistFriends, the site maintains a certain level of discretion. You will find the following information on a profile:

  • Age
  • Regardless of whether the profile was created by a guy, a woman, or a couple
  • Location
  • Public albums

You have the option to: message, add to favorites, send a free wink, ask out immediately, and see additional members who are similar to this one.

How to Stay Away From False Profiles

When using a platform such as NudistFriends, it is highly rare that you would come across a large number of bogus profiles. The number of users registered on the website does not even reach one million. As a consequence of this, the vast majority of members, if not all of them, are genuine nudists who are trying to make new acquaintances and locate other nudists who are interested in a romantic or sexual relationship.

On the other hand, you cannot be certain about that. In any event, it is always a good idea to take precautions to ensure your own safety as much as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, you should never reveal personal information to persons you have just met through the web (and anywhere else on the internet). You have the option to report and block individuals who, in your opinion, are pretenders or con artists. In this method, moderators will check on your report and take appropriate action based on their findings.


The layout and functionality of the website are both very pleasant to visitors. Despite the fact that it does not have a very contemporary appearance, it is able to keep up with the majority of social media because it contains the primary functions that a new member could require. It is easy to use for members, so they can express themselves freely without feeling self-conscious or worried about exposing themselves to too much scrutiny.

In spite of the fact that the website’s layout is uncomplicated and it gets right to the point, it provides an abundant amount of content for its users. There are elements that work like forums and assist people in connecting with one another. Others are happy to teach novice nudists all they need to know about the lifestyle.


At this time, NudistFriends is only accessible online via its website. Although there is no NudistFriends app for either iOS or Android, you are still able to view the site on your mobile device by using the browser of your choice.


NudistFriends offers a wide variety of useful extra features that facilitate social interaction among nudists. Some of them also make up for the fact that free members do not have access to a message system.

Naturopath Accredited

If you print out a particular document, take pictures of yourself both clothed and naked while holding it, and then upload those pictures to the site, the website will recognize you as a verified user. You can flaunt your status as a certified nudist by adding the corresponding logo to your online presence.

When other members know that you are a certified nudist, they are considerably more likely to interact with you. You will also be included to the roster of Certified Nudists after passing the exam. Becoming a Certified Nudist demonstrates to other members that you are a legitimate participant in the community and not just a pretender or con artist.

Ideas for the First Date

This function is similar to a blog in that it allows users to post their thoughts on what makes a great first date. It is helpful for all members who have never had romantic relationships with other nudists. In addition to that, it provides extraordinary illumination for readers who are seeking motivation. This feature is the one you should use if you have a lot of suggestions that you would like to share with others.

The Beginnings of Nakedness as a Lifestyle

NudistFriends asserts that it is one of the most secure online communities for nudists available today. In addition to making this claim, the website also supplies new nudists with a variety of useful tools and information about the subculture. You can get a great deal of knowledge by reading about the nudist adventures of other members in the First Nudist Experiences forum. You can even talk about your own personal experiences and gain a sense of camaraderie in the process.

Advice for Nudists Seeking Romance

In this part, members of the site as well as the moderators have compiled helpful dating advice that they have written down. This function is much appreciated because the ultimate objective of NudistFriends is to assist nudists in dating. It offers advice for dating with a nudist as well as for when you are a nudist but your date is not. Additionally, it offers advice for when you are a nudist but your date is not.

Let’s Meet

This feature is what genuinely makes up for the fact that free members do not have access to a messaging system. It is the most fascinating part of the site where you can interact with a large number of new people. You are able to express your approval or disapproval of other users’ profiles using this function. It is able to recall the swipes made on Tinder and makes an effort to speed up the process of connecting users.

When both you and the other person express interest in one another, you will both have the opportunity to be matched with that individual. When that occurs, you will either be able to immediately send a message or you will be able to anticipate receiving one.


On the NudistFriends website, members have the option to purchase a Gold Membership, which grants access to additional services that improve both the quality and speed of communication. The following is a list of the costs for the Gold Membership tier:

  • The total price for 6 months is $95,95 ($15.99 each month)
  • The total price for three months is $59,95 ($19.98 each month).
  • The price for one month is $29,95.

Fundamental Membership

Even without the ability to communicate, the basic membership on NudistFriends enables you to access a large number of the site’s features. By becoming a free member on the platform, what you may accomplish includes:

Comparable to the profiles found on the Let’s Meet feature

Make use of more powerful tools in order to update your blog and forum posts.

View and respond to some Fun Questions Here

Make sure you get permission before viewing any private albums.

Get Your Nudist Certification Today!

Membership at the highest level

On the other hand, if you pay for a premium membership, you will have access to every feature that the site has to offer. When you pay for a Gold Membership, you gain access to a variety of features, including the following:

  • Messenger
  • The capability to view how frequently a person responds to communications sent to them
  • You can look through the list of Certified Nudists here.
  • Appearing at the top of results pages during searches
  • Bringing attention to oneself
  • Discounts and deals on

Coupons are not a part of NudistFriends’ business model in any manner. They do not offer those, and they will not even take them as payment.


The well-being of those who utilize NudistFriends is the number one concern of the employees that work there. Moderators put in an unending amount of effort to remove scammers and fraudulent profiles. Their engineers put a lot of effort into preventing information about users from being leaked by crackers.

Is NudistFriends Scam?

In no way. NudistFriends is among the most trustworthy online dating services currently available. It is one of the safest places to locate a romantic partner, despite the fact that it exclusively serves a specific subset of nudists and others who are interested in learning more about nudism.

Is NudistFriends legit?

Yes. Since its inception in 2001, the nudist community has acknowledged NudistFriends as an important website resource.

Is There No Identity in NudistFriends?

No. On the website, you may get any and all information there is to know about the location.


There is no dating site that is ideal for every user, and some of those individuals will voice their dissatisfaction with the platform’s faults or its lack of features on online forums. You can find some of the most often voiced criticisms about NudistFriends contained inside this section.

One of the most common criticisms leveled against NudistFriends is that its free users do not have access to a message system. This is quite logical given the critical nature of being able to communicate with other users on any dating platform. However, websites that use this tactic protect their valued subscribers from phony profiles and other con artists. When you purchase a premium membership, you can be assured that you will only communicate with genuine users of the site.

One more criticism is that there is no mobile application available. That is unquestionably a failed attempt. It is possible that in the not too distant future, the corporation may create an application that attracts additional users to the platform. This issue is directly connected to a different criticism, which is about the small number of members. It’s possible that the absence of a mobile application is one of the reasons why people don’t seem to care much about the website.


You can access NudistFriends’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and read about potential issues there if you are a member of the community who requires assistance with anything. You can get in touch with their support team here if the Frequently Asked Questions aren’t able to answer your questions:


Do you have an interest in learning about further possibilities for meeting nudists and naturalists? Then, there are merely a handful of other websites and apps that have been developed specifically for nudism.


The Naturism app is designed to help nudists find beaches, saunas, campgrounds, and hotels that are friendly to their lifestyle choice. In addition to that, the app enables users to establish a profile for themselves and connect with other nudists.

Nudist Compass

The Nudist Compass operates in the same manner as the Naturism Compass. You can communicate to other people who are interested in nudism, and you can also identify areas that are friendly to nudists.


What exactly is the function of NudistFriends?

This dating platform is utilized by nudists who are interested in establishing love connections with other nudists.

Is NudistFriends a Legitimate Online Dating Service?

There is a real dating component to NudistFriends, with the ability to communicate with other nudists.

Where Can You Find The Instructions To Delete Your Account On NudistFriends?

To remove your account, go to the top right corner of the top bar and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears under the main photo icon. Select “Membership” from the drop-down menu, then click the “Disable account” tab, and then click “Delete Account.” After that, input your password, and then click the “Delete account” button.


NudistFriends is a niche dating service, but it provides a lot of benefits to its members. When you are interested in particular topics, it might be challenging to locate other people who are interested in the same things. However, NudistFriends makes it much simpler for nudists to connect with other individuals who share their passion. You can talk about all the things you enjoy about being naked on the site, and you can also locate people with whom you can engage in that activity romantically. It assists you in finding locations where you, too, are permitted to engage in nudist behavior. You’ve come to the right place if you were looking for a nudist dating site; NudistFriends is the best one out there.

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