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Everyone, including those who identify as heterosexual, homosexual, or non-binary, as well as any other member of the LGBTQ+ community, is invited to use this open and welcoming website. It is essential to establish an environment that is devoid of bigotry and prejudice. As a result, Tchat Direct markets itself as a website that is open to all users and enables them to do various searches. Tchat Direct is a website that has been described as a dating platform for individuals looking for Personals and interested in them. Every profile photo that is uploaded must first be manually approved.

This assists in preventing the formation of phoney accounts and decreases the amount of fraudulent activity. As a consequence of this, Tchat Direct provides users with reports that are both safe and verified. This additional layer of protection checks to see if the individuals you talk to are who they say they are. The website conforms to the viewing environment of the user’s device, making it suitable for operation on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets (formatting will be the same as the webpage). At this time, there are no applications available for either iOS or Android. A premium subscription can be purchased for a starting price of $44.95.

How does the function or operation of Tchat Direct work?

A feature called “user lock” may be used in these situations, and it can address this problem (you will no longer receive any messages from that user). However, we advocate reporting the individual to the moderators if their behaviour becomes inappropriate or offensive.

Group chat is a useful function that may be accessed using Tchat Direct. This is a beautiful opportunity for people to connect and share information that will assist them in locating areas of shared interest (sometimes general, like political beliefs, and occasionally specific, like a Zodiac sign). Those who meet in group chats can move on to private conversations if they’ve identified a potential partner they’re interested in.

The COVID-19 epidemic was primarily responsible for the meteoric rise in popularity of webcam communication, which is now an essential component of contemporary dating practices. It is crucial to have the option to communicate in real time and to be able to see what your potential companion looks like. You won’t have to go through the heartache of having unrealistic hopes dashed since you’ll have a more accurate picture of the person you’re speaking with.

Chat rooms and message boards are essential to every successful online dating service. The users of Tchat Direct have the option to send and accept chat invitations from other users. Chat also provides you with additional communication tools that you can use to express yourself (these include emojis, virtual gifts, etc.).

You have the option of including a video clip in your account, in addition to uploading a picture for your profile. Please give us some background on yourself, including who you are and what you’re searching for. You can set yourself apart from other users by using this feature. Because this choice is still uncommon in online dating despite its recent introduction, so you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

On Tchat Direct, many individuals have profiles that are pretty similar to one another, so it can be challenging to garner enough attention. Would you like to have a higher profile so that you may communicate with a more significant number of people? Because it has the capability for paid priority statements, this website makes it easy to do so. You may notice other profiles highlighted in higher search positions than yours to draw attention to it.

You can look for other users on the site and filter them based on specific fundamental criteria.

User demographics are based on gender.

Users’ average ages

Users with photographs exclusively in their profiles

Users that are currently logged into their accounts

In addition to the methods described above, you also have access to other, more specialized criteria that you can use to search for and filter users.


  • You have the option to block specific users.
  • There is an option for group chatting available. People can identify other users on the platform who share their interests through the usage of this helpful tool.
  • Users also have the option to use webcam chat to engage in face-to-face communication with one another.
  • Users can invite one another to participate in private chats. This functionality is necessary for matches to communicate with one another.
  • You can refine your preferences by using advanced search criteria if you want to.
  • You have the option to pay to have your profile highlighted.
  • You can make your video profile, in which you can introduce yourself to other users and describe the person you envision as your perfect match.
  • The site validates the users’ email addresses (to prevent fraudulent accounts).
  • Photos are checked and approved by moderators by hand. This helps to prevent the creation of false accounts and filter out indecent or obscene photographs.
  • The site is entirely mobile-friendly (you will not have a problem using it on mobile devices).


  • Currently, the site does not provide a downloaded application compatible with iOS.
  • Tchat Direct does not yet provide a download option for an Android application.

Cost and Available Paid Membership Levels – How much does it cost to become a member? Is there no cost to use Tchat Direct?

Tchat Direct allows users to begin their service with a free trial membership.

Because this trial membership will be automatically renewed after the allotted time, you must cancel it before the trial period ends.

There are paid membership alternatives available through Tchat Direct.

If you do not want to continue using this service after your paid membership has been renewed, you are required to cancel your membership before the end of the paid period.

There is no coin-based system available on Tchat Direct, meaning you cannot pay for tasks such as sending a message or a virtual gift to another user.

Options for membership with a trial period

Free Membership for an Attempt of 5 Days The price for 5 Days is $7.28;

Free Membership for an Attempt of 5 Days The price for one month is $51.03;

Options for membership with a fee

The price for one month of Premium Subscription is $44.95;

After the initial free month, the regular membership fee is $51.03 a month;

The price for a Premium Subscription for Three Months is $69.24;

The cost of a Premium Subscription for a Year is $145.69;

Tchat Direct promotions and discount codes are available here.

Currently, Tchat Direct does not offer promotional codes or discounts for use on their website.

Registration – What are the steps involved in registering for Tchat Direct?

The field of information you must fill in to register on Tchat Direct is medium length (including 5-10 domains maximum) (containing 5-10 complete fields).

Applications and Versions for Mobile Devices

The website utilizes a responsive web design. This indicates that you will be able to use it on your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, in the same way, you use it on your personal computer (the page will change to fit the size of the screen on the device). We regret that there are currently no apps available for download on Android or iOS platforms.

Confidentiality and anonymity

There are typically public and private options available on dating websites. Anyone can obtain an aggregate view of all user accounts when using a general dating service. On the other hand, personal dating provides greater privacy and anonymity, given that your profile is only viewable by other members who have registered for the service (no one else can see your profile).

Because the profiles on this website are private, the only people who can view them are those who have registered for the site. This ensures that your profile is not considered by anybody other than other users of the site. If a person is not enrolled on this dating website, they will not be able to view that you are registered on the website either.

Protection against fraudulent activity and phoney profiles.

Confirming your email address is a prerequisite for completing the registration process on Tchat Direct. This is a fundamental preventative measure that can end the construction of fraudulent or phoney profiles. Because of this, the experience on Tchat Direct is made more secure, resulting in a better experience on the platform as a whole.

On Tchat Direct, photos require a moderator’s permission before viewing them. This crucial safety measure prevents users from engaging in fraudulent activity with fictitious or stolen accounts. All registered users can view photographs that have been reviewed and given the green light. You have the opportunity to report that person to the moderators if you suspect you are dealing with a phoney account when you are given a choice to do so. There are instances in which bogus profiles can be easily identified simply on the photo.

Conditions & Terms of Service (TOS)

This online dating service makes its Terms of Service available to users (you will find a link to them on the main page). Before registration, it is strongly suggested that you read them. You must become familiar with the content, even though it may be lengthy.

Cancellation of Membership – What steps are to terminate a paid account with Tchat Direct?

You can terminate your online account at any time. Because payments are set up to repeat themselves on Tchat Direct automatically, you will need to manually cancel your account if you decide you no longer want to use the service in the future.


Cancelling Your Account – What steps do I need to take to get rid of my Tchat Direct account?

Your account on Tchat Direct may be terminated at any time and without charge, provided that you follow the on-screen instructions. This can be accomplished over the internet. You can contact customer care if you cannot locate the option to cancel your account. The support staff will instruct you on how to terminate your account. Because Tchat Direct requires a paid membership, you may be required to cancel any subscriptions or paid services before you can deactivate or delete your account. Users can unsubscribe from mailing lists and any other notifications they may have received. This ensures that they will not receive any additional news from Tchat Direct.

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