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When it comes to dating apps and services tailored specifically toward educated singles, Academic Singles is among the most well-liked options available. Because it employs a scientific matchmaking method to bring together people with comparable academic backgrounds and interests, this app can be ideal for intellectuals because it eliminates the need for you to abandon your romantic life to the whims of chance. In this review of Academic Singles, you will learn more about Academic Singles, the procedure of registering, the website’s benefits and drawbacks, and the fees.

A comparison of the paid and free features of Academic Singles

The following is an outline of the free and paid services that may be accessed through the app and website for Academic Singles.

Available at no cost

Academic Singles provides a sufficient number of free services to help you begin your dating life off to a good start. The following is a list of the things that you can do for free on the Academic Singles website and app:

  • Create an account on Academic Singles today.
  • Create a profile
  • Have a look at the compatibility test for personalities.
  • Explore the profiles of other people (without viewing their photographs)
  • Send messages (free only for women)
  • Matches will be received
  • Access to paid features

It’s possible that you’ll need to pay for a subscription if you want to take your online dating experience to the next level. You may get access to the following features if you have a paid subscription:

  • Look at pictures of potential matches’ profiles.
  • Receive and send a limitless number of messages (for women and men)
  • Find out who has been looking at your profile.
  • Create a “favorites” list with other users.

A look at the costs of academic singles

Although making use of the free services offered by Academic Singles is a terrific way to become familiar with the system and gauge how you feel about it, purchasing a membership is the best way to take use of everything that Academic Singles has to offer.

Pricing is offered for illustrative purposes only and is based on information that was available at the time this article was written.

As can be seen, there is a variety of membership durations available, and the price each month drops the longer you subscribe for. The Committed option of the subscription is the most cost-efficient choice because it grants access to all of the app’s features for an entire year at the lowest possible payment per month. You should keep in mind that the Committed membership is only worth buying if you intend to use it for a significant amount of time in the future.


You should be aware that once you have joined as a paying member, your membership will automatically renew based on the sort of package that you have purchased.

If you have already subscribed to the service for a period of three months, this means that until you cancel your subscription, you will be charged for another period of three months automatically. The same principle applies to both the Classic and Committed membership tiers.

Review of Academic Singles, focusing on its members and demographics

Academic Singles is an online dating service that caters exclusively to educated singles looking for intellectually compatible partners. As a consequence of this, you will discover that the members are normally aged between 30 and 50 years old.

There are approximately the same number of male and female users registered on the website, with males making up 51% of the total and females accounting for 49% of the profiles.

International scope and influence

Academic Singles is active in a number of nations, with around 400,000 users hailing from the United States alone. The majority of the members are French, with Taiwanese coming as a close second. You are able to establish the criteria of how far you are willing to travel to meet a date by using your filters.

Review of Academic Singles: an explanation of how it works

This dating website and app combines a scientific matchmaking algorithm, a short but rigorous registration process, and a simple design to assist users in meeting others with similar levels of education who are interested in pursuing a committed romantic commitment. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the app’s usage instructions, shall we?


Time needed: 8 minutes.

The sign-up procedure on Academic People is far lengthier than what you could anticipate from other dating sites due to the fact that the service caters only to educated singles. It is possible to summarize the process in five straightforward steps:

To begin, navigate to the website’s homepage, where you will be asked to specify both your gender and the gender of the potential partner you are seeking.

Create an account by providing your email address and either selecting your own password or using the one that is provided by the website.

Register for free: You can begin by clicking the “register for free” option, but if you decide you like the site enough to use it often, you can always upgrade to a paid membership later.

Complete the questionnaire: after clicking the link, you’ll be transported to the questionnaire, which should take you about 15 minutes to complete in its entirety.

Examine your profile: when you have completed, you will be sent to the page of your freshly generated profile, and you can then start browsing for people who are a match for you.

The questionnaire for the matchmaking service.

Time needed: 15-30 minutes.

Academic Singles employs a scientific matching system that is based on a lengthy and insightful questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to assist you in determining the type of partner and relationship in which you are interested.

Since your potential matches won’t be able to view your responses to the questions on the questionnaire, you should bear in mind that the most important thing is to be completely honest with yourself when responding to the questions so that you can find the person who is the most compatible with you.

In the survey, you will be asked about your educational background and professional accomplishments; however, the vast bulk of the questions are designed to determine your personality type as well as the type of person you are most compatible with. After you have completed the questionnaire, you will have the option to add a photo and select whether or not other people will be able to view it.

In addition to the personality test, the website provides you with the ability to select a pre-written question that you would like to have answered by your potential matches. These can include anything from “What makes you laugh?” to “If we met at a bar, what would happen?” and their purpose is to inject some lightheartedness into the process as a whole.

Profiles of the users

Because each user answers such a comprehensive set of questions, the resulting profiles are significantly more informative than those found on alternative dating websites. Your level of compatibility with each user is laid out in an easy-to-understand manner in order to assist you in determining which users may serve as good matches for you.

Getting in touch with users

While men are required to pay for the service, women are not charged for the ability to send messages. The purpose of this is to raise awareness about internet safety and protect women from being harassed or followed online.

Messaging is simple to do if you are a woman or a member who has paid their subscription fee. After selecting the user whose profile has piqued your interest, navigate to the ‘talk’ button by clicking on the user’s profile. It’s exactly the same as sending an email from that point on.

The user interface of the site

The app and website both have user interfaces that are very simple and straightforward. The interface is straightforward, uncluttered, and uncomplicated, and it provides all of the tools necessary to find your way about. You won’t have any trouble using Academic Singles because it provides a wealth of information in the form of helpful hints.

The software for Academic Singles is straightforward, making your time spent online just as simple as using the app.

Analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of using Academic Singles


  • Free signup is available.
  • An intelligent personality test
  • Free messaging for female users
  • A carefully selected group of intelligent people
  • An interface that is friendly to users


  • Subscriptions that are automatically renewed
  • Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing, either via mail or fax.
  • A solitary mode of monetary exchange
  • Lengthy questionnaire
  • Evaluation of academic singles


The following are some responses to frequently asked questions that we came across while conducting our study of Academic Singles.

What percentage of people find lasting love with Academic Singles?

According to our assessment of Academic Singles, the dating site claims to have a success rate of 40%, which may be the result of its user-friendly layout, scientific matching process, and excellent data privacy policy, all of which leave very little to the discretion of fate.

Who is the target audience for Academic Singles?

The intellectuals and academics who use Academic Singles are looking for meaningful and long-lasting relationships, not one-night stands or casual dating. Academic Singles is not a site for casual dating or one-night encounters.

Which different kinds of payments are accepted on Academic Singles?

Credit card is the one and only method of payment that is accepted by Academic Singles.

How do I terminate my membership with Academic Singles?

Cancellation of an Academic Singles membership must be done in the form of a letter or fax transmission in order to be accepted. Your subscription cannot be terminated by any online facility because there is none available.

Review of Academic Singles: the conclusion of our investigation

The primary demographic that we cater to at Academic Singles are those who would rather not leave their romantic lives totally up to chance. The scientific matching approach may involve filling out a longer-than-usual questionnaire, but it is the most effective method for ensuring that the potential dates you are paired with are people you would genuinely be interested in seeing.

The site places a greater emphasis on the quality of matches as opposed to the quantity of potential partners. If you’re seeking for a speedy solution, you should look in other places. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to date in a way that’s more methodical and thoughtful, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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