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This AntiChat review will provide you with all of the information you require to use the service effectively and without exposing your privacy to any potential threats. This widely used online platform offers functional means through which users can connect in an unidentified manner with persons located all over the world. The chat service requires that users be at least 18 years old before they can sign up for an account. The vast majority of users sign up for the site so that they do not have to expose their genuine names when discussing their thoughts, sentiments, and ideas, as well as their passions and hobbies. The developer does not let any photo or video content to be uploaded by members at any time. Conversations, whether they be private or public, are subject to moderation for reasons of safety, and participants are expected to abide by specific standards when participating in these conversations.

Who Owns the Platform That Hosts the AntiChat Website?

It is a legitimate service, and Antiland, Inc. is the company that owns it. Because the organization has been offering its services for a considerable amount of time, it has amassed sufficient experience to ensure that the service is both reliable and risk-free for customers located in any region of the world.


In the course of compiling the following assessment of AntiChat, we came across a great deal of both positive and negative aspects. The service places a strong emphasis on maintaining a high level of members’ anonymity throughout the platform. It is helpful for a great number of men and women who would rather keep private matters to themselves. Many of them are terrified of the potentially negative outcomes that could occur if they express their thoughts and feelings to their friends and family. If you find yourself in a scenario such as this one, participating in an anonymous online chat may prove to be an effective way to overcome the urge to suppress your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. You don’t need to worry about people passing judgment on what you say here. When you begin a conversation as an anonymous person, no one will be able to discover your true identity. It is the ideal setting in which to be anyone you want to be, whether that be yourself or someone else.


If you have a spare minute, you may create a new account on the AntiChat website and go through the complete registration procedure there in under a minute. The website will prompt you to think of a nickname whenever you are ready to register for an account there. Make sure that it is not the same as the name that appears on the identification card. You have the option of coming up with your own username or accepting one that has been suggested to you. It must be distinct from anything else on the platform. The next thing you need to do is generate a secure password, which you are required to maintain a secret at all times and never reveal to any of the other members.

The website will ask you to provide evidence that you are indeed a human being. You just need to enter your response into the captcha box. On the website for AntiChat, you will be asked to provide the following information: your age, gender, and dating preferences. On this platform, you are free to choose the gender of the person with whom you would like to have online chats of any kind. The website will ask you about your native language before connecting you with other people who speak that language. At this point, the platform will suggest many group chats for you to join that are appropriate for your dating criteria and primary interests. In order to complete the registration process, you will need to give a working email address.

How to Make Initial Contact

Communication is front and center on the AntiChat platform. If you check out a person’s profile, you won’t find out too much information about them. Everyone in the group is interested in having an anonymous conversation. The fact that you are able to send private as well as public messages without incurring any costs is without a doubt the feature of this online chat service that stands out the most. The creator of the website does not encourage members to share any kind of personal information or sensitive data with one another under any circumstances. You will also have a good time trading virtual presents with other people.

This study of AntiChat will demonstrate all the different ways in which you can communicate with other individuals. On this platform, there are two different ways to communicate with one another. These are the results:

Conversations within Open Discussion Groups

You can access the public chat rooms by selecting “Chat” from the main menu on the website. Participation in the public chat rooms is free for all members who have registered with the site. There is a large number of public chat rooms, each of which is neatly arranged according to a different set of themes and locations. The “Newbies” chat group is automatically added to the membership of any newly registered user by default. People who live in the same area as you will make up the bulk of your group. It is permissible to start up brand new organizations. You will be provided with a one-of-a-kind group code or link, which you can distribute to any prospective online friends you have. You are free to invite anybody you’d like to the chat room, and there is no limit to the number of participants. You will not be encouraged to disclose your contact information if you visit the AntiChat website. Because the website does not conduct background checks on its members, using it can put you in potentially harmful situations. In the event of fraudulent activity or criminal activity, the developer is not liable in any way.

Conversations That Are Kept Private

When a user sends a message to a possible match, the system automatically treats it as a private communication even if the recipient is another user. Simply pressing other members’ usernames gives every user who has registered for AntiChat the ability to start a private discussion with that person or any other member. Within each and every group chat, there is a list of “Active Online Users” that you can use to find people with whom to interact.

You also are unable to look for new members based on their usernames at this time. You will need to use the search feature that is located in the main menu. Please take note that certain members have a high “Karma.” You are need to have a certain amount of “Karma” before you may initiate a private chat session with them. This is a mandatory prerequisite. You will be informed on the website of AntiChat regarding the minimum number of points required to initiate a private chat.


  • More than 400,000 people hail from the United States of America as members of this organization.
  • The rate of activity is fairly high: approximately 80,000 users are active on a weekly basis.
  • There are forty percent of female users and sixty percent of male users, making for an even gender ratio.
  • Young folks above the age of 18 make up the vast majority of registered members.

It is essential to create your avatars in such a way that they attract more attention to your profile. Unfortunately, after looking over the reviews on AntiChat, we found that the majority of profiles lack the necessary level of content. You can leave your profile empty and add additional details later. You are able to browse profile images; however, this service requires that you pay a fee.

The following information is often included in most people’s profiles: nickname, avatar, gender, interests, age, “Karma” points, and the number of virtual presents received. Each user’s profile has two highlighted options for contacting the person: one says “Send a Gift,” and the other says “Open Private Chat.” You will find the “Block” and “Report” buttons toward the bottom of the screen; click one of these if you wish to cease communicating with a certain individual.

When you check at the very top of the website, next to the area labeled “Account Settings,” you will notice a link that takes you directly to your own personal AntiChat profile. Simply clicking on it will take you to the edit page for your profile. You have the ability to change your moniker, select a different gender, and make alterations to the appearance of your avatar. All of the site’s members have the ability to alter the aesthetic of their private messages and acquire more “Super Powers” through the platform.

How to Stay Away from False Profiles

When you start utilizing online chatting services, there is always a danger that you will deal with false accounts or meet people who are trying to swindle you. People that act in this manner typically exhibit suspicious behavior, making it quite simple to spot them. You are obligated to quickly report the issue to the administrator in order to safeguard yourself and the other members of the community.


You might notice that the web design of the AntiChat website is a little stale if you take a closer look at it. To satisfy the requirements of today’s consumers, the developer ought to give some thought to implementing an innovative strategy. When you visit the chat, you will immediately be taken to the chat dashboard without having to take any additional action. You are currently looking at the chatroom that you visited most recently. It is a completely hands-off procedure.

When you look at the sidebar on the left, you’ll see a list of all the chat rooms you’ve entered. You can also find people having private talks here. You can access the search tool by clicking the search icon in the sidebar that contains all of the tabs. They are of great assistance in managing all of the talks in an orderly fashion.

All of your previous chat sessions will be located in the first tab. The second and third tabs each contain a variety of group chat sessions and individual messages, respectively. The tab you close will always have the content that you have deemed to be your favorite. You may find the link to the group in the sidebar on the right of the chat pages. You’ll discover the “Karma” points earned by active users here. You will notice a button labeled “+,” which allows you to search for users based on their nicknames, begin your own group chats, and explore the several public chats that are available. In the event that you require assistance locating the account settings, they can be found on the upper right hand side of the front page.


The AntiChat app can be downloaded by any member who has already registered. For reasons of security, it is monitored by the administrator, and the same functions as the desktop version are available to you in this version as well. You can get the application by downloading it from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Many users from different parts of the world are able to take use of the anonymous talking services offered by the AntiChat website. Everyone has the ability to sign up for fascinating group chat rooms, participate in private chat chats, and initiate group chat sessions with total strangers who are interested in talking to them in private. Every member of AntiChat has unrestricted access to all of the platform’s functionalities. Free members are not severely restricted in their access to the site. The following is a rundown of the platform’s most notable features:


You have access to a wide variety of different avatars to choose from. This picture will be used as your profile picture on the website. Because doing so would compromise users’ ability to remain anonymous, the service does not require users to add genuine images to their profiles. You have the ability to make changes to the avatar that represents your profile. You have the option of purchasing additional items, such as caps and the like. If you have sufficient karma points, you will be able to purchase avatars.

Virtual Gifts

Each and every participant has the ability to send endearing fictitious presents to one another. To send a user a virtual gift, you must first navigate to their profile and then click on any gifts that are displayed on the site. Cash, credit card, or karma points are all acceptable forms of payment when buying virtual presents.

Super Powers

You can use this tool to emphasize your chat profile and become more visible on the platform. It is a technique to enhance the quality of your experience conversing online while using the AntiChat website or mobile app. You can quickly rack up more karma points by making advantage of whatever superpowers you possess. You can choose from a few different time commitments when you purchase this feature (from one week up to one year).

AntiChat Karma

Your social status on the AntiChat platform is referred to as your “Karma.” You can spend your points on purchasing avatars and presents, as well as gaining access to a free trial period. You are unable to buy points, but you may earn them by being active on the platform, exchanging virtual gifts with other users, and sending and receiving presents yourself.


Every member of AntiChat has the ability to buy Super Powers.

Fundamental Membership

You can sign up on the AntiChat website to receive the following free services once you’ve done so:

  • You have the ability to create a new account for yourself.
  • You have the ability to communicate with other group members via group messages.
  • There is no limit to the amount of other members whose profiles you can examine.

Membership at the highest level

The following are examples of services that need payment:

  • Conversations in confidence
  • Presents and adornments that are purely digital
  • Artifacts

Payment Options

You have the option of selecting one of the following modes of payment in order to purchase additional services:

  • Cards granting credit
  • Debit cards
  • Online mobile payments

Reviews of AntiChat indicate that the vast majority of its capabilities are available at no additional cost. Only a subset of members will opt to purchase the supplemental “Super Powers” services. They improve the quality of your experience using online dating by providing a chat platform. They provide a boost to your “Karma” and make it possible for you to collect points twice as quickly.

If you have a sufficient number of points, your private chat session will be moved to the top of other users’ chat inboxes and displayed there. It is the only method for bringing attention to your profile. When a user has one of these profiles, the AntiChat profile avatar will have a rainbow as its background. Once you have obtained certain superpowers, you will be given the option to color your messages within the various chat rooms.

Nevertheless, the most significant benefit of possessing superpowers is having priority access to support from the Customer Support Team. You will need to make a second purchase if you want to be able to send some virtual presents to your new pals. The typical cost of a present is close to one dollar.

Coupons for Blocking Chatter

Coupons are not made available to the members of the online platform in any way. However, if you follow the site’s notification updates, you will significantly increase your chances of getting some deals.


In order to complete the verification process, the website needs access to your email address. If you forget your password, the website will send it to the email address associated with your account. It is possible to verify your account using a cell phone number; however, doing so is completely voluntary, and you are free to skip this step. Following the successful verification of your email address, you will be required to click the confirmation link. At this point, you are prepared to make unrestricted use of AntiChat’s services.

Is There a Risk of Being Scammed on AntiChat?

You have to be prepared for the possibility of running into some con artists. However, as long as you are aware of how to block those who are being abusive, you have no reason to be afraid of them. To block a user, all you have to do is click the “Block” button, which can be found on the sidebar of your chat within AntiChat.

Is it Honest to Use AntiChat as Your Chatting Service?

AntiChat is an entirely legitimate internet communication platform. Adults who have reached the age of 18 are welcome to join, and the team of admins will moderate any and all chat rooms, whether they are public or private. When an official guideline or rule is broken by a member, that member is instantly kicked out of the group.

Does AntiChat Offer Services That Are Completely Anonymous?

The concept of anonymity is central to AntiChat. Everyone who has registered for the site has the option to remain anonymous. You will not be required to disclose any sensitive information when using our website, such as uploading profile pictures or mentioning real names.

THE CHALLENGE Presented by Antichat

When you first start using anonymous chatting services, you run the risk of getting into potentially harmful situations. It is critical to engage in safe behavior while using the internet and to never break the guidelines outlined on the AntiChat website. You need to keep in mind that some people could actually be dangerous predators or experienced con artists.

Unfortuitously, such online sites are packed to the gills with members of this type. You cannot afford to make the mistake of being their next simple target; use extreme caution. The unfortunate reality is that people write reports about crimes that they have committed online. Keep your distance from unethical persons who might use your naiveté and susceptibility to their own advantage.


The “How it Works/FAQs” webpage on the AntiChat website strongly recommends that all of the new members read it before participating. You can find detailed responses to many of the questions that have been posed by other users. If you are unable to obtain the assistance you require, you may make contact with the moderators.


eHarmony is the only online dating service that offers complete confidentiality. Either a traditional personal computer or a mobile device can be used to access it.

Ashley Madison is among the most prominent online dating communities, catering to a diverse range of romantic partnerships.

If you’re not satisfied with the services that AntiChat provides, you might want to give Zoosk a shot instead.


On the AntiChat platform, new users frequently pose numerous questions. They do so rather frequently. Therefore, we have compiled the questions that we get asked the most often and placed them in the following section.

Why Do Individuals Make Use of AntiChat?

AntiChat is a well-known online service that facilitates public interactions in an anonymous setting through the use of chat rooms.

People often ask if they may use AntiChat as a dating site.

Yes, it is a risk-free environment to meet new people for the purpose of friendship and perhaps something more.

How do Users Can Delete Their Accounts on AntiChat?

Please be aware that the registered AntiChat account cannot be deleted at this time. You are required to refrain from using the site for a period of one month, after which your account will be canceled automatically. Make sure that you change this setting in the “Privacy and Security” section of the settings.

On AntiChat, how can users search for and locate chat rooms?

You will need to use the search feature that is located in the main menu.

How Can Users Accumulate More Points Towards Their Karma Score?

You cannot buy Karma points, but you may earn them by being active on the platform, exchanging virtual gifts with other users, and sending and receiving virtual presents.


The services provided by the AntiChat website are giving off a favorable image as a whole. The developer does an outstanding job of giving people from all over the world with a chat platform that can be relied upon one hundred percent of the time. Everyone is welcome to sign up for free at any time and use the chat rooms to meet new people. The website gives you the option to conceal your true identity from other users. You are allowed complete freedom of expression in this space.

You are free to reveal your deepest, darkest, most private ideas, and no one will criticize you for doing so. Through the use of chat rooms, members of AntiChat maintain their complete anonymity. In private talks, however, it is not against the rules to reveal your contact information to others. It is up to you, but you are required to accept all responsibility for actions of this nature. Chatting takes precedence over romantic online dating as the primary activity on Put AntiChat to the test to find out if it will help you.

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