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Todd Claxton initially established this particular service. The online dating service makes it possible for singles and married people who swing to enjoy sexual variety and their specific fantasies.

In this LoveVoodoo review, we will attempt to cover everything there is to know about this service. It’s an online community where people of varying ages, colors, and sexual orientations can connect and communicate with other open-minded and adventurous people in their area, and it’s perfect for singles and couples of all kinds. Swing dancing can be enjoyed by individuals who are not already in a relationship and by teams. By participating in chats and blogs, individuals who are only interested in open relationships have the opportunity to meet others, observe them, flirt with them, or even hook up with them. members also have the chance to be invited to various sexy lifestyle clubs, events, and parties worldwide.

A Great Dating Site According to Our LoveVoodo Review


It is not always simple to meet open-minded people daily, mainly if you are interested in open partnerships like swingers. This is especially the case if you live in a rural area. Because of this, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to sign up for our dating service. People are able to meet and connect with others who share similar interests through the LoveVoodoo website. It is comparable to other types of online dating sites in specific ways. You can begin by registering for free you want to start. In addition, you can design and customize your profile using the website’s color scheme.

Every member has complete authority over their profile and has the freedom to make whatever changes they see fit, including the ability to block other users. You can search accounts with precise details with the assistance of intelligent filters. In addition, users who register for an account on the LoveVoodoo website have the ability to share sexually explicit photos and videos. You can locate other singles who are interested in having fun, traveling, and going to events by placing an ad in the Single’s Ads section. You have the option to send an email or a wink to other users who catch your eye. In addition to that, you have the option of including them on your friend list. The site is available to members around the clock, and there is no charge for them to browse the content.


Participation is open to anyone older than 18, regardless of race or sexual orientation. They are able to use LoveVoodoo on mobile devices and desktop computers. The website is monitored and checked for vulnerabilities on a daily basis by McAfee Site Security to ensure everyone’s safety.

You will need an email address, as well as your name and date of birth, to register. Create a password after that. Regrettably, the LoveVoodoo website does not support registration through users’ existing social media accounts; consequently, users can maintain their anonymity. Users who have registered for the site can get email updates regarding the most recent information, promotions, and new features added to the site.

How to Begin Communicating with Someone

This dating site is fantastic for open-minded singles and couples ready to meet new people who share their interests and ways of living. The attention of others can be drawn to your profile if it is creatively written and has some information that is transparent and honest. Make a one-of-a-kind page for yourself and fill it with insightful information about who you are. Maintain a concise and exciting tone. Photos work like magic! Ensure that the photographs are of high quality and are not blurry.

You will need to use the filters to look for other members who are a good fit for you. These categories include appearance, orientation, hobbies, height, etc. Members have access to various engaging tools and features to get the most out of the service. A wink is the most effective and uncomplicated technique to initiate conversation with a new person. Likes and direct messages are two additional forms of communication. In addition, members can connect on a more personal level by using chatrooms and blogs.

As you may have noticed from reading reviews of LoveVoodoo, most users primarily communicate their interest in another member through likes and direct messages. You can also move to a private conversation with a user if they like you. Additionally, since existing users are informed whenever a new user enters the community, members have the opportunity to welcome that user.

You can examine a list of members that are currently active online. When you have found the person who is the perfect fit for you, you can add them to your friend list and provide them with a code so they may view your private photos. You can not only join existing groups, but LoveVoodoo also enables users to form their groups based on the interests they share with other users.


After you have registered, you will have complete control over the creation of your account and the settings it contains. You will be required to provide some information to become a member, including your name, date of birth, lifestyle, and physical attractiveness.

Singles and couples sign up to find a mate that shares their interests. When you look for your soulmate, you can choose what you are interested in. There are numerous options: looking for single females, couples and single males, nudism exclusively, cam only, etc.

The presence of bogus accounts is possible. In one of the evaluations of LoveVoodoo, some long-time members express their dissatisfaction with the site because of the large number of accounts that do not submit authentic images.

Therefore, make sure that your profile picture is always up to date. Because other people could potentially see them, nudity is not permitted. On the other hand, you are allowed to post appealing photographs and write descriptions in great depth. To avoid the appearance of pixels, it is best to choose pictures with a resolution of at least 72 DPI.

How to Stay Away from False Profiles

When you start utilizing online dating services, there is a possibility that you will end up meeting a con artist. It is possible that the number of bogus accounts will increase because the team does not demand an ID or photo to authenticate new members. When perusing the gallery, a number of the members frequently stumble across these.

Most of the time, persons who act maliciously exhibit suspicious behavior, which makes it simple to spot them. On the LoveVoodoo website, you have multiple options available to protect yourself from potential con artists. To begin, ensure that your account remains anonymous. You are not permitted to discuss private information with complete strangers you have met online. Utilizing Google to search for the image is yet another approach. As a result, you will be able to determine whether or not it belongs to actual people.

Examine the profile to see if it agrees with what you have been told or if it differs from what you have been taught. You also have the option to block members who are being unpleasant. In order to protect yourself and other members, you should report them to the admins.

The design of the Lovevoodoo website, as well as its usability

It’s effortless to sign up, use the service, and change your profile. In addition, the interactive tools are user-friendly, and you may navigate the site without any difficulty. The layout is adequate for an audience of adults. As a result, it is possible for you to find a significant number of photographs in which the subjects are partially clothed.

In addition, the website has a user-friendly design, such as prompt notifications when direct messages arrive in the inbox. In addition to that, members also get reports about new people joining. The Like and Wink tool is an excellent method for making touch with other users. Singles will profit from the Singles Ads function, which is ideal if you are interested in finding a companion with whom you may have fun, travel, or attend parties or other activities. In addition, intelligent filters accelerate the process of finding a suitable companion.


LoveVoodoo does not, at this time, have a mobile application available for download. You can only view the website at this time, but we are working hard to bring you a mobile app as soon as possible.


Several evaluations of LoveVoodoo point out that the software has a great deal of exciting and practical functionality. They ensure that members are able to navigate effectively. In addition, the functionality encourages people to sign up. People can converse privately with one another, maintain their privacy, join engaging communities, and even construct chat rooms. There are not many restrictions placed on free memberships, so every member can access the complete functions without incurring further costs.

The following is a list of the platform’s more general characteristics:


The Like/Wink option is available on LoveVoodoo, just like it is on a large number of other dating websites. Membercanto shows interest in other members by “liking” their posted photographs. They could have a match and begin conversing and flirting in private messages if the other person also likes their profile photo.


While you are looking for other members, you can obtain a maximum of one hundred additional membersYouou might restrict the scope of your sear in many ways. You can select your preferred sexual orientation, ethnicity, look (including height, weight, and hair color), and age, and the site will then find a match for you.

In addition to these features, they also provide the following additional cool perks:

Ads for Singles

The LoveVoodoo website is the only one of its kind that focuses on lifestyle dating and provides Single’s Ads. It makes it possible for a single person of any age, inclination, or race to take part in entertaining and exciting get-togethers. Or, you may try meeting other single people to go on trips and to activities with you.


This online dating service allows users to make their profile as unique as they wish and control who sees it by, for example, preventing other single men or couples from doing so. As a result, the page won’t appear in their search results. Alternatively, you can put other users on your block list because they are a nuisance or do not interest you.

Select the Site Templates You Want.

Another fantastic feature that allows you to personalize your profile is the selection of site templates. It enables you to customize the website to your preferences, making it possible to make it look more appealing.

Free Business Contact Cards to Print

LoveVoodoo has partnered with VistaPrint to provide each user with 250 Member Business Cards at no additional cost. VistaPrint will send you information and offers that are specific to you on their digital marketing products.

Post a Hookup

Once you have joined the organization and become active with the other members, you will be able to host events and parties in your local region. Every member has the ability to publish their affairs and meetups. On the homepage, you will be able to locate the calendar.

Create a blog post.

You are welcome to post questions, comments, or stories on the member blog if you have something to contribute to the conversation. That way, people will be able to comment and provide answers to your queries. You will also be able to read other experiences and receive advice on how to improve your lifestyle.


On its website, LoveVoodoo has various membership options, including the following:

Program for Members

  • It costs $3.99 for three days.
  • A Single Month Costs $ 16.95
  • $ 44.95 per month for three months
  • 139.00 USD for a whole year
  • $ 279.00 per year for three years

Fundamental Membership

You will only have access to some features with the essential subscription. Free users have access to various components, including searching for a potential mate, viewing that person’s profile, and adding them to their friend list. You can use it only to send one free message each day through the LoveVoodoo website, which is a real bummer.

Membership at the highest level

A premium membership grants access to all of the benefits that are provided. You can see profiles, including photographs and videos, that are considered private. You also have the option of communicating with one another directly through an unlimited number of messages. Last but not least, you will get the opportunity to personally select your partner for the swing.

LoveVoodoo Coupons

The website does offer its users any discounts or couposeFollowing the site notifications. You may stay up-to-date on the latest deans.


The vast majority of individuals today are joining communities catering to free-spirited lifestyles in the hopes of engaging in thrilling and joyful hookups. They are concerned about maintaining their privacy and anonymity. In addition, they have made it possible for everyone to act out their erogenous dreams in a secure, sensual, and exciting setting.

In order to complete the verification process, the online dating service will want your email address. Both a cell phone and an email address can be used to validate your LoveVoodoo account. After you have received the email verification, all that is required of you at that point is to click on the confirmation link. That’s an easy one! At this point, you are prepared to begin your cost-free utilization of the serviceIfat you forget the password, they will send it to the email address you provided.

There are a few things you should take into consideration before signing up for a dating website.

Is There Any Scammer on LoveVoodoo?

Todd Crawford started the dating site. In addition, there is no way that this is a hoax. Users can read a variety of LoveVoodoo evaluations, despite the fact that the official address cannot be located. Events such as Goddess Week, Colorful Fantasies, Big on the Beach, and the renowned Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, were some of the parties the platform had hosted and sponsored.

However, there are some accounts that aren’t real (like on most online dating sites). However, this should not cause you any cause for concern. There are strategies you can employ to protect yourself from them. The simplest solution is to avoid interacting with people who look suspect and hit the “Block” button on your device.

Is LoveVoodoo a Trustworthy Online Dating Option?

The dating website is, without a doubt, entirely above board. LoveVoodoo makes every effort to welcome mature members who have reached the age of 18. In addition to this, they only keep genuine singles and swingers. In addition, the administration staff monitors and moderates all public and private chatrooms eā€”around the clock. If a member is found to be in violation of the established policies and procedures, they will be expelled immediately.

Is privacy protected on LoveVoodoo?

LoveVoodoo allows users to remain completely anonymous. The website will not inquire about your real names or request any other private information from you. In addition, members are exempt from providing IDs for the purposes of verification. As a result, you run the risk of coming across bogus accounts and con artists.


Most online dating services are infested with con artists and predators. If you are not experienced with the anonymous chatting service, you should proceed with caution. Therefore, it is imperative to engage in safe behaviors when using the internet and never to break the guidelines set forth by the LoveVoodoo dating website. Find some information on recognizing these types of people so you can avoid them.


Suppose a new user encounters any technical difficulties or needs advice. In that case, LoveVoodoo’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Terms and Conditions, and Lifestyle FAQ pages are all excellent resources they should use before contacting customer support. You can reach the customer care staff via the Contact Us page, give them a call, or email them a message if you are unable to find an answer to your question.


eHarmony, SpicyMatch, and Ashley Madison are three additional online dating sites that members of the LoveVoodoo community may find to be of interest. People with an open mind can find various types of partnerships through them. In addition, mostly of these sites provide free trial periods and memberships.


The following are the questions and answers that are asked the most frequently:

What exactly is the purpose of LoveVoodoo?

Meeting new people and locating casual hookups are both possible outcomes of using online dating sites. This is the most significant community for swing dancers to meet other sexually curious singles and couples who are open to new experiences. They are able to fulfill their wants and fantasies in a setting that is both secure and enjoyable, regardless of their level of expertise. Members are also able to engage in conversation with others who can relate to them, as well as travel and attend exciting parties and events. LoveVoodoo can help you find whatever it is that you’re looking for, no matter what it is.

Is LoveVoodoo a Genuine Online Dating Platform?

The correct response is “yes.” LoveVoodoo is a genuine dating site that connects actual singles with one another. People of varying ages, races, and sexual orientations can be found in both singles and couples. You can find whatever your heart desires in this place, be it a sexy gay lover, a bisexual companion, or someone else entirely.

What are the Steps to Delete My LoveVoodoo Account?

Through the Account option located at the very top of the web parts. Visit the Membership page, then select the option to Suspend My LoveVoodoo Account from the drop-down menu. You are about to be sent to a new page. Please wait. You have the choice between two options: ‘Suspend My Account’ or ‘Delete My Love Voodoo Account.’ If you select the second option, your page will be removed from the site.

How to Get Free Winks on LoveVoodoo?

After signing up for the LoveVoodoo website, you will be eligible to receive free winks so that you can communicate with other users. You can build a connection with other users by sending a moment to other members who meet your requirements.


Positive comments can be found throughout the reviews of LoveVoodoo. This online dating website is for everyone (singles, married, couples, etc.) that look for an adventurous and free-minded lifestyle. Everyone who reaches the age of majority is eligible to sign up for the program. Everyone who wishes to indulge their thoughts and desires and try new sexual encounters will find something to their liking on this platform.

You are free to express yourself here by disclosing whatever private views, opinions, or aspirations you may have, and no one will criticize you for doing so. Find couples or singles who are interested in exchanging sex lives with you and your spouse, or find people who want to join your sex life. For single members, planning hot and sexy parties and events with other members who are also single is a great way to meet couples for a shared experience.

LoveVoodoo provides all of its users with a dating platform that is entirely dependable and risk-free. There is no actual identification required, so you may be completely anonymous. In private talks, however, it is acceptable to discuss your personal information. You are the one who will be fully responsible for the consequences of your choice. You can initiate communication with other users by making eye contact with them or giving them a wink.

The excellent Single’s Ads feature can be found on the LoveVoodoo website, which sets it apart from many other online dating sites. It is ideal for those people who are looking to meet new people and have fun with others at the same time. Every member has the ability to establish groups, join blogs, or write their own stories, in addition to customizing their profile to their taste.

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