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SwingTowns is a dating website that caters mostly to members who swing dance. This online dating service was established in the year 2000, and its current position in the Alexa traffic rankings is 190,099. The process of signing up is straightforward, and it is suitable for singles, couples, and polycules alike. This site allows registration for individuals, as well as for organizations, clubs, and other websites. The fact that there are more than one million registered users is one of the many advantages of using this dating service. People who are interested in experimenting with non-monogamy and find the concept appealing can check out our website. This evaluation of SwingTowns will assist you in determining whether or not you should sign up for a membership, regardless of who you are or the kind of individuals you are interested in meeting.

The estimated number of views during the previous month was 2,032,616.

Creating the account and setting it up is a simple and quick process. The website is quite well designed; nevertheless, it feels very much like a profile on Facebook. In contrast to most other websites, the registration process on this one requires only a limited amount of personal information. You will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with swing dance enthusiasts hailing from a variety of countries.

The analysis of SwingTowns will cover a great deal of ground that is vitally important. It will tell you about the characteristics of the website, both the good and the bad, as well as the sort of individuals who are present on the platform, the number of people that join each day, and other relevant information. Read on for the full review if you’re curious in swing dating and want to learn everything there is to know about the site you’re considering joining.


The purpose of this SwingTowns review is to provide you with information that will allow you to determine whether or not this website is genuine. The encouraging news is that SwingTowns has been operating for a considerable amount of time. Since the year 2000, users have been able to access the website, and it continues to thrive. Users are allowed to make free accounts at any time, and immediately after doing so, you will be presented with a list of active users. Unlike Tinder, where you swipe right and left to like and dislike someone, here you will merely choose between pass and like.

Despite the fact that the website caters specifically to swingers, you will have the opportunity to meet attractive singles of both sexes. In addition, the website contains all of the relevant facts for you. All of these elements, beginning with the privacy policy and continuing on through the terms and features that safeguard children and ending with the anti-spam policy, make this website stand out from the crowd. You can relax knowing that you’ll be joining a legitimate website. The site’s moderators are also responsible for ensuring that they maintain a close check on the site’s users. The customer service team responds quickly and effectively to concerns and takes them very seriously. You should now know that you are on a secure website because of all of these indicators.


According to the evaluation of SwingTowns, the majority of the members originate from either the United States or Canada. On the other hand, the website asserts that its users come from every region of the globe. The majority of users are of the masculine gender. At least 73% of the users are men looking for singles or couples who are bisexual or heterosexual. The remaining females make up 27% of the total population. You can also anticipate meeting transgender individuals and couples, in addition to lesbian couples, gay couples, straight couples, straight singles, and gay couples. There is a healthy diversity of people belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. You are going to have a good time while you are here.


When it comes to sexual orientation, you will encounter straight folks who are looking for other straight people to swing with. You won’t just meet other single individuals like yourself who are interested in polyamory; you’ll also meet homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders. The online dating service is ideal for individuals who are interested in polyamory and are looking to have more fun by making connections with others who share similar interests. In addition, there is a sizable community on the online dating site. You are guaranteed to make contact with somebody at some point or another.

On the website, the meetups are organized into their own distinct category. If you click on that, you will see a list of all the upcoming swingers meetups that are happening. You need to keep an eye out for items in this particular category. Additionally, there is an abundant supply of kinks to choose from. Click on the kink category if you have a secret need that you’d like to fulfill and you’re looking for a way to do it. You could be interested in kinks such as santa’s helper, bondage, water sports, thing, same sez, pegging, public sex photo, dressed, wife, sleeping, and more. There are many other kinks that you might be interested in. There is an overwhelming selection available for you to pick from.


The age range of the majority of the members is between 22 and 45 years old. This is the age group that has the most activity. It would appear that people have an interest in swinging, which explains the wide range of ages represented in the organization. Immediately after you sign up for the site, the site will display the profiles of other members who it thinks you might be interested in. It’s worth pointing out to readers that the majority of users are male.


To begin the registration process, you will first need to go to the official website. The “Sign Up Now” option will then be presented to you on the homepage of the website. You will need to make a decision about who you are initially. You will have the option of selecting either single, couple, polycule (three or more people), or page (club, group, site, etc.) This marks the beginning of the process. You will need to provide information regarding your location, gender, sexual orientation, body type, height, and the type of non-monogamy that best describes you before moving on to the next step. For this step, you will be required to enter a username, add a password, and confirm it twice. Right below that, you will need to fill out a few lines with information about yourself.

After there, select the kind of connection that you’re hoping to find, and an account will be established for you. There is no email verification link that is sent out by this website. Once all of these details have been added, you will be taken to your account. Your profile will be formatted in the same manner as the profile page on Facebook. It allows you to upload a profile picture as well as a cover photo for your profile. Your brief introduction and a few more facts that you supplied throughout the registration process will be displayed down below. Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to add your public album. You will need to provide both your user name and a password in order to successfully log in.


According to the review of SwingTowns, once you join up for the service, you are allowed to make some modifications to your profile. You have the option of selecting a color scheme for use in your profile. There is a dizzying array of hues from which to select. The color white will be used for the default theme. If there is anything about the account that you would like to change, you may do so by selecting the “edit profile” option that can be found to the right of your username.

You have the ability to modify the theme, the default photo, the header, the albums, as well as alter the bio and the metrics. These are the sections that can be modified in any way. When you go to a person’s profile, you will be able to view that person’s username for the first time. The writing in the descriptions is typically very good. In addition to that, you will view the recommendation. Users will also submit comments in addition to making recommendations. You can determine whether or not a person is a good fit for you based on these characteristics.


According to the review of SwingTowns, the most disappointing aspect of the service is the fact that free members are unable to communicate with other users in any way. You can only ever achieve a level of similarity to another person. If someone likes you, you will get a notification at the very top of the page. Go to the user’s profile to like back what they’ve posted. But the decision is with you. Free users have access to a limited set of features. You will need to sign up for a paid membership before you can access the albums of other users or read the comments they have left.

Members that pay for the service will get access to a plethora of additional features. You will have access to the individual’s complete profile, which you can browse at your leisure. You will have the ability to communicate with everyone else. You even have the option of engaging in video chat with a person of your choosing. These are some of the methods in which users of this dating website can contact with one another.


The SwingTowns review reveals that there are two distinct navigational paths one can take while navigating the dating site. The first is a version optimized for desktop computers, and the second is optimized for mobile devices. However, there is no mobile app available for either the iPhone or Android operating systems, despite the fact that the desktop client is very straightforward to use. However, because the site has been built for mobile use, you can easily navigate it on your cell phone whenever you choose to do so. The site will be simple to navigate on both your mobile phone and your desktop computer.


The PC version of the website functions without any hiccups. There are no errors or problems. It is a website that is simple to navigate and provides access to a considerable amount of features. You won’t have to worry about a thing as the website loads swiftly, and you’ll be able to make an account without any difficulty at all. The desktop version is perfect for you if you prefer to do things the way they were done in the past.


The mobile application for this website is not available. Even though there isn’t an app for mobile devices, the website can still be accessed with a mobile device. You are free to look around the site on your mobile device whenever the mood strikes you. Simply enter the website’s URL into the browser on your mobile phone, and you may immediately begin interacting with the people you find most interesting.


in terms of both the aesthetics and the functionality of the design. The functionality of the website is superb. The rate of loading is satisfactory. The photo quality that users upload is not terrible. You can find out everything you need to know about the purpose of this website and who should sign up for it on the homepage. There is a link to the sign-up page on the homepage of the website as well. You are going to realize that the website has an appealing visual design. After you have set up your profile, you will have the option to customize your account further.

You have the ability to select a theme color for your website, in addition to adding a cover image similar to what you would see on Facebook. It is up to you to decide. On the other hand, members are going to be more interested in seeing your images. As a result, it is recommended that you create an interesting profile that will encourage people to sign up under your account. The monotony of your daily life at home can be broken up by using dating websites. However, the appropriate level of attention is not given to each and every user. Because of this, you need to take steps to ensure that your profile is compelling to potential employers.

On the page that displays your profile, you will see some categories toward the top. Home, chats, groups, meetups, new, nearby, kinks, user, location, clubs, travel, and pages are the categories that are available. Click on the option that says “nearby” if you are interested in meeting someone who swings in your area. A user’s profile will display a “on” indicator if they are currently connected to the network. Simply click on it to give the user a like or to start following them.

Website for navigating

According to the assessment of SwingTowns, users will have no trouble finding their way through the dating website. There are no errors or problems to be found on the website. You should have no trouble moving from one page to the next after seeing the previous one. Even the user profiles of other users load in a reasonable amount of time. The photos will load quite quickly as well. In addition to all of this, you will have the opportunity to participate in live video sessions with a variety of other members. The website, as a whole, does not contain any mistakes.


The online dating service does not come without a cost, but the best part is that the costs for premium membership are not prohibitively expensive by any means. You will only have access to a select amount of features if you sign up for the free membership; however, if you upgrade to the paid membership, you will have access to an abundance of other features. As a result, purchasing a membership is undeniably the most prudent choice. Below you’ll find a description of the site’s price policy.

Lifetime Offer price 99 dollars for three months and 33.98 dollars plus one month

A single month costs $16.99.

It will not be possible for you to terminate the subscription on your own. That is not a choice that can be made. In order to get assistance with that matter, you will need to get in touch with the dating app’s customer support team.

Access can be purchased or obtained for free.

  • Unrestricted entry and use
  • You will have the ability to show approval for another user’s profile even if your membership is free.
  • You will have the ability to view the users who have liked your profile.
  • You are free to create your own profile at any time.
  • There are chat rooms and online forums available.
  • You have the option to block members.

Access upon payment

  • If you upgrade to a paid membership, you’ll have access to information on who has viewed your profile.
  • You will have the ability to engage in video conversation with various other paying members.
  • You have the ability to send, read, and receive messages.
  • You can let someone know that you are interested in them by like them once more on Facebook.
  • The feature of instant messaging is only accessible to paying members of the site.


There are just two options for making a payment currently available. The first method is the money transfer, and the second is the payment with the credit card. These are the only two choices that can be made at this time. You will first need to choose the membership plan that is appropriate for your financial situation. After that, the option to pay for the subscription will become available to you.


You will be required to enter a few details, including your first name, last name, email address, billing address, and finally, the payment option, in order to complete the purchase of the membership that you have selected. You have the option of using a card or a bank. To proceed with the payment, please provide all of the information for your credit card or bank account. Because the website uses a 256-bit SSL encryption, you won’t have to be concerned about the security of the payment transaction. It has been protected.


When it comes to weeding out false profiles, the website takes a highly proactive approach. In the event that users discover something questionable, the website strongly suggests that they report it to a moderator immediately. When a profile is flagged by a user, SwingTowns makes it a point to investigate the account in question. If it turns out that the account is fraudulent or suspicious in any way, it will be terminated and removed. If you discover that another user is violating the terms and conditions of the dating website, you are strongly invited to send an email to privacy@swingtowns.com. If you are interested in learning more about the safety and security procedures, you should check out the privacy page.


This online dating service is completely legitimate. The moderators of this website are extremely active, and they take severe action against individuals who establish phony profiles on the platform. Both your personal information and the specifics of your financial transactions will be kept secure. Make sure you uncheck the box that asks for permission to save your bank details by giving it the opt-out option. You can be absolutely certain that no one will be able to access your private financial information if you use this method. You can always visit the user’s site and click on the block icon if you feel that someone is being annoying to you.


Massive Amount of Users

One of the most appealing aspects of this online dating platform for adults is the diversity of its user base. Even if the majority of users come from the United States and Canada, the number of users still exceeds one million.

Superior internet search engine

This particular dating website, like the vast majority of other dating websites, possesses an advanced search filter. You won’t waste any time looking for the correct person if you take use of this functionality.

Display a list of online users.

If you navigate to your profile and click on the “User” page, you will be presented with a list of users who are currently logged in. You are free to connect with anyone whose profile interests you by just clicking on that person’s name.

Many messaging options

If you come across someone who piques your interest, you have the option of either sending them a direct message or like their profile. You will be able to communicate with one another by exchanging messages in this manner.

Live video calls

The option of a live video call is available for those individuals who are interested in going the extra mile. Now go see the person in concert, and have a good time.

Put a stop to users

You have the option to block other users who are a nuisance to you. Visit their profile and select the “Block” option to prevent them from getting in touch with you in the future.

The good and the bad


  • The website is quite appealing to look at and resembles Facebook in many ways.
  • The price of the paid subscriptions is not out of reach for most people.
  • A website devoted to polyamory and threesome relationships.
  • Since the year 2000, users have had access to the website.
  • The outlining community is fantastic, and it’s also quite large. You will find a really large number of folks if you look online.


  • Some people find that using a standard search feature causes them a great deal of mental anguish.
  • When it comes to browsing online members, you might run into some difficulties.
  • There are some profiles that are not very detailed.


This is the review of the game SwingTowns. Sign up now to take advantage of all of the wonderful benefits that come with being a member of this site. The readers may take note of the fact that this dating website is well-known for the features of its swingers. Therefore, you should sign up for swinger if that is something that interests you. The location is quite old, and there are many other individuals there who share your passions and interests.

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