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It is not difficult to use Swinging Heaven to go beyond the boundaries of one’s imagination. Swingers have access to a limited number of communication platforms across the many websites that are available online. Having a location that can provide you with a secure and enjoyable experience without requiring a significant amount of effort is essential. Swinging Heaven is designed for couples that wish to break free of the norms of society and explore the world of romantic dreams alongside other couples who share their interests.

Expanding romantic and sexual competence can be a struggle, particularly for couples who are constrained in some way by their living arrangement or any other aspect of their relationship. The unique solution that is Swinging Heaven makes it possible for everybody, regardless of their budget, to experience the joy of swinging. Several benefits come along with becoming a member of Swinging Heaven.


During its time on the market, Swinging Heaven managed to garner the interest of somewhere in the neighborhood of three million customers. It all started in the United Kingdom, but Swinging Heaven eventually expanded its reach to include the rest of the English-speaking world, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and other nations.

You have the option to meet users from all over the world, or you can restrict your search to just those in the area. The partners’ ages in the couples using this service range from 27 to 39. The most significant number of representatives can be found in this particular category. All age categories, ranging from 18 to 55 years old and older, are represented in smaller numbers.

It is essential to point out that swing dancers of any sexual orientation or goals can discover a wide variety of possibilities to satisfy their needs at Swinging Heaven. Swinging Heaven has groups that join people according to their objectives. It could be a single person of any sexual orientation searching for a pair or the other way around. The same is true for a couple searching for an individual or another team.

Design of Websites and Their Accessibility

The website for Swinging Heaven is engaging and designed with the user in mind. It is packed to the brim with pertinent information. A blog, articles, reviews, chatrooms, and various other helpful features may be found on this website. When new users visit the site, they will find that the main page contains all the information neatly organized, making it easy to navigate. The loading speed is breakneck and compatible with all modern browsers. These are two of the technical characteristics. Swinging is an unusual hobby for many couples, and some of the phrases used in swinging may cause them to feel confused or overwhelmed, so Swinging Heaven has developed a lexicon. You’ll find the Terminology section at the very bottom of the main page.

Special Features

In addition to the conventional methods of communication, such as the formation of interest-based organizations, Swinging Heaven provides unusual alternatives. This is the list that we have:

This is the Stories section. It’s a forum where people talk about the sexual and romantic highs and lows of their swinging experiences. This part is not only entertaining to read, but it also provides valuable advice.

A section devoted to dogs. Swinging Heaven is compiling a list of locations, both public and private, where dogging is not only tolerated but actively encouraged. Users of the website contribute by sending in the areas they are familiar with, which ensures that the list is kept up to date. Discovering a reliable list of locations like this is a beautiful and unexpected treat.

Commercials with photographs. The function of making photo advertisements is available and can be used to publicize the event, the group, or anything significant for your post. It contributes to drawing more people’s attention to the event.

You were sending quickies. The website has already prepared various themes for you to choose from, and if you want to begin chatting with someone, you can send a quickie with the press of a button. It is an excellent answer for people who do not know much about online texting, feel timid, or are just not in the mood to think about anything at the moment.

Possibility to become a member of the club. You can explore the clubs near you or the destination you are traveling to no matter how much experience you have, where you are located, or your preferences. Although each club has requirements for becoming a member, Swinging Heaven is here to help you identify and sign up for a club. As a general rule, the user must have an invitation to join a group or a club. Users with premium accounts are given the privilege of being the only ones who can create events.


Swinging Heaven aims to provide an environment that encourages swing dancers to interact with one another, come together, and have candid conversations. It is a place for productive discussions and laughs, getting together with others, and sharing one’s life experiences. In addition to that, Swinging Heaven acts as a repository of information for newbies. It is open to those who are single, in couples, bisexual, heterosexual, or of any other orientation who are interested in participating. A Swinging Heaven account is simple to set up, straightforward to navigate, and inexpensive to acquire. Both the prices and the terms of use of the memberships are negotiable. When users register with Swinging Heaven, they gain access to a massive database of swingers. This is because the number of users is continually rising.

The procedure for signing up on Swinging Heaven

When a user selects the Join Up button on the website’s homepage, the registration procedure is immediately initiated. Swinging Heaven has devised a signup process that only takes one minute. You will need to plan a moniker for yourself and supply an email address. Be sure that the address is filled in correctly and that you have access to it, and check that it is correct. The subsequent action is getting a letter containing instructions and a password.

Taking a Look at the Profiles’ Overall Quality

The profiles on Swinging Heaven are well-structured and thorough. It is important to note that the user interface of Swinging Heaven is very similar to that of the most well-known social networks. As a result, navigating it is a breeze. The following characteristics stand out as particularly notable:

  • Access to the photo gallery can be gained in a few different ways (public or only premium accounts)
  • Premium subscribers are the only ones who may zoom in on the photos.
  • A comprehensive rundown of the options open to users (including soft/full swap, bisexual swingers, voyeur, and so on).
  • Capability to make changes to and keep your profile information up to date
  • The opportunity to leave comments on the profile or lodge a complaint, if required
  • A one-of-a-kind collection of Special Features, as well as an Exceptional Privacy Policy

Mobile Application

The Swinging Heaven mobile app allows users to text one another, communicate with other members, and even view the locations of other members on a map. In addition, the map is made to display what events are taking place in the surrounding area. It is available for download on Android, and users of other operating systems can access it through the website’s mobile version.


If you are interested in online dating, you do not need to restrict your options to a single dating app. There are several different options available that can be used simultaneously. It won’t hurt to create profiles on a few dating websites and see what happens.

Tinder. The functionality relies on the users choosing to interact with one another. They determine whether or not they are interested in giving a candidate a chance by swiping left or right. When two users like each other, both are notified, and they can begin speaking with one another. Additionally, swingers have enrolled for the app. It is an app for dating, but unlike other dating apps, it does not cater to a specific sort of relationship, and anyone may sign up for it for free.

AdultFriendFinder. People who have a passion for adult entertainment can connect through this form of the social network. An app designed in the United States and released there led to its success in other countries. It is an opportunity to meet someone interested in having a one-night stand or more adventurous adventures and to hook up with them. Users who swing are some of the most frequent contributors to this app.

PROF. This online dating service from Canada has also expanded its user base to cover the entirety of the world. People use the website to meet new people, have one-night stands, dates, hookups, and various other sexual encounters. It has a sizable user base in each of the following countries: the United States, Australia, and India.

InterracialCupid. This website was designed for people who value cultural variety in all its forms. Users worldwide can connect through the website, which is available in mobile and desktop versions. InterracialCupid was first introduced to the world in Australia and has since gained popularity in Europe, Africa, and the United States of America.


Credit cards and checks are the two methods of payment that can be accepted (for UK users). As soon as the card is linked to the profile, the billing information will no need to enter because it will already be saved repeatedly. You can purchase a subscription for either one month or one full year. The selected subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before that time. The free version of Swinging Heaven will have some limitations, but the subscription version will offer many more customization choices. When users want to upgrade their profile, they can choose between a Premium membership and a Premium membership with Premium Extras.

The cost of the Premium one is 16.95 British Pounds, which works out to 56.95 British Pounds annually.

A subscription to Premium Extras will set you back 19.95 GBP per month or 74.95 GBP for the entire year.

Free membership is available.

Membership in the Swinging Heaven

The various choices can be examined by signing up for a free membership on any site. The user is provided with the opportunity to look through the closed curtains. Anyone who uses Swinging Heaven for free can do the following:

  • Create a user profile.
  • Gain access to the community’s photo album.
  • Take a look at some of the user’s other profile pictures.
  • Send quickies
  • Have a look at the profiles.
  • Every day, you should send or respond to three texts.

Membership at the highest level

When people purchase a Premium membership, they can experience Swinging Heaven in all its brilliant glory. The following choices are open to you:

  • Texting that is both free and unlimited
  • The number of views received by profiles
  • Access to online conversation spaces equipped with webcams
  • Getting a closer look at the profile pictures
  • Observing adult pictures and videos that have not been edited or altered


The creation of the nickname system was motivated by the desire to safeguard every user’s personal information and privacy. The customer support team can more easily identify users and respond to their inquiries when each account is assigned a unique ID. No outside parties, including marketing and spamming businesses, are given access to any personally identifiable information contained within the profiles. It is inappropriate for anyone other than the site’s proprietor to utilize the accounts on Swinging Heaven. It is strictly against the rules to sell the report. Users that consistently demonstrate disrespectful attitudes and behaviors, as well as abusive behaviors and violations of the regulations outlined in the agreement that was signed during registration, risk having their accounts canceled or suspended.

There are many ways to get in touch with one another on the website because it is designed to make communication between users as easy as possible. This disadvantage is that it may now attract attention that specific users would rather not have. This website has designed a versatile privacy settings system as a preventative measure to deal with the scenario that has arisen. It is recommended that the user enables the settings to prepare for the possibility that they may choose to restrict the access that other Swinging Heaven users have to their account. The user can prevent particular kinds of statements from contacting them in instant messenger or chat, providing feedback, or even viewing the profile. Additionally, your location can be concealed from some accounts entirely.


How do I remove my account from Swinging Heaven?

The crew of moderators at Swinging Heaven is in charge of handling all the requests from the consumers. Emailing the team with the request to delete an account is the proper way to do it. In addition, the form to delete a report can be found within the account settings. Two alternatives are available here: one is to cancel the subscription, and the other is to delete the account. Therefore, when emailing the company, identify your nickname, name, and email address attached to the report, making it very clear that you want the account deleted. It is not possible to reinstate the deleted account.

How to message someone on Swinging Heaven?

On Swinging Heaven, the communications system is governed by a few simple guidelines. There are no restrictions placed on which users can receive messages. During this time, those with a Premium account can send an infinite number of letters. Instant messenger, chats, and email are all available to members at Swinging Heaven.

The messages will remain in your Inbox for thirty days, after which you will no longer have access to them. If you wish to be able to view some messages at a later time, you will need to mark them as Stare by clicking the button that corresponds to them on the incoming. This process can be undone or reversed. It is not possible to recover any of the communications that were erased.

How can you see on Swinging Heaven who has liked you without paying?

Check out the area labeled Views if you are a new user or if you have the impression that there has been no recent activity on your profile. Finding out who is considering you as a potential partner won’t set you back a dime.

How do I prevent someone from contacting me on Swinging Heaven?

Users of Swinging Heaven can prevent particular accounts from contacting them by opening a message and selecting the Block option from the menu that appears. Any subsequent communications sent from that account will no longer be seen. Users can prohibit specific arrangements from viewing their profile entirely by utilizing the privacy settings.

How do I terminate my subscription to Swinging Heaven?

Users who have not invested in a premium membership at Swinging Heaven do not have to terminate their subscriptions. If the user has purchased the premium service, they will need to navigate to the settings by clicking on the nickname symbol in their profile. The option to Subscribe will eventually be open for selection. The card is linked to the account, and if the subscription is terminated, the payment will not be taken from the card. However, the card details will remain stored within the Swinging Heaven account.


  • Access is provided, through Swinging Heaven, too many communities and chat rooms frequented by people with similar swing dancing interests.
  • A diverse group of users originating from several different regions
  • On the marking for close to ten years now.
  • Experience that will change your life, delivered on the most user-friendly web platform
  • Services that are trusted and reliable, as acknowledged by the customers
  • The website has an excellent presentation overall.
  • Access to adult videos shot and uploaded by real individuals
  • The platform that is safe and secure for anyone interested in testing the boundaries of their sexuality


  • Access to the most advanced settings requires a membership, which costs money.
  • Finding a user who is geographically close to you might be time-consuming.


People’s overall impression of the services provided by Swinging Heaven is pretty favorable. It is one of the very few sites that not only allows people to discuss their sexual fantasies but also allows them to act on those impulses. It brings together eager and passionate couples looking to improve their love and sexual lives by connecting them. The lovers of BDSM, seductive lingerie, exhibitionists, and swingers are allowed to open up and mate with other people regardless of where they are located, what race they are, or what country they are from. People can explore the world of swingers easily and without leaving the convenience of their sofa, thanks to the inclusion of unique features such as quickies and dogging. A remarkable quality of the website is that it can simultaneously accommodate both singles and couples looking for love. The mission of Swinging Heaven is to bring people together and make them happier through swing dancing.

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