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MeetWild Site Review 3

The Meetwild review provides information on various online dating platforms that offer a sufficient number of options and features, user profiles, and subscription fees that are approximately average. Because the company doesn’t provide any information regarding its background or current operations, the evaluators are forced to rely on their own professional judgment and first-hand knowledge.

Meetwild is a social networking site that brings individuals together for the purpose of communicating and flirting before arranging a date. It caters to a wide range of audiences, each of which has unique fantasies, wishes, and expectations, and it engages those audiences in amusing and occasionally racy entertainment. Let’s have a look at what we may anticipate from a resource that is not very well recognized but is on the rise and that was first introduced in Great Britain.


The recommendations provided by the Meetwild app are usually spot on because they are derived from the information in your profile as well as the filters you have selected. In addition to this, you are free to search for appropriate people on your own and begin messaging them. Users with a premium subscription can use an extended search that helps them identify appropriate partners much more quickly. As you can see, Meetwild functions as a standard online dating portal and does not include any sophisticated matchmaking algorithms or other exciting extras.


The process of signing up with Meetwild is quite simple and straightforward. It is extremely comparable to the registration process on other online dating resources, requiring you to go through just a handful of steps:

Specify your search, indicating the gender of the potential mate you’re looking for (the site provides options for straight and queer people).

  • Pick your age range here.
  • Point out valid email.
  • Enter a robust password if you want to keep access to your account secure.
  • Indicate the city in which you now reside (without a postal address).

To submit your Meetwild application, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the “Join Now” option. The program will take you to the confirmation screen and then redirect you there. After that, you should check the email that was sent to you and click the verification link in order to demonstrate that you are a real user and not a bot. Those users who would rather not follow the link can activate their accounts by cutting and pasting the activation code.

How to Make Initial Contact

On the Meetwild website, there are many different communication tools available. After you have built a profile and registered on the platform, you should look for potential matches in the Like Gallery area of your profile. Pick the ones that appeal to you the most and get in touch with them.

You also have the option to carefully browse through the profiles and choose the one that, in your opinion, stands out the most. To communicate with other users, click the Chat icon. It is also possible to like the person you might end up dating and add them to your favorites list.


After completing the registration process on the Meetwild website, the software will prompt you to upload some images. It is possible to post them immediately or at a later time if you would first like to investigate the site. Additionally, one is able to make a brand fresh webcam snapshot right there on the site itself. To make the most of your profile, you need to fill in the blanks with information about yourself:

  • Enter your username, or you can opt to use the one that was generated for you by the system.
  • Point out your status. It is a function similar to the one found on Facebook that requires you to disclose your ideas and feelings.
  • Indicate your body type, ethnicity, and the color of your hair.
  • Mark this box if you wish the Meetwild website to share information about your account with other users.
  • You are need to save your settings in order to access the dashboard. When you have successfully accessed the site’s functionality, the first communication you will receive is an email from the site’s administrator. Then you need to access the page for your profile in order to finish it:
  • Create an attention-grabbing gallery by uploading additional photographs and videos.
  • Describe the kind of companion you’re looking for (gender, age, location).
  • Please tell me about your faith, your education, your income, and your habits (smoking and drinking).
  • Please let us know if you have any piercings or tattoos.
  • Share information about children with other users (if you have them).
  • Mention aspects of their physical appearance such as the color of their eyes, their weight, and their height.

As you can see, the profiles that users create on Meetwild are not simplistic in any way. They are comprehensive, supplying other members with all of the information that can be essential for them.

How to Stay Away from False Profiles

It has been brought to our attention that the Meetwild website has a number of fake user profiles. This is the problem that plagues the vast majority of internet dating services. There will always be those in our society who want to use the private information of others as a means to blackmail or extort money from those others. Consider the following information regarding how to avoid being scammed when using Meetwild:

  • The photographs are not original; rather, they were obtained from various websites (one can check their authenticity through Google images).
  • The profile comes out as contrived and overused. It’s also possible that there is nothing there at all.
  • The messages that bots send are childish and rudimentary.
  • They think highly of you even though you haven’t finished making your profile quite yet.

According to the review of Meetwild, not even the highest degree of security and authentication on several levels can keep you from being taken advantage of by scammers. The fact of the matter is that there are actual individuals operating behind them. As a result, you need to approach this with caution and a serious mindset.


The Meetwild app features a sophisticated appearance with a minimalistic and light-colored design. Because there is no explicit content on the website, but there is a wealth of important information and explanations that are easy to understand, the website comes off as a reliable and trustworthy platform. Its portal is up to date with the majority of today’s standards:

  • SSL certification.
  • A straightforward application form.
  • Images of a very high quality.
  • Both the quickness and the responsiveness were superb.
  • The footer contains a list of quick connections.
  • A cuisine that has been thoughtfully prepared.
  • Direct access to any and all of the website’s parts.

In other words, the Meetwild evaluation did not turn up any issues with the web design or usability of the site.


In their assessments of Meetwild, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the service because it does not offer a mobile application. It is correct that the business has not yet produced the app. Those individuals who prefer to always have access to the apps they use most frequently may find this to be an annoyance. It’s possible that Meetwild may investigate the situation in the immediate future. Nevertheless, it features a respectable mobile version that displays similarly well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop or portable PCs. In addition, the functionality of the service in its entirety is accessible. The layout is quite user-friendly, and both the buttons and the text are of a size that makes it easy to navigate and use the application.


Swiping through content or having a list of favorites isn’t likely to catch anyone by surprise in this day and age. People want for something exceptional, preferably with both utilitarian and recreational benefits. On the Meetwild website, you can select some unique and interesting alternatives to the typical possibilities. They make its use easier to understand as well as more fun, which in turn helps members communicate more effectively with one another.

Send a Flirtcast message.

This function makes it possible to send flirtatious messages to multiple users at the same time. In addition, the Meetwild platform provides pre-packaged solutions as illustrative examples. They are helpful for people who are either imaginatively challenged or who are new to the activity and just do not understand how it works at first. One of the samples could go something like this: “I’d ask you what time it is, but seeing you, I don’t want to know anymore. Time is no longer an issue anyway! Let’s chat?” On the other hand, a common theme that emerges across people’s reviews of Meetwild is the desire to get genuine communications.

Today’s Special Offer

Because of this function, you will be presented with a variety of enticing offers while you are using the Meetwild website. The method determines which eight photographs are the most popular each day. It gives you the option to look at photographs and select one of them for communication purposes. You should not put all of your eggs in one basket because you will see various packs every day. In addition to that, the platform provides access to the users who are currently the closest to you or the singles who have the highest ratings.

Like Gallery

It’s like swiping through profiles on Tinder now. You can access the Like Gallery portion of the site by using the main menu that is located in the header of the page. Simply clicking it will provide you access to potential matches. Simply click the “heart” button to indicate your agreement with the recommendation, then begin talking about it. Let’s say you are not excited about the prospect. In such situation, all you have to do to dismiss a guy or woman is click the button that looks like a cross. Within the area, there is a Liked You option that, when selected, makes users who have already shown their approval of you apparent.


Pricing on Meetwild is customizable while remaining average. The site has numerous paid plans to pick from:

  • 3-day trial – €2.13
  • Daily tariff – €1.49/day
  • Pricing for the monthly plan is €75.56 per month (the introductory price is €52.89 per month).
  • Membership is €51.41 per month for three months (the promotional price is €35.99 per month).
  • A subscription for six months is €42.84 per month (the promotional price is €29.99 per month).

Meetwild also provides a free trial for its partner website,, that lasts for three days. If you want to agree with this proposition, you should exercise extreme caution. If you do not communicate with the website before the end of your trial period, the system will send you an invoice for €75.56 a month as a price for a subscription to the website.

There is only one method of payment available on the Meetwild website. To gain access to the option on the website, users need make use of their bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). To accomplish this, call attention to the card’s number, as well as its expiration date, CVV2 or CVC2 code, and name.

Fundamental Membership

In the Meetwild review, it should be emphasized that the free alternatives provided by the website are sufficient to investigate its operation and construct your remarkable presence. In your line of work, what opportunities do you have?

  • Registration.
  • Developing Your Profile
  • Adding images to the upload.
  • The ability to make changes to the information.
  • Looking through the previews of the other profiles.
  • Accessing the profiles of other users and viewing basic text information about them there.
  • Configuration of the search filters
  • Performing a search while sorting results based on popularity, most recent activity, age, and distance.

Meetwild provides a variety of free features that enable users to evaluate the functionality of the site and choose whether or not it will be useful to them.

Membership at the highest level

You are able to send and receive messages without restrictions, view photographs at their full resolution, and access all of the search results. In addition, premium customers have access to several chats, can share photographs and videos within those chats, and receive priority customer service.

Coupons for

On partner websites, the platform does not provide coupon functionality. Despite this, many Meetwild customers expressed their contentment with the fact that they were able to save 30% on their premium memberships. Meetwild hosts a variety of different contests and promotions on a regular basis. For instance, if you post a photo to your profile on Meetwild, the site will give you 5 additional free messages to use. This was mentioned in the Meetwild review. In addition, after adding video, you’ll have the ability to earn additional matches.


Users of the website are protected against bots and hacks, respectively, thanks to the website’s SSL certification and the usage of a common email verification. It is not possible to boast cutting-edge software on the Meetwild website. As a result, the installation of a virus scanner is critical to ensuring your protection. In addition to this, you should never click on any links that are sent to you by other users.

Are You Able to Rely on Meetwild?

According to the reviews that were conducted on Meetwild, the website is not considered to be among the most reliable resources. The integrity of the operating company is called into question due to the large number of bogus accounts and the absence of any information regarding the company itself. However, before making a final choice, each potential date should conduct their own independent research on the Meetwild website. The trip to the online dating site can be considered a little inconvenience given the abundance of free options available.

Does Meetwild Comply with the Law?

The British Virgin Islands have issued a license to the corporation, and they have also registered it there. At the very least, it demonstrates that Meetwild can be trusted as a legitimate business. In addition, the content of the site complies with the standards and restrictions set forth by the law. According to the findings of the Meetwild study, the website in question is a genuine resource that poses no threat to the computers of its visitors.

Is It Possible to Meet People Privately Using Meetwild?

On Meetwild, maintaining one’s identity is not a problem in any way. You will not be redirected to any web resources that are owned or operated by a third party because all of the profiles belong to the company. You will need to purchase a subscription to Meetwild’s partner site in order to be able to share your data. However, it’s only an offer that you can refuse or take up if you want to. Because they don’t want their financial institutions to find out that they use online dating platforms, some people frequently think about their expenses. There is absolutely no need for concern in this scenario. Due to the fact that the website presents itself as in your payment information, no bank will be able to learn about the activities you engage in on Meetwild.


The fact that users of Meetwild remain anonymous is the platform’s most significant shortcoming. The platform portrays itself to be an integral component of the network. It discusses a number of businesses without revealing their individual names or the circumstances of their operations. It is concerning that there is a lack of openness, which causes you to have second thoughts about purchasing a premium membership.


Meetwild has provided its users with access to a toll-free phone helpline that they can call at any time. After entering your identification information, the system will put you in contact with an operator. One more approach to get in touch with the support service is through the specialized application form. Select the Get Support option located inside your personal menu, then select the link labeled Contact Us. Then, from the selection that drops down, select the category that corresponds to the queries you have (Billing management, Account management, etc.). Choose the topic, jot down some thoughts, and then email the form along to Meetwild.

The Help option may be found in the same section and presents the most frequently asked questions from each of the different categories along with comprehensive solutions. Even dating advice is available to members on that platform.


Meetwild is not really competitive and there are a number of other options that are advertised more. It discusses eHarmony,, OkCupid, and other online dating services. These websites provide an adequate number of services and features, which enables them to deliver an outstanding experience and real quick dates. They have been active on the web for a considerable amount of time and enjoy widespread popularity. However, their prices are significantly higher than those that are offered on the Meetwild website.

According to data collected by SimilarWeb, the websites Dating Busters, Adult Dating Patrol, Dating Critic,, and POF are the ones that come the closest to competing with Meetwild (Plenty of Fish). There isn’t much difference between their county, global, and category ranks.


Meetwild has done a great job of developing their Frequently Asked Questions section. In the meantime, you can get answers to some of your pressing questions without even entering the dating platform right now.

Does Meetwild Satisfy Your Specific Requirements?

Everyone should have a clear idea of what they’re looking for before starting an online dating profile. When it comes to Meetwild, the fact that it has multiple focuses makes it an especially important aspect. It is not easy to discover where the red line is on the platform. As a result, you should be prepared to choose partners based on the criteria that are provided and to clarify the intricacies of each other’s preferences using the messaging system. Therefore, individuals who are willing to wait and experiment are likely to appreciate the fuzzy boundaries that are present on the Meetwild website.

Is Meetwild a Legitimate Resource for Dating?

The Meetwild resource has been established as a legitimate option. It has a real postal address and phone number. However, the question that needs to be answered is how many of these profiles are actually genuine. You can communicate and date with users who have open minds and are easy going thanks to the many profiles that are available. Finding them, however, can be a challenge when there is a lot of garbage around. You should spend hours and even days meeting someone special to talk and meet. In their Meetwild reviews, a good number of ex-members vented their frustration about scammers and bots. At the same time, there are users who provide positive feedback regarding the website’s functions and operation as a whole.

How Do I Cancel My Meetwild Account and Get My Money Back?

Go to the profile page you created on Meetwild and look for Settings there. Launch then, and in the list of setups, look for the link labeled “Remove Account.” The popup window will require doing several steps for cancelation:

  • Type in your password to continue.
  • Select the option to “Delete my profile, including all of my contacts and personal information.”
  • Please provide an explanation for the removal.
  • Make sure that your intentions are clear.
  • Continue to acquire a cancellation code. Simply entering the code will cause your Meetwild profile to be removed from the site.
  • As you can see, the procedure is somewhat intimidating. It is not difficult to understand, but it does require some time and perseverance to finish.

What Steps Do You Need to Take in Order to Cancel Your Paid Membership?

You can additionally access this option through the Settings menu. You only need to look for the links labeled “Billing History” and “Deactivate subscription” to complete the process. Because selecting this option will cancel your subscription but will leave your account intact, you will no longer be charged to access the Meetwild website.

Meetwild’s Default Settings and How to Edit Them

There are many excellent opportunities for editing on Meetwild. You have access to your profile at all times and can make edits to your personal information whenever you like. To make the necessary changes, simply locate the Edit button on the opposite side of the tab, and then click on it. Your profiles will only display relevant data in this way, omitting irrelevant information such as historical facts and events. This point in time is extremely important if you want to get accurate matches and attract the attention of other users to your personality.

How Do You Communicate With Other Users on Meetwild for Free?

The Meetwild app allows users to test out some of its features without having to spend any money because to its largely free nature. Let’s say you’ve decided to hold off on purchasing a premium membership for the time being. In that case, all you need to do is register on the website and keep interacting with it without purchasing any upgrades. You will, however, be required to pay in order to communicate with other members of the website.

The good and the bad


  • Fast registration on Meetwild takes only a minute to handle the issue.
  • High-quality profile pages appear highly informative.
  • There is a possibility to add videos to your profile.
  • The website offers helpful advice pertaining to dating.
  • Each profile can be customized in a variety of ways.


  • Although the website Meetwild suggests that it is useful for international dating, it is not accessible in a great number of countries.
  • There is a lack of information that can be understood regarding the operating company.
  • Even though it is advertised on the website, the chat room is extremely difficult to locate.


The Meetwild app is a multifunctional dating platform that can be used for both finding love and having fun. It is possible to have casual dates as well as more serious ones, but the latter option is less likely. The website’s adaptable design ensures that it is remains popular among mobile users despite the absence of a dedicated mobile application. This platform offers a problem-free environment for online dating from a technical standpoint.

The Meetwild app provides extensive profile webpage information. They provide enough information for you to learn about a potential partner and set many filters, which is all you require during the initial phase of getting to know each other. Messages can be sent and received without any problems for full members only, as is customary for any respectable website.

To summarize the Meetwild review, it is essential to point out that much depends on the individual’s own prior experiences and expectations. Those who are confident in the usefulness of this portal should experiment with the features it offers. When compared to the cost of a trial membership to Meetwild for three days at the lowest price, the price is actually quite reasonable.

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