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Without shyness or prejudice, every one can meet a companion on the dating service JALF. Everyone is welcome on our website, including heterosexuals, gay men and women, lesbians, and other LGBTQ+ individuals. For individuals who are interested in sex, there is JALF. All posted profile pictures require manual approval. This lessens fraudulent activity and helps stop the creation of fictitious accounts.

As a result, you can locate safe and authentic accounts on JALF. This extra security measure ensures that the people you connect with are genuine. Users not signed in cannot view the information in your profile. This safeguards privacy and ensures that only those you want to communicate with can access your data. The starting price for a premium subscription is $34.95.

The JALF community

Despite being a veteran in the adult dating industry with 20 years under its belt, JALF only has a community of 2.9 million users. Grindr had 27 million users as of 2017. Tinder attracted over 3.7 million paid users in 2018. JALF is, therefore, a relatively tiny adult dating site. This implies that on JALF, you most likely won’t be able to fulfil your sexual fantasies. Except if you’re fortunate and find that everyone in your neighbourhood prefers JALF to one of the more popular dating sites.

Of course, my comparison of JALF to Grindr and Tinder implies that the actual purpose of this adult dating service is for dating. JALF advertises itself as a dating site and claims you can discover a severe relationship there. Let me elaborate. JALF also seems to be the ideal setting for people to cheat on their partners.

Is JALF intended to be cheated with?

JALF has a secret mode, discrete messaging, privacy settings for notifications, and the ability to hide your real name. If JALF isn’t designed to facilitate infidelity, it must be a dating site for spies, for fucksake! Why is this level of secrecy required on a dating site? I understand that some individuals may be embarrassed that some people use JALF to fulfil their sexual fantasies, but to me, at least, everything about this dating site screams, “This is an excellent place to come and cheat.” Except if you prefer dating married men and women, there is much too much privacy on this dating app to imply that JALF is a viable option for finding a committed partner.

Function or JALF’s operation

Sometimes, someone writes to you that you don’t want to hear from. Alternatively, you can get a lot of messages—many of them undesirable. Because of this, JALF has a “block user” feature. If you decide to use this function, you won’t see or hear from that individual. This is a crucial tool, particularly if someone is bugging you, sending you improper content, or acting in a way that violates the service’s behaviour guidelines. You can also notify the site moderators if someone is misbehaving.

On JALF, there is also a group chat option. This makes it possible for many people to connect and discover similar interests (like religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, etc.). This is a terrific approach to opening up and meeting people because sometimes people are more inclined to give information in groups.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, webcam communication has been increasingly popular and is now a staple of contemporary dating. The chance to have a live chat and view your potential spouse in person is crucial. You won’t have to deal with the disappointment of unmet expectations since you’ll have a deeper understanding of the person you’re speaking to.

Most people desire to communicate with users in their area unless they are explicitly looking for a long-distance relationship. Therefore, a filter option that enables you to connect with locals is essential. This is available through JALF and a search filter option depending on particular standards.

Modern dating websites and apps must have chat/messaging functionality. You can invite or accept a personal chat invitation from another user on JALF.

There is an instant messenger service. Users can communicate with one another most effectively in this manner.

You can see which users are online and available for chat right now.

You can freely alter your status from “online” to “offline” if you don’t want to be disturbed. You may view every user who is online and ready to talk using JALF.

When you’re awaiting messages, are you impatient? People frequently experience this when texting. Because of this, JALF’s chat contains a graphic feature that lets users see when responses are being written.

You have the option of adding a little video to your profile in addition to images. The ability for other users to see and hear you is a fantastic feature. You can briefly describe yourself, your site use, and your search criteria. This new option will add intrigue to your profile and help you stand out because it is novel.

On online dating sites, seeing profiles of other users is the most popular pastime. Given how frequently this occurs, giving people more expressive options is critical. As a result, JALF allows you to rate the profiles of other users by giving them a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This increases your chances of interaction and makes you more noticeable.

According to fundamental criteria, you can search and filter other users on the website.

  • the users’ gender;
  • users’ age;
  • only users with profile pictures;
  • users who are online right now;

More specific criteria are available in addition to the Mets mentioned above, allowing you to search and filter users.


  • Other users can be blocked at your discretion. They won’t be able to see or get in touch with you as a result.
  • Group chats can be started and joined by users. For users, this is a terrific method to find shared interests.
  • For face-to-face communication, users can also use webcam chat.
  • Users nearby can be found by searching.
  • To join private chats, users can invite one another. For match communication, this element is crucial.
  • Additionally available are advanced search filters that can be used to hone user choices further.
  • You can express yourself and give feedback on other people’s profiles by choosing to rank other members. Additionally, it will let you know how other people feel about your profile. This feedback helps figure out what users want.
  • The website offers an instant messenger for contacting potential partners.
  • If you want other users to know you are online, Messenger lets you set your status to online.
  • If you don’t want others to know you are online, Messenger lets you set your status to “offline.”
  • You can see who is writing to you in Messenger.
  • You can make a video version of your profile to introduce yourself and describe your dream match.
  • To prevent the formation of phoney or fraudulent accounts, user emails are verified.
  • Before approving the construction of your profile, moderators will manually check your images. This extra security measure prevents users from setting up fictitious accounts or posting explicit photographs.


  • The website is not responsive, which makes it challenging to use on phones and tablets (the page may not format to fit the device screen size).
  • Currently, the website does not provide a downloadable iOS application.
  • There is no Android app available for download from JALF.
  • How much does membership cost? Price & Paid Membership Options JALF is it free?
  • There is no trial paid membership options available through JALF.
  • There are paid membership options at JALF.
  • If you no longer want to utilize this service, you must cancel this premium membership before the end of the paid period because it renews automatically.

A coin-based system, where you pay for tasks like sending messages or virtual presents to another user, is not available on JALF.

Options for paid membership

  • The cost of the 1 Month VIP Package is $34.95;
  • The cost of a Gold Package for One Month is $59.95;
  • The cost of the 3-month VIP Package is $69.95;
  • The cost of a VIP Package for 6 Months is $99.95;
  • It costs $124.95 for the Gold Package for 3 months.
  • The cost of the 12-Month VIP Package is $139.95.
  • The cost of a Gold Package for 6 Months is $189.95;
  • A 12-month Gold Package costs $239.95.

Coupons & discounts for JALF

There aren’t any discount deals or coupons available right now for JALF.

Registration: How do I sign up for the JALF?

You must fill out a lengthy form to register with JALF (containing more than 10 fields).

JALF Mobile versions and applications

Because this dating site’s web design is not entirely responsive, using the dating feature on a smartphone or tablet will be challenging. Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android devices have any apps.

Discretion and anonymity

Online dating typically falls into two categories: “public” and “private.” All user profiles are viewable in the event of public dating, including to individuals who are not enrolled. Contrarily, private dating sites safeguard anonymity and privacy by blocking access to this content for users who are not signed up.

Anyone who is not signed up for the service can view user profiles. Therefore, anyone can see your information or profile. Users should use caution when deciding what information to disclose on the site.

Preventing fraud and bogus profiles

The JALF registration process requires an email confirmation. Your experience on the site will be more secure because email is a typical safeguard against establishing fraudulent profiles, and you won’t have to worry about potentially communicating with phoney accounts.

On JALF, photos require manual clearance. This crucial function guards users against dealing with phoney or fraudulent accounts. All logged-in users will be able to see the approved photographs. You can report a user to the moderators if you think you correspond with a false account. Occasionally, a phoney profile might be identified only by looking at the photo.


Rules and Regulations (TOS)

The terms of this dating site are available (you will find a link to them on the main page). We advise reading them before registering. Despite the text’s length, you must become familiar with it.

Cancelling Your Account – How do I get rid of my JALF account?

On JALF, you can delete your profile. This is possible online. If you choose, you can also ask user support for advice on removing your account. You might have to cancel any memberships or paid services when you deactivate or delete your account because joining this dating site is a paid membership. You have the choice to unsubscribe from mailing lists or any other notifications in addition to deactivating your account to ensure that you no longer get updates from JALF.

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