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What are some things you should be aware of when selecting a gay webcam sex site? You probably believe that price is the only thing that matters, and while the price is an important consideration, there are many other aspects to consider. You need to ensure that the platform is of sufficient quality, that there are an adequate number of hot guys from which to choose, and that you have access to all of the webcam features required for conversation and fun. Adults that use webcams for sexual purposes should not use any site other than one of the top gay sex chat rooms available on the internet, in my opinion. They should be able to see incredible live sex performances because they are paying for them and deserve the best there is to offer. Are you going to tell me that I’m wrong?

This XLoveGay review will include all of the information I have just gone through, including the following: Features, the number of live sex cams, and, yes, pricing are also considered. Check out the complete information that follows, and I’ll do all my power to ensure we remain focused on what matters.

The gay male and male pair content that can be seen on XLoveCam is referred to as XLoveGay. This is a well-known gay chat platform with attractive men worldwide participating in the conversations. Since its inception in 2006, XloveCam has steadily built a community of loyal users. It may not have the most extensive range of guys, but it does offer quality models at reasonable costs. You should be able to identify at least a few individuals that pique your interest among the approximately one thousand male models who have registered with the agency.


You may watch live gay cam shows, browse model galleries, and watch shows that have already been recorded with XloveCam. Unfortunately, there is no method to filter the streams, even though most cameras broadcast in high definition (HD). Nevertheless, the website possesses all of the features that one would desire in a cam site, in addition to a few that one might not anticipate:

Webcam shows are free to watch, allowing users to talk with models and request private shows.

Private group or one-on-one Xclusive performances with paid models with credits, including the ability to chat to one other through a microphone or Cam2Cam capabilities for a more personal experience.

Performer biographies may include free image galleries.

Free videos in (some) performer profiles

VIP membership is available from specific models, giving members unique access to special shows and recordings.

Free email communemailn between all of the artists on the site.

The performers are ranked competitively, and there are feedback mechanisms.

Before electing to participate, attendees of specific private performances can watch a preview, or “Sneak Peak,” of the event.

The web above URL will particularly lead you to XLoveCam’s LGBT offerings. Still, the site provides content from performers of all genders and sorts, including women, men, transsexuals, and various combinations of these categories.


I was in the mood to talk when I logged into X Love Gay, and although I was a little taken aback to see that there were only 18 guys online, the ones there were obviously HOT guys, so I chose one of them. He was a good-looking, buff man in his mid-20s, and I was able to enter his chat rooms in a matter of seconds. If you have never been to an adult webcam arena before and, for some reason, you think that a free sex chat means free sex, but in fact, it means a free interaction in which both parties remain fully clothed, you should know that the free chat was probably just what you expect it to be.

Chat rooms for homosexuals are only available at xlovegay.com.

When I think of the word “sweet,” I see a libation rather than a piece of candy in my mind rather than the gentleman I was conversing with. He has decent streaming, much like the other dozen folks I talked to after him, and he agreed to almost all of my recommendations, which is almost always a positive indicator.

When it was just the two of us having a private conversation… I’m sorry, they say a gentleman never tells, but I can tell you that I didn’t notice any missing features during that time. XLoveGay.com is not a leading-edge website by any means. The tools and settings, as well as the style, are all quite fundamental, and if you are searching for bling and the most recent webcam technology and crazy, exciting features that will blow your mind, you will not find them on this website. I did love the conversations, and I liked the vast video area, so I think if you are an average guy like me, this gay sex cam site does have a lot to offer you.


I just went over some of the features. Still, I know that many of you won’t read this entire XLoveGay review (not that it’s an incredibly long one – I don’t understand why people can’t read these days), and instead, you’ll skip ahead to the parts that you’re interested in learning more about. That’s great with me; it’s not like I have anything better to do with my time. Because it’s not like I’m going to miss out on some priceless webcam time with some very stunning gays while I’m here, reiterating myself, right? In any case, this sex chat community is equipped with simply the most fundamental functions, such as audio, Cam to Cam, and emoticons. In addition, there is a video segment that focuses on male models. That brings us to an end.


You do not need to be a member of XLoveGay.com to engage in live video chatting with other gay men on the website; nevertheless, considering that membership is both easy to obtain and cost-free, you might as well sign up. The registration process should take you less than a minute to complete. Select a login name, a password, and an email address email you will immediately become an official member. Purchase some credits to become a VIP member of the community.

If you join up for the service and verify your email address, you are eligible to receive a free VIP video, a recorded film of a private session of your choice valued at 15 USD.


As I explained, once you enter the gateway, you are immediately eligible for free access to the chat room. If you want to see the sexy homosexual strip, you must join one of the paid sessions. If you intend to do so, you will need to pay. Private shows, VIP shows (which are kind of like group sex chats), Xclusive shows (which are just one-on-one video chats), and SneakPeek (also known as spy chats) are the many types of shows that are available. You are free to select whichever option best suits your needs, but you should be aware that the costs will change depending on the type of video chat you go with.


Most of the hunks on XLoveGay.com have web cameras that are passable at best. These web cameras are not as high-quality as those on websites that feature professional studio cam models. Still, they are, all things considered, somewhat respectable for amateurs. I have had a great time viewing the live porn shows hosted on this website, and I am satisfied with both the streaming and the cameras. Before you join a paid sex chat, I recommend you check to see if the man you will be chatting with has the appropriate equipment. And by “right equipment,” I mean a webcam, you perverts.


On this XXX cam site, you may find attractive homosexual men who charge as little as 1.50 credits per minute, which is a beautiful deal. The average cost is around 2.5 credits, which is relatively affordable compared to other adult webcam services. As I’ve indicated previously in this XLoveGay review, rates will vary not just according to the type of video chat you choose (it goes without saying that Xclusive will cost more than group shows) but also according to the model. Some guys merely charge more than others. The following graphic demonstrates that the cost per credit remains constant at $1.24 no matter how many credits you decide to buy.


It has been my experience that live cam sites go to great lengths to ensure that users can pay for their credits using whichever is most convenient for them, and X Love Gay is not an exception to this rule. You may use the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, PayPal, or a conventional bank transfer. There is also the option to pay with prepaid cards such as Paysafecard or DirecteBanking.


However, if you keep scrolling down the list of amateur homosexuals, you will eventually come across exotic men such as Asian, Ebony, and buff Latino studs. This sex cam site appears to specialize in European studs, at least that is how it seems from the list of amateur gays. There are approximately 8,000 male performers who are registered with the service, and I would estimate that between 15 and 30 of them will be online at any given time. It’s not a particularly impressive number, but each of the men there is quite attractive; if you don’t believe me, go check it out yourself.


This website is relatively easy to use; there are no complexities, complicated features, or membership options that could lead to confusion on your part; nonetheless, assistance is available if you find that you require it. You can discover the form you can send to Customer Support and the page containing frequently asked questions by using the tab labelled “Help.” During my investigation for this XLoveGay review, I had the opportunity to test out customer care a few times, and each time, they responded in a very timely manner.



  • The horny men are sizzling beyond belief.
  • Pleasant environment with a laid-back attitude
  • Affordable online sex chats


  • There are no unique features for the webcam.
  • A poor selection of cars and a restricted range of available options



  • Stunning guys were looking to get their freak on in adult webcams.
  • Innovative search tools that sift through the available live chat rooms to provide you only the results you’re interested in viewing.
  • HD video conferencing using webcams.
  • Two-way audio
  • Text chatting is provided at no cost to either visitors or members.
  • “Love” allows users to quickly and freely express their feelings for other males online with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Members may keep tabs on who’s online by using the Favorite List feature, which allows them to add guys they find attractive to their list.
  • Free webcam conversations are available to both members and visitors of the site.
  • Acquiring credit in a brisk and uncomplicated manner
  • A comprehensive selection of safe methods of payment
  • Streaming of an excellent quality
  • Members have the option of listening in on the sexual conversations of other members.
  • The gay men put on a variety of live striptease shows.
  • Members can pay a fee to view select sexy gay porn videos on the website, which are available.
  • The males each have their profile sites, which typically contain only a select number of photos and videos.
  • You can communicate with any guy you want, whether offline or online.
  • If you are at a loss for words, many emoticons are available to you.
  • The website provides satisfactory customer service and a satisfactory Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • The models are eligible to receive “bonuses” from the members.


You might be perplexed as to why gay men would ever participate in live sex chat rooms if you haven’t recently explored many adult webcam sites. After all, a homosexual man interested in sex may always go to a club or a party, and he will be able to get the fulfilment he is looking for there. This is not always the case. Some of us do not have the time or ability to hang out in the appropriate locations, and others continue to lead a double life in which they conceal who they are. Some people want to get laid without any difficulties or having to get dressed or leave the house, while for other people, face-to-face interaction is more complicated. For those people, getting laid online is the best option.

There are a lot of benefits associated with gay webcams. They make it possible for you to get laid right away, without any difficulties, while retaining complete control till you decide to give it up. You are under no obligation to remain for any length of time beyond what you feel comfortable with, there is no time spent on pointless small talk, and you have the opportunity to have sex with the horniest, hottest men on the face of the world. On webcam, they will do anything you desire, or at least get close enough, and they will permit you to order them, utilize them, and enjoy every inch of their gorgeous bodies with or without anal dildos.

Do you know what draws straight men to XLoveGay.com and other websites like it? They want to be able to celebrate sex in addition to simply having it, and on this adult chat community website, they can acquire anything their hearts desire.

So, were we blown away by this adult webcam community? The “yes” component of the question is reserved for the males who are entirely devoted, sexual and bursting with needs. You won’t have to hunt very hard to locate a good-looking guy on the internet, and we found every one of the free chat rooms that we used to be more than satisfying. What steps do you need to take before you can begin a free video chat with other people? Zero, nada, zilch, nada. It does not matter if you are a member or not; all you have to do is click on a picture to enter the public chat room. Once there, the guy will do anything to convince you that he is the man you want to join for a private gay sex show. If you are a member, you can ignore what happens next.

You don’t have to join up to talk, as we just mentioned; however, given that membership is completely free and you won’t be asked for anything personal like credit card information or anything else, we encourage you to sign up. You may get your very own profile page and access all of the site’s parts with nothing more than a name, password, and email address, even if all you want to do is get a better look at the XXX alternatives available to you.

You can view the profile pages, which on XLoveGay are incredibly in-depth. On adult cam sites, the only thing that webcam models include in their profiles is their dimensions. Still, on this one, the models have everything from their schedule (which is helpful) and preferences to a gallery of images and amateur homosexual videos.

You can have text chats with the online guys, and if you start a private show, you can add audio or even activate your web camera so that the stud can see you while you watch him perform. You can send a message right from a man’s profile page if you want to communicate with him when he is offline or participating in a private conversation. This method is straightforward and efficient.

There are several variations of XXX shows, including the traditional one-on-one encounter, which is, let’s be honest here. What the vast majority of adults who use webcams favour. You can also peek into the private conversations of other users to see what they are discussing, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to interact with them in any way; you’ll be able to play the role of a peeping tom. It is not difficult to discover models that will charge between 1 and 2 credits per minute, and the prices for paid porn conversations are not prohibitively high. Because there is no membership fee, you can chat frequently and for a long time without running up a significant bill. This website is an appealing option for men looking for reasonably priced webcam chats, which is certainly something that makes this website an attractive option for women looking for reasonably priced webcam chats.

The website is highly user-friendly, and practically all the information you require to select a hottie and begin chatting is presented straightforwardly on the Home Page. You need to have credit in your account to start a naked chat or to utilize any of the paid features, but even if you don’t have any credits, you may still look around the site as much as you like without any problems at all if you’re a free member. If you decide to purchase some credits, however, XLoveGay will provide you with a free porn video to thank you for your patronage. Although not every video in the extensive tube area of this website is incredible, there are a good number of videos that are interesting to view, and the streaming quality is usually good.

As part of our investigation for this XLoveGay review, we even joined the VIP club of a model just to get a feel for what it was like to be a member there. These clubs have a monthly fee of roughly 13 or 15 credits; in exchange, they grant you unrestricted access to all of the content of a particular model. The one we went with featured a lot of films and photographs that were saved mainly for his VIP followers, and some of them appeared to be professionally produced gay porn clips. Remember that the internet is rife with free gay porn, so you shouldn’t sign up for a VIP club unless you have a solid connection to one individual. If this isn’t included, the recurring monthly charge isn’t worth it.

We are confident that you are currently pondering the question: “So, where does the “no” part of this review come in?” Because we have enumerated so many benefits up to this point, it would look as though XLoveGay.com does not have any drawbacks, but we want to reassure you that this is not the case. This adult webcam site has various problems that need to be fixed, the most important of which is the low number of online chat rooms; the number of online chat rooms on this website is far smaller than the number of online chat rooms on websites such as SuperMen.com. What is the sense of having 8,000 gays registered, especially desirable ones, if only 20 to 30 are active and available? We could use another couple of dozen hot males in this portal, and we’d want to see them as soon as possible.

The other less than satisfactory aspect was the limited number of features. The only way for members to express themselves is by giving ratings to the males, which, while a great choice, is not nearly enough. Because there are no social aspects, no forums, and no boards, the website can often give the impression that it is somewhere you go to have sex and leave as soon as you are done. There indeed exist movies, and we are confident that they leave many guys online, but there is a significant amount of opportunity for advancement in this area. The website is excellent, and all the necessary components are present; nevertheless, certain adjustments are still required before it can reach its full potential. For us, XLoveGay.com deserves a spot on this list because we believe that this website has a lot of untapped potentials, and the men we’ve seen on this website have had us practically gasp in awe more than once.

We do not doubt that XLoveGay can compete with the leading gay webcam sites on the internet if it were simply to expand its user base and provide its existing members with a greater variety of exciting features. For the time being, I’d say it’s doing pretty well. You aren’t sure you grasp the meaning of that, are you? Visit the website by clicking on its link, or even better, sign up for it for free and immediately begin conversing with some handsome hung studs.

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