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Before getting started with the Mobifriends review and deciding whether or not this is the ideal dating app for you, why not check at some of the more fundamental elements of the app and learn a little bit more about it? It might be a mobile application or a website, but either one serves the purpose of facilitating the search for the ideal romantic companion and is of great assistance to individuals who are interested in long-term commitments such as marriage. It’s possible that you could meet the one and only love of your life right here.

The website assists you in recognizing other users who share your preferences and finds excellent matches for you based on those preferences. The app gives its users a large number of potential partners to choose from, many of whom are unmarried and looking for serious commitment in a romantic relationship. Mobifriends is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, as evidenced by the fact that all you have to do to communicate with other users is check out their profiles, view their images, and send either a simple text message or animated messages referred to as “mobis.”

Which languages are supported by the Mobifriends application?

You absolutely need to be aware of the languages that this software supports before you can make any progress within it. There are three possible answers. Catalan, as well as English and Spanish, are supported languages on this website.

Who is the proprietor of the Mobifriends website?

At the moment, the website is run by a core team of three people, one of whom is the CEO and the other is Lluis Carreras, who also helped create the company.

Where exactly is the headquarters of Mobifriends located?

Mobifriends is a corporation with its headquarters currently located in the European Union region. The company’s base of operations is in Barcelona.

When was the app first made available?

The mobile application was initially created on October 25th, 2005, and has been around since since.

Which nations are included in the list of those able to use this website?

The software is currently available in around 54 countries all over the world, giving users a wide choice of locations in which to download it. It is possible to research the regions in one’s own nation in which people are utilizing the app. If a person is from a part of the world that has not yet been represented on the list, they have the opportunity to join up and become the pioneer for their region, which will eventually lead to their country being included to the list.


Mobifriends has a lot more to offer than its fundamental features, which include free and easy texting as well as the ability to find new individuals and interact with them.

Simple sign-up and communication options.

The user registration process on this website has been improved, and it is now extremely simple and completely free of charge. Once a user has registered, they are able to look up which of their favorite matches is now online. They may then immediately send a message to begin a chat with that person. The software delivers some unique capabilities including voice and video chatting. In addition to that, it offers its customers a selection of humorous animated messages that are known as “mobis.”

Keeping in mind the preferences you’ve expressed

Next, consumers are presented with a set of questions concerning their own preferences, including things such as their likes and dislikes. It’s possible that it will ask you questions about your personal information. However, none of these things are bad because they assist you in finding the most compatible spouse possible. This is due to the fact that the app employs this algorithm of your preferences in order to identify companions who share interests that are comparable to your own.


Concerning compatibility, it is important to point out that the application can be downloaded by Android users. Accessing the Mobifriends website is another option for users who are hesitant to download and install the full software. However, Apple devices are not compatible with the software at this time.


The people who are most likely to find success with this app are individuals who are looking for long-term partners or perhaps potential spouses. The majority of the app’s users are located in Cuba, where it has a ranking of number 20.

Limits imposed by age

The software is sensitive to the fact that there is a minimum age requirement for using dating apps and continues to set that requirement at 18 years old.

What steps should be taken in the event that you come across false accounts or con artists?

It is only inevitable that there will always be unscrupulous persons operating these apps in this day and age, which is marked by an increase in the number of security issues, instances of phishing, and other criminal actions. Being self-aware and self-conscious is one of the most critical strategies you can implement. There is no app that can ensure your complete safety. In the event that you come across some behavior that is really questionable or potentially harmful, the app encourages you to get in touch with its team of moderators as soon as possible. These moderators are quite active in finding solutions to problems like this and monitoring it closely.


Mobifriends is available in the form of a mobile application in addition to a website for users who do not wish to download the full mobile application. Both of these editions share the same characteristics and functionalities in common.

The Application of Mobifriends

As was indicated before, the application also has the capability of being used and managed through a mobile app in addition to being accessible over the web. From the Google Play Store, the application can be quickly accessed and downloaded at your convenience.

Mobifriends Website

This Mobifriends review will provide you with every piece of information that is necessary for successfully using the website.

Is it possible to use Mobifriends on a computer instead of a mobile device?

Even if you do not want to download the complete app, you may access the Mobifriends website by typing the URL of the site into your browser. This will allow you to access the website without having to download the app. Both of these options provide you unrestricted access to free texting and permit you to search from among hundreds of single men and women based on your preferences.

What web browsers are compatible with the Mobifriends website?

The Mobifriends website is accessible using any web browser that is installed on your mobile device. To cite just two examples, there is Google Chrome and the UC Browser, among others.

Several of the most typical issues that arise when opening the Mobifriends app, along with solutions to these issues

In the event that you run into certain problems while logging into the application or the website, we have options that can help you. The following are some of the more frequent issues that you might run into:

After opening the application, you are presented with either a black or a white screen. The problem that occurs most frequently is when you launch the application while using an Android operating system. It’s possible that this is due to a momentary loading problem. You may quickly check what other applications are working in the background by tapping the button that takes you to the recently used applications menu. If you return to the Mobifriends app after closing these other apps, it is possible that the app will begin functioning normally once more.

Restarting your device is yet another possible option. To accomplish this, you will need to hold down the Home button as well as the Power button at the same time for ten seconds. Your application might start working when you restart it.

Another issue that crops up frequently is when the application would not load at all. It’s possible that this is due to a server connection being down, which is also likely what’s causing the loading problem. You can close the application and try again at a later time if the problem persists. You could also check to see if the quality of your mobile data or your Wi-Fi connection is satisfactory.


It’s not difficult at all to use either the Mobifriends app or the website. It is quite pleasant to people who are using it. The completely free signup process takes no more than fifteen minutes, and sometimes much less than that. In addition to this, the application can be downloaded for free, so using it shouldn’t provide too many difficulties to everyone. In contrast to a number of other apps, it also assists users in determining whether or not their potential chat partners are now online.

How efficient is the process of registering for classes?

When you go to the Mobifriends website or the app and press on sign in, the app will check that your preferences are set the way you want them to be. In addition to that, it will do gender identification and then proceed to match the genders. This is done mostly for reasons relating to safety. After you have completed this step, you will be required to supply the application with a working email address and a password. When picking out a user name for your account, you need to make sure that it is both memorable and not too long. Additionally, your age and location will be required information. When you have finished filling them out, you are ready to go. You can get to know people who are similar to you by chatting, flirting, or developing meaningful connections with them.

Is it possible to go unmatched with a member of the Mobifriends community?

  • You have the option to “unmatch” a particular user of the app if you do not feel comfortable interacting with them.
  • What is the minimum age requirement to sign up for Mobifriends?
  • In order to sign up for the app, you are need to be at least 18 years old.

How can you make sure that your account is legit?

During the registration process, the mobile app requests that you provide a working email address so that the account verification process can be carried out on that platform. If you select the “forgot password” option, the system will make sure that you are the one accessing the account and not someone else by using the email address you provided to confirm your identity.

How can you make sure that your email address is correct?

After you have finished signing up for Mobifriends, an email will be sent to the email address that you provided during registration. If you click on the link, you will be sent to the page where you can verify your account.

Do you have the ability to log in with your Facebook account?

You can undoubtedly use your login information from Facebook to access the site.

Is it possible to utilize Mobifriends without creating an account?

Even if the user does not sign up for the service or download the app, they are able to search for people according to their preferences on the website or in the app. However, after you have found someone who seems to be a good match for you, the only way to communicate with them is if you have registered yourself.

How many steps are there in the process of creating your account?

The process of establishing your profile within the Mobifriends app is really simple, as was just described. In order to sign up, you will need to select the appropriate link. Following the submission of your full name and the explanation of why you are joining the app, the app will perform a gender verification in order to address any potential safety concerns. You have the option of uploading a profile photo to make it easier for people to locate you. You are going to be prompted to choose a username for yourself at this time.

On Mobifriends, is it possible to remove a photo that you have previously uploaded?

Yes, you can erase a photo. You also have the option to delete a picture after it has been emailed to another person. However, in such scenario, it will only be deleted on your end, while the other party will still have a copy of your picture.

On Mobifriends, do you have the option to modify your username?

Regrettably, Mobifriends does not provide you the option to alter your username in any way. You are only given the ability to change your password.

On Mobifriends, is it possible to erase your profile?

There is, indeed, a function available within the application that enables you to erase your profile. You can access this option by going to your Account Settings. If you delete your account, any data associated with it will likewise be removed.

What happens when the “Show me on” option on Mobifriends is turned off?

When you turn off the “Show me on” option, other people will no longer be able to find you if they are using the search function. They will not be able to send you a text message as a result of this.

Is it possible for you to remove the information that you provided to Mobifriends?

When you delete your profile inside the application, all of the personal information that you had previously provided is also removed, along with your account.

Search capabilities for members

The app gives you the ability to look for new people, meet them, and communicate to them from all over the world as well as from your current location. You have the option of conducting the search in the regular manner or in the anonymous method.

How does one find out who on Mobifriends has liked their profile?

Within the program itself, you have the ability to compile a list of the individuals whose posts you have liked. You will have the option to add them to the list that is titled “Friends and Favorites.”

In what different methods are people able to be searched for on Mobifriends?

You can do a search for a person by using their name in the box provided for that purpose. You also have the option to do the search in anonymous mode.

Can see if anyone likes me on Mobifriends?

No, there is not a feature that enables you to determine whether or not a person likes you. Only when they text you directly can you see what they have written.

How should I communicate?

Do you have a crush on someone on the app? You must now be aware of how to make contact with them and begin an engaging discussion with them.

How to initiate a conversation with another user on Mobifriends?

After registering with Mobifriends, you will have the ability to look through the hundreds of available single men and women in order to locate the person of your choice. You have the option of sending a direct text message to the person you find appealing. You also have the option of sending them animated messages known as Mobis.

How do I send someone a message?

Pinging or texting a person immediately after deciding that you have feelings for them enables you to begin a dialogue with that individual.

Is sending messages cost free?

Yes, the good news is that one is not need to pay a dime to send an unlimited number of texts. On the other hand, some of the additional features, such as those animated messages and the like, can have an associated cost. There is a cost associated with some of those. This is done in order to improve the user’s experience with the messaging service.

How do I find out if I have received a text message on Mobifriends?

In the most recent upgrades, it is said that efforts have been made to enhance the quality of the talking experience to a larger degree. The program has been updated with some new features, such as the addition of a single list that displays all of the chats. These talks are also arranged according to the number of fresh chats that have been received but have not yet been responded to. It will keep a record of whether all of the questions have been answered or not. It brings to your attention any fresh chats as well as any to which you have not responded.

Is there a way to use the camera on Mobifriends?

Utilization of the camera on your device is made possible by using this app. It makes it possible for two people to communicate with one another through the use of video calling. Additionally, it enables you to take photographs of yourself.

Does Mobifriends have the possibility to filter the people who can message me?

This software allows you to filter people based on your area, as well as their age, gender, and the reason they joined the app. When you begin your search for new individuals, you will be asked a number of questions, including your gender, country, age limits, and the reason you have decided to join. These questions function as filters, making it simple for you to identify the ideal partner for you based on your own preferences.


This Mobifriends review will provide you with information regarding all of the available payment methods.

Free signup and many payment options are available.

The app’s tagline, “Meeting new people is easy, entertaining, and free!,” suggests the same thing.

When we’re talking about registration, I should mention that it’s completely free on the app. Signing up is quick, easy, and does not cost anything. In order to join up and become a member of the community that is centered on this app, all that is required of you is to provide basic personal information, including your interests and choices, your age, and your name. Even the messaging service is limitless and completely free.

Membership at the highest level

In addition to being free, both the mobile application and the website give you the option to upgrade your current membership to a Premium Membership for a more robust and feature-rich experience.

Does Mobifriends offer a service that you may sign up for that’s called Premium Membership?

If you are asking if there is an updated version of the app at all, the answer is “yes.” There is a newer version of the program. This is the premium version of the software. If you want to upgrade to Premium Membership, the app gives you the option to do so.

Are there any restrictions on how often you can use the Premium Membership?

Yes is the correct response to this inquiry. You are free to terminate your membership whenever you see fit in accordance with your requirements.

Is there an option for an automatic renewal of the Mobifriends membership?

After you have terminated your Premium Membership subscription, your membership will not be automatically renewed under any circumstances.

Is there a provision for getting a refund for the days that weren’t used?

No, there is no possibility of receiving a refund for the days of the membership that were not used. Cancelling your Premium Membership will only stop the payments that are due for the recurring periods after it has already begun. However, you will also be unable to recover any unused days of your Premium Membership. Therefore, the termination of the subscription will take effect immediately and will not result in a return of any kind.

Where can I find more information on the “support” options in Mobifriends?

The auto-renewal option of the app’s membership payments is available for use with all different tiers of paid access.

Is it possible to acquire Mobifriends support for only one month at a time?

The support provided by the website is determined by the length of the subscription. For example, you are required to submit a full deposit for a three-month plan as well as pay for three days’ worth of service in a single payment.

In the event that I am dissatisfied with Mobifriends, is it possible to receive a refund?

No, the organization does not offer a money-back guarantee in the event that you do not feel the quality of their service to be enough.

What kind of representation can I expect to see on my billing account regarding the transaction that was completed by Mobifriends?

During the billing process, the name of the firm that is Mobifriends will display as a simple line item on your bank statement.

Is it possible to provide support to other users of Mobifriends?

You can show your feelings for the persons you find most attractive by sending them gifts and flirts, just as in many other dating apps.


You spend a lot of time on the internet, and during that time, you frequently find yourself wondering whether or not a particular website or program that you use is safe for you to use. Because of this, you also need to be aware of how safe you are while using this software.

Is it truly risk-free to make use of Mobifriends?

In point of fact, no software can ensure complete safety or make the claim that it is free from anti-social elements such as cybercriminals, con artists, or phony profiles. Therefore, similar to what was stated previously, the application cannot be considered to be entirely protected from them either. You have the option of making a note of any potentially questionable actions carried out by a member in the group. As a user, the single most important thing you need to keep in mind at all times is to never provide any of your personal information to the other person(s) with whom you are corresponding. No matter how trustworthy a potential match may appear to be, you should never reveal private information such as bank account data, financial information, clandestine information, and the like to anybody on the dating site. These things are extremely sensitive.

Are conversations on Mobifriends protected by encryption?

Texts are typically encrypted; however, the hashing technique that is utilized, known as MD5, is so inadequate that the encryption is not quite successful in protecting consumers. Hackers should not have too much trouble decrypting the messages generated by this function, as they may be viewed as plain text. This is the reason why it has been in the news recently that the personal information of about 3688060 members of Mobifriends has been released openly on the Internet and was available for download. The information was made available due to the fact that it was made available on the internet. In the year 2019, this resulted in a significant breach of security.

The information presented here does not include any messages, photos, or content of a sexual nature. However, it contained private information about users, such as their phone numbers, email addresses, whereabouts, and other details. Everything that’s been mentioned here has the potential to be exploited against the users. Because of this, a significant number of people who use this app are currently vulnerable to illicit operations such as phishing and extortion. In this situation, the corporation has acted in a fairly irresponsible manner, and it has maintained its silence in the face of these damning claims, which came with supporting evidence. The majority of the app’s users come from the country of Cuba, where it is rated #20 in terms of traffic. It has the #9212 spot on the list compiled by the United States. Several evaluations of Mobifriends mention the fact that the app has certain security flaws.

Are you able to be located by Mobifriends?

The app gets access to the information about the location that you gave during the registration process. This information was provided by you. That is the maximum level of detail that the app can provide regarding its ability to locate a person.

Is it possible for the police to identify Mobifriends users?

Your personal information may be used by the police if they need to uncover a specific lead that is required for the process of conducting a police investigation. This is something that they are legally allowed to do. In the event that there is an inquiry into cybercrime, the police can locate users.

Whom should you contact if you have questions or concerns about your privacy while using Mobifriends?

If you are concerned about what happens to your personal information once you register for an app and begin using it, you should consult the app’s Privacy Policy or Privacy Statement, which is now included with every app. If you are curious about this topic, you should search it up. Aside from that, the moderators who work on the app are always available to address concerns regarding your personal privacy.

What kind of security do you have access to when you visit this site?

Despite the fact that it is a reasonably secure platform, there is still a possibility that you will experience difficulties as a result of the presence of fraudulent users or phony accounts. It’s possible that the app’s moderators or the cyber crime unit could assist you in this scenario.

Does Mobifriends provide users with the opportunity to become Moderators?

On dating apps, certain profiles can occasionally give the impression of being average. It’s possible that you are one of them as well. When you engage in behavior that is detrimental to other users of the app and fail to comply with the community guidelines for the app, you will experience this consequence. When this occurs, the person complains your account for something that you shouldn’t have done and that violates the terms of service. If you have been moderated while using the app, your username will be removed or you will be prohibited from using the app due to the inappropriate behavior you displayed.

What happens if a Mobifriends user approaches you about giving them money?

You have the ability to report the account or lodge a complaint with the moderators of the app in the event that another user attempts to collect money from you through unethical tactics. Your demands will be taken into consideration, and in the event that further action is required, it will be taken.

How will you find out if your account on Mobifriends has been terminated?

You can run into a scenario where you are unable to access your account at certain periods. It’s possible that this is due to a few different things.

Are you having trouble logging in to Mobifriends?

It is possible that there will be periods of time in which you will be unable to access your account. You should probably go back on the things you did on the app and try to determine what, if anything, could have been considered inappropriate enough for the other user to report you. In that event, your account will be canceled, and you will be barred from using the app since you violated its terms of service.

Do bans placed on you in Mobifriends remain in effect indefinitely?

In most cases, if you are prohibited for a specific act, the ban is intended to remain in effect until the end of time. You have the option to file an appeal with the application in the event that you believe you have been unfairly accused or treated.

How to get back into your account after it was blocked.

After you have submitted your appeal, you need to be courteous to the person who will decide whether or not to grant it. If you are a paid Premium Member, then you could have a better chance of getting your account unbanned.

How can you safeguard yourself against phony scammers and hackers when using Mobifriends?

You have the ability to block any member whose actions or behavior you regard to be disturbing, improper, or suspicious. Do not reveal any of your private information to anyone. Make contact with the moderators.

How do you prevent someone from contacting you again if you believe they are trying to defraud you?

You have the option of going to a person’s profile and selecting the ‘block’ button if you believe that person to be dishonest or phony. It will be immediately prohibited for that person to communicate with you in any way.

What kinds of information should you avoid posting on your Mobifriends profile?

  • Stuff about your bank account, confidential information, and other sensitive details.
  • Aid and Companionship
  • The application offers support and assistance to you in the event that you require it.


You will learn everything there is to know about the location.

Is Mobifriends the most effective dating app currently available?

It can be difficult to determine whether a particular person would benefit most from using an app or a website. It is different for each and every person. It’s possible that some people will find it satisfying while others won’t. On the other hand, it is fair to say that this is a serviceable application; the reviews of Mobifriends on the Google PlayStore go in the same direction. The vast majority of them consider it to be beneficial.

Is it safe to use Mobifriends as a platform?

In a world where the number of cybercrimes and cyberthreats of varying kinds is increasing, there is no app that can guarantee complete and total safety. It is a possibility that some of the numerous people using the app have created fake accounts and profiles in order to engage in unlawful activity. This is a possibility that cannot be ruled out. The only method to flush them out is to let the moderators know about it and consult cybercrime portals if they come into such challenges. This is the only approach.

How does Mobifriends work?

It is an application that facilitates getting to know other people, interacting with them, and forming connections with them. It enables you to carry out the majority of it at no cost. After determining your location, the app searches for available single men and women in your area and gives you the option to select one of them. You can initiate a discussion with a person by sending them a ping if you find them attractive.

Is all there is to Mobifriends a hookup feature?

No, that is not the case. People join it in the hopes of finding serious mates for long-term relationships and potential spouses.

Is there no cost associated with using Mobifriends?

Mobifriends offers completely free sign-up as well as texting services. On the other hand, if you want to have a more enjoyable experience, you can purchase an upgraded Premium Membership for yourself.

Is there a possibility of being scammed by bogus profiles or cheating on Mobifriends?

There is no assurance that the software is secure against malicious users such as hackers, forgers, and con artists. It’s possible that some people are participating in those kinds of activities.


There is a sufficient number of alternative apps where you may satisfy your requirements of connecting and establishing wonderful connections. Two of the most highly regarded dating applications are Elite Singles and Friend Finder, for instance.


This app is designed only for single men and women who are interested in finding mates for long-term relationships and marriage. Over the course of its existence, the app has proven to be highly effective at both matchmaking and the formation of satisfying romantic partnerships.

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