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A lot of people have specific requirements when it comes to romantic partners. They choose their partners more carefully than ever due to the abundance of dating websites and applications available nowadays. It is becoming increasingly popular for males to date women from other countries rather than those from their own country. They don’t see anything unusual or unique in local women, which is why this is the case. Because of this, they are naturally drawn to women who are from various nations. They bring variety and excitement into their love lives by dating women from other countries. RomanceTale is a dating website that caters specifically to the needs of guys interested in dating Asian women.

RomanceTale is a website that offers a platform for men to meet and interact with Asian women. The website’s name comes from the word “romance,” which is short for “romantic story.”

Is RomanceTale Available in Multiple Languages?

There are just English and Spanish available on this platform. It is only possible to access the website’s material in the English language.

Which Business Runs the Facility?

Cellar Door Limited handles the operation of the platform.

Where exactly is it situated?

Limassol is a city in Cyprus, and it is also the location of the headquarters of the website.

When Did We Begin Doing This?

The website first went up in 2013, and in that time it has experienced several successes as well as some failures.

Is It Made Available in Each and Every Country?

The system comes equipped with a website that allows users to connect from any location in the world.


The website offers a variety of one-of-a-kind functions that are not offered by any other dating service. These functions are not available anywhere else. The following is a list of some of those characteristics:


It is the swiping mechanism that is very similar to what you will find in the majority of dating apps and websites. The key distinction is that, rather of really swiping left or right, you have to select either Like or Skip to indicate whether you are interested in the content or not. Every user’s profile picture includes a brief description of that person, so that other users may get a better sense of who they are.


It is merely a characteristic designed to attract the interest of female members. It is a dependable method for chatting with other users.


RomanceTale provides this unique function, which enables users to keep track of people they like based on their search results.


This function allows members to send messages to other members even when they are not currently online. They will have access to the message and will be able to respond to you at a later time.

Making a Request for Contacts

If you have the good fortune to strike up a conversation with a member, you can carry this friendship offline by inquiring about the person’s contact information.


The majority of the women that sign up for RomanceTale are from China, Vietnam, and Thailand. This is because RomanceTale is a completely male-oriented platform for meeting Asian women. There are about 7000 Asian women registered on the platform, which is not a quantity that can be considered particularly remarkable. The majority of users are males, predominantly males from Western countries, and there are significantly more male users than female users. The website does not provide LGBT community members with any additional or specialized options to choose from.

Age Composition

There is no information on the website about how total members are broken down according to their ages. On the other hand, if you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to register for the website.

Fake online profiles

Since it is not required for an account to be verified, there is a possibility that you will come across a phony profile. RomanceTale, on the other hand, takes the issue of phony profiles very seriously and takes appropriate action.


The manner in which one can gain access to a dating platform is a significant factor that plays a role in selecting how to use that platform. A platform that offers various entry points and can be accessed at any time is convenient. On the other hand, dating platforms with restricted accessibility can only be utilized with the aid of particular instruments or technologies. In addition, getting to the website shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming in any way, shape, or form. In this section of the RomanceTale review, we will investigate the various access points provided by the site.

Mobile Application

Regrettably, the developers of this online dating service have not yet made the app available for download. The functionality of the website has been improved so that it may be seen on a mobile device. On the other hand, this will never be able to take the place of a mobile application. This significantly restricts the number of ways users can access the platform.

Desktop Version

This platform is only available in desktop form, yet it is extremely user-friendly despite this limitation. You do not need the assistance of anyone else in order to browse around the RomanceTale website. After learning that there is not an app, it is a great relief to find a website that is of high quality.

Is There a Way to Use the App on a Personal Computer?

Due to the fact that the service does not come with its own app, there is no possibility to use the app when you are on the computer.

Is It Possible to View the Website Using the Majority of Browsers?

The website may be visited using virtually all of the industry-standard web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

When is it possible that you will have difficulty entering the website?

When users enter the incorrect login credentials for their account, they may run into problems attempting to access their account.


The layout of the RomanceTale website is one that is really uplifting and cheery to look at. This in no way suggests that the website is older than seven years. It makes use of a white background along with a hint of burgundy in its design. The amount of information contained on each page is reasonable. The creators of the site have worked hard to maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance by keeping the number of features to a minimum. You can take advantage of a basic layout in addition to the site’s attractive appearance; the registration form is displayed on the homepage of the website. The RomanceTale website is not only attractive but also easy to navigate because to its straightforward but high-quality design and layout.

Procedures for Signing Up

The procedure of signing up for the platform is also very straightforward, and it takes very little time—barely five minutes—to complete the process. In order to become a user, you will need to complete a very brief registration form. First, give your gender and gender preference. The next step is to provide some fundamental identifying information about yourself, such as your name and your date of birth. Next, you will need to create a password and supply an email address for your account. After you have completed entering all of this information, click the button labeled “Register.” You are now finished with the registration process for RomanceTale as this point marks its completion.

Is There a Way to Remove a Member From Your Match List?

You have the option of blocking other members if you no longer wish to communicate with any of them.

What is the bare minimum age requirement to sign up for membership?

Regarding the minimum age requirement, the website is rather tight. Users must be at least 18 years old in order to access the platform.

How Many Different Ways Are There to Check Your Account?

Through the website, you will be able to validate your account. To verify your account, simply navigate to the menu and click on the option labeled “ID Verification.” Then, follow the instructions given within that section.

Are you able to verify your account using the email address associated with it?

No, RomanceTale does not permit verification with the email ID that is provided. Sorry about that.

Is Signing Up Possible Using Your Existing Facebook Account?

Only through the use of an email address is it possible to create an account on this website; it is not possible to use your Facebook ID to do so.

Is There a Way to Browse the Site Without Having to Create an Account?

You will not be able to use the website in any capacity until you first register. If you choose not to join up for the website, the only thing you will be able to do is research its history and read through its various policies.

How Should Your Profile Be Set Up?

RomanceTale provides a really elegant method for constructing a user profile. After you have successfully registered, the site will immediately lead you to the page where you may create your profile. The first step in creating a profile is to provide a description of the kind of person you hope to connect with through the platform. The next section will focus on you in particular. You are going to have to explain yourself in terms of both your personality and your physical appearance. The act of uploading a photo is the very final stage in this process.

What Are the Steps to Delete an Already Uploaded Picture?

You are able to delete the images you upload to RomanceTale by going to the option labeled “My Profile” and clicking on the pencil icon that is located next to your uploaded photos.

How Do You Make Changes to Your Username? What Are the Steps?

You do not have a username in the traditional sense when you use this dating service. Your real name will appear under your username when it is displayed to other users of the site. Therefore, there is no way to alter it in any way.

What are the steps to removing your RomanceTale profile?

By going to the page labeled “My Profile,” you will have access to all of your profile’s editing options. Contacting the customer support team of the website is required in order to delete the account entirely because it is not a simple process.

How do you make yourself invisible to others?

You have the option to make yourself invisible by cancelling your account, which may be done by going to the ‘Profile Settings’ area of the website.

How are you able to remove the information that you have previously submitted?

You can remove any information you have provided in your profile at any time by going to the page where your profile is located.

Options for Searching

The effectiveness of any online dating site directly correlates to the quality of its search functionality. It is anticipated that it will give users with a means by which they can search for potential matches. In this part of the RomanceTale review, we will investigate the many search methods that are made available to users.

Is There a Choice That Lets You View the Profiles That You Have Favorited?

Through the “Favorites” feature, which maintains a list of the profiles that you have liked, you are able to view those profiles.

Which of the Many Different Search Options Are There to Choose From?

The website provides a search engine that users can use to hunt for potential matches. It gives you access to a wide variety of filters that you can use to screen the users appropriately. Members of RomanceTale have access to a variety of filters, some of which include age, eye color, nationality, and hobbies. If you do not indicate anything in the search filter, the website will look at the information from the ‘Interests’ section of your profile to find other members who have interests that are similar to yours. Using the ‘Faces’ tool is another another option for locating people in the community.

Is There a Choice That Lets You View the Profiles That You Have Favorited?

On the website, there is no opportunity to view the profiles that have viewed or liked your page, so you cannot know who has shown interest in you.


Communication options are an essential component of any dating website you consider joining. It is impossible for members to get to know one another and develop intimacy without communication. This portion of the RomanceTale review will provide a concise summary of the many communication features that can be found on the website.

What are the many ways that one can get in touch with other members?

On this website, you have two different options for carrying on conversations with other members. The ‘Chat’ tool is the first option available to you. When the other user is online, you can engage in instant messaging with them using this feature. The second approach is for communication that takes place away from the internet. Email is the name of this function, and you can use it to communicate with someone even if they are not currently online. The moment as they log into their account, they will see your message and read it.

How Do I Send Someone a Message? What Are the Steps?

RomanceTale makes it incredibly simple to send a message to another user. Simply going to the member’s profile is all that is required of you. You’ll find links labeled “Chat” and “Email” to the right of the person’s profile picture. Depending on whether or not the recipient of your message is currently online, you should select the appropriate link.

Is There Any Kind of Fee Associated with Sending Messages?

The means of communication do not come without a cost. In order to initiate contact with another member, a member must first spend credits.

How are the Messages That You Received Viewed by You?

The notifications section of the RomanceTale website is where you will find any new messages that have been sent to you. You can respond to them by clicking on the notification in the upper-right corner of the screen.

What are Some Ways to Make Use of a Camera?

There are no functions on this website that require the use of a camera on your part. The pictures can be uploaded from a personal computer or a mobile device.

How Do You Keep Track of Who Sends You Messages?

Simply barring a user will prevent them from being able to communicate with you in any way.


RomanceTale is not like other dating sites in that it does not provide a basic membership in addition to a paid premium membership. On this platform, there is no paid membership of any kind available. However, this does not imply that every service is provided at no cost. You will need to purchase credits for your account in order to enjoy the restricted parts of the website. When you use one of the locked features, any credits you have purchased will be deducted from your total. It is a highly practical method to use. When you sign up for a premium membership on other platforms, you will only have access to a limited number of additional features and functions. You will only be charged for the services that you actually make use of under this model. Payment can only be made using credit cards through this website. The following are the several credit packages that can be purchased:

  • Twenty credits for $9.99
  • 50 credits at a cost of $14.99
  • 125 credits at a cost of $44.99
  • 250 credits at a cost of $69.99
  • 750 credits at a cost of $149.99

Available Features that Do Not Require Credits

On RomanceTale, you are able to avoid using any of your credits if you choose to perform the following:

  • Create an account on the website.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Utilize the feature known as “Faces.”
  • You can send an unlimited number of winks every day by utilizing the “Winks” feature.
  • Explore the profiles of other people by clicking on their names.
  • Users can be added to the “Favorites” list.

There Are Some Features That Call for Credits

All of the functions that are explained further down below need purchasing credits.


When you use the chat feature, you will lose two credits for every minute that you do so. Stickers will set you back five credits each time you use them. It will cost you 10 credits for each photograph that you send through RomanceTale’s photo sending feature. When it comes to videos, the price jumps up to fifty credits.


Simply opening a letter will result in a loss of 10 credits, while the cost to send the letter is thirty credits. If you want to watch a video attachment, it will cost you fifty credits each time you do so. When you open a photo, it will take 30 credits out of your account for that photo alone.

Pictures and Moving Pictures

It does not cost anything to look at a person’s images in their profile. Nevertheless, you will lose two credits for every comment that you post. When a member watches the videos that are stored in their profile on RomanceTale, they will lose 25 credits for each film that they watch. In order to upload a video to your profile, you will be required to pay a fee of one hundred credits.

Exists the Option to Upgrade to a Premium Membership?

There is no premium membership option available on this website. In order to access restricted features, members are required to spend credits.

Where Can I Find the Instructions to Cancel My Premium Membership?

There is no premium membership option available on this website.

Do the Credits Keep Getting Renewed Automatically?

Unless you update your settings to allow for auto-purchasing, the credits will not automatically replenish themselves. This functionality cannot be accessed through the website since it is set to be deactivated by default.

Is There a Way to Get Your Money Back for Unused Credits?

You are able to start a request for a credit refund at any time. You simply need to go to the RomanceTale website and look for the section labeled “Refund and Payment Security Policy.” There, you will find specific instructions to follow.

Do the Credits Get Renewed on Their Own on a Monthly Basis?

Credits are not automatically refilled on a monthly basis. If you have the option for auto-payment set up, the credits will be automatically renewed if they drop to less than five.

If you are unhappy with the service that was provided, is it possible to get your money back?

You have the option of requesting a refund for any credits that are still remaining in your account’s balance.

When you make a payment to RomanceTale using your credit card, the following will be reflected on your statement:

The platform does not intrude on the personal space of its users in any way. Because of this, the name of the website where the purchases were made will not appear on the credit card bill. Your bank or credit card statement will include an unbiased description of an internet merchant for any transaction that you conduct that involves a payment to the platform.

Do You Have the Ability to Pay for Other Members?

There are no limitations placed on the usage of a single credit card to process payments for several RomanceTale users. Make sure that none of the other accounts have the auto-payment option for your credit card enabled so that it can pick up the slack when the credits on those other accounts run out.

Is It Possible to Purchase Just One Month of Credits?

There is no expiration date associated with the credits you purchase. You are permitted to use the credits that are now available in your account up until the point where their total number equals zero.


The protection and well-being of RomanceTale’s users is a top priority for the company. As a result of this, it implements a comprehensive set of anti-scam safeguards. Users are not permitted to upload photographs to the website if those photographs do not comply with the policies of the website. For this reason, the website checks each and every photo that you upload before it is approved. Every time a member visits the website, the staff who run it make an effort to guarantee that they will have a safe and satisfying experience. Both Visa and MasterCard have validated the site, ensuring the safety of any and all financial dealings conducted there.

Are they able to maintain their privacy?

The confidentiality of the platform’s users is guarded with the highest diligence at all times. Because of this, its name will not appear on the bills associated with the credit card. In addition, the information that you supply on the website will not be shared with any third-party apps or websites, with the exception of those that assist in the operation of the platform.

Does RomanceTale Encrypt Your Messages When You Send Them?

The website is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the members’ private communications. The messages are encrypted through the use of SSL data encryption.

Is There Any Way That We Could Locate You?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is associated with the network that you use to connect to the website. Your location can be determined based on the IP address of the network you are using by the website.

Is it Possible for the Police to Track Down the Platform?

RomanceTale is just like any other website that is easily accessible, therefore the authorities will have no trouble tracking it down if they need to.

Where Can You Get Answers to Any Questions You May Have Regarding Your Privacy?

You can get in touch with the customer service department, which is always present and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the members’ privacy. You can also view the policy about your privacy. Last but not least, at the very bottom of the RomanceTale website is a link labeled “Contact US.” By clicking on this link, you will be able to submit a question.


The fact that the protection of the site’s users is of the utmost significance to the organization in charge of the website has previously been emphasized on multiple occasions. To protect its members from being taken advantage of by con artists, the organization has distributed a number of preventative measures. In addition, there is a customer care department on the website that is constantly prepared to assist users with any issues they may be having. Encryption and a distinct verification method both contribute to the site’s overall level of safety.

Does the Platform Have a System for Moderating Its Threads Within Its Forums?

The website for the platform does not have any kind of forum of any kind.

What Types of Consequences Will Be Inflicted Upon Individuals Who Make an Attempt to Steal Money Using Their Accounts?

RomanceTale accepts no scam. If it is discovered that any of its members are using their account for any kind of fraudulent activity, that person is instantly kicked off of the website.

Account That Has Been Banned

When it comes to users who do not follow the guidelines for the website, the site is extremely strict and does not show any leniency. The purpose of the stringent actions they take is to protect authentic users from harm.

Why is it that you are unable to access your account?

It is possible that the administrators of this website have disabled your account, which will make it difficult for you to log in. RomanceTale reserves the right to block or ban your account for a variety of reasons, including “inappropriate content or behavior on our website,” “fraudulent activity,” “chargeback,” “suspicious activity,” and so on.

What Is the Time Period of a Prohibition?

There is no predetermined length of time associated with the account suspension imposed by the website. In the event that the website decides to prevent you from accessing the site in any capacity, you will be notified by email.

What Must You Do to Get Your Account Reinstated After Being Banned?

In order to lift the ban, you will need to get in touch with the Customer Support team.

Precautionary Steps to Take

As a user of the site, you are required to practice safety and vigilance at all times, as well as to keep an eye out for fraudulent profiles and con artists. If you spot any kind of unusual activity on RomanceTale, you are strongly encouraged to contact the technical team as soon as possible.

How Can You Report Someone You Suspect of Being a Scammer and Block Them?

You can block another person by going to their profile and selecting the “block” option. There will be a button on the profile that says “More.” If you click that button, you will be able to view the “Block User” option. When you select that menu item, the user will be prevented from logging in. In addition, you can report a member by going to their profile and selecting the “Report Abuse” button on that page.

Which Details Should You Refrain from Including on Your Online Profile?

According to RomanceTale’s recommendations, you should never reveal any personal information on your profile, including things like your phone number.

Help and support provided

If you have any questions or concerns, you can call the toll-free hotline that is available around the clock. If you want to send an email with your questions to the people in charge of the website, you can use the option on the website labeled “Contact Us.”


The reviews provided by actual site members lend a great deal of credibility to the overall experience. These evaluations do not reflect the viewpoint of an individual who is biased. This part of the RomanceTale review is going to investigate the many real-life reviews that were found online.

Is It Possible That RomanceTale Is the Best Dating Site/App Available?

It is impossible to claim that this platform is the finest dating site because it does not have enough users, particularly women.

Just how risky is it?

Because of its stringent safety rules, the online dating service provides a very secure environment for its users.

Is It Appropriate for More Informal Dates?

The site caters mostly to users who are interested in establishing meaningful connections over the long term. However, there are also members on there looking for one-night stands and casual encounters.

Is There No Charge?

RomanceTale is not an entirely free portal that users can access. It comes with several features that, if you want to utilize them, will need you to spend credits that you have already pre-purchased.

How does it come into effect?

The purpose of the website is to create a community for heterosexual males to date and interact with women of Asian descent. It does this by providing a variety of search choices and communication channels.

Does It Have Members That Are Fake or a Scam?

Despite the stringent safety measures that have been put into place by the website, the platform has been known to attract a few bogus members and scammers.


There are a lot of dating websites and apps that operate similarly to this one. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and various other online dating platforms are some of RomanceTale’s primary competitors. In terms of the specific businesses that serve as our rivals, we have AsianDating, TrulyAsian, My Asian Match, and a few other options.

The good and the bad


  • A rather novel approach to the dating scene
  • Outstanding service to the customer.
  • Interface that is safe and secure.
  • Simple steps to take to sign up.
  • Search engine with the ability to locate matches.


  • There is no requirement to complete the verification process.
  • It only supports a few different payment methods.
  • It takes a significant amount of time to deliver presents.


Those users who are exhausted by their typical dating routine may find the platform to be a refreshing departure from their typical routine. Everything is just right, with the exception of the visitor count on the site. The website is fully open and honest, and it makes every effort to provide its users with an understanding of how everything functions. In contrast to the majority of RomanceTale evaluations, which just skim the surface of the platform, this one provides extensive information. Explore the website for an amazing experience of your own.

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