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Would you like to introduce thousands of single black people to one another? Then you should not squander any time and read this review of BlackCupid immediately. In this section, you will learn about the most important aspects of the website, including the many contact options and the price policies. This is a well-known dating platform that provides excellent services to users of all membership tiers, regardless of how long they have been a member for. You’ll be able to effectively manage the search process, meet your ideal partner, and cultivate healthy relationships all within one platform. Is this something you’re interested in learning more about? Then you should read this review of BlackCupid to learn about both the positive and negative aspects of joining this group.

Cupid Media, a reputable company, is the parent company of the entire Cupid Network, of which BlackCupid is a member. This company has been providing excellent services to connect black singles from all around the world ever since it was founded in 2002. The website boasts a sizable user-registration database and a wealth of positive comments, which can be found either on the platform itself or elsewhere on the Internet.

You will have access to a plethora of cutting-edge tools on the platform, all of which are designed to assist you in having the most successful dating experience possible. This platform provides its customers with a variety of brand-new and advanced searching possibilities, front-line communications ways, and entertainment features, to name just a few of the things it has to offer. You can join the community and make the most of a first-rate online dating website no matter what age you are or where you live, regardless of these factors.

Connecting black singles is a great method to get your own original love story started right away. You’ll discover people of all different cultures and origins among the community’s members. The website is responsible for the happy endings of hundreds of relationships. This website will definitely assist you in entering the world of online dating and making the most of the opportunities it presents for you.


Cupid Media, of which BlackCupid is a subsidiary, is a very reputable dating brand. It is a respected corporation that operates out of the country of Australia. It is located at a fixed location and has a dedicated office. It operates lawfully and possesses all of the relevant certifications to be able to provide services to customers all over the world. The website caters to visitors from a variety of countries by providing individualized privacy policies and terms of service. In addition, the organization operates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It avoids breaking any of the laws that govern the dating industry so that it may provide users with services that are unique and of the highest possible standard.


More than 200,000 users make up the database that BlackCupid maintains, of which 50,000 are located in the United States. If you log in to the site 2,000 times per day, you will have a good chance of meeting your true love. This dating platform is popular among black singles in the United States, Europe, and Africa. Every single day, there are approximately 200 new users who sign up for the platform.

People of African descent who are interested in establishing meaningful connections with others and finding people with whom they have something in common are the community’s intended members. Despite this, there are a lot of men from different parts of the world looking for women from other cultures.

BlackCupid does not have an equal number of females and gentlemen using their platform. Eighty one percent of members are male, while just nineteen percent are stunning black ladies. This can be explained by the fact that it’s not just black single men who are interested in becoming romantic with stunning black women. You will, however, without a doubt find someone to talk to because the database contains such a large number of people. Every single user on BlackCupid has a warm and welcoming demeanor and is always up for open and honest conversation.


This BlackCupid review will focus on a number of crucial aspects, one of which is sexual preference. This is because numerous dating platforms have varying regulations regarding sexual orientation. Individuals that have a variety of sexual preferences are encouraged to join BlackCupid. You are able to discover the ideal person to fulfill your fetishes regardless of whether you are gay, straight, or a lesbian. Simply provide this information while registering, and the system will present you with potential matches that are compatible with your sexual preferences.


Even with limitations like age, there is always potential for healthy relationships. Because of this, people of any and all ages are encouraged to visit the website. You are welcome to become a part of the ultimate community regardless of whether you are a young adult or a middle-aged and experienced individual. On BlackCupid, people aged 30 and older as well as those aged 55 and older make up the vast majority of members. On the other hand, there are a significant number of persons in their early twenties.


In this BlackCupid review, the sign-up process is another important consideration that should not be overlooked. Creating an account on the website is as simple as counting to three. It should take you about ten minutes to complete. In general, joining the website can be done in one of two methods. You may sign up using the account you already have with Facebook. In this scenario, your account needs to be active and include a sufficient amount of information so that it can be reproduced on the dating site. The following stage is to select both your gender and the gender of the person you might end up marrying. Because of this, the system will automatically figure out which way you are facing.

You may also sign up for membership in the community by providing your email address and coming up with a password for it. Using this strategy calls for verification via email. After visiting your email and following the link, you will be required to enter some basic information, including your gender, the gender of your possible match, your age, your preferences, and a brief description of what you are looking for in a potential partner. When you are there, you will have access to all of the services that the platform has to offer you.


BlackCupid is a website that specializes on the formation of long-term partnerships. As a result, it should not come as a surprise that it needs enhancing the profiles and specifying a great deal of personal information. It is possible that the process of upgrading the account will appear to be somewhat time-consuming to you due to the lengthy questionnaire that you will be required to complete.

You are presumably curious about the rationale behind the recommendation that the profile be so well developed. The response is completely obvious. The more information you determine, the better the algorithm for matchmaking will work, and the greater the likelihood will be that you will locate the person who is the best fit for you.

When you are working on improving your personal profile, you will be required to provide specific information about yourself, like your occupation, hobbies, preferred activities, level of education, and financial situation, among other things. In addition, there is a dedicated section on BlackCupid titled “About Myself.” You are free to express yourself in the most original way possible in this space. Make an effort to be as forthright as you possibly can. You should also bear in mind that, according to the terms and regulations of the platform, you are not permitted to specify any of your contact information within the profile. This will make it easier for you to avoid con artists and others with malicious intent.


In addition, the contacting choices are broken out in the evaluation of BlackCupid. A plethora of different modes of contact are made available on the platform in order to liven up the dating experience. However, its communications system can be fairly difficult to understand. The important thing to understand is that it functions differently for the various types of consumers. If you decide to increase your membership level, you will have access to additional features of the messaging system, including the ability to communicate with other registered users in an infinite amount of messages. In the event that you are a free user, the communication choices you have are restricted. It is going to be impossible for you to send the message. Despite this, it is possible to respond to the text message that was sent by a premium user. Therefore, regardless of your membership status, you are able to contact with other members.

There is more to be said! There are also other interactive contact capabilities that will assist you in beginning a dialogue with the user or drawing their attention to something you want them to see. You have the option of adding the user to your list of favorites. It is important to highlight the fact that only premium members can view it. In addition, if you want to show a member that you’re interested in them, you can send them a wink.

You can utilize the advanced searching options to identify the person who is the most suitable for you. For instance, you may use the basic search, the advanced search, and alter the criteria all at the same time. You can also use the Cupid Tags tool, which is an exclusive feature, to look for your ideal match.


BlackCupid provides a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that encourages its members to get the most out of the community it serves. In addition to this, it ensures that the dating process will go off without a hitch. The platform is not only simple to use, but it also provides a large number of tools that will wow even the most demanding users. Because it is available in 17 different languages, you will have no trouble understanding anything on the website, regardless of the language you speak. You may also benefit from using a high-quality translation, which will enable you to grasp the language used in romantic relationships.

Desktop Version Peculiarities

Users are blown away by how user-friendly the version for the personal computer is. Everything is designed with the end goal of providing the customer with a first-rate dating experience. Quickly navigate between a large number of tabs in order to connect successfully with members. You can find a potential companion and begin a connection by selecting the appropriate options from the list of available options located in the left-hand navigation bar. There are thumbnail representations of user profiles located in the center of the homepage. Because they are arranged in a grid, it is not necessary to continually scroll down the page. Everything that is associated with your profile is displayed in the top menu. In this location, you can also find the search. Make immediate use of it to embark on your quest.

Mobile App

In light of its significance, our BlackCupid review will focus specifically on the mobile application. You can obtain the program for your Android device by downloading it from the Google Play Market where it is currently accessible. If you use iOS, you may still create your dates while you’re on the road as long as you access the platform using the mobile browser on your device.

The user interface of the application is well organized and free of clutter. You won’t have any trouble using any of the features available to you at any time. No matter where you are, you can still send messages, view profiles, look at images, read the red blog, and do a lot more thanks to the fact that the operation of BlackCupid on mobile devices is identical to that of the PC version.

The mobile application has a clean layout and is easy to navigate thanks to its thoughtful design. In addition to this, it has a rather high performance, which means that you won’t have to wait around for any of the features to become active. One tap is all that is required to get to the appropriate tab or section.


Both the mobile app and desktop edition of BlackCupid have a clear and uncluttered design that does not include any elements that could be considered distracting. Because the user interface is so straightforward, even someone who is new to the world of online dating will have no trouble navigating the platform. The website and the application both have aesthetically pleasing icons and typography that are fairly large and easy to read. Because the subscription edition does not have pop-ups or adverts, you are free to concentrate on finding the person who best suits your needs.

In addition to that, it is essential for this BlackCupid review to take into consideration how user-friendly the website actually is. You will take our experience of online dating to an entirely new level with your faultless operation and lightning-fast page loading times.

How do I get around on this Platform?

The website’s navigation is simple and uncomplicated to use. It is not hard at all to provide the most satisfying experience possible, even to the most particular users. You can quickly access any function that you want to use, regardless of which one it is. Even if the platform comes with a wide variety of features and tools, this does not affect the platform’s overall performance in any way.


BlackCupid provides two distinct kinds of paid plans, both of which have prices that are considered to be above average. Pick the alternative that will serve you best and most appropriately.

A subscription in gold

The Gold subscription opens up a wide variety of opportunities for online dating. You can continue using BlackCupid for one month with a single payment of $35 if you’ve opted to go beyond the basic capabilities that come included with the service. A subscription that lasts for three months will set you back $70, which works out to a savings of $23.33 per month. You can make significant savings by purchasing an annual plan. You may get the most out of the complete bundle of services for just $11.67 per month if you make a one-time payment of $140 and get it.

Platinum subscription

BlackCupid offers a VIP membership that is designed to create a dating experience that is above and above your expectations. You are going to be charged roughly $40 for the entire month. Those who take advantage of a plan that lasts for three months are required to make a payment of $80, which works out to only $26.66 per month. This is a significant savings. In addition, users have the option to subscribe for a period of 12 months for a total cost of $160, which comes out to about $13.33 per month.


A list of features available to free users:

  • Create an account on the system and enhance your personal page.
  • Upload and look at the pictures.
  • See who is currently logged in.
  • Wink and get winked at by others.
  • Standard procedures for arranging dates
  • Messages sent by paying members will receive a response.
  • Options for searches that are standard
  • Look through the profiles.
  • List of most frequently visited profiles

Features available for a fee are:

  • Unrestricted access to all of the available messaging possibilities
  • Do away with the advertising.
  • Incognito mode
  • Appear on the list of users with the highest ratings.
  • Draw attention to your personal page.
  • Options for a more extensive search
  • Innovative matching procedures and algorithms
  • Excellent translation services


It is important to select one of the following payment strategies from the list in order to acquire a particular plan: No matter the method of payment you go with, each and every piece of billing information you submit will be encrypted. Keep in mind that all of the transactions you do will be reflected in your billing sentence, so don’t be afraid to check up on them if you feel the need to.

Payment Options

BlackCupid offers a variety of payment options, including the following:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal system
  • Paysafecard


The team behind BlackCupid does everything in its power to assure the safety of its users and to cultivate a happy and secure setting for those individuals who are searching for authentic love. When you first create an account on the platform, the administration will carefully examine your page to ensure that it meets their standards. They are able to assess accurately whether accounts are bogus or suspicious.

However, even the most reliable brand, such as BlackCupid, is unable to provide a 100% guarantee that users will be safe while using their service. Therefore, every registered user should exercise extreme caution and attention whenever they use internet services. You always have the option to report persons who are impolite or who have malicious intents. In addition to that, the site provides useful dating advice, which can be accessed via the menu located at the bottom of the page. You may learn more about the risks and benefits of internet dating by reading them.

HOW does the platform protect its users from being taken advantage of by scammers?

BlackCupid is unable to provide you with a guarantee that you will not become a victim of romance fraudsters despite the fact that it has stringent safety procedures. Even if you have been corresponding with a person for a considerable amount of time, you should still use extreme caution. Don’t give out any of your contact information. If a user invites you to contribute money, you should decline the offer and report the person to the administrator. The crew that provides customer service is always prepared to offer any and all assistance that you may require in relation to romance scammers.


In this assessment of BlackCupid, it is important to pay particular attention to the distinctive capabilities offered by the platform.

Profile Verification. You can verify it if you want, which will make our profile more trustworthy. Simply get in touch with the support staff, upload a photo of yourself along with your ID (which will not be displayed to the audience), and your profile will be featured.

Cupid Tags. [Note: Every single Cupid Media community has access to this particular function. It is comparable to the tags that were available to you on the majority of social media platforms, and you used to like using them.

Winks. You can send a wink to another user to demonstrate that you are interested in them or to get their attention if you are unable to send them a message or are simply too shy to make the first move.

Message Filter. You can get rid of messages in your inbox that you do not wish to read by using filters. These mails will show up in a different folder from the others.

Instant Messenger. Your experience of dating will be far more thrilling if you use instant messaging. Feel free to take advantage of all the perks it offers.

Block List. You have the option of adding the user to the block list if you find them to be unbearably unpleasant or you have reason to believe they may be engaging in fraudulent activity.

Functionality for Advanced Research A brand-new search feature has been added to BlackCupid, and it will help you locate possible matches more quickly and efficiently.


This renowned site is available to anyone who are interested in meeting black singles and getting to know them better. BlackCupid is not the place to go if you’re looking for a casual fling; rather, it’s geared more toward helping people find long-term partners. On the other hand, due to the welcoming and interactive nature of the community, it is possible to form lasting friendships here. You may get more out of your dating life by downloading a sophisticated software and using it. In general, BlackCupid provides a number of tools that, when combined, will make online dating more efficient. Since there is no cost associated with registering, you should give it a shot.

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