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HitWe is a well-known dating website for singles, and most of its users are between 18 and 25. Online dating is intriguing due to its large user base and fully functional features.

It provides various alternatives, many of which cannot be found on other websites. It is not difficult to find a partner within the vast online community, and the fact that the platform also features participatory games contributes to the overall positive experience.

Is it possible to use HitWe in multiple languages?

HitWe is accessible all over the world. However, most of its users are in Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine. Because of this, HitWe supports several languages, including Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French. We did this to make the user interface simple and easy to grasp.

Who is the Owner of HitWe?

HitWe will obfuscate the identity of its parent corporation anywhere it appears publicly, including on its website and in any third-party resources. However, the organization gives a valid PO Box and a proper postal address, which contributes to establishing a professional image for the business.

Where is HitWe’s current location?

There is no information regarding the company’s location on the official website or any other third-party resource. This includes any facts or the “About us” section. However, in the “Contact Us” part of the website, we can locate the postal address, and based on this information, we may deduce that the company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

When was HitWe first established?

The app was released to the public in December 2015. It was initially conceived as a social networking tool that could be used to meet new people, speak with them, establish new connections, and cultivate existing relationships. Since its debut, it has garnered widespread acclaim, creating 1.2 million new users and acquiring more than 200 million new registrations.

Is HitWe Available in All Regions of the World?

The app first targeted consumers in Asia and Africa; however, it is now distributed worldwide in over 200 countries and has a user base of over a million individuals. HitWe is available on Android and iOS devices, and it supports a total of sixteen different languages. This was done to make the app as accessible and user-friendly as possible.


The HitWe website and mobile application, in addition to offering the standard features available on other online dating platforms, also offer additional benefits that set them apart from competing services.

Chat in real-time

As soon as you have finished making your profile, you can immediately begin exploring the community and conversing with other users to attract attention. Unlike other online dating sites, you do not need to wait to be matched with someone.

Message Filters

You will have access to a filter function on the platform, which allows you to choose your criteria and restrict the number of users who can get in touch with you. You have the option to establish preferences depending on factors such as gender, age, and location. You can even limit engagement to only those users who have upgraded to a premium membership.


The instant chat function exposes you to the public, and anyone can send you a message, which may sometimes be a source of annoyance for you. You have the fortunate ability to block a spammer or a person whose behavior you find objectionable. You have the option of blocking users on HitWe and reporting their profile for a violation that is appropriate to the situation.

Visitors to the Profile and Facebook Likers

HitWe features a tab titled “Visitors,” which lets you view a list of people who have viewed and liked your profile. Free users get access to a restricted version of this function, which only allows them to view up to five visitors and likers at a time. You can upgrade to a premium membership, which will remove this restriction.


Most of HitWe’s users are young adults (those under 35 years old). HitWe is a very convenient app for single people interested in hookups, casual relationships, and friendships. This demographic makes up most of the app’s users, ranging in age from 18 to 24. The countries of Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine account for the vast bulk of visits.

But, unfortunately, it also has its fair share of bogus profiles, and every once in a while, you’ll come across people whose information is inaccurate or who provide none at all.

The Breakdown of Ages

The number of male users is substantially greater in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years old. However, the situation is reversed in the age bracket of 25 to 34. People between 18 and 34 make up most of the user base. You might meet one or two individuals who are beyond the age of 50, but their population is relatively small.

Falsehoods and con artists

Fake accounts and con artists are still an issue on every social media platform, just as they are everywhere online. There are people on HitWe whose profiles contain fraudulent photographs and information, and if you come across one of these people, you have the option of reporting that profile, at which point HitWe will take the required action.

The team at HitWe is hard at work trying to find a solution to this problem, and in the meanwhile, they request your support in protecting the website from con artists and other harmful users. You can contribute to HitWe by writing reviews and reporting fraudulent pages.


Both the website and the application are made available to you by HitWe, and it is up to you to decide which one to use.

Application HitWe

HitWe is a mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms. The Android version is available for download from the Google Play Store, and the iOS version can be purchased and downloaded from the App Store. The app contains all of the features available on the website and even includes some additional benefits, such as a game called Pet Evolution. In addition, the program has a button labeled “Message” that, when tapped, takes the user directly to a private conversation room with the other user.

The software does make life more convenient overall, but some advertisements appear after every 5-10 likes or 20-30 seconds, which is the main drawback. You will no longer have to deal with these issues by upgrading to a premium membership.

HitWe Website

HitWe’s desktop application may be accessed quickly and conveniently using any web browser, and users do not need to download anything. You just need to type the URL into your browser’s address bar, and you will be all set.

The mobile version of the website contains several additional features that are not available on the desktop version. Aside from that, the overall user experience is relatively the same.

Is There a Way I Can Use the App on My Computer?

No, the app is not compatible with any devices other than Android and iOS. If you wish to use HitWe on a computer, you can go to their website, which can be accessed with virtually any browser.

Which Web browsers are compatible with HitWe?

The most popular web browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others, are compatible with HitWe. HitWe is accessible on computers running either the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Why is it that I am having such a difficult time logging onto the website?

There are several possible causes for one to have trouble logging onto the website. In the first place, it’s possible that you entered the erroneous login credentials. HitWe may be inaccessible if the servers are experiencing some technical difficulties and are undergoing maintenance.


The layout of the HitWe website makes it incredibly easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. The available choices are separated across multiple pages. It appears to be quite tidy and clean.

There are some useful options available on the homepage. The user can choose their language immediately by going to the top of the page. After that, a compact window may be used for logging in or registering an account. You’ll also be able to discover the link to their mobile app in that section.

HitWe’s extremely user-friendly design makes it incredibly convenient to use, and there is no need to spend additional time learning how to operate the software.

Registration Process

The procedure for signing up for HitWe is fairly straightforward. Directly accessible from the homepage of the website is the specialized tab that users can navigate to. To complete the manual signup procedure, you will need to provide all the required information, including your name, a working email address, your gender, and your age. In addition to that, you were prompted to create a password. Verify the CAPTCHA as soon as you are finished, and your registration will be finished. You will only need to verify your email address. The email address you give for HitWe will automatically send a verification email. Simply clicking on the link contained within the message will verify your email address.

If someone does not want to go through all these headaches, they can finish the process by linking their profiles on Facebook or Google+.

Is it possible to break up with a member of HitWe?

You can easily remove a profile from consideration if you decide you are not interested in the person or if they do not meet your aesthetic requirements. You can click on their page, and you will see an option there labeled Unmatch. Simply click on the link to remove the contact from your list of contacts.

What is the bare minimum age requirement to sign up for HitWe?

To sign up for the website, you need to be at least 18 years old at the very least. Due to the site’s intended audience of adults, members must be 18 or older to sign up for HitWe.

What are the Steps to Verify My Account?

It is possible to do so through the email address that you enter. Aside from that, HitWe can pull information from your Facebook or Google+ account to authenticate your identity if you link those accounts to your account.

How Do I Confirm My Email Address?

If you provide a working email address, the website will send a verification email, including a link to the address you specified when you registered for an account on the site. Simply opening it up and clicking on it will finish the process.

What Are the Consequences of Linking Your Facebook Profile?

HitWe will automatically import all the fundamental information required for registration from the associated Facebook account, and we will grant you quick access. Compared to manual registration, this is much simpler and more efficient.

Is It Possible to Use the HitWe website without signing up for an Account?

No, you will not be able to use the site or any dating features unless you first sign up. Accessing the HitWe website requires you to initially create a profile in addition to providing login information that is both genuine and unique.

Profile Setup

Your gender and age have already been determined from the information you provided. During the registration process, HitWe will gather these pieces of information and determine your location based on your IP address. Aside from these essential details, HitWe provides you with a wide variety of options to personalize your profile according to your preferences.

The entire procedure is governed by a menu from which you can select your religious affiliation, astrological sign, and physical type. It is also an option to discuss your sexual orientation and details about your personal or romantic relationships. You can also specify the kind of romantic partnership you’re looking for. Include details about your lifestyle choices, such as whether or not you smoke, drink, or eat if you want to be more open.

There is also an area where you can elaborate on your preferences and pastimes, such as the types of books or movies you enjoy, sports, pets, fashion, and other topics.

You also have the option of choosing what motivates you in life. For instance, some categories that can be chosen are adventure, nature, and meditation. You can also discuss the characteristics of a person’s personality that appeal to you, such as if they are honest, optimistic, or amusing.

On HitWe, is it possible to delete a picture once it has been uploaded?

You have the option to remove photos from your profile at any time. It is possible on the mobile app and the internet version of HitWe. You will need to navigate to the gallery section of your HitWe profile and then click on the image you wish to remove. You can erase the picture by selecting the Delete option, which can be found in the More menu. Once you do so, the picture will be removed.

How Can I Make Changes to My Username on the HitWe Website?

You may navigate the Profile area on both the website and the app by using the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the page. There is an opportunity for you to alter your username located here. Enter the password for your user account to validate the action.

How do I remove my profile from HitWe?

It is possible to remove your account if you so choose fully. To delete your profile, navigate to the Delete Profile tab on your dashboard and click the Remove option. After entering the requested information, you will be prompted to select a reason for the removal and your account password; once you have done so, click the Continue button, and you will be finished.

What Exactly Happens When I Select the “Show Me on HitWe” Option?

If you turn off the “Show me on HitWe” option, your activity on HitWe will be concealed for the time being.

Is it Possible to Erase the information that you previously submitted to HitWe?

It is not feasible to delete all the information you have submitted unless and until your account is completely deleted. However, using the Profile portion of the HitWe website and app, it is possible to make changes to particular aspects of one’s profile.

Lookup of Members

Your HitWe feed will display other users according to the criteria you select when you create your profile for HitWe. Aside from that, one can manually search for potential companions, during which the search can be filtered according to the selected gender, age, nation, or city.

Is it Possible to View Other Users Who Have Favorited You on HitWe?

It would appear that none of the choices offer the capability to view the profiles you have liked in the past. However, there is a way to find out who thought well of you.

What Kinds of Search Options Does HitWe Make Available to Users?

There are only four different search possibilities available with HitWe. The user can specify whether they wish to meet a male or female person, as well as the age range in which they are most interested in dating. Nation search enables users to investigate people from their country of origin and any other country of their choosing. Using the City filter, the results can be narrowed down even more.

Is It Possible to View Which HitWe Users Have Favorited Your Profile?

The user can view who liked their HitWe profile, and free members have access to this information, but with certain restrictions. They can only view the profiles of the most recent five people to visit or like their page. Obtaining a premium membership will remove this restriction from your access.

How Do I Begin a Message Conversation With Another User on the HitWe Website?

On HitWe, you can start messaging without finding a match first, and you can send a message to a person without finding a match. After setting up a profile on HitWe, you may look through the list of users and start a conversation with someone. Simply increasing the amount of time spent corresponding with a potential partner by clicking on their profile and selecting the “Message” button will raise the probability of a successful connection.

How do I send a message to another user on HitWe?

You do not need to wait for a match to begin messaging another user. To initiate a conversation with someone, go to their profile, click on the Message icon, and send them a text message.

Is there a Cost to Sending a Message?

It is not necessary to sign up for a premium membership to send a message to another user. Building a solid profile will equip you with the necessary tools to initiate contact with any user you like.

How do you find out who has been messaging you on HitWe?

The notification option will already be on whenever you send or receive a message. Anyone who receives a text message from another user will have a notification sent to their device. It will display the sender’s name in conjunction with their message. You can view all of the text messages you have received from individuals by going to the HitWe website or app and navigating to the chatbox. This is possible even if you were unaware of the notice.

Is the Camera Function Available on HitWe?

You will discover a camera option on the chat bar; you only have to click on it when you wish to send the other person some photographs. On HitWe, you can select any picture to send to the other user.

Is There Any Way to Control Who Can Send You a Message on HitWe?

Through the use of the Filter option, which can be found in the Settings menu, incoming messages can be simply filtered. You have the option to filter by user photographs, gender, age, premium membership, and age, as well as location.


There is a free version of it as well as a paid premium version. The free account provides access to all fundamental functions; however, if you want access to additional advantages and an experience free of advertisements, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.

There are three different kinds of memberships available on HitWe: a monthly membership costs 7.99 USD, a three-month membership costs 17.97 USD, and an annual membership costs 47.28 USD.

A cell phone and a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) are acceptable payment methods.

Complimentary Benefits of Membership

  • There isn’t much a free member will miss out on, and the membership comes with adequate benefits.
  • Chatting in real-time
  • You are allowed to post a maximum of twenty photographs.
  • View the five most recent visitors to the profile.
  • The unrestricted play

Features Exclusive to Paid Memberships

  • The premium membership comes with several more helpful features that can be used in many ways.
  • You can block adds
  • Become one of the Best Users.
  • Your messages will always be shown at the top of the chat boxes of other users.
  • There will be a “Read” signal next to sent messages.
  • You can view the profiles of all the users who have stopped by and liked your page.
  • Unlimited likes

Is There a Premium Membership Option on HitWe?

Premium membership is indeed available through HitWe.

Is Canceling Your HitWe Membership Even an Option?

Go to Settings, click on the Premium tab, and then click on the Cancel Renewal button if you do not want your premium membership to be automatically renewed.

Does HitWe Offer a Membership That Is Continuously Renewed?

The answer is yes; after a premium membership has been obtained and payment information has been submitted, the auto-renewal option will be enabled by default.

Is It Possible to Receive a Refund on HitWe for Time That Was Not Utilized?

No, it is not feasible for premium customers of HitWe to receive a refund for any unused time on their accounts. You are free to terminate your membership at any time that suits you.

Is It Possible to Get Your Money Back From HitWe If You Were Dissatisfied With the Service?

In the terms and conditions of HitWe, there is no mention of offering refunds if a consumer is dissatisfied.

How Will Your HitWe Support Affect the Amount That Is Charged to Your Credit Card?

It would be presented in the same manner as any other subscription, complete with details such as the fee and the name of the service.

Are You Able to Provide Support to Other Members?

No, there is no such a choice available.


No matter what kind of membership you have with HitWe, you can rest certain that your online information is protected from prying eyes thanks to the owner’s usage of encryption technology. Regardless of whether you are a paid member, there is no need for concern.

Regarding HitWe’s Privacy

These days, protecting one’s privacy and security online is a primary concern. Continue reading to find out how HitWe prevents unauthorized access to both you and the data you store with us.

Does HitWe Offer Encryption for Chat Sessions?

Hackers will not be able to access your private information if you use HitWe because our chat service is encrypted.

Are You Locatable Through HitWe?

HitWe can determine your general location using the IP address you provide. Determining your precise (current) position at any given time is not feasible.

Are the Police Able to Track HitWe Down?

There is a lack of clarity on whether or not the police can trace your information through HitWe. However, HitWe is unable to make this information public.

Whom Should You Get in Touch With If You Have Any Concerns or Questions Regarding Safety?

It is recommended that you get in touch with the HitWe customer care team if you have any inquiries regarding the subject of safety. On their official website, you will discover all the contact information you need.

Does Anyone Moderate the Threads in the HitWe Forum?

Officials from HitWe do, in fact, monitor and supervise the forum posts continuously, and when they catch anyone breaking the rules, they take appropriate action.

What consequences does a member face if they are caught using HitWe to make money?

If it is discovered that someone is using their HitWe account to solicit financial support from other users, the account in question will be terminated immediately. In addition, legal action may be taken against the offender, however, this will depend on the seriousness of the infraction.

Is There a Particular Cause in Mind for Why You Are Unable to Access Your HitWe Profile?

You will be permanently banned from using HitWe if you have broken any of the site’s rules or if many other users have reported your account. You will not be able to access HitWe while these conditions persist.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your HitWe Account Banned?

The suspension will be permanent if the HitWe administration decides to ban the account.

How Can I Activate My HitWe Account If It Has Been Banned?

On HitWe, unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a banned or suspended account because there are no solutions available. The restriction will remain in place indefinitely.

Take care of yourself!

How to Report and Block Someone Suspect of Being a Scammer While Using the HitWe Website

You can put a user on your block list by selecting the option to “Complain” from either the homepage or the user’s profile. After that, a pop-up window will open, and you will need to specify the kind of violation that has occurred before continuing with the process of reporting the user.

What Kinds of Information Should You Avoid Posting on Your HitWe Account?

You should avoid posting sensitive information on your HitWe accounts, such as the specifics of your bank account, phone number, unique identification codes, and important passwords.

Aid and Companionship

If you run into any issues, whether they are related to your profile or the profile of another user, payment methods, features of the app or website, bugs, or glitches, you should get in touch with the assistance and support team of HitWe, who are available around the clock.


“I came across adverts for the app on Facebook, and I downloaded it. Mark Rued said, “I enjoy it, although I have not yet gone on a date; yet, I communicate with girls there.”

Having read the reviews, it is possible to conclude that the procedure of signing up and creating a profile can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. However, there are a large number of false profiles; in fact, roughly half of all profiles are either phony or created by bots. However, many users reported having a positive experience with the platform. However, many of them also mentioned that it would be even better if more women continued to lead active lives. Additionally, the free subscription will supply you with nearly all you require.

Is HitWe the most effective online dating service?

It is widely considered among the most effective online dating services now on the market. This is due to several factors, including its strong encryption protection, excellent marketing approach, responsive customer care, and several good HitWe reviews.

Is it Safe to Use HitWe?

Because the proprietor of HitWe implemented encryption of personal user data, the platform is immune to hacker attempts.

Is the HitWe app a hookup service?

The platform can be used for hookups; however, that is not the only reason it can be used. People meet new people, form new friendships, or even fall in love with someone they met online.

Is HitWe Free?

There is a paid membership option and a free version of HitWe that anyone can use.


HitWe is comparable to websites such as Hi5, Date Way, Neenbo, Meet-me, and Meet4U, among others.

The good and the bad


  • Interaction with users is seamless, with no crashes or even minor hitches.
  • Even if you haven’t matched, you can speak with other users through the instant chat option.
  • There is a wide variety of users.
  • The procedure for signing up takes very little time and is very simple.
  • Free users are given access to a photo gallery that can hold a maximum of 20 images.
  • There is the possibility of blocking profiles.
  • A premium subscription is not necessary to view any of the other pages.


  • The free edition has some issues with unwanted pop-up ads.
  • An unacceptable number of phony accounts.
  • There are not many different payment alternatives.
  • The effectiveness of social discovery in terms of matchmaking is debatable.


In general, HitWe delivers what it claims: to assist users in making new connections and expanding their social circles. Because HitWe has a user base of more than 200 million members, it is not difficult to find a partner using the platform. The user interface is not difficult to understand, and despite their simplicity, the features provide useful functionality. Sign up for an account on to get your dating life started on the right foot.

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