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Luxy is an exclusive online dating platform created solely for singles who consider themselves to be part of the creamy layer and who are interested in locating their soulmate through the use of the internet. Are you sick of endless scrolling, browsing on all of those Tinder, Cupid, or Match apps, and only seeing profiles that are average? Do you anticipate elegance and traditional feminine charm? If this describes you, Luxy is the place for you. You are able to meet desirable singles who are open to the possibility of a committed partnership.

Due to the fact that the website is geared toward millionaires, dishonest individuals are drawn to it. On the other hand, in order to combat this issue, the website has implemented anti-scam measures in order to keep scammers at bay. The platform is designed for wealthy and attractive people to meet potential partners for marriage and other long-term commitments so that they can live happily ever after. On this platform, membership is restricted to only those individuals who have a minimum monthly income of five hundred thousand dollars. It does a check on the income to make sure that the only people there are “rich” people. Therefore, if you are a member of the wealthy club and are seeking for a relationship with deeper significance, this is most likely the greatest place for you to be. In this comprehensive review of Luxy, you will learn everything there is to know about the premium dating platform.

Is Luxy Multilingual?

In contrast to most other dating services, which are predominantly written in English, the premium dating app supports a wide variety of languages. This platform strives to provide opportunities for people from a wide variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds to become millionaires. On Luxy, English is the predominant language; however, in addition to English, it is also possible to communicate in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

Who is the mastermind behind the adult dating website Luxy?

Mr. Tim T., who is also the platform’s founder and CEO, is the one who owns it. He has stated that the purpose of the platform is to provide members of the elite class with a dating platform that is solely for them to use in order to locate a spouse who can live up to their rigorous standards.

Where is the headquarters of the Luxy dating website?

The city of Hong Kong serves as the location of the headquarters for this platform. The office located in the Laurels Industrial Center is where all of the operations are managed.

When was Luxy first established?

2014 marked the beginning of operations for this online dating platform. The luxury class has been talking a lot about the app and the website ever since they were first made available to the public.

Does Luxy have a presence in all regions of the world, or does it limit itself to certain parts of the globe?

When the website was first conceived of, its primary goal was to give successful people living in different parts of the world the opportunity to meet potential partners online. It has a presence in every region of the world. You can become a part of the community as long as your monthly income is at least half a million dollars, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.


Both the concept behind the website and its actual design are entirely original. It has been developed with the intention of ensuring that the members would take pleasure in using the site. You may improve your dating experience and even find the person you’re meant to be with the help of Luxy’s one-of-a-kind features.

Look at me

Free access to this service is granted to individuals who have successfully validated their income. If two users choose to make use of this feature, they will be prompted to share either their Instagram profile or their WhatsApp number after clicking the “Video Date” button. After both parties have exchanged the necessary information, a dialogue can then take place via video call.

Hide Profile

By using this function, you will be able to conceal your profile from other users that you have indicated do not like it. This is a premium feature, and the only way to have access to it is by purchasing a Black membership.

Anonymous Visitor

You want to see the profiles of other members, but you don’t want other members to know who you are, do you? Because to this function, you are able to view an unlimited number of profiles, without the owners of such profiles being aware of your activity. With a Luxys Black membership, you will get access to this previously locked function.

Find Verified Members

Luxy Black gives its members the ability to search for verified accounts as well as the accounts with the highest incomes.


You are able to determine whether a member joins or does not join this exclusive dating service by using this tool. You have the ability to vote a member in or out of this site, even though there are thousands of applicants.

Options for searching

The search tool offers a wide variety of customization options, many of which are not available on most other websites. You have the option of browsing the members by using the Hot, Newest, Nearby, or Online categories. In addition, the search can be refined using filters such as age, gender, location, and so on.


This website caters specifically to successful people looking for romantic partners from all around the world. The vast majority of users on this platform have the goal of discovering their lifelong partner in mind. If you are one of those people who are more interested in having fleeting experiences as opposed to looking for a serious relationship, then you should not use this site because it is not designed for your needs.

There is no restriction placed on users based on their location because the Luxy website caters to the world’s most influential people. If your annual income is in the millions, you are more than welcome to become a member of our community. Additionally, the site is available in multiple languages, which is a characteristic of a really worldwide dating platform.

The breakdown of ages

There is no restriction on age, except than the requirement that applicants be at least 18 years old. However, there is no cap on the total amount. The average age range of male members is 35–44, whereas the average age range of female members is 28–35. On the other hand, there are members who are as young as 18 and as old as 60.

Falsehoods and con artists

The website uses a rigorous verification system to screen out bogus profiles and users who are trying to steal people’s money. In order to join the site, you will need to win the approval of at least fifty percent of the members. You can check the comments and ratings left by previous users of the Luxy app by visiting the Play Store or the App Store. In addition, the website monitors the behavior of its users and employs moderators to verify that there are no imposters or phony profiles on the platform. The users of this website are looking for committed relationships and are not looking for casual sexual encounters or hookups. They are sincere individuals who are looking for their soulmate.


The website or app stands out from similar dating services in a number of ways. Your thoughts will be blown away by the way the site was designed. The designers made an effort to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance, which is appropriate given the niche. The website and the app both seem to be flawless, with everything appearing to be in its proper place. The user interface is uncluttered and straightforward, making it simple to locate and use its various functions. According to this assessment of Luxy, both the mobile app and the website receive great marks for their design and their ease of use.

Luxy App

The application can be downloaded by users of both the iPhone and Android operating systems. The webpage is essentially condensed into this mobile application. In terms of both the design and the functioning, there is practically any difference at all. It makes it easier for you to maintain your connection to the outside world even when you are not using your computer. The mobile application has several advantages over the desktop version, the most notable of which are that it does not require you to sign in each time you use it and that it enables you to remain connected to the internet while you use it. The fact that you can read Luxy reviews before you join up for the service is yet another advantageous feature of the app.

Luxy Website

The website has a high-end appearance and provides all of the features that users desire in a dating service. Both the structure and the substance are well done. The website is uncomplicated and simple to navigate and utilize. Even someone who is completely unfamiliar with computers and technology can use it without any problems. After successfully logging in, you will be able to view profile matches presented as tiles. You can look for a potential mate according to your preferences by using the various filters that are available through the search tool that is located at the top of the page. At the very bottom of the site you’ll discover a list of links to various resources, including advice about dating and safety, love stories and blog posts, frequently asked questions, and more.

Is there a way to use the application on a desktop or laptop computer?

At this time, the application is, regrettably, only compatible with mobile devices manufactured by Apple and Android. On the other hand, you will always have access to the website using your personal computer.

Is Luxy able to function properly in all of the popular web browsers?

The website should work properly in all contemporary web browsers. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and many other browsers.

Why are you having such a difficult time getting to the location?

The users of this website are given the ability to decide whether or not to accept the membership application of a new user who has expressed interest in using the website. If a new user wants to sign up for the website, they are required to get permission from at least half of the users who are already there. It takes at least twenty-four hours to complete.


The user interface of both the website and the mobile application is uncomplicated and easy to understand. The Menu, along with the other functions, are beautifully structured. The website can be navigated quickly and easily even by users who are using it for the first time. You won’t have any trouble locating any of the capabilities. The Luxy website, on the whole, is informative and simple to navigate.

Registration process

The procedure of signing up is quick and easy, and it won’t take up much of your time. You may sign up by using either your Facebook or your Google account. In any other case, you can register by using the email address that you already have. If you are not logging in with your Facebook or Google account, you will be required to submit information about yourself and the potential person you are interested in dating, including your name, date of birth, email address, a password, and both of your genders. After you have entered all of the information, you will need to receive approval from at least half of the site’s current members in order to become a member. The process often takes a full day to complete. If you are elected, you will be required to give specific information about yourself, including your level of education, income, and other relevant details.

Is it possible to stop being matched with another Luxy user?

You can remove a member from your match list by going to their profile and clicking the “unmatch” button. When you remove someone from your match list by using the unmatch function, that person will be gone for good.

What is the minimum age requirement to sign up for a Luxy account?

To register for an account on this website, you need to be at least 18 years old. However, there is no maximum age requirement to participate.

How exactly do you go about verifying your Luxy account?

In order to validate your account, you are going to need to verify both your income and your photo. Only the mobile app of this dating website gives you the option to validate your profile photo. You will need to launch the application and select the “Verify Now” button when prompted to do so. The next step is to get a good photo and send it in.

You will need to go to the profile page and click on the “Verify Now” button. After that, you will need to supply the information that is necessary and then submit the form.

How can you verify your email?

After you sign up for Luxy, you will receive an email from the company. You are required to visit the link in the letter in order to validate it.

Is it possible to sign up for classes using your existing Facebook account?

You won’t be asked for personal information such as your name, email address, or date of birth when you sign up for an account using your Facebook account. Luxy accesses the information stored in your Facebook account to retrieve the data.

Can you utilize Guest mode without signing up for the service?

You will not be able to use the site until you first register. In order for you to become a member of the site, you will need to properly register and receive permission from at least half of the site’s current members.

Profile set-up

After you have registered and been accepted by the already active members, you will be able to complete your profile. In order to finish creating your profile, the website will ask for certain details about you, such as your salary and the way you live your life. You will be asked questions concerning your religion, ethnicity, body type, habits, and other aspects of your life.

Is it possible to delete an image from Luxy that you already uploaded?

You are able to delete the photo through the settings of your profile, which is correct.

On Luxy, do you have the option to modify your username?

You have the ability to change your username an unlimited number of times; but, in order to do so, you will need to pay to the premium membership tier known as Luxy Black.

I’d like to deactivate my Luxy profile—is that possible?

Yes, you can deactivate your dating profile. You can accomplish this by going to the Menu, selecting “More,” and then going to the Settings page, where you will see a button labeled “Delete Account.”

If you turn off the option on the platform that says “Show me on Luxy,” what would happen as a result?

If you turn off the “Show me” option, no one will be able to find your profile even if they use search terms that are similar to yours. Additionally, it stops others from viewing your profile when it is “online.”

Is it possible for you to delete any information that you have previously provided to Luxy?

You have the ability to edit or remove the information you supplied while creating your profile by going to your profile and making the necessary changes or deletions.

Lookup of members

After logging in, you will see a search option at the very top of the page. There are many filters to choose from, such as age, location, and others. You can use it to locate the people who are the most compatible with you. Next to the search bar, you will notice a drop-down menu labeled “Show Me Men” and “Show Me Women.” Regardless of whether you indicated a preference for a specific gender when you created the profile, it gives you the ability to search for and locate either men or women.

Is it possible to find out more about the Luxy members who have shown interest in you?

You are able to view the members you voted for, so don’t worry about that. To do that, navigate to the “My like” section of your profile and click there.

What are some of the additional search possibilities that are available on Luxy?

This platform provides users with a number of various search possibilities to choose from. Various filters, such as Hot, Newest, Nearby, Online, and others, can be used to order the profiles in a variety of ways. You have the option of further filtering the results based on gender and age as well. Members of Luxy Black have the ability to search using either the Verified first or the Highest Income First sort order.

On Luxy, if you are a free member, are you able to see other people who have liked you?

The free users can, in fact, view the profiles of those who have shown interest in them. To view this information, go to the tab labeled “Messages” and then select the “Who Likes Me” option.


You are able to contact with other members through the messaging options. This dating platform, in contrast to other dating services, enables free members to communicate with other members by sending messages.

How do I begin chatting with other users on Luxy?

After a member has liked another person’s profile, they are given the option to communicate with that individual through the website.

What are the steps to send a message to the user that you like?

By going to their profile, you will have the option to send them a message. When you go to the profile, you will be able to see an icon for messages. To send a message, you will need to click on it first, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Is there no cost associated with sending messages?

On Luxy, if two users like one other, they are able to communicate with one another at no cost.

Where can you find a list of people who have messaged you on Luxy?

Go to the icon that looks like a message to find out who among your contacts has sent you a message. When you click on it, you will be able to view the messages that have been sent to you.

How can I operate the camera on my Luxy device?

Utilizing this platform’s built-in camera, you are able to upload a photo of yourself for verification purposes. To accomplish this, open the app and select the Verify now option from the menu. You will be prompted to upload a photo at that point. Your page will be updated to include the new photo as soon as you have uploaded and submitted it.

On Luxy, users have the ability to restrict who can message them.

If you upgrade to the Black membership, you’ll have the ability to control who can message you. After you make the purchase, the only people who will be allowed to send you messages are the people whose profiles you have liked.


This online dating service provides both free and paid membership options for its users. Luxy black is the name of the premium membership plan that you can sign up for. The following are the plans for Black:

  • Pricing for 1 Month: $99.99 USD
  • Plan for three months is 239.97 USD, which comes out to 79.99 USD per month.
  • The price for the six month plan is 353.94 USD, which comes out to 58.99 USD each month.

The majority of user evaluations for Luxy indicate that consumers find the plans to be somewhat pricey in comparison to other online dating sites.

Complimentary Benefits of Membership

Luxy has provided numerous features for free members despite the fact that the site is designed for wealthy individuals who are willing to pay a lot of money in order to find love. This is the list that we have:

  • Create a detailed profile
  • browsing the profiles of other registered users
  • Browse through the picture albums.
  • A rose can be sent to any member.
  • Send messages to the people you’ve matched with.

Features Exclusive to Paid Memberships

The premium, also known as Black, users get access to a number of special features that set their browsing experience apart from others. The same may be said for the reviews on Luxy.

“Verified First” is a method of sorting search results that is available to premium and black members.

You will have the ability to sort potential partners using the “Highest Income” criteria.

They have the ability to communicate with any other user, regardless of whether or not that member has liked their profile.

It is possible for a Black member to send a bouquet.

Does Luxy provide premium services for a fee?

There is a premium membership available on this website; it is referred to as Luxy Black. You have unlimited opportunities to upgrade to the Black membership tier. You can avoid going through the Vouch process and gain fast access to premium features as a result of this.

How do I terminate my subscription with Luxy?

Only payments made through PayPal can be processed on this website. The subscribers can terminate the subscription by entering into their own PayPal accounts, navigating to the Settings and Payments menus, and selecting Cancel.

You can get in touch with customer service at support@onluxy.com if you experience any problems that are related to your membership.

Does the Luxy subscription automatically renew every month?

The premium membership does indeed automatically renew every month. Nevertheless, you have the ability to terminate it at any time.

Is it possible for a user to seek a refund for time that wasn’t used?

If you decide to discontinue your membership in our online dating service, you will not receive any portion of your payment back.

Does your “support” to Luxy automatically renew on a monthly basis?

After the expiration of the current subscription period, your support will be automatically renewed. Nevertheless, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens if you aren’t happy with the services that Luxy provides? Can you get your money back?

If you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month on this website, you will not receive a refund. However, under certain conditions, they will issue refunds. Send an email to support@onluxy.com to get in touch with customer service.

How will the payment you made with Luxy display on my credit card statement?

When you make a payment through the platform, the transaction will be labeled as coming from Paypal on your credit card statement.

Are you able to offer assistance to the other members of Luxy?

You are able to offer support to the other members, yes.

Is it at all possible to provide financial assistance for a whole month?

Yes, a member is able to pay for another person’s membership for the entire month.


Many reviews written by members of the community demonstrate that it is risk-free. Because this is a website for wealthy individuals, the users are required to ensure that their privacy and safety are protected. The website puts a significant amount of resources into ensuring the well-being and protection of its users. Because of this, it has been successful in warding off spammers and people who hold fraudulent accounts, thereby creating a platform that is accessible only to the most elite users. This Luxy review will provide you with extensive information regarding the safety and security features of the website.

Additionally, it watches and follows those whose actions generate questions or suspicions. Because an SSL secure connection is being utilized for the transaction, there is no possibility that your payment credentials will be misappropriated.

What about privacy on Luxy?

There is no reason for concern regarding the protection of your privacy. Your personal information and privacy will remain secure on the website.

Does Luxy protect its users’ conversations by using encryption?

On this particular platform, chats are encrypted, meaning that only you and the person you are conversing with can see what is being said between the two of you.

Is it possible for Luxy to locate its users?

Even though this website does not spy on its members’ actions, it does keep track of persons who have questionable motives or engage in questionable acts.

On the Luxy website, is it possible for the authorities to track down members of the Luxy group?

In the event that a serious complaint is made about fraudulent activity or threats, the police have the authority to take action.

Who should you contact if you have questions or concerns about your privacy on Luxy?

The Frequently Asked Questions part of the website provides answers to a good number of inquiries. You can get in touch with customer care if you still have questions regarding the confidentiality of your information.


When you consider signing up for a dating website, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your protection. Your information will be kept secure on the site, allowing you to focus on finding a life partner rather than being concerned about your own personal safety. Your data is protected against theft because to this platform’s end-to-end encryption, which protects chats as well as any media that is shared on it.

Are threads on the Luxy Forums subject to moderation?

Yes, this website does monitor what users talk about and will respond to questions or comments as necessary.

What consequences await a member who submits a donation request using their Luxy account?

When someone is seen on the platform begging other users for money and it can be proven, the platform takes severe action against the offender. The user’s access to the platform has been revoked, and they will no longer be able to use their account.

Account that has been closed down

If a member breaches the policies in any way, such as by trying to harass another user or soliciting money from others, then that member may be expelled from the community.

Why are you unable to access Luxy?

If you breach the policies of the site or participate in anything that makes the experience difficult for other users, the administration of the site may prohibit you from using the platform.

How long does it take for Luxy to unban an account?

This platform retains the right to exclude a user permanently and without warning in its sole discretion. There is no predetermined amount of time. It depends on the reason you were banned in the first place.

How can you get access to your previously suspended account?

You can send an email to support@onluxy.com regarding this matter. The site will get back to you within two working days with a response to your inquiry.

Take care of yourself.

Even though Luxy has a number of robust security measures in place, you as a member need to remain vigilant to ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained. You have the option to block a user and report any behavior that seems suspicious.

How do I report and block someone who may be breaking the rules?

You can access this option by going to the individual’s profile and clicking on the three dots. You will be presented with the choice to block the other member. When you block another user on a website, that user will no longer be able to locate you using the website’s search function.

What kinds of information are prohibited from being shared through your Luxy account?

You should not provide any sensitive information that could put your personal safety and financial stability in jeopardy.

Aid and Companionship

You can get in touch with Luciana through ‘Messages’ if you have any questions or concerns regarding the service; alternatively, you can send an email to support@onluxy.com from the email address you used to register for the service.


On their homepage, you’ll find reviews that you can read. The platform ensures the safety of its users and the confidentiality of their data. The method of payment is protected, and there is no possibility that the information will be shared. In addition, if you report a fraudster on the platform, it will respond with stringent action.

Is Luxy the most effective online dating service?

Due to the fact that you can find genuine members here, this website is likely the best dating site for people in elite circles. The website is trustworthy, and there are very few examples of fake profiles on it.

Is it risk-free to use Luxy?

Absolutely, this is a risk-free website. As of right moment, there have been no reports of information being leaked or of anyone having their identity stolen. You can get a sense of what the currently active users think by reading the real-life reviews.

Is there a hookup app that I can use instead of Luxy?

This is a platform for persons of high social standing who are looking for a mate for a sustained romantic commitment. This is not a site for adult dating or hookups of any kind.

Is there a cost involved in using Luxy?

Although this is not a free dating service, you can join as a free member and get access to some of the site’s features. You will need to sign up for a paid membership in order to gain access to the premium features.

How does Luxy work?

This website assists wealthy and successful singles in finding romantic partners for themselves and brings them together to do so. You have the ability to look through people’s profiles and “like” those you think are appealing. After other users have viewed your profile and given it a positive rating, you will be able to begin exchanging messages with them and move forward from there. However, if you purchase a Black membership, you will be able to communicate with any other user, regardless of whether or not they have liked your profile.

Does Luxy have any members who are imposters or scammers?

This website validates the images and income claims made by its members. The majority of users on this dating service are successful people who are looking for long-term commitment in a partner. On the other hand, there is always the possibility of people engaging in dishonest behavior, thus there could be some cons. You can avoid this situation by selecting only members who have been verified.


You won’t find many other websites that cater only to the wealthy and famous, but you may try eHarmony, Match, Cupid, International Cupid, and other similar platforms.


Luxy is a specialized online dating platform that brings together attractive and successful singles. The website is loaded with useful features, which transform it into a comprehensive dating platform. The members are real, and they are not using the platform to locate someone for a one-night stand; rather, they are looking for someone with whom they can build a lasting connection. The website is regarded as one of the most reputable dating services because of the high priority it places on protecting the personal information of its users.

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