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A porn website called MyDirtyHobby hosts amateur performers who post their movies, pictures and live cam sessions. An in-depth discussion on whether this is the best platform for you can be found in this MyDirtyHobby review. Due to its graphic sexual material, the website is only appropriate for adults. It all began back in 2006. The website owner is the business MindGeek, which also owns well-known porn websites, including Redtube, Pornhub, and YouPorn. They are industry professionals with studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Digital Playground.

Since its inception, MyDirtyHobby has developed into one of the biggest amateur pornographic websites in the world. It is now where newcomers go to begin their careers in the adult film business. More than 3 million photos and over 370,000 movies can be found on the website. It has an astounding number of approximately 40,000 registered pornstars for any comparable platform. Continue reading this MyDirtyHobby review to get every last detail about this service.


It’s not a fraud to use MyDirtyHobby. Whether or not the content is appropriate depends on the country’s regulations. However, it is accurate and has won widespread acclaim in the sector. One of the most coveted honours in the adult cinema sector is the Venus. In 2010 and 2011, MyDirtyHobby got the Venus award for “Best Amateur Website Germany” and “Best New Amateur DVD Series Europe,” respectively. They received recognition for “Best Amateur Community” in 2019.

The accolades and recognitions don’t stop here. It was one of the top 150 adult platforms in Germany and was ranked 252nd for the best adult website. This indicates that the website is superior to its rivals and displays the content visitors are looking for. This MyDirtyHobby evaluation has found that it is entirely trustworthy.


For an amateur porn site, the website has more than 25 million visitors per month. Although they are dispersed around the US, the UK, Austria, and Switzerland, most are from Germany. There is enough content on MyDirtyHobby for its members to watch, but you must sign up to access it.

Nevertheless, the website has over 4 million users who can be either watchers or performers. Many are here for fun, while others use YouTube to earn money.

Preferences in sexuality

Sexual orientation is not restricted. There are adult videos with gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. The platform makes an effort to accommodate all preferences and tastes.

Age Distribution

It is exclusively limited to adult users because it is an amateur pornographic website. All ages are welcome to join MyDirtyHobby as there contains explicit content. Since most of them do not register, it isn’t easy to track viewers’ age.


There are two methods for signing up. The second one will be the primary subject of this MyDirtyHobby review. The viewer is the first choice. For access to the content, you can register. However, before choosing VIP membership, review the website’s features. If not, it might be essentially useless. The website can only be seen after registering. Click the Register button at the top of the page if you wish to join the community. Enter your username, email address, and gender to join right away.

Performers can use the second method. The “Become an amateur” link needs to be clicked. Could you make an account and then confirm it? For this, you merely need to upload a selfie with the ID card and a valid form of identification, like a passport or driver’s license. After authentication, you can add images and videos and host live cam sessions. Your popularity will decide whether other users will pay the price you set for your film.

How do you make a profile?

If you are a viewer, there isn’t much to do. You won’t be able to view the locked content, which makes up over 30% of all the videos if you don’t register. However, you must use your email ID to confirm your account after signing up. Videos and images can be added to a performer’s profile. They may begin by offering their films for free to gain recognition before starting to charge for them.

Communicative Techniques

The community on MyDirtyHobby is incredibly vibrant. Making friends with others helps you establish connections. Even more, you can communicate with these users by messaging them. There is a conversation feature for viewers and performers. Messaging is a social networking channel much like any other.


This section of the MyDirtyHobby review will discuss minor technical details. It’s crucial to understand that MyDirtyHobby is not a dating service. Not for a date but for the substance, people visit the website. The majority of adult video streaming services have websites, not apps. Instead of using their phones, many consumers view videos on their computers. The rising use of cell phones has altered this, though. They access the website from their smartphones whenever they feel like it. Furthermore, because of the enormous traffic, they receive practically constantly, these websites seldom ever crash.


Users of MyDirtyHobby can upload and view videos on the company’s website. The user interface is quite simple. Tabs on the homepage’s left side direct you to different pages. There is a search bar in the header and options to sign in and register. On the webpage, amateur porn stars perform at random. There are no intrusive pop-ups, and the design appears orderly.

Smartphone application

Unlike the majority of similar platforms, MyDirtyHobby does not have an app. Users who use VPNs browse incognito. It indicates that they do not want other people to be aware of it. Application use is undeniable proof of consuming this content, but not many individuals are willing to install it. They like to explore websites because of this.

Smartphone application

Layout and practicality

The website has a relatively straightforward layout. The white background makes everything look tidy. The letters and images are displayed in green and black. The designers got everything right, including the text size and colour palette. It has a stunning design that its users find enticing.

Additionally, unlike similar sites, MyDirtyHobby does not annoy or distract you with pop-up adverts and pop-unders. There is no room for confusion because everything is set up correctly. Any topic that drives you mad can be searched for, and you will undoubtedly discover several solutions.

Effortless Use

The website is simple to use and browse. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it quickly on the homepage because it appears to be organized. Tabs on the left side of the screen direct you to various pages. Some of them require registration before you can visit them. The platform is made up entirely of these tabs; there is nothing else.

Types and costs of subscriptions to MydirtyHobby

There is a notion on MyDirtyHobby called Dirty Cents, or DC. You can purchase films and pictures of amateur adult stars using DC. The duration and calibre of the movie determine the rate of the content. When you converse with the performers, your DC is also depleted. To buy CDs, you must register. VIP membership is also available, offering you more DCs and several other advantages. DC has a conversion rate established by MyDirtyHobby itself, much like other currencies:

  • 10€ — 800 DCs
  • 15€ — 1200 DCs
  • 25€ — 2000 DCs
  • 50€ — 4000 DCs

However, these prices could change. It is subject to change at any time by the developers.

Features of VIP Membership and Free Membership

Although few individuals pay to view the information, it is wise to know what you might be missing as a free user. We’ll now evaluate the features available to both a free visitor and a paying subscription in this MyDirtyHobby review.

Free User

  • Registration is free.
  • Numerous videos are available for viewing.
  • Videos can be unlocked with DCs that you can purchase.

VIP Client

  • You get 10% more DC when you buy.
  • You are granted free access to MyDirtyNight events.
  • To enjoy specific things exclusively, VIP members receive a special VIP bonus.
  • You have access to some excellent material.
  • A VIP badge appears on your profile as more people become aware of your VIP status, and your credibility increases.
  • Amateurs receive your messages, which remain in their inboxes until they respond.


Any of the following techniques may be used to make a payment:


  • A charge card
  • A bank transfer online
  • Paysafecard
  • Vorkasse
  • Gutscheincode
  • Call to Pay
  • iDeal

How to Pay

You must first log in to pay for a VIP membership or DC. You can then access your profile settings, where all the available options are shown. You will be taken to a different page where you must select your payment option and enter the essential information. You must also determine the DC bundle or package you want to purchase before pressing the “Get Dirty Cents” button. Your transaction will be handled.


Such sites have serious concerns about safety and security. Even though registration is required to access free videos, verification is not. As soon as you step onto the platform, nobody asks you your age. The homepage contains a lot of graphic photos that are inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. Using fictitious email IDs, teenagers can join the website fast and anonymously.

No rigorous measures are taken to ensure that viewers are of legal age to see it. The only time minors cannot access such websites is when the government prohibits them. Otherwise, MyDirtyHobby is accessible to everybody and available for use. Most users are legitimate, and the performers are of legal drinking age.

How Secure Is This Service to Use?


There are not many phoney profiles on MyDirtyHobby. There isn’t much one can do here besides view adult videos, which is why almost all of them come. However, whether a member is an adult or a minor cannot be determined. No further provisions or systems are in place to monitor the community, and the verification process is not required.


MyDirtyHobby stands itself among its rivals because of a few intriguing features:

Clean Stories

The story is a feature widely used on social networking platforms like Instagram. MyDirtyHobby sincerely tries turning its website into a social media platform. Under the search the tab is where you’ll find the Dirty Stories feature. Video and photo updates from amateurs about their days are available. Only those who have registered as users can access these tales, which vanish after 24 hours.


Webcams are amateurs’ live performances; they are a popular MyDirtyHobby feature. For access to the live streaming, you must pay some DC. During this period, amateurs perform a wide range of adult sex acts to attract onlookers. There are thousands of sessions going on at once. To use it, you must first log in.



One of the top websites for amateur adult movies is MyDirtyHobby. Without a sure, it offers a ton of diversity in its videos. Uncomplicated sex to kinky BDSM sex is both possible. The website will have whatever you can think of. Thanks to the fascinating Stories feature, it has become more than just a porn website. Since upgrading to a VIP membership doesn’t make much of a difference for free users, they are free to enjoy their time.

All that matters is DC, and both must purchase it to access the restricted content. Although VIP membership has other benefits, it is not worth your money, in my opinion. The platform becomes more engaging when amateurs participate in live sessions and chats.

In addition, people here converse and engage in social interaction. When it comes to the amateur adult sector, there aren’t many sites that can compete with it. This MyDirtyHobby review advises you to take advantage of the opportunity as it is increasing quickly by using MyDirtyHobby.

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