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A review of the website Swapfinder reveals that it is a swing site that provides resources for locating potential swing partners to exchange couples with. The service provides its users with free tools to facilitate interaction and the scheduling of meetings. When constructing a profile on the website, users have the option of including personal details that specify their preferred sexual orientation as well as their physical traits. According to our study of Swapfinder, there are tools available that allow you to upload photographs and videos to your profile and share them, just like on most other social networks.

You are also able to search for people in your immediate vicinity using the Swapfinder website, as well as browse discussion forums and view live video streaming. On the other hand, customers who subscribe to the service by making payments on a monthly or quarterly basis are the only ones who have access to the full view of profiles and other features.

You can still join the site even if you are single and/or looking for singles, despite the fact that the site’s unique selling proposition is the chance of meeting couples. The fact that it is possible to locate swinging couples makes the website popular, but it is not the only thing that it offers.

Is SwapFinder Legit?

That’s correct. Friend Finder Networks, which also owns the website AdultFriendFinder, is the company that runs the hookup website. This explains why you may occasionally be sent to AdultFriendFinder when you try to check in on SwapFinder. It is a bug, and the devs need to figure out how to fix it. However, despite this, the website in question is legitimate.


SwapFinder welcomes users from every nation and territory throughout the seven inhabited continents. It does not matter what language you speak; in order to participate, you will be able to meet companions with whom you can have a wonderful time. This website will not present any difficulties for users who do not speak the English language. This is because the website contains versions translated into a wide variety of languages.

You have a chance of meeting someone in the neighborhood where you now reside. There are more than 40 million users registered, and each day there are more than 70,000 individuals actively using the site. On Swapfinder, discovering a partner to engage in sexual activity with is a breeze.

Orientation Sexual and Gender of Members of the Group

This website does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity of its users. It’s totally great if you’re a guy who wants to have sex with lovely men or ladies, regardless of who they are. Swapfinder was developed so that users can indulge their desire to experience different sexual fetishes. Even if you identify as transgender, you can still find romantic partners.

According to the statistics presented in this Swapfinder review, men make up 70% of the total member base. You are going to have a good time if you are looking for men of varying ages and from a variety of different cultures. You can still find ladies on the site, despite the fact that there are less of them. Just look in the right places.

The average age of our users

On this website, you should be able to find users who are at least 18 years old. There are a disproportionate number of men in the membership who are at least 45 years old. Despite this, many young men and women, as well as many couples, are looking to experiment with new sexual behaviors. Take a careful look at all of your alternatives, and pick a partner with whom you can have a sensual experience.

How to Create an Account and Sign In

On this website, registering an account is a simple and speedy process. Simply follow the instructions as shown in the following Swapfinder review:

You can input your gender and dating preferences by going to the website and entering them there. The next step is to click the “Sign up now!” button. ” button.

Please enter your date of birth as well as your location. To move forward, you need to click the “Next” button.

Establish an email address, a user name, and a password that will be used to log in to the service. Simply click the “Next” button.

On the website, there is a suggestion but not a requirement that you give information regarding your sexual orientation, marital status, body type, and ethnicity. To move forward, you need to click the “Next” button.

Define a title, and then proceed to compose your personal biography at this point. Simply selecting “Done” will bring about the desired result.

After this is finished, you will get a link in your email that you need to click in order to confirm your account and make it available for usage.

Please check your mailbox for a link to click on so that you can complete the registration.

You will be able to access the site for the first time after you have successfully completed the registration process. In addition, doing so is a pretty simple process. Just make sure to follow these steps:

  • Gain access to the website and, once there, view the login screen by clicking on the “Login” button.
  • After providing your username and password, use the “Login” option to complete the login process.
  • You are about to be sent to a page that details the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading to a premium account.
  • To access the free features of the software, as well as the platform’s homepage, click on the home icon located in the top left corner of the screen.

How to Make Your Own Personal Profile

You are not required to publish a profile picture or provide a significant amount of information about yourself on the Swapfinder website. You won’t be able to use many of the site’s features if you don’t have these things. You are going to have to put some work into it if you actually want to match with individuals and have other members interested in having sex with you. This is the only way to guarantee success. If you wish to meet other individuals, fill out your profile with information and upload a photo of yourself.

When you add a new picture to your gallery, other members will be able to view it on their personal timelines whenever you do so. Because of this, they will find themselves drawn to you more. Simply by uploading some beautiful pictures, they will be able to see how attractive you are. They could look you up and start a dialogue, both of which could lead to them setting up a location for wild sex with you.

Free methods of engaging with other users on the site include updating your profile with text and images, as well as sending private messages. If you are still a standard member, this will be of use to you. The majority of profiles contain sexually explicit information. You are not required to publish pictures like these if you do not like to do so; but, doing so may boost the likelihood of finding a suitable companion for you. The website Swapfinder was designed to help users locate hookups and couples interested in having a swing night together. It can only help you reach your objective if you post pictures of yourself and talk a little bit about who you are.

Guide to Sending Messages to Other Users

To begin communicating with other users through the SwapFinder platform, you will first need to upgrade to a paid membership level. In that case, you are only able to view a portion of the messages that have been sent to you, and you are unable to send any messages to other individuals. This is how the majority of online dating sites function. If you restrict access to the function to just paying members, the possible explanation for this behavior is that only genuine members will pay for it and use it. After all, folks who are only there to mess around are probably not going to bother paying for anything.

To send and receive messages, you need to click on the Instant Messenger icon, which is located just above your profile photo and is the third symbol down from the top. If you are just a basic member, you won’t have access to any of this content. Find the person’s profile and click the envelope icon next to it to start a conversation with someone you have never talked to before. After that, you will be allowed to have a conversation.



It would appear that the creators of the Swapfinder website envisioned the majority of its users navigating the site using a computer. If you are accessing it on a desktop or laptop computer, you will have a far better experience overall as a result of doing so. Any browser will provide a satisfactory experience with the site. You should have a pleasant experience with it if you access it through a computer.


It is now common practice to anticipate that businesses specializing in dating websites will make investments in mobile apps geared toward couples. However, it’s important to note that not all of them behave in this manner. There is currently no mobile app available for SwapFinder; however, you can access it through any web browser on your mobile device.

The mobile version of the website has been optimized so that it will function correctly on any phone. Nevertheless, the most convenient way to visit the website is via a computer. This is due to the fact that the website contains a lot of information and will sometimes launch new windows.

The conclusion is that if you have access to a computer, you should use that to access the Swapfinder site rather than a phone. Your adventure will be more rich and satisfying all the way through.

Concerning the Layout and Accessibility of This Website

To tell you the truth, an honest Swapfinder review reveals that the website gives off the impression of being somewhat cluttered as a result of the abundance of information that is displayed on the homepage. Additionally, it bears certain similarities to Facebook in its earlier years. It is not unsightly, and it does not make it difficult to find what you are looking for, but the design could most certainly be improved.

Despite this, the website continues to provide the services it advertises. You will have access to a large number of members’ photographs and videos. The majority of these pictures and movies are, without a doubt, sex films and naked pictures. It is strongly advised that you do not sign up for this website unless you are prepared for an extremely extreme encounter.

The use of SwapFinder is quite simple. Next to your profile photo, all of the available options for features will be displayed. Because of this, being lost is not a possibility.

Using The Menus On This Website

Even though there is a lot of stuff on the website, getting around within it is not difficult at all. You will find all you require within a short distance of your profile photo. The following choices are available to you down below:

  • Your points
  • Insert/Manage Photographs
  • Add/Manage Videos
  • Update Status
  • Messages
  • Friends
  • You were flirting with me.
  • I’m on the Hotlist
  • Top Fans
  • Viewed Me
  • Donations and Help Obtained
  • Testimonials
  • Profiles That I Am Able To View
  • profiles that I have looked at
  • In My Hotlist
  • Best supporter of
  • Flirts I Sent
  • Gifts & Tips Sent
  • My Favorite Photos
  • My Favorite Videos

On the right-hand side of your profile picture is some basic information about you, including your username, age, gender, and location.

There is a bar directly above your profile picture where you may access a variety of settings and preferences. You will notice the following things, beginning on the left:

  • The symbol for “home.”
  • The emblem that looks like a message
  • The emblem that represents “instant messages.”
  • The icon labeled “notifications.”
  • My Stuff
  • Search
  • The Real Thing
  • Community
  • What’s the Buzz?

Costs Associated with SwapFinder’s Paid Features

SwapFinder, just like the majority of other dating and hookup websites, offers paid memberships to its users. Only those who have paid to become members can use the website’s more advanced functions. Users that are interested in experiencing everything the website has to offer may wish to consider making a purchase.

A paid membership on this website is referred to as a “Gold Membership.” A gold membership will cost you in order to gain access to new features, and it includes the following benefits:

  • A single month costs $39,95.
  • 80.85 dollars over a period of three months (or 26.95 dollars per month)
  • The total cost is $239.40 for the year, which comes to $19.95 per month.

In addition, you will need to spend points in order to access specific information on this website. They can be purchased with actual cash if you so choose.

  • 200 points cost $3
  • 500 points cost $6
  • 1000 points cost $10

There are advantages to both free and paid memberships.

It is unlikely that you will find a partner through the Swapfinder website if you do not pay for the premium gold membership. Having said that, individuals should first sign up for an account on the website to determine whether or not they enjoy the content that they find there. Obtaining the gold membership could be a fantastic deal for them if this is the case and if they are convinced that they will be successful using the website.

It may be deduced from all of this that the site’s free subscribers do not obtain very much benefit from it. Free users get access to a limited set of functions, namely:

  • Like images and videos
  • Initial investigation
  • Participate in the contest by liking and commenting on images.
  • You can upload photographs and videos.
  • Talk to others through instant messaging and chatrooms.
  • Join online communities such as forums and groups.

Now, if you choose to pay, you can gain access to features that are created to help you get laid as quickly as humanly feasible. After all, it is not a dating site but rather a place for hookups. The primary goal is to have as much pleasure and sex as humanly possible.

The following is a list of the benefits that come along with having a gold membership:

  • Enhanced search to produce better results in matching
  • Browse complete profiles here.
  • Messaging system
  • See the complete image here.
  • View complete videos
  • View an endless number of live cams here.
  • Favorite still photographs and moving images
  • Send friend requests
  • Send flirts
  • Up to one thousand people can be on the Hotlist.
  • Telephone assistance given to customers on an expedited basis
  • Support for technical issues via email within a day’s time


When you are ready to upgrade to the premium membership, look for the option labeled “Gold Membership.” You may find this information in the settings of your account or on your profile.


There are basically three ways that you may pay for a gold membership or points if you are thinking about buying either one of those things. Credit cards are the most convenient method of payment. Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, and Discover are the kind of credit cards that can be used here. You are able to use any form of payment, including a gift card, if you have one. You also have the option of sending in your payment via mail or fax. According to the review on Swapfinder, even though it is not as elegant, it will still operate.


Friend Finder Networks, which also owns AdultFriendFinder and 99Flavors, is the company that is in charge of the dating website network known as SwapFinder. These websites are all quite popular and are used by a sizable number of users located on every continent. The corporation bears a significant amount of responsibility, and, according to what is currently known, the websites in question are reasonably risk-free to visit.

Your information will not be taken without your permission or sold by Swapfinder. In addition, if someone is making you uncomfortable, you may easily block them. The primary emphasis will be placed on your journey as a whole.


This kind of website appeals to a diverse range of users, including those that engage in fraudulent activity. It is possible that there are some users on the site who have bad intentions, but on the whole, you can utilize it without ever getting into a situation like this. Keep in mind that you should never reveal any vital personal information to anyone. Make sure a man, a woman, or a couple is who they say they are before agreeing to have sexual relations with them. This goes for both individuals and couples. There are resources that can teach you how to stay safe online, particularly on dating and hookup websites. It is strongly suggested that you check those.

Special Features

The Swapfinder website unquestionably has a great deal more functionality than the majority of other websites that operate in the same field. Having said that, it does provide its members with a few specialized options to choose from. If you create an account on SwapFinder, the website will grant you access to its live cams. You can even stream yourself or get streamed by others.

On this site, just as on that other popular app, you may rate people based on whether or not you think they are attractive. Sex Academy is a feature that is exclusive to gold members and can only be accessed by those paying the premium price. It offers advice as well as fundamental information on sexuality. It also provides some advice on how to experiment with new sexual partners and activities.

Blogs are available on SwapFinder, and free as well as premium members can read and submit their own personal accounts and experiences there. You are able to leave comments on the blogs of other people. That is a delightful approach to engage in conversation with a larger number of users on the web. Last but not least, there are groupings. Discussions on a variety of themes are facilitated in small groups. Do you have a fetish for anal sex and want to chat about it and share your experiences? If so, I’d love to hear from you. It’s possible that you can get involved with an organization that discusses that topic.


This website appears to be a paradise for individuals who are only interested in finding casual sexual partners or swinging couples for the purpose of having some fun. A review of Swapfinder reveals that the creators worked hard to provide as many features as they possibly could so that users could interact with one another and discover trading partners. It is difficult not to endorse SwapFinder if you are interested in having sexual encounters of a more casual nature.

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