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We all have different tastes and preferences regarding the people we like, and most of us would choose one type over the other. If you’ve used online dating and hookup sites, you’ll learn that there are girls of every kind, regardless of your preferences. Nowadays, there are such websites, particularly in the digital age, where most of us spend a lot of time on our phones. Dating and hookups have never been so simple; all it takes is a little bit of scrolling and swiping here and there to find a prospective hookup or dating match.

  • It is the ideal venue for connecting with folks free of obligations.
  • A large user base of classy black ladies with solid sex appeal frequently draws in users from the same demographic.
  • Access to explicit content makes browsing enjoyable.
  • Due to the abundance of sexual content on the website, the access policy for minors is strict.
  • User profiles that are primarily descriptive and have nude photographs.

You can connect with ebony skin females and black guys on the dedicated online dating site BlackCrush, which caters to those looking to date people of colour. People join the portal to have casual sex. Approximately 463,000 people use the BlackCrush website, mainly in the USA, while it is also widely used in other countries. Every week, there are about 28,800 active members. Both men and women use the portal, and there are 39 and 61, respectively, men and women on the site.

Finding the ideal sex partner is more likely if more girls use the portal. Black girls from the US, Africa, and the Caribbean make up more than 80% of the portal’s female users. The registration process takes a few minutes if you have a working email address. After completing the sign-up process, you may look at other users’ profiles. Most profiles use nudists as their profile images. Each member has a complete and descriptive profile and is interested in having sex. There are bogus profiles on the BlackCrush website that offer a misleading picture of the platform’s enormous user base and keep the users amused. The names of these phoney profiles are Fantasy Cupid.

Though intended to amuse you, these never lead to actual date encounters. The platform’s excellent customer service is accessible through all communication methods. There is nowhere on the web for those who aren’t only interested in casual sex.


The website’s working algorithm is comparable to those of other dating apps. The functions are simple and easy to understand. You can register for an account on the portal by giving the required information. The site uses your data to provide a list of suitable partners.

The website analyzes your location as a matchmaking criterion and then displays a list of registered black women in your area who are interested in casual dating. The site assures that all the members are interested in hookups solely. The website is not for those looking for love encounters and who want to develop a relationship afterwards.


  • Mentioning your gender and your sexual preferences is essential.
  • Members can select a username and a password that is simple to remember.
  • To make an account, you need an email address.
  • The 24-hour validity period of the verification link you receive through email is when it becomes invalid.

The process of signing up is free.

A free component of the website is account creation. You can finish the registration process in a short while. To make an account on the platform, you must be at least 18 years old. You need to follow these four easy actions. You must supply your name, email address, and photo to sign up. You must enter a working email address because it will be used to send you a verification link.

The verification link must be clicked within 24 hours; otherwise, it becomes invalid. Additionally, you have the choice to post a video so that other users can get a greater sense of who you are. You can check whether or not the site’s services are offered in your city at the top of the website. The portal determines whether there are any single black girls in your neighbourhood by using your location. If everything goes your way, you can proceed with the registration procedure. You can look at the adult profile pictures of the female members before signing up.

Your mobile number is required in a field during registration. After upgrading your membership to premium, you can unlock the mobile phone texting capability if you give the website your contact number. On BlackCrush Reviews, it is pretty laudable.

  • Steps for Making Contact
  • The messaging feature costs money.
  • The website features an easy-use Message Center.
  • Enjoy the ability to text on a mobile device.
  • Contacting other members is made simple by the chat room’s availability.
  • Advanced communication tools are available to premium members.
  • All messages older than 30 days are immediately removed to protect your privacy.

Texting is a paid service. You must upgrade your membership to premium to message other members. Using the texting capability on a cell phone is an alternative for sending and receiving messages. The cell phone messaging capability must be enabled when entering your mobile number during the registration procedure.


  • Several female members’ profile photographs are naked.
  • After completing the registration process, you can finish the profile.
  • Option to write a 500-word personal statement.

Many Black ladies are enrolled on the internet, and they all share something. All of the females are eager to hook up with someone.

Few girls have profile images where they may be seen wearing clothing, while most girls have nude photos as their profile pictures. One of the portal’s essential features is viewing members’ profile pictures before registering on the platform. After completing the sign-up process, you must finish the profile. The ability to text on a cell phone is made available to members upon disclosure of their mobile number. You must complete a regular questionnaire as well.

Avoiding Fake Profiles

Many phoney profiles can be found on the website. Other bogus profiles deceive other users, while some fake profiles aim to grow the user base. Fantasy Cupid is the term for the first sort of phoney profile. It would be best if you guarded against falling for such false profiles’ traps. Since most users utilize nudist and explicit photos as profile pictures, it can be challenging to identify fraudulent profiles. The best way to avoid creating a fake profile is to carefully review each profile and examine how people have entered their personal information.


  • The website has an outdated but simple design.
  • The pages and symbols are simple and convenient to navigate.
  • The icons on the screen should be better organized.
  • It is simple for someone who is not tech-savvy to navigate the platform.

Even non-techies may use the website with great comfort and simplicity because of its straightforward, simple design that is also simple to understand. You can take advantage of guided navigation throughout the browsing and navigation process. The eyes are soothed by the ideal fusion of brown and white hues. Although the platform’s parts are all well-organized, there is room for development.


There isn’t a BlackCrush App that can be downloaded for free.

Only if you give your phone number is the ability to text using a cell phone.

The app’s mobile version is convenient.

BlackCrush falls short of meeting the consumers’ basic mobile app needs in this cutthroat market when all online dating portals are vying for more subscribers. However, the site makes an effort to compensate for this shortcoming by providing a practical, user-friendly mobile version.

You must first browse the website, navigate to Account Settings and use the “Set desktop or mobile format” option. You are free to utilize the messaging functionality on a cell phone.


A few elements are exclusive to the BlackCrush Website, unlike other dating portals. These characteristics provide the portal with much-needed individuality. The following standout characteristics of the portal define it as unique:

Tweets from the User

The Fantasy Cuties can use the app to write brief messages they can post on its main page. Any topic you choose can be the subject of the news you write. The letters are often short and to the point, hook other members and persuade them to text. The messages can be seen on the left panel of the Message Center.

XXX Films

On a website designed for casual dating, one of the most exciting aspects that meet adult customers’ amusement needs is XXX Movies. You can watch kinky adult videos in addition to nude videos. To use this function, you must, however, upgrade your membership.


One of the great features on the website that provides photographs and profiles of black girls is called Quickie. Members have the power to approve or reject these proposals. The portal asks you whether you want a quickie with her. If you select “yes,” you are given the option to text that user; if you choose “no,” the app makes another suggestion.


Although it is not excessively expensive, upgrading membership to a premium is not inexpensive. The specific law applies to the platform’s cost-cutting. The cost of membership continues to decline as you lengthen your subscription. You may take advantage of the trial period deal, which costs $8.91 for three days. After that, you can choose whether to keep your membership or cancel it. The membership fee can be paid in some ways. The table below explains the membership fees for each period.

Basic Participation

The service is kind enough to provide you with many functions for free, according to BlackCrush reviews. Following is the list of free features that all the members can enjoy:

  • On the site, anyone can register for free and create an account.
  • There is a restriction on how many other members’ profiles you can view.
  • You can see the inbox, but only to a certain extent.

Premium Subscription

Only premium users can access most of the platform’s distinctive, fascinating, and cutting-edge features. You may access many new features if you are prepared to increase your membership. The list of features which only premium subscribers have to access is as follows:

  • All search features are available to premium users without charge.
  • You can take advantage of the personal matchmaking tool.
  • Texting is a feature that is only available to premium users.
  • You can text using a mobile device as well.
  • A limitless amount of profiles can be viewed by paid members.
  • On the website, you can browse the personal images of your friends’ users.
  • One of the most noteworthy features, adult films, is available to premium users (XXX Movies)

Coupons for BlackCrush

There are no discounts available on the dating site.


A working email address must be entered throughout the sign-up procedure. One technique to prevent bogus users from opening accounts on the website is to make it impossible to create an account on the platform without a working email address. A verification link is sent to the email address you enter at registration; you have 24 hours to click on it, or the registration is void—the portal guarantees to protect your privacy and not share your information with any outside parties. The staff of customer service representatives is on hand to assist you when you need it.

BlackCrush: a ripoff?

BlackCrush is an open platform that enables men and women to interact with people of colour, not a scam. You cannot, however, dispute the existence of phoney profiles, some of which are genuine, but the bulk of them are created to dupe users by giving them a false impression of a large member base. These fraudulent profiles, which go by the tasty Cupid, aim to amuse users.

BlackCrush: Is it real?

The website is legitimate; therefore, yes. If you read BlackCrush reviews, you won’t have any cause to doubt the legitimacy of the portal. According to the platform, only individuals looking for casual sex are allowed here.

Is BlackCrush a private site?

BlackCrush offers various anonymous browsing options. When you register for an account on the website, you can select a username for yourself. You are not required to create a username using your real name; you are free to choose a fictional persona instead. Try to create a unique username, but remember that it represents your identity and personality to other people.


For people who are looking for casual sex and have no other expectations from a companion than sex, BlackCrush is a beautiful platform. Once you start perusing the website, there are some issues you cannot ignore. Below are a few disadvantages:

Outdated web design

The website’s layout is undoubtedly straightforward, but you can’t dispute that it looks dated. Although the icons on the screen are logically positioned, there is room for improvement because many non-techies have trouble finding the icons.

Countless false profiles

The website is packed with phoney profiles. While individuals make some fake profiles for amusement, many are intended to deceive users into thinking that the portal has a large user base.

No mobile app

The website’s lack of a mobile app is another drawback. The website falls short of meeting this essential demand for a functional mobile app in a world where patience is a virtue. However, you can use the website’s reasonably simple and practical mobile version.


The website’s customer support services are excellent. You can reach the customer service representatives no matter the time of day or night. You can call customer service, but you can also send them an email or mail at the specified address.



You should investigate alternative platforms if you experience problems utilizing the site or if you’re not looking for short-term flings but rather a long-term relationship. The following are some of the well-liked portal substitutes that have a considerably larger user base and more features:

  • InterracialCupid
  • InterracialMatch



  • Black people make up a large portion of BlackCrush’s user base.
  • The website’s straightforward and user-friendly design is a blessing for non-techies.
  • Paying less for a subscription means receiving more benefits from a prolonged commitment.
  • On the platform, people of all sexual orientations are welcome.
  • The BlackCrush website is a great place to find nude and explicit material.
  • The platform is the perfect place to hunt for uncommitted, casual sex.
  • The website offers incredible customer support.


  • The primary requirement for establishing contacts on a dating platform, texting, is a paid function.
  • A BlackCrush App is accessible, which delays replying to communications.
  • There are a lot of phoney profiles on the network.
  • The site’s outdated and dated style calls for improved icon organization.

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