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Spicer is a one-of-a-kind app that caters specifically to married people. The application offers couples assistance in enhancing their sexual lives together to live up to its name. Therefore, it would not be accurate to refer to the platform as a dating app in its current state. You can instead call it a life-enhancement app. Why? When you think about it, wouldn’t you say that sex is one of the most prevalent causes for couples to break up? Because engaging in the same sexual activity over and over again can make life tedious, teams often lose interest in one another over time due to the absence of excitement in their relationships. Soon after the phenomenon, people start hunting for new connections and cheating on their current ones. Nevertheless, all of that may be remedied by using this one-of-a-kind couple-saving app, which guarantees that sexual activity will continue to be the thing in the day that excites you the most. Therefore, rather than adding fuel to the fire of skepticism, let’s focus on getting to the bottom of what the app is.


There is not much information regarding the Spicer app on the website or the internet. However, this is also because the app functions more like a tool. You don’t need to have a deep understanding of its location. Instead, it is sufficient for the users to know its function.

On the other hand, if we do enough research, we might discover that it was introduced sometime in the early 2020s. Although the Spicer app has been removed from the Google PlayStore, it may still be downloaded on the Apple App Store. However, the web app page is present, and a link on the site leads to the Android version of the Spicer app. Therefore, it is compatible with all kinds of devices. Additionally, because the app is designed for private communication between partners, the number of users does not impact the experience. Nor does the demographics of their population.

In addition, the Spice app is accessible worldwide and is offered in three different languages: English, German, and Russian. The best thing is that anyone of any age, sexual orientation, gender, or background can use the app and participate in the question-based activities. Therefore, it is available to anyone interested in getting their hands dirty (sexually).

Design of Websites and Their Accessibility

The analysis of the Spicer app reveals that the platform is, in essence, designed to function as a mobile application. On the other hand, you can use it on a PC by downloading the web app version that is compatible with browsers. As a result, the layout is quite friendly to mobile devices. Simply glancing at it will bring to mind the now-iconic online dating application Tinder. The Spicer app takes a lot of cues from Tinder, right down to the style of its logo, as well as the layout of its website and user interface.

However, rather than receiving suggestions for potential dates, you will be presented with filthy questions about sex like a carousel. If the response is yes, you can either swipe right or press the like button on the post. Swiping left indicates disapproval, that something is not okay, or a negative response. On the other hand, the Spicer app provides an additional option for Maybe, situated amid these two buttons. If there is a question to which the response cannot be either yes or no, for instance, you can select maybe.

The fact that it does not come with many features helps the overall design. It is incredibly user-friendly and maintains a clean and organized layout addition to making it so. Because the software is exceptionally lightweight, it does not consume significant storage space on your device, which helps ensure it runs smoothly. Overall, the Spicer app deserves a score of five out of five stars, both in terms of its design and usage.

There is a catch. According to some evaluations by users of the Spicer app, the website is currently inoperable. According to our findings, the solution is effective. However, the Android app has not been updated in quite some time, which can lead to compatibility problems. Because the web app now provides coverage, and because the Spicer app functions appropriately when put to the use for which it was designed, we cannot currently state that it is no longer functional.

Special Features

Compared to other online dating apps, the Spicer app does not come close in terms of the number and variety of services it offers. However, given that it is in no way comparable to a dating app and its goal is entirely distinct, the fact that it does not have any features of that nature becomes the app’s primary selling point. Also, because it is an original idea, each stage appears to be a unique feature on the platform; for example, have a look at the following:

No registration

There are no time-consuming requirements for you to complete, such as filling out a profile or registering for the site. Because you and your partner use the same link to join, the other players know who they will be battling alongside. In addition, it ensures that the team will not know who you are. Users will not risk having their data stolen or compromised in any way because of this feature.

Exchange of links

You need to provide your partner with the unique URL that you have created. You can do so initially, but you can also make the connection later after responding to a few questions. Given that all you are required to do is distribute a link, you are free to do it by any method of communication that is most convenient for you.


The Spicer app will present you with a message box whenever there is a potential match. However, the match must be a yes match. The inquiry could go like this: “Would you like to snap pictures while you’re in bed?” The message box will open up for you to arrange and talk about the event if both of you consent.

Hide question

Despite being one of the most widespread activities in the world, engaging in sexual activity is nevertheless fraught with the most significant amount of social stigmas. As a direcConsequentlyple find it very difficult to discuss the topic. Even though this app is designed only for couples, some users may still find it embarrassing to discuss sexual issues. In addition, several questions are blatantly filthy and refer to various biases and desires. Therefore, while it might get many people excited and give them ideas, it might injure other people.

One user on Reddit claimed that some inquiries were the source of a disagreement he had with his spouse, and he cautioned other users to exercise caution in this area. If you have a spouse who is easily offended, you may choose to conceal the question by using the choices located in the top right corner of the screen.

Report question

You are presented with a report question directly beneath the choice to conceal the question. If you think it is in the wrong place, you can tap on it. While the Spicer app will take precautions to hide identical questions from you, it will also remove a question if it receives multiple reports of it being inappropriate.

Add question

You are not only able to respond to the questions that have already been compiled, but you can also add your questions to the list. It’s a terrific opportunity to play out your wildest, nastiest desires without having to give away your true identity. In this way, you can ask your spouse if they are interested in trying something without them being aware that you wrote the question. If you are worried about being judged, they might assume it is one of the questions on the application, which will protect you from that possibility.

Sharing within the family

Sincerity compels me to admit that the idea of family sharing rings more true with OTT Channel apps. On the other hand, this indicates that the Spicer app will allow you to share your link with six other users and view their responses. In addition, this shows that you do not need to be in a long-term partnership to use the Spicer app. It has the potential to be an incredible asset to the casual relationships you already have.

Sex calendar

The sex calendar records your daily behaviors as well as your feelings. You can also add information about the activities you participated in on particular dates. In addition to that, it has the capability of recording your orgasms. However, you and your spouse will both have access to the calendar.


You can also highlight how you’re feeling today using the app and answering questions. It prevents you from having to tell your spouse directly “no” or from keeping them from being surprised. To indicate that you are in the mood to have sex with someone, you must tap on the emblem that looks like a burning flame. On the other hand, if the Spicer app logo appears in black and white, it indicates that you are not in the mood for anything.

Question packs

Aside from the standard and daily questions, there are also various question packs available for a fee that you can buy. Naturally, the naughtiness escalates, which is why it is the primary draw for the audience. However, even though one partner is required to purchase the pack, the other partner is never informed that they are part of the premium plans. First, the questions are not graded differently, and second, just one partner is required to pay for the goal while the other partner is provided with it at no cost. Therefore, if you are with a more traditional partner, they will not even comprehend that you are gradually advancing in your sexual life.

Organizable divisions

All matched, and unmatched answers are organized neatly in separate tabs for your viewing convenience. In addition, you can go back and look at the questions to see what your partners like and don’t like about specific topics.

Change answers

The capability to change answers is one of the most impressive aspects of the Spicer app. It allows you to reconsider your response to a particular question. Because all the questions concern novel sexual activities, you and your partner might wish to experiment with one of them now that you know they are interested in it. Your experience will be improved due to the combination of the “unmatched questions” section and the “alter answers” option in the settings.


You can also challenge your partner to do something in addition to asking them questions. The dare must involve something dirty, given that it is a sex communication app. You also have the option of imposing a time limit on the dare. While completing the challenge would earn them points, you also have the option of providing your spouse with prizes that are more in line with their expectations. You can keep track of all the exciting things you have done for your sexual life in a month by listing the dares in the calendar. The questions inspired these dares in the Spicer app.


Spicer is incredibly simple to use and manage in its daily operations. You are free to utilize one of the two methods; however, we encountered some difficulties with the Android version of the software.

You may get the Spicer app for your iOS devices, such as an iPad or iPhone, by downloading it from the App Store.

Navigate to the Spicer app page to begin utilizing the web app iteration of the technology. You only need to click the start button rather than any of the two download options underneath it.

You will receive a prompt asking you to create and share the link with your partner, which you can do immediately or save for later consideration. The questions are presented in the form of swipe-right cards at the beginning of the very next screen. Because of the widespread familiarity with the Tinder format, likely, you won’t even need to consider how to go with it. However, the review of the Spicer app mentions that there is still training that you go through before you start your voyage.

When you are presented with a question, you can respond with a yes, no, or maybe. Your partner will receive the same questions you did, but they won’t always be in the same order. A dialogue box will appear when an inevitable question is answered with a positive response from you and your partner. You are free to begin your chat about it, for instance, if the two of you have agreed to the use of sex toys. The primary reason for this being effective is that it makes it easier for you to keep track of each answer that is matched. In other words, if there are ten matches, you must not overlook the fact that there are five of them. Instead, you can refer back to a specific dialogue that was had.

For this reason, one chat might be about sex toys, including which ones to buy, who prefers particular ones, and so on. On the other hand, a different one can be about voyeurism or vehicle sex. These questions and chats can be an excellent approach to discovering the sexual obsessions and fantasies that your partner is hiding from you. In addition, they can function as sources of motivation for a dare.

You and your companion can play a game of dare, with the winner receiving rewards in the form of points or something else. It indicates that matters will be deducted from your account and given to your partner when a dare is completed. Nevertheless, you may also incorporate something more grounded in reality into it. If she uses a vibrator in a public area, you will give her an oral until she has an orgasmic experience. The sexual nature of the rewards is not required in all cases. However, like on a date, prizes function in the same way as baits; the higher the quality of the reward, the greater the likelihood that the other person would carry out the dare. Play on your partner’s insecurities, especially if they dare demands them to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. Think about something that they’ve been dreaming about for a while now!

In addition to keeping track of your dares, the dare section provides you with a calendar that you may customize. For instance, you can enter the contest if you had sex that day and orgasmed. Because it is a shared calendar, both parties know the standings. Another aspect of the Spicer app inquires about your state of mind regarding sexual activity during the day. You de-select the logo to indicate that you are not in the mood for sex, and you press the button to light up the symbol, which suggests that you are in the mood for sex. Again, because both participants have access to the same interface, it is possible to determine whether or not the other person is interested in a conversation before initiating it.

In addition, you can amend the answers you have given to questions you have already answered, as well as hide or report queries.

The Process of Signing Up

The Spicer app review verifies that the platform does not have a signup procedure. To set up your account, you don’t need to provide any personal information. You are free to establish your connection, discuss it with your collaborator, and then begin working on the project immediately. Additionally, due to the availability of a web app version, installing the application is not required to utilize the web app. It indicates that the intriguing platform can be used through the browser version. Thus there is no need to download anything.

The Standard of the Users’ Profiles

There is no need for profiles because the Spicer app is not intended for single people to use it. The entirety of the game is planned to primarily function as a two-player entertaining activity in private settings (a couple). Therefore, the only necessary thing is the link both parties need to have to participate in the game if it is not being played on the app. It’s very similar to participating in an online group game.


Since the Spicer app is a one-of-a-kind platform for couples, the alternatives do not qualify as dating sites. However, its sibling site, Open Couple, uses the same style but focuses on facilitating connections between singles and couples based on their common interests. If you are interested in finding an alternative to the Spicer app, the following are some choices that you have:

  • Pillow
  • Coupl app
  • Couple
  • Amorus

In addition, if you are seeking a dating website that caters exclusively to singles, the following websites are both excellent choices to take into consideration:

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Bumble


The Spicer app can be downloaded for minimal cost. To use it along with your significant other is completely free of charge. On the other hand, there are some more packs that you might be interested in buying. The following is a rundown of all the features included at no additional cost to you, while using them is entirely voluntary.

Free of Charge Features

  • Downloadable app
  • Creation of links and dissemination of them
  • Tutorial
  • Questions: Standard package in addition to a daily question
  • Dare
  • There are tabs for the questions that have been answered, matched, and not matched.
  • Calendar
  • Hide and report question
  • Add question
  • Matchbook with a message

Access to Paid Features

Additional question packs are available in the following formats: Roleplay, Advanced, Spicer Plus, and Lifetime.

You won’t have to worry about paying any money to utilize the Spicer app because the vast majority of its functions and questions are provided at no cost. Nevertheless, if you want to make things more naughty, the advanced question packets function like sex toys to offer more enjoyment.

Plans and Costs for the Spicer Mobile App

  • The cost of one month of Spicer Plus is USD 3.99.
  • The cost of a year of Spicer Plus is $29.99 (USD).
  • The Advanced Pack 1 costs $1.99 in the US.
  • The Advanced Pack 2 costs $1.99 in the US.
  • The Advanced Pack 3 costs $1.99 in the US.
  • The Advanced Pack 4 is available for 1.99 USD.
  • The Advanced Pack 5 is available for 5.99 USD.
  • The Advanced Pack 6 is available for 5.99 USD.
  • The cost of the roleplay pack is USD 1.99.
  • Spicer Plus for life can be purchased for 59.99 USD.


You can tell how much people love the Spicer app just by reading any review posted on the internet. An essential thing, though, is that people are grateful that they did it after reading about it someplace. Therefore, it is evident that the Spicer app is mainly gaining popularity due to word of mouth. How, exactly! Users assert that the Spicer app was essential in preserving their partnerships. The same as what we mentioned at the beginning of this article about how a lack of sex or dull sex could be a significant reason for the end of a relationship.

Spicer software appears to fill the void that develops among couples by providing great sex to maintain their level of excitement. It functions similarly to the modern-day Bible of relationships, except that you do not need to read it. Therefore, you should give it a shot if you are in a relationship. Check out the answers to the questions; even if you don’t have a date yet, you can come up with some conversation starters when you go out.

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