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The LELO does have a resemblance to some internal organs. That much is true. Perhaps a more simplistic and cartoony stomach. My interest peaked when I learned that the LELO provides a new form of stimulation that even reaches the interior portions of the clitoris.


When I was asked if I would evaluate LELO, I said that I would do so as long as it was made clear that my review would not be considered an endorsement of LELO as a corporation. At this point, I cannot affirm that I stand behind the company. Only my experiences with LELO will be discussed in this review, and I will try to keep my per LELO opinions regarding the LELO brand separate from my thoughts on the product itself.


“Sonic clitoral massager” best describes the LELO device. The LELO is a clitoral stimulator that differs from the majority of other clitoral stimulators in that it does not employ a vibrating motor but rather acoustic pulses and waves. According to LELO, it stimulates the entire clitoris, not just the areas exposed to the environment. They mean that the majority of vibrators can only reach the clitoral glans, which is the portion of the clitoris that protrudes outward, leaving the majority of the clitoris, which is internal, unstimulated. On the other hand, it is stated that the LELO employs its acoustic pulses deeply within the interior clitoral structures.

Despite their similarities to suction-based toys such as the Womanizer and the Satisfyer, these sonic pulses offer something that cannot be found in those other products. This seems to use airwaves to magically tap your clitoris instead of using airwaves to pull (suction) on your clitoris. LELO compares the sensation to being in front of a massive speaker and having sound waves throughout the body. See the examples below:


In terms of its outward appearance, the LELO is distinct from pretty much every other type of sexual accessory. Mr. Ruby can’t stop remembering how much it looks like a 3D-printed organ on the inside. The LELO is compact and lightweight, in addition to being thick, curved, and featuring a small mouth that resembles a tube. It can easily fit in the palm of my hand. The rear is covered with a coating made of ABS plastic in a golden tint. The USB charging port is accessible through a hole in the bottom of the base. The controls are on one end of the front, while the mouth is on the opposite.


Oh boy. This gadget makes a lot of noise. The Womanizer Pro40 is quiet and gets even softer when applied to the skin. In contrast, the LELO begins out being relatively quiet, but it becomes boisterous when applied to the skin. Every time I’ve used it, I’ve felt self-conscious about the neighbors in the apartment next to mine hearing what I was saying, which doesn’t happen very often.


The LELO has arrived with its travel locks engaged. Connecting the charger will unlock it for use. You can also press and hold the (+) and (–) buttons simultaneously for five seconds. If you would like to travel lock it, you can do so by pressing these buttons for another five seconds.

Charge the LELO for two hours before making use of it for the first time. After it has been charged, you can place it over your clitoris (nipple or any other part you want!) and activate it by pushing the + button. It will begin to vibrate. You can customize the volume by tapping the (+) and (–) buttons. Click the center button () to cycle through each of the eight vibration patterns. Hold the button that looks like a minus sign to turn it off.

Put the plug into the base of your LELO, and then connect the USB port of the plug to either your computer or a USB-wall adapter. This will allow you to charge your LELO. When it is charging, the LED light will flash, but after it is fully charged, it will remain constant. A white light will flash on and off on the LELO when the battery life becomes low. After one to two hours of charging, you will have around one hour of playtime.


Two distinct iterations of this toy are available: LELO and LELO Cruise. The Cruise features an automatic function that detects a slowing motor and costs roughly $30 more than the standard model (from pressing the LELO against your skin). The engine will be revved back up again using pulse wave modulation as soon as it detects any slowing motion. This objective is to guarantee that you will always receive the same amount of power.

I cannot comment on whether it is worthwhile to spend more money on the Cruise. Regarding the LELO, I can tell that I was never bothered by any inconvenience caused by a slowing motor and that I function very well without one.


The things that LELO sells come in attractive packaging. The package sent to you is understated in appearance and dark in color. You will find the LELO, a USB charger, a black satin storage bag, a sample lubrication packet, the registration card for the one-year guarantee, and a pair of short instruction manuals inside the package.


The majority of the LELO is crafted from silicone. On the other hand, the backplate is made of ABS plastic in a golden color. These two materials are entirely harmless to the human body. The matte and silky feel of the silicone is consistent with the rest of LELO’s toys.

The LELO is resistant to water. I usually rinse mine in warm, soapy water if I need to clean them for regular use. In addition to that, LELO suggests that you tend the toy. A cotton swab can be utilized to clean the oral cavity effectively.

I was hoping you could make sure you utilize the LELO with a lubricant based on water, like my favorite.


I experimented with utilizing the LELO in a few different ways. First, I experimented with simply hovering it close to my clitoris while gradually increasing the intensity. Even though I could detect a faint wave-like sensation, I didn’t find it pleasant. Instead, I had the most success placing it over the clitoris without applying forceful pressure. In contrast to my previous experiences with traditional vibrators, I did not require violent force when using the LELO.

During my 5-day test, I experienced an orgasmic response more than 16 times thanks to this toy. Therefore I can confirm that it works pretty well.

Is there an increase in activity in the internal clitoris as a result? Yep! During the buildup, I am aware of a pleasant sensation that travels along both sides of the inner “legs” of the clitoris. It’s a sensation I’ve experienced before, but it doesn’t happen very often, so it still blows my mind every time.

It is important to note that it takes me significantly longer to achieve an orgasmic state with this toy in comparison to other types of vibrators like the Womanizer Pro40. I have no idea why; even though it’s pleasurable, the buildup to an orgasmic state is much more gradual for me when I use this toy (8 minutes vs. 2–3 minutes). The LELO is capable of producing flawless orgasms when they finally show up. These orgasms live up to their reputation by being STRONG and gripping your toes.

  • In addition, the low price point (around $100) attracts my attention.
  • An image contrasting the LELO with the Womanizer Pro40 and the Satisfyer Pro
  • The Womanizer Pro40, the LELO LELO, and the Satisfyer Pro2 are pictured above, from left to right.



Even though I have my per reservations about the brand, I found the LELO LELO to be enjoyable. I suggest the toy itself, mainly if you buy it through a reputable third-party distributor such as Peepshow Toys. Orgasms are potent, which astonished me when I discovered that the internal clitoris does feel aroused during them. If this is your preferred playing style, or if you haven’t had much luck with conventional vibrators in the past, the LELO is an option that you should think about trying out. It is also a lot more expensive than many other LELO toys, coming in at $89.10 (when you apply a coupon for 10% off with the code RUBY).

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