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Today, in contrast to the typical dating websites we investigate, we examine something entirely new. A chat platform called LuckCrush guarantees random video talks with people of the other sex.

These live video chat websites are not new and offer an alternate method of meeting someone for a date. This is particularly true if you don’t mind chit-chatting with total strangers.

Alternatively, if you aren’t explicitly seeking one, try an online dating site with a matching algorithm that suggests matches for you nearby.

LuckyCrush Chat offers all of those mentioned above as a random video chat site on their homepage for your laptop or mobile device. You can start a conversation with anyone worldwide with only a button. Therefore, you should read our review of LuckyCrush.live if you want to learn more about what it offers.

We evaluate the following in it:

  • How to use LuckyCrush to discover partners for the opposite sex.
  • What chat options does it have (is there only free chat, or does it include private video chat sessions)?
  • Is it intended for online dating and casual flirtation with strangers, or is it primarily used as a chat site?

And a lot more

Let’s dive right into it because our LuckyCrush review is unquestionably one of the most thorough. Are you having the best chance of success with your dating app? Take our quiz on dating websites and apps to find out. On average, people using our dating site recommendations go on 2 more monthly dates.

Suitable Audience/Demographics

Give LuckyCrush a try if you don’t mind conversing privately with unrelated girls and guys worldwide. Since the website is not yet set up with LGBT options, you will only encounter heterosexual folks here.

But how widespread is LuckyCrush?

Over a million people have already registered to use this online chat service. It also seems sensible that sites like this would gain even more popularity during the Covid-19 shutdown which was imposed.

I was able to uncover the following additional information about the website:

  • Men predominate among LuckyCrush users in real life.
  • United States users make up about 20000 of the total.
  • It is a highly active chat platform with 100000 daily logins.
  • That amounts to 3 million visitors each month.

As you can see from the statistics above, many individuals use LuckyCrush as a recreational resource.

It boasts user counts that put it up with many prominent ones compared to other online dating portals.

User age range and gender distribution on LuckyCrush

What kind of gender ratio are we looking at? We already know that the majority of users on this chat service are men.

Currently, it is divided as follows:

Men make up about 78% of the user base.

22% are women.

So it is safe to say that this chat network caters primarily to men.

The real test, I suppose, will be whether it can connect you to random live webcam conversations with the gender you wish to talk to. We shall try that, though, a little later.

How about age groups?

Males over 55 make up 22% of all users, making up the most extensive user demographic. I was a little surprised by this, but fortunately, the user base is spread out despite this odd anomaly.

Here is a detailed explanation for you:

  • 55 and older: 25% of all users, 22% of whom are men and 3% of whom are women.
  • 25 to 34-year-olds make up 24% of all users, 12% of whom are men and 12% women.
  • Among those aged 45 to 54, 17% are male, and 2% are female, making up 15% of the total.
  • 35 to 44-year-olds make up 26% of all users, 8% of whom are men and 8% of whom are women.
  • 15% of users are between 18 and 24, with 5% of men and 10% of women.

A few things stick out if we dig a little deeper into these statistics.

The fact that female users outnumber male users in the 18 to 24-year-old age bracket by a ratio of 2:1 is what first drew my attention.

But another thing to note is that, contrary to what I would have expected, this group contributes the fewest users to the website. Additionally, you’ll observe that users between the ages of 25 and 34 are equally split between men and women.

That occurs once more in the group of people aged 35 to 44. Therefore, if you belong to either of these two groups and are concerned about the site’s user-to-user male dominance, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a chat partner.

Effortless Use

There is nothing official on Google Play or the App Store, even though it appears like LuckyCrush has a few APK alternatives if you’d instead try it out as an app. Since you can’t tell how reliable these APK files are, I would advise against using them.

The LuckCrush website is now available, and you can quickly locate it by pointing your browser to www.luckycrush.live.

But how does LuckyCrush’s registration process operate?

It couldn’t be any simpler.

What you must do is as follows.

  • Name and gender.
  • Press the “Enter” key.

Begin conversing

Yes, you can use the site without even registering.

However, most people will register, and there are steps to take.

You will have to supply the following details:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password

The only information you need to supply is what is listed above. Not even email validation will be required. I suppose that is standard practice on a website that allows you to access it without registering.

Now, before you continue, a brief word of caution. You might not want to use LuckyCrush if you don’t like nudity.

Nudity or any other setting of that nature cannot be changed at all. Users of LuckyCrush appear to have no qualms about flashing some skin!

Using LuckyCrush and getting used to it

LuckyCrush does not have chat rooms with many people like other chat sites. No, it offers users the option of having private video chats with other people. Additionally, you and the person on the other end of the line are conversing one-on-one in this situation.

Turning on your webcam is essential. Users will move on to the next person if you don’t before you can speak to them or send them a message.

But I’m assuming too much right now.

Let’s discuss the procedures you must follow to enter your first random chat. It’s not that much.

After completing the registration process, select “Start Chatting” from the menu. By doing so, the website will connect you with the first available user.

The notion that you will always communicate with someone of the opposing sex is one of the things I find most appealing about the website. This is true despite the site’s disproportionately high number of male visitors.

I can confirm that it never took more than five seconds to connect me to another female user once I hit the “Next Button” to start a new chat.

That was pretty impressive, in my opinion.

Another intriguing discovery I made was that, as a man, I could use the website for free for around five minutes. After that, I had to pay to talk with him longer. However, using the website is entirely free if you’re a woman.

I find it difficult to comprehend why there aren’t more female users on LuckyCrush in light of this. As more people learn, they won’t have to pay anything to use the site, which might alter.

Later in the review, I will discuss the site’s talking functionality, but for now, I’d want to talk about the website’s overall features.

There isn’t much to say in response to that. There are just four options at the top of the screen, and they aren’t that useful.

These menus include

Support: If you click here, you won’t be able to access a FAQ or support documents. You will only see an email address, which you may use to send any questions you may have regarding the website.

Pull-down arrow: This is where you can switch the website’s language. For me, there were only two choices: French or English.

Balance: Go here to view how many speaking minutes you have left on the website. If you are a male user and you run out of minutes, you can choose to buy more by selecting the “Buy Minutes” option found here.

Account: You can associate several options related to your account here. This gives you access to settings, a log-out chance, and the opportunity to remove your account once you’ve finished using the website. By selecting the account settings options, you can change your username, email address, and password.

There isn’t much to choose from in terms of the menu and navigation on the website, as I already indicated. Helping users connect with others and video chat with them is the only goal.

Your profile on LuckyCrush

There is absolutely none. In my opinion, it’s unquestionably one of the mistakes they made.

I realize the site’s primary goal is to bring people together and facilitate conversation, but what’s wrong with having a brief user profile containing basic information about each member?

You can’t even post a profile photo for yourself, you know. It’s one area, in my opinion, that can use improvement. The main focus of LuckyCrush is online dating with people from around the world (like BeNaughty or Ashley Madison). Most of this platform’s users are not looking for long-term relationships (like eHarmony or Tinder).

There won’t be anyone nearby that you can start a conversation and eventually meet in person. Simply put, it doesn’t operate that way.

Users of LuckyCrush are more than eager to use the site to meet new people and build friendships, but as I’ve already mentioned, some of them are also willing to strip off.

So, if you’re into that sort of thing, cybersex is a possibility on the platform.

Many of the folks I spoke with looked eager to start immediately, and their webcams were fixed on their assets rather than their faces. The platform is straightforward to use, but it’s up to you to figure out precisely what you want.

Finding the kind of mate on LuckyCrush that you want

Undoubtedly, LuckyCrush has elements of Chatroulette. It can be challenging to discover the type of person you want to talk to. And given how the site functions, that makes perfect sense.

Therefore, after choosing to engage in video chat, you will connect with a person on the other side of the globe (in all probability).

There are a few things you will notice right immediately once the connection is created. The first thing that stands out about them is their webcam view.

Whatever they want to display will be there in full splendour and occupy a sizable portion of your screen. As I previously mentioned, some folks go completely NSFW, so ensure you’re using LuckyCrush in a secure environment. For instance, could you not use it at work?

You will see a chatbox below their webcam display. The most effective location to start a conversation is probably here. I discovered that LuckyCrush used an automatic translator when I looked through the website and the chat feature.

Therefore, it makes no difference if you do not speak your partner’s language because the website handles all of the translations for you. You can communicate with each other using the webcam’s microphone if they can speak English.

If not, keep typing, and your words will be translated into their language and vice versa. It’s a very ingenious technique and one of the advantages of the website because it makes it simple and quick to speak with other users, wherever they may be.

You and the person you are conversing with have two options if you don’t like them.

Key Elements

LuckyCrush doesn’t have a lot of essential features, and guys only need to purchase credits to ensure they have chat minutes on the platform.

I wish to draw attention to a few factors that make the website a helpful live chat platform.

1. Translation by machine

The ingenious automatic translation method was already stated above. LuckyCrush wouldn’t work as well without it. Yes, similar sites have similar processes, but I admire how successful this one is.

You can also gain knowledge from it.

That’s because your words are instantly translated for the other user to read as soon as you hit enter after typing a word or sentence. Additionally, you may view the term in its native tongue, which I felt was a valuable addition to the website. It’s a brilliant system that maintains the site’s high level of functionality.

2. Introducing you to users who are of the opposite gender only

LuckyCrush will only pair you up with people of the opposite gender, regardless of your gender. Although this does preclude an efficient way for LGBT people to use the site, it is a crucial component, in my opinion.

That’s especially true given the extreme gender disparity on this video chat platform (78% men to 22% women). I’m not sure how the website accomplishes it, but it ensures that every connection is with someone of the opposite sex.


As we’ve already seen, women can use the website without charge if they register a profile. Men can choose not to create a profile at all, but if they don’t want to pay to use the site and talk with other users, they won’t be able to do so.

That manifests itself, as we all know, as credits.

If you are a male user testing out LuckyCrush or wanting to meet people through it, you will need to utilize this on-site currency to start conversations with female users. But how much will these credits set you back, and does LuckyCrush offer you a range of payment options?

For instance, will it be less expensive for you to purchase more credits at once? There are possibilities. There are three of them.

Here is a list of what to anticipate:

  • 15 points = $16.90 (15 minutes of online video chat)
  • 60 points = $49.90 (60 minutes of online video chat)
  • 90 points = $89.90 (90 minutes of online video chat)
  • It costs about $1.20 per minute if you buy 15 credits for 15 minutes of chat.
  • If you choose the larger packages, this does decrease, but not considerably.
  • In actuality, 60 credits for 60 minutes of discussion is the best deal.
  • It comes to considerably less than $1 per minute.

Is it expensive?

Well, I believe it to be, indeed.

The benefit that all male users have in this situation is that they do have a few free minutes to explore and test out the website.

With the “trial before you purchase” option, you can browse the website and communicate with other users long enough to decide whether or not you wish to pay later. The choice to purchase credits for viewing time will ultimately depend on each person and what they hope to get out of LuckyCrush, even though I believe the site could be more affordable.


Final Thoughts and Overall Score

We appreciate you reading our Lucky Crush Live review. This is the site for you if you’ve been looking for a video chat platform to meet new people worldwide and don’t mind some nudity.

To sum up, LuckyCrush is relatively easy to utilize. You can start conversing with other individuals in less than a minute. Despite not having the most attractive interface overall, you can still navigate the site and start chatting as soon as you log in.

Thanks to the automated translator, you can talk with everyone you connect with. LuckyCrush always ensures that the people you chat with of the other gender is another major positive in my book.

Unfortunately, this excludes the LGBT community, though I’m sure a few changes might make it possible for them to use the site.

Ideally, at some point in the future.

If you’re a man, you’ll have to pay for video chat time on the website, which in my opinion, is relatively pricey. However, you can currently access the website for free if you’re a woman. The lack of an app for LuckyCrush, even though it supports mobile devices, is one of its significant drawbacks, in my opinion.

Simply put, I believe an app would be helpful and might be considered someday. But first, let’s talk about LuckyCrush’s rating. It receives a perfect 4 out of 5 and, in my opinion, is worth checking into.

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