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Matchbox is widely regarded as one of the most successful matchmaking businesses catering to the needs of Muslim singles in North America and Canada. Matchbox Matrimonial is the company that developed the website, which makes its services available to all those who identify as practicing Islam as their religious affiliation. The website is home to a skilled and experienced staff of marriage brokers that are committed to delivering the very finest traditional marriage services. This indicates that the organization caters its services to the specific needs of each individual customer and protects the confidentiality of all users.

In Which Languages Is the Matchbox Available to Be Used?

The content of the website is written in English. On the landing page, there are no options available to switch the language being shown.

Who exactly owns the Matchbox company?

The Matchbox is a matrimonial service that is owned by its namesake.

Which nation does the company’s headquarters currently call home?

The headquarters of the corporation can be found in Ontario in Canada.

What was the year when Matchbox was established?

2016 marked the beginning of operations for the Matchbox firm.

Is Matchbox Available in All Countries Around the World?

The website can be accessed in a number of nations in Arabia, as well as in countries in North America and Europe. However, the Matchbox is not sold in several countries because to licensing restrictions.


Offline communication is a feature that can be utilized through the website. There are some features that are accessible to all members of the community, and there are other features that are accessible exclusively to premium members.

Interview with the matchmaker – the matchmaker will interview every single member, and there will be no additional fees for this service.

It is possible to look for a potential match among all of the profiles, and the compatibility indications are used to determine each potential match.

Your queries about the potential match will be answered by the matchmaker, and they will share any pertinent information with you (but they won’t give out your identity or their contact information).

There are certain capabilities that can only be accessed by Premium and Platinum users.

You will receive monthly updates regarding the activity of the profile.

Every Platinum member on the Matchbox website is given the opportunity to obtain an unlimited number of potential matches that are compatible, and the matchmakers undertake discreet searches through external networks located around the region.

The Platinum and Premium memberships come at a cost that is, without a doubt, going to be greater than that of the Basic membership.


People who are interested in finding a spouse for a committed relationship are the ones who make up the membership of this offline dating group. Every one of the individuals is a solitary Muslim. According to the Terms and Conditions, there are not supposed to be any people who are married or who are in a committed relationship. Since the profiles must first be approved by the administration, there is no possibility of encountering a phony profile. Approximately 49% of the members of the website are located in Canada. Roughly 49% of our members call the United States, in all its diversity, home. The remaining 1% come from various countries all around the world, with the UK and Australia accounting for 1% each. On the Matchbox website, there are between 55 and 60 percent more women than there are males, which range from 40 to 45 percent.

Members Age

As a result, neither youngsters nor those considered to be minors may be found on our website because every member is at least 18 years old. There is a wide range of ages represented among the Matchbox community’s participant pool. 18–75 years of age range.

Is It Possible to Fall Prey to Fakes and Con Artists on This Website?

On the Matchbox, there are no false profiles to be found. All profiles are verified because the administration conducts interviews with each applicant.


You may find the Matchbox website at if you are interested. The Matchbox does not have an app since the concept of a mobile app does not align with that of the website. There is an app called Matchbox that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, but this app is not affiliated with Matchbox in any way. It is not appropriate to think of this app as being a part of the Matchbox concept because it is a platform for having casual interactions.

How does the application actually work?

Offline access to the website’s services is available. That eliminates the possibility of taking part in any live conversations that may be available. As a result, there is no requirement for an app. You are, nevertheless, free to utilize the mobile edition of the website in the event that this is more convenient for you.

Matchbox’s official website

Matchbox is a user-friendly website since it has a clean layout and clear navigation. On the website, you can find a wealth of information pertaining to the company’s offerings as well as the user experience. In addition to that, the website contains a wide variety of helpful links, videos, and pictures. Additionally, you have the option of reading the genuine reviews, articles, and advice pertaining to love relationships. The website is quite simple to navigate, and you can get in touch with the support crew if you need assistance utilizing it. Matchbox has put a lot of effort into making their website look professional, and it really shows. You won’t stumble upon any useless information or advertisements when you go there. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll run across any problems while navigating this website.

Is There a Version of the App That Can Be Used on a Desktop?

Because there is no app, the only version of the website you may use is the one on your computer.

Which Web Browsers are Compatible with Matchbox’s Login Process?

The Matchbox website is completely compatible with all of today’s most common web browsers, so you won’t have any problems using it. You might want to check out Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, for instance.

What Causes It to Be So Difficult to Access the Website?

It’s likely that you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, or that you’ve lost track of either your password or your email address. There is also a possibility that there are some technical troubles on the Matchbox website at this very moment. If you are having trouble logging into the website, you can try doing so at a later time, you can use a different internet browser, or you can contact the support team.


The layout of the website offers a feast for the viewer’s sense of sight. The hues blue, white, and a deep red are used to manufacture matchboxes. It gives the sense of sophistication to those who use it. There are a lot of articles, pictures, and movies that are educational. The support crew is always there to provide assistance as needed. After you’ve created your profile, the matchmakers will look for potential matches for you, and they’ll only initiate communication between the two of you if both of you like each other and are ready to take the next step toward getting together.

How do I go about Creating an Account?

You can create a profile on Matchbox by going to the website’s landing page and clicking on the button that says “Create a Profile.” This button is located next to the one that says “Login.” At this point, you are going to need to fill out the registration form. You will be prompted to enter your full name, as well as your email address and telephone number. In addition to this, it is also important to include information about your racial, cultural, and professional background.

In addition, please include the name of the city, province, or country in which you presently reside. After you have finished filling out the registration form on Matchbox, you will be prompted to select the kinds of services that you are interested in receiving. There are three levels of membership available to choose from: basic, premium, and platinum. You are free to click the “Submit” button at this time. Before you are allowed to register for the website, you will be presented with a request to read the website’s terms and conditions. Because the agreement determines the nature of the relationship that exists between you and the organization, taking the time to read over the Terms and Conditions is not only highly recommended but also required.

There is no option to sign up using either your Facebook or Instagram account; this service does not support those platforms. If you have been widowed, divorced, are now single, or are a person who is not married according to Islamic law, your membership application will be granted. The Matchbox website does not offer its services to anyone who is already married in accordance with Islamic law. As a result, in order to utilize the website, users are required to adhere to the Muslim religion. Creating a profile on Matchbox often takes between one and three minutes, while filling out the application form can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. Check out the articles that are available on the internet and read some Matchbox reviews to get more information regarding the sign-up procedure.

How may a person’s match status be removed?

You have the option of informing the administration if you do not wish to continue communicating with your match at any time. The matchmakers will make another attempt to discover a suitable partner for you. Keep in mind that you will only be able to receive one match at a time.

Is It Possible for Individuals Under the Age of 18 to Use the Website?

You need to be at least 18 years old in order to register for a Matchbox account. Because of this, there is no way for children or teenagers to utilize the website in any capacity.

What Are the Steps to Take to Become a Trusted Member?

After creating your profile on Matchbox and waiting a few days, the administration will contact you to conduct an interview. The interviewer will review and approve all of the information that is included in your profile.

How Can You Make Sure That Your Email Address Is Correct?

Simply clicking on the confirmation link sent by Matchbox will suffice to validate your e-mail address.

Is It Possible to Register Using Your Facebook Account? / Est-ce Possible?

Your Facebook account cannot be used in any manner to complete the registration process. Submitting the registration form that is located on the landing page of the website is required to complete the registration process.

How Should a Visitor Navigate the Site?

Only those who have already created an account on the Matchbox website will be able to utilize the site.

Instructions on How to Complete Your Profile?

In order to finish creating your profile, you will need to provide responses to all of the questions contained inside the application form. It is essential to communicate just the genuine information about oneself. The information that you submit will be used as the basis for the search for potential matches.

How can you delete photos that have been uploaded?

There will be room in the website’s database for two of the photographs that you upload. Get in touch with the customer care team if you want your photos changed or deleted from the website.

How Can I Delete My Account or Change My Username?

If you deactivate your profile, the username associated with it will also be removed automatically. Send an email to the support team if you want to alter your username. Please keep in mind that only your genuine name may be used.

Your Matchbox profile may be deleted, can it not?

Yes, without a doubt. Contacting the support team at any moment throughout your membership will allow you to deactivate your profile.

Matchbox is a website for offline dating; as a result, there is no way to control whether or not other users can see your profile. Inform the support team that your profile should not be displayed to other community members if this is something you prefer to keep private.

How can you remove information that has already been submitted?

When you delete your account, all of your contacts and data will be removed as well.

Investigating the Members

Members with the Premium or Platinum tiers have access to this feature. The Matchmakers on this website will use the database that is contained within the Matchbox in order to do the search for the Premium members. The quest for Platinum members will continue regardless of the restrictions that they have specifically outlined.

Is It Possible to View the Members of Matchbox That You Have Chosen to Like?

Your matchmakers will keep a record of everything related to your potential partners. The matchmaker will begin a new search for you once you have rejected a potential match that they have found for you.

Matchbox users have access to various search options.

There are various different search possibilities available, irrespective of the sort of membership you have. Members with a Premium subscription will see the members who just have a Basic membership. On the other hand, no search will be conducted for Basic members. When a Premium member conducts a search, the results will be based on the information stored in the website’s database. When it comes to Platinum members, the search will be conducted using the additional databases that are maintained by the Matchbox website’s partners.

If you have a basic membership, can you check to see if someone has liked you on Matchbox?

If someone shows interest in your profile on the dating website, the site’s matchmakers will always get in touch with you and let you know about it.

Messaging Opportunities

The offline mode will be used for the transmission of all messages. There is no way to participate in the live chat or to send messages using the web platform.

How Do I Begin a Message Conversation with Someone Using Matchbox?

To begin, the matchmaker will conduct an interview with you and require that you create a profile on their website. After that, the matchmaker will send you a prospective match, and if the two of you are interested in each other, you can exchange messages and take another step toward getting into a relationship with each other.

How do I send someone a message?

On Matchbox, in order to send a message to another user, you must first be introduced to that user. You’ll be able to send the first message to the person if they like you.

Is There Any Cost Involved When Sending a Message?

When you upgrade to a Premium or Platinum membership, the ability to send and receive messages is included as part of your subscription at no additional cost.

How Can You View the Members Who Have Communicated with You?

The matchmakers will forward any messages to you that are received from your potential matches.

How Do You Select Who Will Get in Touch with You on Matchbox?

You won’t hear from anyone until they’ve been vetted beforehand. Let your matchmaker know if there are any potential partners for whom you do not wish to receive communications from.


On Matchbox, you may choose from three different levels of membership: Basic, Premium, and Platinum. There is no option available to create a profile without paying a fee. The basic membership on the website will set you back fifty bucks, and it will allow you to register for the membership. The staff of the Matchbox website will communicate with you in the event that one of the premium members of the community shows interest in your profile. Your registration will cost you a one-time fee of fifty dollars, which will entitle you to automatic enrollment in the Basic membership tier. Your current membership level can always be upgraded to a higher one at your discretion. The Premium membership is the next tier up in the membership hierarchy.

The price for a Premium membership is two hundred fifty bucks. You will receive additional services if you sign up for this type of membership. Weak searches will be conducted so that we can identify the best possible matches for you. The staff will get in touch with you in order to present the prospective match once they have found a match. The staff of this website will trade your images with one another in the event that both of you are interested in carrying on the conversation. After then, there will be a possibility to proceed to the next level, which is to meet each other and become acquainted with one another. The Platinum membership is the next tier up from the basic membership. The price is a retainer of five hundred dollars.

This membership is restricted to individuals who meet certain criteria, including age, geographic area, and religious practice. It was developed for customers who have certain needs. The website will look for your ideal partner not only among its own users but also in community networks and religious organizations as well. Matchbox has a number of different payment options for its premium membership, including the use of PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

Which of These Features are Available to You Free of Charge?

You will be required to pay fifty dollars in order to set up a profile on the website and obtain the Basic membership. If this is the case, your Basic membership is offered at no cost. In order to use this service, you will need to schedule a meeting with the site’s matchmaker. After a short period of time, the administration will conduct an interview with you, and then and only then will your profile become viewable on the website’s database. You will have the opportunity to be presented to other Premium or Platinum members if you sign up for this sort of membership. You have the option to upgrade your membership in order to have access to additional features and to receive potential matches.

Accessible to Premium and Platinum Members Only Features

A Premium Membership grants you access to more features and increases the likelihood that you will find your true love. For instance, the administration of the website will give you with photographs and information about your potential matches while you are using the Matchbox website.

Does Matchbox Offer a More Premium Membership Option?

The Matchbox does, in fact, provide a premium membership option. During the signup process, you will be required to select the type of membership that best suits your preferences. There are three levels of membership available to choose from: basic, premium, and platinum.

How Can You Put an End to Your Matchbox Subscription?

You have the ability to terminate your subscription at any moment, as well as erase your profile. Contacting the support team will accomplish this.

If you did not make use of the website, is it possible to get your money back?

There is no way to seek a refund for any of the purchased services, and you should plan accordingly.

If you did not find a suitable match, is it possible to get your money back?

There is no assurance that you will find a spouse through the use of this website. Despite this, there is no way to get your money back under any circumstances. Please get in touch with the support team if the services that were provided did not meet your expectations. It is possible that this will assist you in finding other options.


The website does, in fact, take measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of its users. Because it is a website for offline dating, the only people who will be able to view your information are the matchmakers and the people who could potentially date you. Your potential mates will only see the most fundamental aspects of your profile. The matchmakers conduct screening interviews and background checks on all of the Matchbox users. There is no real-time communication available with a significant number of users all at once.


Your information will only be used for the purpose of facilitating online dating through the Matchbox website. Your personal information will not be divulged to any other parties without first obtaining your consent. When you delete your account, all of the data associated with it will also be removed.

How Should You Proceed If You Have a Concern or Question Regarding the Privacy of Your Matchbox Account?

Get in touch with the customer service team if you have any inquiries regarding the protection of your privacy. If you have forgotten your password or E-Mail address, or if you are concerned that someone else may have access to your profile, you can get in touch with the support team.

Assurance of the Website’s Safety

It would appear that the website is quite safe and protected from con artists. There are not many opportunities for dangerous behavior given that only the support crew can view your profile or check out your images.

Why Are You Unable to Log In?

There are typically no issues encountered when attempting to visit the website. Check that the website address, the email address you provided, and the password you entered are all accurate.

Is It Possible for You to Use Your Banned Account?

You are unable to reactivate your account once you have been banned from the website because the administrators place a high priority on maintaining the integrity of the user base. In any case, get in touch with the support crew and give your contentment another shot.

What Steps Can You Take to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of?

Each of the Matchbox profiles is now inaccessible to users outside of the Matchbox staff, who are the only people who can view them. Take care with the information that you post on your profile to avoid becoming misunderstood and protecting your reputation. Your profile on has, of course, to tell a tale about your life, but it’s always to your advantage to maintain a degree of discretion when doing so. It is critical to your safety that you select the images with a neutral expression and that you take your time moving on to the next step.

How to Avoid Being Taken in by a Scammer

You will need to get in touch with the customer service team to accomplish this. Due to the fact that every member of the Matchbox website is interviewed and, as a result, confirmed, it is quite unlikely that you will ever encounter a con artist while using the Matchbox website.

When you provide the information you have, you must, of course, do so accurately. Make an effort to be as truthful as you possibly can and make sure that the information you offer about yourself is accurate. Do not reveal any information that other users of the website could find offensive. It would be in your best interest to provide information about your personality, educational background, way of life, and preferences for a potential mate in the future.

How to Get Assistance and Companionship?

You can send an e-mail to the support team if you have any issues regarding your profile or the safety of using Matchbox. After receiving your queries, they will often respond within the following few hours, at the very most. In the event that you have any difficulties navigating the website or completing your transactions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the customer service department. Fill out the contact form that is located on the homepage of the website in order to send a message to the support team. You can also get in touch with the company through its social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or by filling out the contact form that is located on the landing page.


My entire life, I’ve had the dream of being married to a Muslim, but I’ve never been able to find the appropriate person to marry. In today’s world, it is not simple to find someone who is interested in starting a family and honoring the customs of the past. Using online dating services to locate a potential spouse was not an easy choice for me to make for a considerable amount of time.

My acquaintance told me about the Matchbox; at the time, she was also on the hunt for a Muslim life companion. It was not until after some time had passed that I began to read testimonials and cheeky stories regarding the Matchbox. I don’t know how or why I made the decision to give it a shot, but looking back, I’m glad I had the courage to take that first step toward finding my lifelong companion. The fact that there is an abundance of information and that the Matchbox’s interface is easy to understand is something that appeals to me. The Matchbox website is one of my favorites because it provides its high-quality services offline, as well as protects users’ privacy and security. I place a high value on maintaining my privacy, and as a result, I am relieved that I am not required to take part in the live chats or to send the stranger my photographs. The most important thing is that everybody is looking for a long-term partner right now.

From my perspective, every aspect, from the design of the website to interactions with the support crew, is handled in a really professional manner. In addition to that, I discovered a great deal of useful information concerning love and dating. The Matchbox has helped me feel that I am lot closer to achieving my goal of being married, even though I am not yet a married lady. The gentleman who I end up meeting thanks to the assistance of my matchmaker appears to be the ideal partner for me. We want to start a family and spend the rest of our lives together teaching our children about the customs of Arabia.

Is This One of the Best Online Dating Sites?

One of the most popular dating websites for Muslims in Canada and the rest of North America is called The Matchbox. It is a website of exceptional quality, and the vast majority of people who use it report being pleased with the results of their time spent with the Matchbox.

Is it possible to find Hook-Up Appers on the Matchbox website?

This is a website for single people who are looking to start a family and are serious about doing so. There are currently no members looking for the hook-app inside the community. Because of this, the website does not contain an app of this kind.

Are there any costs associated with using this website?

You will need to pay fifty dollars in order to register for the Matchbox. Following this payment, you will immediately be upgraded to the Basic membership level of the website. In the event that you do not choose to upgrade your membership, you will not be required to make any more payments.

How Does It Operate?

The Matchbox website provides its services both online and offline in the wider world of the internet. You are required to begin by registering on the website and then scheduling a meeting with one of the site’s professional matchmakers. After that, the person who is playing matchmaker will conduct an interview with you. During the course of the interview, the matchmaker will gain additional knowledge that will assist them in their search for suitable partners for you. Following the completion of the interview, you will need to select the services you require and then wait for your matches. After getting to know you, the matchmakers will conduct weekly searches and investigate compatibility based on a wide variety of factors including the approach to religion, geography, professional achievement, education, personality, and physical attributes. They will do this after getting to know you.

Swindlers and forgers on Matchbox, you say?

It would appear that the Matchbox does not contain any bogus profiles. The matchmakers will conduct interviews with each and every member of the group. As a result, we consider the possibility of meeting a person who is engaged in fraudulent activity to be quite low. Despite this, the website is under no responsibility to verify the identities of its registered users in any way.


Visit Muslim Matrimony or Muslim Shaadi if you are interested in utilizing the alternative websites that are available. These websites are designed to assist you in locating a potential spouse for you to marry. When comparing the websites, it is helpful to learn about the experiences of other users, as well as success stories and Matchbox reviews.


One of the most popular dating websites for Muslims in Canada and the rest of North America is called The Matchbox. Matchbox is generally regarded as a high-quality website, and the vast majority of its users report being pleased with the results of their time spent using the platform. This dating platform is reserved only for solitary Muslims on the lookout for romantic partners. Matchbox was established in 2016 in Canada, and around 49% of its users are also located in that country. Your data and any sensitive information will remain secure on the website. It features its own blog and channel on YouTube, in addition to profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You’ll come across a lot of glowing reviews on Matchbox written by satisfied customers who have already found love through the platform. Many Muslims continue to hold the traditional belief that dating on the internet is improper. Despite this, there are a large number of available singles in the Matchbox database. Matchbox is not your typical online dating community; in fact, there are no users on this platform looking for hookups or one-night stands. In a nutshell, if finding a person to have a romantic relationship with is the primary objective of your search, you can use the Matchbox website to do so.

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