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You will be aware of the top cam sites for 2022 and their differences as a result of this guide. The most critical information will be covered, such as which sites offer the most affordable tokens, the available show types, and the best qualities of each.

Click here to learn about my experience broadcasting for the top cam sites if you’re a cam girl or cam guy looking to make money as a model. I can unquestionably suggest one or the other, depending on your knowledge and abilities!

1-Chaturbate: The number one cam site

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 16

The venerable Chaturbate! Although there is some competition there, I still make a lot of money on CB, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a cam model.

Even though I was already a well-known cam model (with a ton of online content), I discovered that some viewers were still hesitant to tip me, but that’s to be expected when over 10.000 people are watching your room.

Some models find it problematic that the sole purpose of using Chaturbate is to get paid using the token system. Although each Chaturbate Token for models is worth $0.05, you can request hundreds of tokens at once to carry out any given act.

I used the token system to tease my viewers until they were willing to pay for a private show. Sometimes I would let free members get a glimpse of the “expensive” acts I offered, but when it comes to spreading my butt cheeks, you’d better bet that I was asking for hundreds (if not thousands) of tokens.

You’ve got to ask yourself whether you’re comfortable with performing for an entire room full of viewers – if the answer is no, Chaturbate is probably a platform you’ll want to avoid for now. The problem is that plenty of other girls on the forum are willing to do the same stuff, just for a little cheaper.

If you aren’t a beautiful model with a specific niche (like an ass that cannot be refused), you might have some difficulties developing your audience on Chaturbate, but it’s worth a shot. The best part about Chaturbate is that it’s the most prominent cam site in the world, so it’s likely the first place most beginners will test out their talents. I definitely would!

Chaturbate Summary

  • Payment Type: Tips/Tokens and Pay-Per-Minute Chats
  • Traffic (Monthly): 60 M (active viewers) (active viewers)
  • Models often earn $5,500 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $2,000 to $20,000
  • Revenue as a percentage: 50%
  • Payout frequency: Daily or every two weeks.


  • It is the most widely used cam site.
  • Daily payments are offered.
  • Excellent client service
  • Personalized chat rooms
  • For extra money, consider selling your images or videos.


  • It’s not the finest website for smartphone streaming.

Cheapest cam sites chaturbate

2-Camsoda: A great alternative to Chaturbate

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 17

Since its founding in 2016, Camsoda has experienced astronomical growth because of its cutting-edge features and capacity to attract new performers to the platform.

Since they are one of the more heavily advertised cam model platforms on the Internet today, you have undoubtedly heard of them. As they allow models to keep about 55% of their revenue, CamSoda is ideal for when you want to start making money right away. This is significantly more than the majority of cam sites now available.

It’s ideal for any model wishing to promote other content (like OnlyFans or PornHub) or who wants to make cam modelling their full-time profession.

If you work as a model full-time, you shouldn’t disregard CamSoda because it allows you to broadcast on two cam sites simultaneously, and you know what that means: money!

CamSoda might be the solution you’ve been hunting for all this time if you’re more interested in boosting your cam model income. If you’re producing quality material (and are a beautiful female! ), there’s a strong chance you can make a lot of money with this website because they have a lot of monthly visitors. Without a doubt, I would try CamSoda!

CamSoda Overview

  • Payment Options: Tips/Tokens and Merchandising (Sell Pictures/Videos)
  • 1.8 M monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • Models typically earn $6,000 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $3,500 to $11,000
  • Revenue as a percentage: 67%
  • Payout Frequency: Every Week


  • You can market films, on-demand television, or photo collections. You decide the cost!
  • Weekly payments plus a 55% revenue share
  • Eligible for assistance with health insurance


  • To make the most of it, some experience is required.

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3-Stripchat: Probably the best site for amateur cam models

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 18

In just 5 years, Stripchat has risen to the top of the most popular sex cam websites, primarily due to its unique features, such as VR-compatible shows and other intriguing features.

It functions similarly to Chaturbate or Camsoda because it is a tip-based cam site and is straightforward to use! In my opinion, Stripchat is the finest site to use if you want to be a cam model because they pay their models more on average than any other site. In the end, it’s a numbers game, but if you join a service that offers high payouts, you’ll put yourself in a far better position to succeed.

During my time as a model, I tested practically every single cam site available and discovered that Stripchat gave me the best average pay.

I reasoned that the enormous amount of traffic coming through to my streams was to blame, and the fact that they have many “big spenders” there certainly helps. You have the option to go private utilizing a “pay-per-minute” business model, which enables you to communicate directly and intimately with your followers without offering anything for free.

Exclusive talks are a big deal on Stripchat, so if someone wants to have a one-on-one session with you, they may do so quickly.

Stripchat offers its models a 60 percent revenue split regardless of profile age if they want to start making money immediately.

They also have a function that boosts new models for two weeks, enabling you to build an organic following and start making money immediately.

The “freemium” model and how many viewers demanded a free show before they were prepared to tip were the only drawbacks I discovered with Stripchat. If they wanted to see anything excellent, I would tease them and make them go into private.

Summary of a stripchat

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • Traffic: 6.7 M per month (Stripchat)
  • Models typically earn $9,000 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $8,000 to $15,000
  • % of revenue ranging from 50% to 59%
  • Payout Frequency: Every Week


Tip shows, private shows, spy members, cam-to-cam shows, group and ticket shows, fan clubs, referral programs, cash bonuses, and selling your content are the nine methods to make money.

  • Every month, $24,000 is awarded as prize money.
  • VR, OBS, HD, and mobile broadcasting
  • 24/7 assistance and DMCA defence
  • 2-week increase in traffic for new models


  • Not much at all

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4-Jerkmate: A good option for new cam girls

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 19

Because they host special events with well-known pornstars, Jerkmate, a relatively new cam service, has become highly famous in recent years.

Want to take advantage of the community that comes with Streamate but don’t give a damn about what people think of cam girls? We all need to find a way to support our families, so shortly after my time with Streamate, I choose to check out Jerkmate.

Generally speaking, they offer the same amount of monthly traffic, and since they are headquartered in Eastern Europe, they are sure to attract many viewers willing to spend top dollar. Registering for the website is straightforward, and once you’ve chosen your gender, the quick sign-up procedure will have you performing on Jerkmate in no time.

The website has a slightly different appearance than Streamate, but it functions the same; the only distinction is that there are no restrictions on the number of free watchers.

Given the large selection of models on Streamate, this layout aids viewers in staying calm. Viewers will concentrate on Jerkmate when you want to adjust things and find cam females that meet your requirements (which makes it worthwhile in most cases).

There are three distinct chat levels to pick from, which makes up for the lack of cam-splitting. Since you may choose the price of your shows in advance, they can help you as a cam model earn even more money.

There are three options available: “Premium Chat,” “Exclusive Chat,” and “Gold Shows.” Models will receive tips from viewers in the form of Gold, which functions similarly to Chaturbate’s token system (or most other cam sites).

I would advise moving to another platform if you’re a seasoned streamer. However, Jerkmate is unquestionably worth looking into for fresh cam models. To read my review of Jerkmate, click here.

Jerkmate Synopsis

  • Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips for Shows
  • 740 K monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • Models typically earn $3,000 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $800 to $5,000
  • Percentage of revenue between 35% and 50%
  • Weekly payouts are expected.


  • Worth a shot if you’re brand-new.
  • Private shows are the norm.
  • Capable of working with interactive sex toys


  • Not as common as other people

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5. Streamate: One of the best private show cam sites

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 20

Are you trying to hide your cam modelling activities? Cam models prefer using Streamate since there are occasions when you don’t want to expose any of your friends or family to the content being posted.

Despite not being as popular as Chaturbate, Streamate has been around for more than 7 years and is still a top choice for live cam addicts. Since Streamate is primarily a private chat cam website, no free nude displays are usually permitted. But in the end, it all depends on what you’re searching for, so that’s not necessarily negative.

It’s the best option for anyone who wishes to enter the cam-model profession as a side business rather than a full-time endeavour.

The community on Streamate is undoubtedly its best feature because it attracts many lucrative viewers who can support you solely (believe me, I speak from personal experience).

Most of the viewers you’re entertaining will realize that it’s a “private playground,” therefore it’s good that Streamate offers some of the best privacy settings available.

You’ll never be performing for a free audience because most of the best models on Streamate have changed their settings so that only paid viewers can access their stream (unless you want to).

You’d be set if you could break into Streamate and gain a dedicated following that would pay for your content. However, because Streamate is unrivalled in this area, I believe it to be a suitable alternative for individuals who want complete control over their privacy.

Streamate Synopsis

  • Payment Type: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Token Shows
  • 740 K monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • Models often earn $5,300 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $800 to $40,000
  • percentage of revenue between 35% and 50%
  • Weekly payouts are expected.


  • Numerous paying customers
  • It’s a reliable website.
  • On Streamate, most models are paid.


  • Compared to Chaturbate or Bongacams, it has a significantly smaller audience.

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6. LiveJasmin: Quality private chat

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 21

Unlike other Internet websites, Live Jasmin stands out for having some of the most attractive women. This is partially attributable to the relatively more stringent rules for working as a model on this website.

LiveJasmin is well-known among traditional cam models because it has existed for a long time. This is the sixth-most popular cam site in terms of traffic; I used LiveJasmin from 2015 to 2016 and had a generally positive experience.

I don’t like to boast, but I earned a respectable sum of money with LiveJasmin’s private chat feature.

The freemium model, where you must perform for thousands of viewers at once and rely on tips, is typically used by websites with this much traffic, but that isn’t the case with LiveJasmin.

Not only is it perfect for personal preference, but LiveJasmin also pays its models quite well.

Regarding their earnings, they offer most models above 50%, and “cam-splitting” is even permitted. This allows you to stream at numerous cam sites at once and increase the number of viewers you are reaching.

The main reason I was drawn to LiveJasmin in the first place was the allure of being on multiple chat sites at once.

Although there might be better possibilities for your income split, it’s a terrific place to start if you want tremendous visibility and the chance to engage with plenty of traffic.

LiveJasmin Synopsis

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • 3.0 M in monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • Average Monthly Model Income: $3,900
  • Range of monthly income for models: $2,000 to $7,500
  • The content of revenue percentages is 30% to 60%.
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


  • A high-end website feel
  • You only work for members who pay.
  • 100 percent maximum share


  • Higher standards than usual

7- Cherry.TV: The new kid on the block

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 22

Cherry.TV is a brand-new platform for webcam models worldwide, but don’t let that turn you off. Making money is relatively simple on this page, so I thought it was one of the more “lucrative” possibilities available online.

Particularly today, it cannot be easy to find platforms eager to treat their models fairly. Cherry.TV gives women the tools to support themselves financially even if it looks like models are increasingly keen to work longer hours for less money.

It can be challenging to set oneself apart from other ladies while attempting to perform online with what seems like thousands of models to pick from.

Some systems will limit the number of “extra features” and apps you can use to generate additional revenue, occasionally making the grind seem longer. When I was working my webcam profession, I was always eager to make quick cash, and Cherry Models appears to be making every effort to give women a robust (and lucrative) platform.

Even though Cherry Models is still in its infancy, I could easily convert most of my community members to their platform, giving me access to things like show scheduling and completely secure payments.

Both cherry models. Tv and cherry. Tv is URLs to keep in mind for Cherry Models. However, they both refer to the same platform. They have certain unique elements that are not available anyplace else, which is why it is expanding quickly for both viewers and models.

Cherry Models Synopsis

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • Traffic: 600K per month (active viewers)
  • Models often earn $2,300 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $1,500 to $5,500
  • The content of revenue percentages is 30% to 60%.
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


  • Regardless of body shape, making money and standing out is simple.
  • Not overly crowded but also not a “dead website.”
  • Several additional revenue opportunities
  • Regular payments
  • A model-level system with advantages
  • Customizable chatrooms and profiles
  • A lot more!


Mobile-friendly but might use some more optimization

Having just entered the marke

Go to cherrytv

8. Cam4: A fantastic amateur cam site

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 23

A very well-known amateur cam website is Cam4. Most of the performers you’ll encounter here won’t be as attractive as those on Chaturbate, but they’ll feel more real because many appear to be amateurs.

The majority of Cam4’s viewers come from various nations, including Italy, Brazil, the United States, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Cam4 is a terrific experience if you’re looking for diversity because the models broadcast here are based in regions worldwide.

Another benefit of Cam4 is the degree of flexibility it offers in terms of broadcasting. Thus, it’s not rare to witness nude or sex shows immediately. Private-only concerts are also available, albeit it depends on the model.

Tokens Cost

$50.95 for 50 tokens

Price: $18.99 for 150 tokens

$39.95 gets you 300 tickets.

80.49 cents for 550 tokens

159.99 tokens for 1050

Payment options include credit cards, Paypal, and even digital currencies. In addition, all packages save the lowest provide you 50 free tokens with your first purchase.

In conclusion, I’d say Cam4 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for amateur cams, with average-looking girls who will do nearly anything for a tip.

Cam4 Models Overview

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • 12M monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • The monthly average for models: $2,500
  • Range of monthly income for models: $1,600 to $5,000
  • % of revenue ranging from 50% to 62 %
  • Payout Frequency: Daily


  • Actual amateur cameras
  • A lot of variety
  • Free 50 tokens with your initial purchase


  • Few models are based in the US.

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9. Bongacams: The second most famous cam site in the world

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 24

With approximately 20 million monthly visitors, Bongacams is the second most famous cam site behind Chaturbate. Bongacams receives most of its traffic from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, the United States, and the United Kingdom, among many other nations. The website of Bongacams is thus accessible in 30 different languages.

Even if it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will watch your broadcast, there is still a chance to make money each year. Although the sexiest women on this website make a lot of money and receive payments every two weeks (just as in a conventional job), it also depends on your ability to stay up with the competition.

The solution to all of your troubles may be found on BongaCams if you’re prepared to perform for tips in a free show environment.

The top models make their money by performing certain acts (such as having viewers manipulate their butt plugs) for a set amount of tips, similar to Chaturbate.

As I previously stated, the website has a lot of traffic, so there is always a chance to make money there. In addition, compared to other options, they pay some of their models some of the highest average percentages of revenue.

It’s possible that BongaCams is not the right platform for you if you’re a model who thrives in private, one-on-one conversation situations. Anyone who is “reserved” (which is unusual for a cam girl) might think about searching elsewhere because this is a very public cam site, meaning the eyes will be on your tushy frequently. I’d try Bongacams because of the site’s large viewership and lucrative revenue opportunities.

BongaCams Synopsis

  • Payment Accepted: Only Tips/Tokens
  • 14 M in monthly traffic (active viewers)
  • Models often earn $2,200 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $2,000 to $5,000
  • 60 to 90 percent of total revenue
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


  • Several sources of income
  • There are other payment options, including bitcoins.
  • The high share of the revenue
  • Hefty traffic, particularly in Russia and Asia.


  • In the US, it is not the most often used cam site.

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10-My Free Cams: Models get over 60% of every dollar spent

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 25

MyFreeCams might be the best option if you want to feel like you’re not just exposing your pussy to the world. It’s a popular option for cam girls who would instead make money in a social setting by interacting with their viewers rather than concentrating on making them rock-hard.

Undoubtedly, your viewers will anticipate that you are gorgeous, but some truly only want to chat! When I used MyFreeCams, I had a lot of devoted users that would drop by my chat for some casual talk rather than to check out my newly pierced nipples!

MFC is not at the top regarding the monthly traffic volume you’ll see (in fact, they’ve been steadily falling in the Alexa Traffic Ranks since last year).

Numerous reported outages may have affected your revenue, and it is currently a platform that is only used by top models who have been using it from the start.

Contrary to other cam sites, it is a more friendly setting, but it doesn’t imply you can merely chat with viewers without also offering a few cum shows.

You’re still a cam model, and the sexiness of your performances will determine how much money you make! The highest-paid models earn over $10.000 a month, demonstrating that it is possible to succeed in this business without using the most well-known cam site.

MFC Synopsis

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • Monthly Traffic: 5.5 M
  • Typically, models earn $5,000 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $4,000 to $40,00
  • Average revenue percentage: 61.4 percent
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


  • Over 60% of every dollar spent goes on models.
  • Numerous paying customers
  • In the US, many people visit the website.
  • You can market your images, films, or performances!


  • Out-of-date user interface

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11-Streamray / A good secondary alternative

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 26

A webcam site with a decently long lifespan, Streamray has been running for more than ten years. and AdultFriendFinder stand out among their network of websites, while the latter is more of an adult social network than a true cam site.

Although I made a respectable amount of money while using Streamray, I would only suggest it as an addition to another leading cam site. This website offers free conversation as a strategy to entice users to watch a paid show eventually. It serves as a substitute for LiveJasmin or Streamate.

Since they don’t receive as much traffic as those two, it is more challenging to generate a consistent income than with any other options.

It has a decently high-income share, which is fine, but as I said, it is preferable to test any of the TOP 5 sites on my list first.

Summary for Streamray

  • Payment Methods: Pay-Per-Minute Chats and Tips/Tokens
  • Monthly Traffic: 5.5 M
  • Typically, models earn $5,000 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $4,000 to $40,000
  • Average revenue percentage: 61.4%
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


Good if you enjoy watching private shows

Continual addition of new paying members

The high percentage of revenue


The website receives lower traffic than others.

Only private nudity displays are permitted.

Access streamray

12-Xmodels: A good choice for European cam models

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The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 27

You might want to think about a choice like X models if you intend to play this game in the long run. Some platforms out there would rob their models of their money by taking up to 75 percent of your revenue.

You can broadcast on,, or, if your audience is from the Netherlands, on and by registering with Xmodels.

You’ll keep at least 45% of the revenue with X models, and there won’t be any chargebacks, so it makes sense. Therefore, you can expect to keep most of your income (or at least half of them, compared to what the viewers pay). In actuality, there are cam sites with better revenue margins.

Although the website is situated in Europe, you are not required to be a resident of that continent to register. There are no restrictions on where in the globe you can use X models as your platform.

In actuality, many of the most well-liked models you’ll discover on XCams are in the United States. The benefit of having XModels’ headquarters in Europe is that you can access some of the world’s wealthier nations, such as Norway. Most of these areas feature “whale viewers” who are eager to part with a lot of cash for cam girls!

I don’t like the only thing about X models: you have to stream for roughly 100 hours before you can independently determine your fees.

This implies that until you reach 100 hours, you will have to use their initial per-minute pricing, which is low. However, you can set your price as you see fit.

Only if I had to broadcast for European nations would I give Xmodels any thought. Look elsewhere if it’s not the case.

X models Synopsis

  • Pay-Per-Minute Private Chats as a Form of Payment
  • Traffic to (Monthly): 70 K (active viewers)
  • Models typically earn $7,000 a month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $4,400 to $12,000
  • Revenue as a percentage of sales: 45%
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)

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13-Flirt4Free: An excellent array of options

30.07.2022 16.33.37 REC
The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 28

Compared to websites like Chaturbate, Flirt4Free is a relative newcomer, yet they’re doing a fantastic job.

While others scour the globe for fresh cam girls, Flirt4Free offers a good selection of everything. It’s perfect for models who want to make more money and fans who don’t want to blow their entire paycheck in one show.

For models who don’t want to strip for free before they start collecting tips, Flirt4Free works with paid token shows and is a fantastic solution. Flirt4Free is a site where viewers pay relatively well, and for me, it was not challenging to earn about $200 each day, even though I no longer broadcast there.

Flirt4Free has done a terrific job keeping new talent interested in the platform, so you can find some of the hottest webcam models you could have ever imagined. Due to this, there are constantly fresh paying clients arriving. Thus no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, there will probably be plenty of opportunities for you to make money here.

If the other options didn’t fit you, I would try it.

Summary for Flirt4Free

  • Chats using tokens as payment
  • Traffic to (Monthly): 410 K (active viewers)
  • Models typically earn $4,000 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $2,400 to $12,000
  • Revenue as a percentage: 50%
  • Bi-Weekly is the payout frequency (every 2 weeks)


  • For viewers, Flirt4Free is still reasonably priced.
  • For models, there are daily competitions, vacations, and rewards.
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Models can join an affiliate program


  • It’s not as well-liked as it once was.

go to

14. The best Skype-powered chat platform is Skyprivate.

24.07.2022 19.59.26 REC
The 14 Best Cam chat Sites Reviews for 2022. 29

What are you waiting for to check out SkyPrivate if you haven’t already? SkyPrivate gives you access to both amateur and professional females (and men or trans, if you’re into that), whether you’re a first-time user or even an experienced watcher.

This service has an astounding number of models and may compete with some of the bigger ones (even Chaturbate!). Finding the ideal models is made simple by their fantastic filter system, and from there, you are free to do as you choose.

As a result, there are various ways to enjoy your experience with SkyPrivate because you don’t have to worry about being in a public place. As the name implies, you’ll get a private and personal experience with paying customers.

On any website, let alone one of this high calibre, tokens or credits aren’t frequently obtained for cheap. Skyprivate doesn’t always use tokens because all of your shows will be paid for on a pay-per-minute basis.

  • Skyprivate Synopsis
  • Pay-per-minute payment type
  • Skyprivate monthly traffic: 35 K (active viewers)
  • Models typically earn $2,000 per month.
  • Range of monthly income for models: $1,500 to $10,000
  • Revenue percentage: between 75% and 86%
  • Payout Frequency: Daily


Fantastic for webcam models and online earners because SkyPrivate offers a variety of income opportunities

They even provide rewards in cryptocurrency form!

A lot of exposure and one-on-one conversations that let you set the pricing

Pick from a large selection of webcam models, both amateur and professional.


It could be challenging to find any type of employment on SkyPrivate if you aren’t a well-known model because it tends to cater more to people who already have a following and want a payment processor.

The chosen payment option will determine the minimum payout amount.

Access Skyprivate

Are You Prepared to Begin?

The choice is now entirely up to you after I’ve already shown you the best webcam sites to get started. These, in my opinion, are the key points you need to keep in mind when searching:

Make accounts on several websites and explore them. Gain experience and, after trying a few, choose the ones you want to broadcast regularly.

Earning substantial sums of money will take some time, but if you put in enough effort, it is achievable (and worthwhile!)

If everything goes well, you’ll be your boss and make more money than someone working a 9 to 5 job.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to get going. All you need is a laptop, a webcam, and the Internet. Keep your users’ home address and full name private, especially at first.

When you’ve been around for a while, you’ll have more knowledge and be able to provide more specifics, but my advice is to maintain as much anonymity as possible.

You are welcome to write to me if you need assistance or guidance. As a newbie, I would have appreciated help from a more seasoned person!

Use the contact form if you need assistance, and I will respond as soon as possible. Best of luck, ladies!

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