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Tastebuds fills an important void in the online dating market for music lovers all over the world. The portal brings together men and women who have similar tastes in music, artists, and songs they enjoy listening to the most. Tastebuds is more than just a matchmaking tool; it is the ideal gathering spot for those who share similar interests to connect with new friends. The website has a positive attitude toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people and welcomes people of all sexual orientations.

It is also appropriate for persons already in committed relationships who are looking for life partners rather than dates. Users are able to impart both their musical tastes and the music they create to other community members. You can use the website to look for a date if you don’t have somebody to attend to the concert with you if you don’t have a friend. Inevitably, there are a few drawbacks associated with this music site, and we will go through them all in this Tastebuds review.

Is There a Multilingual Dating Market for Tastebuds?

The Tastebuds website is not a platform that supports multiple languages. It is only available in English because the majority of people who use it are native English speakers and those living in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Who is Responsible for Maintaining the Tastebuds Website?

Tastebuds Media Ltd. is the owner of the website portal. The business is completely authentic and has been active in the market in the UK for more than ten years.

Where Exactly Can I Locate Tastebuds on the Map?

You can contact Tastebuds at their main office, which is located at 33 Inkerman Road, Kentish Town, London, United Kingdom.

When did Tastebuds first become available?

Since 2010, the website has been operating successfully in the competitive dating industry of the United Kingdom. The user base of the website reached over 600,000 subscribers during the course of the previous decade.

Is Tastebuds Able to Be Obtained in Every Region of the World?

Tastebuds has a user base that spans the globe and is open to participation from music fans located in any area of the world. The United States and the United Kingdom make up the majority of its readership.


When individuals are considering signing up for a dating website, the first thing they do is research the website in question. This evaluation of Tastebuds focuses on the website’s quirks, which differentiate it from other dating sites and matchmaking services.

Features Unique to the Search Engine

Tastebuds enables users to search for both romantic partners and potential dates. Additionally, it is acceptable for usage by LGBT customers. The most important requirement is that all of the subscribers should have the same major interest, which is music. It should not matter to any of the mebers what genres of music they listen to, because they should not be able to envision their lives without at least one lovely melody or intense rock song.

Accounts Containing Musical Components

User accounts are another one of the website’s distinctive features that set Tastebuds apart. Even while we are not going to go into detail about them here, they do contain a lot of information about the users’ preferred music, including their favorite songs, singers, and even concerts that they would want to go to.

Compatibility Checks and Their Functions

Tastebuds makes use of a one-of-a-kind matching technology in order to link users based on the members’ musical preferences. There is even a special field for this topic in the bar where users can sign up for the service. You will be required to disclose the name of your preferred musical artist or band in order to register for the platform. The website will keep track of your responses and provide you with a list of potential partners who share your tastes and preferences.


Tastebuds was able to attract around 600,000 people from all over the world throughout its 10 years of operation in the dating industry. The United States and England each provide a sizeable portion to the whole.

There are also a significant number of users from Canada and Ireland. The qualitative summary provides evidence that all of the participants possess high levels of intelligence, as well as creativity and originality. The vast majority of them are not even looking for dates when they sign up for Tastebuds; rather, they want to discover new music and share their favorite songs with other people who are passionate about music. There are a lot of people who are in committed relationships who are looking to update their music collection with something fresh and cutting-edge right now.

The Age Range of the Community on This Site

The age group of 22 to 35 years old makes up the majority of the audience. Users between the ages of 30 and 35 are the most active. In accordance with our policy, in order to qualify for a Tastebuds membership, you need to be at least 18 years old.

The Existence of Con Artists

If you read the Tastebuds reviews that are posted on various social networking sites, you will see that the vast majority of users have a positive opinion of the website. Tastebuds has a secure atmosphere and a small amount of fraudsters, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Email verification is one of the measures used by the service to combat bogus accounts. By registering with Facebook, you not only have the ability to demonstrate that you are a genuine person but also that you are not a machine. This strategy is secure as well due to the fact that the portal will never post anything on your page that will alert your friends to the fact that you are a member of the online dating website.


Tastebuds can be accessed on desktop computers as well as mobile devices, and there is also a smartphone app. Let’s take a closer look at each of these different means of gaining access to Tastebuds.

How to Download the Tastebuds App on Your Mobile Device

We regret to inform you that you will not be able to install the Tastebuds app on your Android device even though you have expressed interest in doing so. The app is only downloadable for Apple’s iOS platform. The program, in general, has a fashionable look and blocks adult content, despite the fact that it contains a lot of adverts, which can be very unpleasant. The installation of the app will take a few minutes; after it is installed, it functions normally and does not use up all of the capacity on the phone. You do not require any more abilities in order to swipe through profiles, take part in discussion threads, or share the songs that are your favorites.

Tastebuds Website vs. Mobile Site

The very appealing Tastebuds interface is done in a light blue color scheme. You can find the signup box at the very top of the home page, right next to a link that will take you to the Tastebuds app on the App Store. The website is really well organized and informative; all of the important buttons and panels can be found in the sidebars on the left and right. Some tabs display the user’s recent activities, tastes, and music selections.

There are security buttons that can be used to get in touch with customer support, block or unblock another user, or report inappropriate behavior. The desktop edition of the website and its mobile counterpart share each and every function and detail. The ease with which you may use it is directly proportional to the performance capabilities of your phone as well as the size of the screen it possesses; it is much more practical to see photographs on a more substantial display. The very greatest part is that you may directly download all of your favorite tracks from the media gallery on your phone.

Is it possible to download the app on my personal computer?

On their desktop PCs, users are only able to access the desktop version of the Tastebuds website. They are unable to download the app. They have the option of downloading the mobile software onto their devices, but the price for this choice is only reasonable for iOS users.

Does Tastebuds Support Each and Every Browser?

The website functions properly on all of the most common browsers. According to the feedback left by Tastebuds users, the website operates more quickly on Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.

How is it possible that I am unable to access the site?

If you are unable to access, the first thing you need do is verify the connection to the Internet on your computer. If your Internet connection is functioning normally, you should check that both your username and password are entered correctly. If none of these solutions works, there is still the possibility that your account was banned. Your account could be banned if the moderators believe that you have broken the terms and conditions of the website. In this such scenario, it is best to seek assistance by getting in touch with customer care.


When it comes to the Tastebuds interface, people’s opinions are split down the middle 50/50. However, the other half of the subscribers claim that the website is boring and outdated in appearance, despite the fact that the former group admits that they adore the site and think it has a modern and appealing design. Everyone has the right to speak their mind and share their perspectives. However, it cannot be denied that the website is quite informational and well-designed for its visitors. It clearly delineates the various sections, and it even provides the total amount of messages transmitted over the course of the preceding month. There are times when this quantity is more than one million messages.

The Process of Signing Up: How to Do It Quickly?

Creating an account on the Tastebuds website is a simple process that only takes around five minutes of your time. Online daters are need to provide some personal information in the sign-up bar, including the city in which they reside, in order to be matched with other locals. After that, users are required to upload a photo of themselves that can be seen by others on their profiles. Filling out your preferred music artist or band and track is one of the distinctive aspects of the Tastebuds registration process. This demonstrates that the website is accessible to music aficionados all over the world. The final step is to confirm that you understand and agree to the terms of service, then wait for a moderating staff to check your email. This approach helps limit the number of spam accounts and false accounts.

You can sign up for Tastebuds using your existing Facebook profile if you visit their website. In this particular instance, verifying your email address is not required. Because the portal never does so, users need not be concerned that Tastebuds will post something on their newsfeed on Facebook. Tastebuds will never do so. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be sent a list of prospective matches based in your neighborhood that like listening to the same kind of music as you do.

Is it possible to stop following a Tastebuds member?

It is up to the users of the site to select which other users they prefer best. You have the option of skipping an individual’s profile on a match list if you do not like them.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement to Have Tastebuds?

In order to register for the dating site, users must be at least 18 years old. According to the study conducted by Tastebuds, the majority of subscribers are between the ages of 24 and 35.

How can I be sure that my account is verified?

On Tastebuds, users can choose between two different methods to validate their accounts. The first step is to verify your email address. Second, they have the option to sign up using their existing Facebook profiles.

Why Do I Need to Verify That My Email Address Is Correct?

Your privacy while using the website will be protected thanks to the email verification. The verification process might be helpful in identifying false accounts and scammers.

Why Would It Be Beneficial for Me to Sign Up Using My Facebook Account?

When compared to the typical sign-up procedure, registering through the use of a Facebook account is a bit quicker. Nevertheless, neither of these choices will need more than five minutes of your time from you.

Can I Use the Portal Even Though I Have Not Yet Registered?

You are free to browse the site for informational purposes even while you are not registered as a member. It is necessary to complete registration in order to look for potential partners and dates, share music, and engage in social activities with other users.

What Is Necessary to Know About Setting Up a Profile?

The creation of a profile on Tastebuds can be accomplished in just three easy steps. To begin, users of the dating service are required to fill out some basic information about themselves, such their sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, look, ethnicity, and so on. The second step involves your preferred styles of musical expression. You can explain the types of concerts you attend, the artists and songs that are your favorites, and the genres of music that you listen to by filling out this field. Some people are curious about whether or not they are able to upload their own music to their profiles. The website enables users to add links to their music records, allowing other users to access and listen to the connections.

The last part of the process involves downloading the photos. Users have the ability to create a photo gallery that allows them to share their most cherished moments with other subscribers (for example, from concerts). According to the Tastebuds review, the profiles on the website are not in-depth in terms of the personal information they contain, but they are precise in terms of the music preferences and other related content.

When you have finished a stage in the development of your profile, you will be able to view the percentage of completion for that stage. If you want to increase your standing in the search ranking, you should strive to get a perfect score. There is also the opportunity to put on an incognito mode, which will make your profile invisible to the general public. However, this feature is reserved exclusively for paid premium users of the dating service.

What Am I Supposed to Do to Alter the Image That Represents Me on Tastebuds?

You can make changes to your profile photo at any time by clicking on it and selecting Edit from the drop-down menu that appears. In addition, you are free to remove photographs from your gallery or add new ones.

Tastebuds Allows Me to Change My Username and Password, but Can I?

On the Tastebuds website, members are able to update their passwords, but they are unable to change their usernames. Therefore, it is advisable to give the process of selecting a username at the registration phase some serious thought.

After deleting my Tastebuds account, is it possible to reactivate it?

If you have previously used Tastebuds but have since deleted your account, you will need to create a new one.

What Will Happen If I Turn Off the Visible Mode for Tastebuds?

Incognito mode is available to premium customers, allowing them to conceal their activity from the general public (free user cannot do it). You, as a premium member, have the ability to change the visibility of your profile at any moment by turning on or off an incognito mode.

I’d like to delete some of the information on my Tastebuds profile; is it possible?

Users of Tastebuds have the ability to modify their user profiles at any time, including the ability to remove or add information. On the website, unfortunately, you won’t be able to change your username in any way.

Functions for Searching for a Partner

Tastebuds provides an extensive selection of different search functions for all types of music enthusiasts. The following filters are available for use during the search for mates and dates by subscribers: newest, most popular, last online, concert enthusiasts, and so on. In addition to the conventional filters—gender, age, and orientation—you also have access to all of these other possibilities. Searching for people in your immediate area enables you to connect with only those users who are physically close to you. It is possible that it is appropriate for daters who are looking for a partner to attend a concert with. Tastebuds is a dating website that is LGBT-friendly and welcomes daters of all orientations and gender identities, which is something that members of the LGBT community will be pleased to learn.

Get Lucky is one additional one-of-a-kind feature that may be used with the portal. Users who do not wish to search for partners manually can benefit from this feature. Members will need to click on this button before the application will show them with a list of potential matches who have musical tastes that are similar to their own. Premium members have the ability to look for dates and swipe through profiles while remaining anonymous. Members of both the free and premium dating sites are able to view images of all other members.

How do I view other Tastebuds users whose profiles I have liked?

Members of both the free and premium dating services are able to view the profiles of other members whose profiles they have liked. They are also able to check the most recent time each person was online.

Are There Any Differences on Tastebuds Between the Free and Paid Search Filters?

Both the free and paid subscriptions offer identical search functions; there is no discernible difference between them. Every member has the ability to look for potential dates based on their online status, the newest members, and their musical tastes (in addition to standard filters like gender, ethnicity, body type, etc.).

How can free users determine if they have been liked by other people on Tastebuds?

This particular choice does not call for the purchase of a premium membership. On Tastebuds, free members have the ability to not only view but also like the profiles and photographs of other Tastebuds subscribers.

Establishing Relationships With Other Music Lovers

Tastebuds provides users with a number of quick and easy ways to initiate contact and break the ice. One of the quickest and easiest ways to demonstrate interest is to “like” another user on the site or to leave a remark on their profile. Free messaging is available on Tastebuds; however, there are certain requirements and limitations. Premium users have access to all of the messaging features, including the ability to send and read instant messages (IMs). Free daters are limited in their ability to do this, but they can use the “Message bomb” tool to send free instant messages to up to eight other users.

Giving a person a virtual flower as a token of your interest in them is yet another approach to convey that attention. Users of Tastebuds have access to yet another innovative feature that enables them to communicate with one another: the ability to send tunes. Because there is nothing that says more about your musical tastes than the song that is your all-time favorite, the authors of this website came up with an ingenious solution in the form of this function.

How Can I Start Messaging Other Tastebuds Members in the Most Convenient Way Possible?

On Tastebuds, the most effective approach to take the initiative to initiate communication with another user is to like one of their photos or to send them a virtual gift.

How can I send a message to the person I have a crush on?

You have nothing to worry about in terms of a lack of communication functions if you are a premium subscriber because you are able to text anyone and read messages from other users without any restrictions. If you are a free member, you have access to a feature called the Message bomb, which allows you to send instant messages to up to eight different persons on your match list.

Is it possible to send Direct Messages without paying a fee?

In a strict sense, Tastebuds’ messaging service is free, however free users are subject to some limitations. As a free user, you have the ability to set off a “Message bomb” that will put you in touch with eight potential mates.

How do I check to see who has been texting me on Tastebuds?

This information is displayed in the bar labeled “Inbox” on your screen. It displays all of the messages that have been received along with the members who sent them.

Can I Use My Webcam to Communicate With Someone on Tastebuds?

Unfortunately, the Tastebuds website does not have a video chat feature; nevertheless, you can communicate with other users through instant messages (IMs), comments, or by sending a song.

How do I sort the messages that come through Tastebuds?

You have the ability to filter messages based on whether they are new, read, or unread. Users have the ability to prevent certain daters from sending them messages if they do not wish to communicate with them.


Every music fan who visits the site has the option of registering for free or purchasing a premium subscription that is referred to as a Backstage pass. It has a creative sound to it and is in keeping with the eccentricities of the website, but what are the advantages that subscribers get from having a Backstage pass? The answers are provided further down the page.

Free membership capabilities are available.

Free members of Tastebuds Dating can take advantage of the following functions completely free of charge:

  • Searching by hand for dates and potential partners;
  • You will be provided with a list of potential matches;
  • Take part in the conversation in the threads;
  • View photographs and send likes;

They have the ability to employ a Message bomb in order to communicate with other members.

The presence of a large number of distracting advertising when using the application is one important drawback associated with free membership.

Functions of the Backstage Pass

In addition to the standard benefits, subscribers who purchase a Backstage pass receive the following additional benefits:

  • A lack of advertisements;
  • There are no limitations placed on the messaging;
  • Incognito mode;
  • They have the ability to conceal their online status.
  • The price of the Backstage pass is variable depending on how long you have it for.

Is There a Premium Membership Available for Tastebuds?

Backstage pass is the name of a VIP membership that can be purchased through Tastebuds. The price changes based on the length of its term.

Where can I find the instructions for canceling my Tastebuds membership?

Within the settings of your Account, you will find the option to cancel your membership. You will, however, continue to receive premium perks until the time that your Backstage pass package expires, even if you cancel your membership before the day when it will expire.

Do I Need to Manually Renew My Tastebuds Membership in Order to Keep It Active?

Unfortunately, your Tastebuds subscription will not be renewed manually. Unless you turn off the auto-renewal feature, the gateway will continue to deduct money from your account at regular intervals.

If I stop using the website before the end of the period covered by my subscription, are I eligible for a refund?

If consumers decide to cancel their subscription before the allotted time, the site will not guarantee that they will receive a return of any kind.

Do My Donations to Tastebuds Recur on a Monthly Basis Automatically?

Donations made by Tastebuds users typically include an automatic renewal feature that kicks in at the end of the donation period.

If I don’t get any dates or mates, is it possible to get my money back?

Although there is no money-back guarantee offered by the platform, the cost of a paid membership on Tastebuds is far lower than the typical price offered by competitors in the industry.

How Will the Donation I Made to Tastebuds Show Up on My Credit Card Statement?

A transaction can be viewed by someone on their monthly account statement. Tastebuds Media Ltd. shall be the entity that receives payment in this transaction.

Is it possible for me to provide money to other Tastebuds subscribers?

On this website, there is no possibility to make a donation to a different Tastebuds member. That can only be done in conversations that are kept private. However, dating gurus advise keeping credit card information private from other potential dates and cautioning daters to watch out for gold diggers.

Is It Possible for Me to Make a Donation at Any Time?

You are able to make a contribution for any period, but you cannot do it directly through the Tastebuds website.


Tastebuds is part of a legal media organization and has been successfully bringing singles together for over ten years. Two musicians are responsible for creating this website, and they assert that it is risk-free to use. They implement a few precautions in order to keep everyone safe.

A Few Words Regarding the Confidentiality of Tastebuds

According to the Tastebuds policy, site members can rest assured that not a single piece of their personal or financial information will be shared with third parties that are unconnected to Tastebuds. In order to demonstrate that they are real people and not automated programs, music enthusiasts must either pass an email verification or join up using Facebook.

Do My Tastebuds Conversations Require Encryption to Stay Private?

All of the chats on the Tastebuds website are encrypted with the industry-standard SSL protocol, which protects users’ privacy when communicating with one another across a variety of platforms and devices.

Tastebuds Keep a Record of Everything I Do on the Portal?

Tastebuds has the ability to monitor your activity on the portal for the sole purpose of refining its internal algorithm.

Can the Cyber Police Keep Track of What I Do with My Tastebuds?

Tastebuds is unable to guarantee that the website will be monitored by cyber police; however, members may rest certain that their personal information will never be shared with law enforcement.

Whom Should I Speak to If I Have Concerns Regarding the Privacy of My Tastebuds Account?

If you have any concerns regarding the security of your account or the privacy of your information while using Tastebuds, you can contact customer care. You can contact them by sending a message to

Advice for People Who Go Dating

When people decide to sign up for a dating website, they should be aware that it is possible for them to meet con artists and gold diggers on those sites. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to adhere to safety precautions in order to protect oneself from robbers. The most important thing you should take away from this experience is to remember to never reveal your credit card information to strangers. If you observe anything on the website that seems fishy or unlawful, you should get in touch with customer service as soon as possible and let them know about it.

How does Tastebuds moderate the many threads for discussions?

You are required to file a complaint with the customer support team if you become aware that a member of the site’s community has posted content in the threads of the discussion that is unlawful, offensive, or abusive.

How does Tastebuds punish its members who solicit financial support from other users?

If you are approached by another user on the Tastebuds website with a request for financial assistance, you should report that user to the customer care department so that they can terminate their account (in case you give enough proof).

How to Reactivate Your Account After Being Banned

Accounts are terminated by Tastebuds moderators in two circumstances: if members break the site’s policy or if they behave abusively against other daters. If you can demonstrate that you are not responsible for the infraction that led to your account being banned, there is a potential that they will reinstate it.

Why is it that I am unable to log in to my Tastebuds account?

It is possible that the Tastebuds moderators will terminate your account if they believe that you have violated the terms of service. You can get in touch with the support center and inquire as to the reason behind the account suspension.

How Long Is It Going to Be Before My Tastebuds Account Is Unlocked?

It will remain blocked until the moderators investigate your case and discover evidence that demonstrates you did not breach the policy of the site. It usually takes several days, but the exact amount of time required is contingent on how busy the moderating department is.

How can I expedite the process of reactivating my suspended account?

If you can present sufficient evidence of your innocence, a moderating team will be able to decide your case more quickly.

How Can One Safeguard Themselves Against Con Artists and Thieves?

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from con artists, money diggers, and thieves is to adhere to safety guidelines and avoid communicating with individuals who appear to be questionable. Contact the customer support team and ask for assistance if a member of the site’s community violates the rules, attempts to collect money from you, or behaves aggressively against you.

How do I report violations and block those who I believe are trying to scam me?

The Tastebuds help center is the place to go if you have reason to believe that someone is trying to swindle you or if you want to report a rule infringement. If you want to block a bothersome user manually, you can do so by clicking on the individual’s profile and selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu that appears.

In my Tastebuds account, what kinds of information are not permitted for posting?

It is against the rules to post anything illegal, abusive, or explicit on Tastebuds. The same holds true for photos that are in violation of the law. Users are able to share their music with one another through the portal by appending links to their profile information.

Department of Assistance to Customers

The customer support crew at Tastebuds is really helpful and ready to offer assistance with any issues that may arise with the website. Tastebuds evaluations penned by its users make it abundantly evident that the company’s customer service professionals reply rapidly to any and all allegations and make an effort to communicate with each and every user. You can get in touch with the support staff through the website’s provided email or phone number.


Tastebuds uses a variety of security measures to safeguard its consumers from con artists and other bad actors. The first method is an email verification system that can differentiate between actual persons and bots. The same holds true for registering through one’s Facebook account. Second, an SSL encryption shields all conversations that take place on Tastebuds and safeguards users’ privacy when they are messaging other members of the community. Third, members should not hesitate to get in touch with customer support if they believe that their privacy has been invaded, they have been threatened, or they have been asked to provide money.

Is Tastebuds the Leading Dating Portal for Music Lovers?

Tastebuds has developed a wide range of one-of-a-kind features that will immediately endear the platform to any and all music enthusiasts. Members are able to upload and discuss their favorite songs, artists, and albums, as well as seek for potential romantic partners nearby.

Is Tastebuds an Effective Way to Meet Someone to Hook Up With?

People who are looking for one-night stands or casual encounters should not use this portal. It is a respectable platform for people of both sexes to connect with one another via their shared passion for music.

Is Tastebuds Gratis for Daters?

Participants can register on the Tastebuds website at no cost, but they will need to purchase a Backstage pass in order to gain access to premium features and privileges.

How Effective Are Tastebuds as a Matchmaking Tool?

The portal provides users with a variety of search options, increasing the likelihood that they will connect with the most compatible individuals in their area. The website is inclusive of persons of all orientations and is welcoming to those who identify with the LGBT community.

Do You Know If There Are Any Fake Accounts on Tastebuds?

Tastebuds, much like the majority of other online matchmaking services, has a certain percentage of fake user accounts, however the total number of these accounts is not too significant.


Alternative dating websites and applications that daters who enjoy Tastebuds might also enjoy include the following:

  • Eharmony;
  • Match;
  • Elite Singles.


The evidence presented in the Tastebuds assessment demonstrates that it is possible to meet partners and dates through the medium of music. The website is ideal for creative singles, both male and female, who consider music an essential part of their lives and are looking to connect with other people who have similar musical tastes and interests. Even while the portal does not have a particularly large user base worldwide (there are approximately 600,000 users), the members of the site are extremely active, creative, and welcoming. If you don’t succeed in finding your soul mate on Tastebuds, you can always use it to connect with people who share your taste in music.

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