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It could take some time to locate someone suitable to date using an online dating website, particularly if there are religious or cultural differences to consider. You’ll be relieved to know that there are websites dedicated just to online dating that can make the process lot simpler for you. This is the point at which ArabLounge becomes active. This review of ArabLounge will provide you with all of the information that you require in order to assess whether or not this particular online platform is the ideal one for you.

ArabLounge is now the website with the highest overall rating for singles of Arab heritage looking for dates online. It has been around for about 20 years and caters to a particular subculture. Although there are other people looking for love as well, the majority of users are from Arab cultures. Aside from that, it is important to point out that the website has more than a million single people who are looking for love, which means that there is a good chance that you will find someone special within a matter of days.

Which languages are supported by the ArabLounge platform?

The language of operation at ArabLounge is English. On the other hand, the users are singles from a wide variety of countries. Because people of Arab heritage may be found all over the world, you can expect to meet people from just about every country in the region. When it comes to the languages they speak, a good number of them are also fluent in English, but you can also come across people who are only able to communicate in Arabic.

Who is the Owner of the ArabLounge?

World Singles Networks is the owner of the ArabLounge website and also operates it. The network maintains more websites inside this specialty, and each one of them is geared toward serving the needs of a distinct group of individuals. Some of them are primarily directed towards the markets of certain nations.

Where can I find the ArabLounge headquarters?

The United States of America is home to ArabLounge. Those who are interested in getting in touch with the staff have a number of alternatives available to them, and there are also a few offices located in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, and Australia. Due to all of these factors, the website operates out of the United States.

When did ArabLounge first open its doors?

The website known as ArabLounge was initially established in the year 2001. It has been around for about twenty years. The fact that this dating website has been there for a significant amount of time despite the fact that the majority of dating websites don’t fare well after a few years unless they offer exceptional service is reason enough to give it a shot.

Is ArabLounge Accessible in All Nations Around the World?

There are people of Arab ancestry living in every single country on the planet. If you are interested in becoming a member of ArabLounge, you are able to do so regardless of the nation in which you currently reside. Users come from all over the world to the website, and it assists them in finding love no matter where they are.


The distinction between one dating website and another is typically determined by the availability of additional features, bells, and whistles. According to the vast majority of evaluations that can be found on ArabLounge, the interface of the website is very straightforward. It offers an easy-to-use interface, which is perfect for people who are just starting out in this sector of the economy.

Algorithms for Making Matches

The success of this platform can be directly attributed to the matching algorithms. Nearly every review of ArabLounge boasts about its excellent performance. When you are building up your profile, you will be asked a lot of questions to which you must provide answers. Your potential matches will get more particular as you submit more responses to their questions. Additionally, your matches are updated on a frequent basis, meaning that you will see some new people every once in a while.

The Search Operation

The search option on the ArabLounge website is one of the most useful services that it offers. You are able to search using a variety of criteria in order to discover the ideal companion. When it comes to online dating, searching by intended relationship or area is pretty standard practice. However, ArabLounge allows you to search by physical qualities so that you can find someone who is just your type.

Authenticity of the Profile

The vast majority of online dating websites are plagued with spam or automated accounts, yet ArabLounge does an excellent job of avoiding these kinds of problems. The majority of profiles are genuine and comprehensive, providing a wealth of information that might assist you in determining whether or not you should initiate discussion. In addition, it is less probable that you will come across profiles with photographs that appear to have been downloaded from the internet – usually pictures of models.


More than one million people are registered users of the ArabLounge website. Even while this is not always the case, the vast majority of them are of Arab ancestry. Many of them hail from countries located on the Arabian peninsula, although there are also a significant number of individuals from western nations. Take, for instance, the fact that there are approximately half a million users coming from the United States.

The vast majority of the participants have never been in a committed relationship before and are single. The profiles are extremely detailed and include all of the information that you require, such as the attributes of the spouse and their objectives.

The Breakdown of Ages

The majority of people who frequent the ArabLounge website are between the ages of 25 and 44. There is a reduced percentage of people who fall into the age bracket of 44 to 54, as well as 18 to 24. You won’t have any trouble finding users who are over the age of 55 either. Regarding the distribution of the sexes, there are 50% males and 50% females, thus it’s an equitable split.

Fakes And Scammers

ArabLounge, much like any other online dating website, includes a few accounts that are completely unrelated to the dating aspect of the website. There is a possibility that you will come across model profiles, which are photographs that have the appearance of having been taken from publications. There are going to be some profiles that are messaging you to advertise for other websites; you should simply ignore these things when they come up.


Any device that can connect to the Internet is able to visit ArabLounge with ease. The features are the same regardless of the device that you use to access them. Additionally, none of the information associated with your account will be altered in any way; you will only perceive things in a slightly different manner while using a different device.

Application for the ArabLounge

ArabLounge does not have its own specialized application at this time. There are some whispers going around that a mobile application would be developed in the near future, but there have been no official announcements or news addressing this topic. The ArabLounge website is not accessible in any other way except through a web browser.

ArabLounge Website

The ArabLounge website is designed to be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Even if you have never gone on an online date before, there is no need for concern because you will quickly become accustomed to the format. There is also a mobile version of it, which makes it easier to access on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Is the mobile version available on the computer as well?

On a desktop or laptop computer, you will be able to access the mobile version; however, the layout will be strange, and it will not take up the entire screen. There is a good reason why there are multiple versions available for various devices, and that reason is the screen size of the device.

Which web browsers are compatible with the ArabLounge site?

In order to load the ArabLounge website, there are two conditions that must be met. The first step is to ensure that the gadget is connected to the Internet. The second thing you need is a web browser – any web browser will do. In addition to the most well-known browsers in the world, the website can also be loaded without any issues using the browsers that are exclusive to smartphones.

Why does it take so long for the website to load at times?

The website is hosted on servers managed by professionals. It never slows down from its consistently high speed. During rush hour, it could move a little more slowly than usual, although the difference shouldn’t be very visible. If you are having trouble loading the website, check to see that your Internet connection is strong and fast.


According to a number of evaluations that were found on ArabLounge, the user interface is uncomplicated and easy to understand. You are given detailed instructions on how to look for a person or how to message someone you find attractive. There is no opportunity for confusion as a result of the labels, which are very obvious.

Registration Process

The process of signing up is quick and easy, and it won’t take more than a few minutes at most. The process begins on the main page, where you will be asked to provide information about your gender, the type of person you are interested in dating, your email address, your birthdate, and your location. You will furthermore be required to decide on a username and a password. After you have finished developing your profile, you will have the opportunity to submit significantly more information.

This profile can potentially be expanded to include other communities of singles that fall under the same banner.

Is It Possible To Break Up With Another Member Of ArabLounge?

There is no such option to unmatch someone; you are stuck with them. However, if you are getting matched with the same person over and over again despite the fact that they are not your type, you have the option to simply block that user’s profile. After doing so, you will no longer see it as a potential match.

What is the bare minimum age needed to sign up for an account on ArabLounge?

There is a minimum age limit in order to use the ArabLounge website, which is 18 years old. In order to join up for and make use of the website, you need to be at least 18 years old.

Is There Any Way That My Account Can Be Verified?

No. Some websites for online dating allow users to verify their accounts, which comes with a few advantages but also brings additional costs. Because ArabLounge treats its users as equals, it does not offer verification badges or any other features that allow users to boast about themselves.

How Do I Verify My Email?

To access the ArabLounge website, it is not necessary for you to validate your email address. You will be required to enter it for any communication, additional confirmations, or problems relating to forgetting your password, but this is it. There is no pressing necessity to check on it right now.

Is it possible to sign up using my Google or Facebook account?

No. Some websites will let you do this and will collect the majority of the information you provide, including a profile picture. The only information that is required to register on the ArabLounge website is your personal information. It is a more personal way to carry out the task, and it provides you with access to the option of customizing the profile from the ground up.

Is it possible to use ArabLounge without creating an account?

No. You may load the homepage, but this is all there is to it. You can also view a few technical sites, but you will not be able to search, browse, or access any members unless you first register.

Profile Set-up

It won’t take you more than a few moments to set up your profile. Although there are a lot of questions that need answers, you are not required to go through each and every one of them. You should expect to be questioned about topics such as your physical characteristics, habits, statuses, hobbies, and the like. It is to your advantage to go through each one of these facts because the more information you provide, the more frequently your profile will appear in the search results of other people.

What are the steps I need to take to delete a picture from ArabLounge?

On the ArabLounge website, you have the option to either upload new photographs or remove older ones at any time. Visit your profile and go through the pictures in your gallery. Simply select the image you no longer desire, click on it, and a menu will appear giving you the opportunity to get rid of it. You cannot retrieve it unless you upload it again.

Where Can I Find The Instructions To Edit My Username On ArabLounge?

Your email address will serve as your username, but it will not be publicly shown. In other words, updating your email address will result in a new username for you, but other users will not be able to see it. You can modify the title if you want to change something that is more noticeable, however changing the headline does not necessarily mean changing your username.

What are the steps I need to take to delete my ArabLounge profile?

If you decide to delete your account, then your profile will also be removed. It is possible to terminate your account if you so choose. You will no longer be able to retrieve it after you have done it, so you will need to sign up again and go through the entire process of setting everything up from scratch. This can be done in the settings of your account.

Is There A Way To Hide Your Profile From Other Users On ArabLounge?

You have the option to visit the ArabLounge website in an invisible mode, which will prevent your profile from appearing in the search results of other users. However, search engines will not be able to see you because of the privacy protections that are in place for all users.

Is It Possible To Delete All Of The Information That I Have Submitted To ArabLounge?

Certainly, but on the other hand, erasing all of your information will result in the termination of your account. You have the option to erase other facts, including some of the information that was used to establish your account. Cancelling the account is necessary, though, in order to get anything erased from your profile.

Lookup of Members

According to a plethora of evaluations found on ArabLounge, the search tool is one of the website’s most powerful points. It is incredibly comprehensive and enables searches to be conducted using a wide variety of criteria, ranging from interests and locations to physical characteristics and statuses. It is important to keep in mind that although you might try to discover the perfect companion by using every search option, the fewer parameters you use, the more people you will find when doing a search. After all, not everyone takes the time to carefully craft every aspect of their online accounts.

Is it possible to view other ArabLounge members that I have liked?

Yes, you can. You have the ability to mark some profiles as favorites and access them at a later time. After then, you can recover the list by going to your favorites section. In the same vein, you are able to send private messages to other users, and all of your communications with other users will be stored in a sent folder. From this part, you are also able to access other users’ profiles.

Is There A Wider Range Of Options Available When Using The Search Function In ArabLounge?

Absolutely, there are. Users who are not paying for the service have access to a basic search capability. When you upgrade your account to receive all of the benefits associated with a premium membership, you will also gain access to a more advanced search feature, which brings in even more parameters. This will become available to you once you have upgraded your account.

As a free member, are you able to view the users who have added your profile to their favorites list?

Both yes and no You are able to view the list of people who have saved your profile to their favorites. Unfortunately, you are unable to identify the person. In order to view the profiles of people who have shown interest in you, you will need to upgrade your account.


The messaging feature on the ArabLounge website can be used to carry on conversations with other users. You send messages to other users, and they can respond to your messages in a separate window that you can access from the message area of your profile. Messages are instant.

Where can I find the instructions for sending a message to someone on the ArabLounge website?

You will need to start by going to the profile of someone else. When you get there, you will see a button that allows you to message them. When you click on it, a new box will appear in front of you. Please jot down your message in there space. If you already have a conversation that’s going on or if someone has previously messaged you, you can also reply to messages by going to your inbox, clicking on the message, and responding to it from there.

How can I send a direct message to another user?

If you navigate to someone’s profile, you will see a button that allows you to communicate that person directly from that page.

Is there a charge for sending messages on ArabLounge?

You will not be eligible for free messaging because you are a free user. You will be able to take advantage of limitless communication once you have upgraded to the next membership level. One of the most significant advantages of being a premium member is that you are not limited in the number of messages you may send or to which you can respond.

How do I view the people who have messaged me?

When someone sends you a message through the ArabLounge website, a notification should appear on your screen. It is located near the symbol for the inbox. If you click on the envelope icon, the most recent message will be brought to the top of the list.

Where can I find the instructions for using the camera on ArabLounge?

ArabLounge does not yet offer any type of video chats to its users. To put it another way, you are unable to make use of the camera because there is nothing you can do with it. The process of uploading photos requires you to transfer files from your computer.

Can I Filter Messages On ArabLounge?

You have the ability to restrict the messages that reach a particular point in your inbox. If you block someone, for instance, you will no longer receive messages from that person and you will no longer be able to communicate with them. Aside from that, you are unable to filter messages based on their category, membership, physical characteristics, or any other parameters.


There is the free account, and there is also the platinum account. The platinum membership gives users access to every single feature that ArabLounge has to offer. Before upgrading, the free one can be used to familiarize oneself with the interface and get a sense of what features are available.

Free User Account Functionality

The free subscription gives you limited access to the site and primarily enables you to browse it.

  • You have the ability to create an account.
  • You can receive messages
  • You are able to use the fundamental search feature.
  • It’s acceptable to wink at people.
  • You are able to look at the profiles of other members.

Premium Account Functionality and Options

An upgrade that grants you access to everything, including unrestricted communication, platinum status enables you to do so. Reviews of ArabLounge almost unanimously agree that in order to communicate and locate a potential mate, you will need to pay for a membership upgrade.

  • You are free to send an unlimited number of messages.
  • The search feature now provides more specific results.
  • You are able to check to see if your message has been read.
  • You will have a greater chance of being seen in search results.
  • There is a wider variety of subscriptions available.

Is it possible to purchase a premium membership on ArabLounge?

There is only one premium membership available to you, and that is the platinum membership. You cannot choose any other option. You have the option of purchasing it for a period of one, three, or six months at a time.

Is It Possible to Cancel My Membership in ArabLounge?

At any time that you see fit, you are able to terminate your membership with ArabLounge. You can terminate your membership by selecting the appropriate option in the options section of your account.

Does one’s membership to The ArabLounge become automatically renewed?

Yes, it does. It is a convenience that does take some effort on your part, though. When you finally locate someone to share your life with and discover that you get along well, you are free to terminate your membership.

Will I Receive a Refund for the Time That I Have Not Utilized?

In a normal situation, you would not. On the other hand, you may be eligible for a refund if you cancel your membership straight away or if ArabLounge violates the terms and conditions of your membership. However, the likelihood of this occurring is lower because admins pay attention to even the tiniest of rule minutiae.

Is There A Monthly Automatic Renewal For My Payment?

It is dependent on the particular platinum membership package that you purchase. If you choose the monthly option, your subscription will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. If you choose the plan that lasts for six months, your subscription will be automatically renewed every six months.

ArabLounge Does Not Meet My Expectations in Any Way. Is It Possible For Me To Get My Money Back?

You have the option to ask for a refund in light of your concerns. There is a form for refunds that needs to be filled out, but you need a valid cause to submit it. Within the next few days, an agent from ArabLounge will be in touch with you.

How Will My Charges From ArabLounge Appear On My Credit Card Statement?

When it comes to protecting your privacy, there is absolutely nothing for you to be concerned about. Because the parent firm will be visible on the bank statement, it will be impossible to establish any connections to an Arab dating service.

Is it possible for me to pay for the premium memberships of other members?

Through the ArabLounge website, this particular option is not available.

Is a monthly premium subscription something that’s even possible?

You certainly can, but you will need to remember to cancel your subscription before it is due to be automatically renewed.

Is a premium membership available for only one month at a time?


The security measures on the ArabLounge website have been upgraded to a higher standard. Because protecting the privacy of the users is a top priority, there is no need for fear in this regard.

ArabLounge is a private venue.

If you do not opt to make yourself invisible, other users will only be able to see your account information. However, non-public information like your email address will be obscured. Accounts and users, on the other hand, will not appear in search results under any circumstances.

Are Conversations in the ArabLounge Chat Encrypted?

Nobody besides you and the other user can see what you and the other user are talking about; only the two of you can view it. Since everything is encrypted, there is no need to worry about the confidentiality of any information.

Are you able to be located by ArabLounge?

There is no reason for ArabLounge to attempt to locate you at this time. However, whenever you access the website, your Internet Protocol address is automatically logged.

Is It Possible For Law Enforcement Agencies To Track Down ArabLounge?

There is no basis for ArabLounge to have any kind of conflict with the local law enforcement. Everything is lawful, despite the fact that the law takes precedence over the website.

Whom Should I Contact If I Have Concerns Regarding the Privacy of My Information?

Get in touch with the experts at ArabLounge and address your concerns; you will receive a swift reply reassuring you that there is no need for you to be concerned about the situation.


Safety is a top concern on ArabLounge; please exercise common sense, do not provide any personal information, and steer clear of mailing cash or other valuables to users you do not know.

Are there humans monitoring the ArabLounge forums?

The norms of good conduit are enforced by moderators in public forums to ensure that they are obeyed.

If someone on ArabLounge asks me for money, how would that situation be handled?

Never give money to individuals you haven’t met in person since it’s just asking to get scammed. You have the option of notifying the ArabLounge team about the respective user.

Blocked User Account

Infraction of these rules may result in exclusion from the community. When you join up for the service, it is imperative that you read and understand the terms and conditions.

Why Am I Not Allowed To Enter The ArabLounge?

You should be informed of the nature of the error, which could be something as simple as a forgotten password or as serious as a suspended account. There is a remedy available for each of these predicaments.

How long do individuals receive their bans for?

Bans are permanent. Once activated, they will not become invalid or be removed automatically; rather, if there was a mistake, it will be the responsibility of an administrator to take these actions.

How do I reactivate my ArabLounge account once it has been banned?

Get in touch with the customer support department and provide them with an explanation of the matter. In the event that it was a mistake, your account will be brought back online. If you broke a rule, you run the risk of having it reinstated.

Take care of yourself!

It is critical that you do not divulge any sensitive information, like your home address, banking information, place of employment, or phone number. In addition to this, you should never pay money to someone you have met online.

How can I report someone as well as block them?

You are able to block someone by going to their profile page and selecting the option to do so from the menu that appears there. On the same page, you’ll also see a link that allows you to report the account if you consider it to be a robot, spammer, or phony account.

What Kinds of Information Should I Stay Away From Posting On ArabLounge?

Make it a point to never divulge information that others could use to steal your identity or your money. You should not provide your complete name, address, phone number, financial information, or even place of employment in this message.

Aid And Companionship

The team at ArabLounge is available at all times to address concerns regarding the users’ safety and to respond to any requests or reports that may be made. According to a number of customer service-related reviews for ArabLounge, the company does an extremely good job of responding to questions and concerns.


In the world of Arab online dating, ArabLounge is a household name and one of the most trusted brands. It accepts registrations not just from those of Arab origin, but also from anyone interested in dating someone from this culture, regardless of where in the world they are located. It is appropriate for both committed romantic partnerships as well as more casual sexual encounters.

The ArabLounge website is secure to use, and the staff behind it does a fantastic job of preventing automated accounts and spam from being created on the platform.

Is ArabLounge The Best Dating Website For Arabs?

Even though people of Arab descent can be found on other dating websites, ArabLounge is the only one that caters specifically to those looking for casual encounters and long-term partnerships. If this is the most important thing to you, the website can probably help you find love.

Is It Risk-Free To Use ArabLounge?

There has never been a single report of anyone hacking into the system. In addition, the website makes use of cutting-edge security methods to ensure the safety of its visitors.

Is There a Hookup Section on ArabLounge?

On ArabLounge, you can discover dates and hookups for a more informal setting; nevertheless, the majority of evaluations indicate that the majority of users are searching for more serious partnerships.

Is there no cost to use ArabLounge?

Registration and browsing in its most basic form are both free of charge. A paid membership is required in order to access the communication and other premium features.

How does one use the ArabLounge service?

ArabLounge is simple to grasp in its entirety. You are able to browse the site after first registering for free and customizing your profile. If you want full communication with users who meet your standards, you should upgrade. As one thing leads to another, there is a good probability that you will find a companion who is suitable for you sooner or later.

Is There A Risk Of Being Robbed By Spam Bots Or Con Artists When Using ArabLounge?

There are issues like this that can arise on any dating website, and ArabLounge is not an exception to this rule. Thankfully, the management is fairly capable when it comes to banning accounts like these. Just apply some common sense and disregard any accounts that provide you with links or ask you for personal information.

Alternative Websites To ArabLounge

There are additional websites that are comparable to ArabLounge, but none of them have such an astonishing number of members as ArabLounge does. Websites like Love Habibi or Salaam Love provide a similar experience. You can also locate people of Arab heritage on international dating services such as eHarmony, Match, or Zoosk, not to mention apps like Tinder. These websites and apps are great places to meet people from all over the world.


The final result is that, when it comes to online Muslim dating for those of Arab heritage, ArabLounge appears to have a commanding market share. Although there are a few other options available, ArabLounge stands out due to its extensive user database, high level of user activity, and active customer care team that helps prevent bots from joining the site. In general, it serves as a wonderful gateway for people who are looking for love.

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