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Because there are now so many online dating sites, it is much simpler for individuals who are looking for a partner to find someone whose personality is compatible with their own. With dating sites catering to the requirements and wishes of people, a new dating platform has emerged that is specifically developed for singles who have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The online dating service Positive Singles is more of a community hub for those who are struggling with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is common knowledge that a person who suffers from a sexually transmitted disease may have a more difficult time finding someone who can understand them. So, this is the reason why there are websites just like this one. In this review of Positive Singles, you will have the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about the service. Check out the comprehensive evaluation of Positive Singles to see whether or not this platform is right for you.

The review of Positive Singles will cover a variety of topics, including the site’s advantages and disadvantages, its legitimacy as a dating platform, the kinds of people you can expect to make friends with on the platform, the countries from which the majority of users hail, the signup procedure, the mobile app, and more. The platform brings together under one roof all of the people who are having trouble finding someone. You will never experience feelings of exclusion or isolation when using this dating platform because it provides a plethora of potential partners for you to consider. The tools that are offered on this platform are not solely focused toward assisting users in finding a romantic partner for themselves. People can interact with one another and offer assistance to one another on the platform, which also functions as a community support system. This online dating service is for people who are interested in developing both platonic and romantic relationships. This website now has an Alexa ranking of 100,695 across the entire internet.

Is Positive Singles a Scam or a Legit Dating Site?

The objective of our Positive Singles review is to provide you with information regarding the legitimacy of the website. The procedure of signing up for the site is taken really seriously. Because sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and herpes are delicate topics, the company will make sure to offer you a copy of their privacy policy as well as a copy of their service agreement. All fake profiles will be removed immediately and without question. In addition, the online dating service is neither a fake or a fraud of any kind. You will not be permitted to post anything that could be considered objectionable. Posts or images that feature a youngster by themselves are not permitted, nor is the use of vulgar language when conversing with another person. Racist photos are also a strict no-no. The platform takes the protection of its users and contributors very seriously, as is made very evident by these regulations.


In the past month, there were more than 2,550,000 visitors who went to this website. The majority of the people who are a part of this community are located in the United States. There are around 1,851,200 members who hail solely from the United States. Members come not only from the United States but also from other nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom. This platform is typically occupied for at least 14 to 15 minutes by the vast majority of guests. At the very least 50,000 users sign in each and every week. The remaining members are made up of thirty percent of females and seventy percent of males. Every single member puts forth a lot of effort. They participate in a variety of online communities and keep their profiles active as well.

Members will often discuss sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), their complications, and the ways in which having an STD does not diminish a person’s dignity or their life. The website provides access to medical support, you can find people who are going through similar challenges, and everyone who visits the site is here to offer support to one another. It’s possible that you’ll get the impression that the members of the site solely discuss sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and herpes because that’s the focus of the site. In actuality, though, members discuss a diverse assortment of subjects, including music, movies, atheism, contemporary controversies relating to politics, and a great deal more.

Singles Who Are Positive Who Are Members Of This Site?

Sexual Orientation

The vast majority of the individuals now active on this platform are male. Regarding sexuality, there is no one stopping anyone else from participating. It makes no difference if you identify as heterosexual or as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. This community site is ideal for you if you are seeking closure for yourself because you are dealing with sexually transmitted illnesses or if you know someone who may be coping with these issues. You will find individuals sharing uplifting stories and contributing to blogs and forums; you will also find help available in the local area; the Q&A part is also available. You can find all of these things on this website.

The Breakdown of Ages

The men make up the majority of the group’s membership. There are users ranging in age from 18 to 45 on this platform. Only users older than 18 are permitted to sign up for the site. During the process of signing up, you will be required to provide your consent to their terms and conditions.


Everyone can sign up without paying a single cent. To begin the registration process, you will first need to complete an online form. On the landing page itself, you will discover the form that you need to fill out. Using this form, you will be able to find your ideal partners. On the form, you will be asked to indicate not only your own sexual orientation but also the sexual orientation of the individual whose company you would like to keep. After that comes the age of the member, followed by their country, then their state, and finally their status of “living in.” You will find the following options when selecting the “living in” condition: HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, thrush, chlamydia, hepatitis C and B, HPV, herpes, HSV-2, HSV-2, and finally other.

After you have finished filling out the questionnaire, you will need to proceed with the rest of the registration procedure. On the following page, you will be prompted to provide information about yourself, including your name, a username, a password, and finally, a working email address. You will also need to include additional information such as your height, race, relationship status, age, and “lived in” condition. In addition to that, the website will want to know about your location, which will consist of your nation and your postal code. If you’d like, you can upload a photo for your profile. The next step is to compose a review, complete the “about me” section, and indicate the kinds of people you are looking forward to getting to know better. As soon as you have finished providing all of the required information, you are free to investigate the various members of the site.

In order to log in, you will be required to provide the username and password that you choose during the registration process. You are able to use the same credential for the mobile app as you do for the desktop website.


  • The website does not let users to upload any photographs that are racially offensive.
  • No one is permitted to utilize pornographic, copyrighted, offensive, or obscene content on this website, nor is it open to user uploads.
  • Free users have the ability to write comments on the profiles of other members.
  • Users have the option of making their images public or keeping them private at all times.
  • Each of the profiles has a great deal of useful information and specifics.

You are allowed to add up to 26 images to your profile on the dating platform if you choose to make one. You have the option of making such photographs available to the public or keeping them to yourself only. It is up to you to decide. Appearance, lifestyle, and background are some of the aspects of a person that can be considered when searching for compatible matches and people to interact with. In addition to that, you have the option of filling in specifics such as an astrological sign, your chosen distance, and the kind of person you are seeking.


There are many channels through which one can communicate with another person. You can email, live chat, or send winks to the user that you have an interest in communicating with. You will be able to use the moments feature once you download the app on your device. This function, which operates very similarly to the Facebook app, will provide you the ability to see what your friends are up to, such as their most recent status changes.

Paid subscribers are the only ones who have access to the message option. On the other hand, free members have the ability to respond to all of the messages. You may always give users winks to communicate with them and let them know that you are interested in them without having to pay for either service. There is the option of using chatrooms, which is another appropriate technique to communicate with other individuals. Free of charge are chatrooms. In addition to these two choices, you can also investigate the profiles of other users to determine whether or not their information is accessible to the public. You are welcome to leave a comment on their feed if you so desire in order to make them aware that you are interested in connecting with them.


Permit this review of Positive Singles to guide you through the ins and outs of using this online dating service in its entirety. When you first visit the website’s homepage, you will see an option for performing a rapid search right away. The site currently has more than 1,851,200 registered users. Check out the numerous features that this website has to offer by going through the section labeled “special features.” Click on that option if you would like to join the online chat room; alternatively, there is a live dating counselor available for those who would want to talk with someone directly. In addition to all of these options, you can talk to a real person who can help.

Choose the rapid search option, on the other hand, if you’d want to have conversations with other people who share your interests. After providing the information that the platform requests, you will need to wait some time before the search results display. The website can be navigated with relative ease. After you have signed up, you may utilize the search engine to narrow down the other users to those with whom you want to engage in conversation.


The desktop version of this online dating program runs without any hiccups. The organization of each category is done very tastefully, but the availability of more than 20,000 new blog articles each month is easily the site’s crowning achievement. You are free to use whichever web browser you like to navigate the site. Since its inception in 2001, the mission of this dating platform has been to provide a welcoming environment in which singles living with STDs and Herpes can discover compatible partners without fear of stigma or discrimination. The desktop version of this online dating service should not provide you with any problems when you are utilizing it.


Yes, those who use iPhones as well as those who use Android devices can download a specialized app from the website. Visit the website and scroll all the way down to the bottom to download the application. Simply download it by selecting the appropriate icon from the menu that appears. Additionally, the website maintains an active presence on many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You are free to follow them there if that is what you choose.

The app can be used with relative ease; however, it does not have all of the functions that are available in the desktop version. On the mobile app, you won’t find any of the following features: the ability to have a live conversation with a counselor, access to a variety of health resources, or the ability to pinpoint the locations of STD treatment centers in your area.


This online dating service has a website that has a pleasing appearance to the eye. The website also has a good amount of user friendliness. A first-time visitor will find quite a lot of information that is interesting and relevant to read on the homepage. They have discussed all of the most noteworthy aspects of this website. Additionally, the website allows you to download the application. On the homepage, you will find all of the available choices. You might be interested in some of these categories: online dating, dating blogs, top countries, top states, and finally, about the firm. The fact that the website has been quite forthright about its owners and operators is a positive feature. There is also a help and frequently asked questions section that may be accessed. Additionally, navigating and using the website has been a breeze.

Site to Navigate Through

You won’t have any trouble navigating the site because it’s been designed to be user-friendly. Even though it will take a few minutes of your time, creating the profile is a simple and straightforward process. The process of browsing the profiles of various users is unobstructed and simple. When moving from one category to another, you will not come across any bugs in the system. In addition to that, the crew that provides assistance to customers is excellent.


Joining the website is completely free of charge; but, in order to use the vast majority of the site’s functionalities, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership. There are three different subscription options available: the first one is for one month, the second is for three months, and the third is for six months. There is no such thing as a free trial or anything else. It is important to keep in mind that you will be responsible for canceling the subscription on your own in order to avoid being charged for the following month. If you choose the plan that only lasts one month, you will be charged every month. On the other hand, you will be charged a single fee for the remaining two items collectively. Notify the customer team at least a day before the payment is due, and they will cancel the paid subscription on your behalf if you decide to terminate the service.

Access can be purchased or obtained for free.

Even if free services provide many features, only subscription services will allow you to experience the genuine crème of the crop. Here are some of the more notable features of both premium and free access. Examine all of them, and decide whether or not you want to purchase a subscription after doing so.

Provided at no cost

  • You are only able to respond to messages that have already been sent to you.
  • Winks can be sent even by free members.
  • You can look up other users by searching their usernames here.
  • You have the ability to make a request to view any of the other members’ private albums.
  • You have the ability to upload up to twenty-six photos.

Services for a fee

  • If you pay for a membership, your profile will be displayed higher in the search results and more frequently.
  • You are able to send as well as read messages.
  • Only premium members have access to the more advanced search options.
  • You have the option of communicating with a qualified STD counselor by live chat or email.


You have the option of paying with either your credit card or PayPal; if you want, you can even pay for it by sending a check. Enter the requested information regarding your credit card or PayPal account when making a payment, and you will be notified through email that the appropriate amount has been withdrawn from that account. Check to see if there is sufficient money in your account.

The Methods of Payment

There are three different methods available for making payments toward the monthly subscription fees. You have the option of paying with cash, PayPal, or, lastly, a credit card. Please take note that the recurring payment for the subscription is just for the first month. Because of this, if you do not want to be charged for it, you will need to cancel it. On the other hand, you will only be charged one time for the subscriptions that cover three and six months.


SSL encryption is utilized on this website in order to guarantee the safety of each and every transaction. Your personal information and financial transactions will continue to be encrypted. Aside from this one issue, the website is in compliance with the DMCA. The mobile application is protected by a password, and it is available for download. The website contains a privacy policy, and visitors are encouraged to read it in its entirety.


Positive Singles is not in any way a scam or a fraudulent dating site. This website is devoted to helping anyone who is coping with an STD or herpes infection. Additionally, users have ranked this community website as the best one available for supporting this particular cause. The developers of the website go through each profile to search for fraudulent users and immediately cancel their accounts once they are discovered.


Largest STD Blogs

More than 20,000 blogs devoted to sexually transmitted diseases can be found on the online dating service. The blogs are really educational and beneficial to a great extent.

Chat Rooms Available Online

There is a wide variety of available chat rooms for you to join. However, not every chat room is solely devoted to discussing STDs and related topics. Some will be about movies, others about music, travel, or politics, and so on.

Dating Consultant Who Is Live

Those who are having trouble finding someone they truly connect with have the option of speaking to a live dating advisor. Your advisor will be able to assist you in finding a person who can comprehend you.

Locations of STD Care Facilities

Simply clicking on this function will take you to a location that provides care for people who have STDs. You will discover a variety of resources, including those pertaining to testing facilities, health clinics, assistance with STDs, and more.

The good and the bad


  • You will have the opportunity to open up about the challenges you face on a daily basis on this platform, which also functions as a dating service and a support group.
  • The website is really straightforward, and navigating it is not difficult at all.
  • You will have a personal STD counselor working with you.
  • There are over two thousand examples of achievements.
  • The website can be used without any concern about one’s safety.


  • Premium members are the only ones who have access to the texting option.
  • Even if there is a mobile app, it does not have the majority of the functions that are available on the desktop version.


It is a review of the dating app Positive Singles. This review provides you with all of the information that you require in order to make an informed decision regarding a herpes dating site. Joining Positive Singles is a good idea if you are someone who suffers from herpes or other STDs and wants to meet others who will not criticize you for having these conditions. The online dating service has a sizable user base and offers service that is on par with its competitors. In addition to all of that, there is a complete community for people who are battling sexually transmitted illnesses, and you will also obtain medical guidance for the same issue. You can contact the support team by sending an email to support@positivesingles.com if you want to get in touch with them.

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