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The online dating service places an emphasis on connecting users with others who share the same sexual orientation as them. The objective of the HookUp website is to locate a suitable sexual partner. People give brief responses to questions regarding their sexual compatibility, and based on those responses, they envision the ideal companion.

According to Alexa, the website is now ranked 44259 in the United States and 61849 worldwide. Monthly registrations come in at an average of 535000 users.

Due to the fact that it possesses distinctive characteristics, this one is without a question among the most cutting-edge websites. Members can find a match who is online, who is located close to them, or who is a hottie in addition to using the matching system. Is it thus worth spending the money and making the effort, or will it just leave you in a lurch once you’ve made the payment? Continue reading our comprehensive review of Get It On to learn why this dating service is superior to all others on the market.

Review of the Dating Site Get It On: Is It a Good One?

Languages That Are Supported By The Website

It mostly lends support to the English language because of its widespread use.

Those Responsible for Owning and Operating Get It On

The website is owned and managed by a number of different ink companies in the United States. The same people who created,, and other similar websites.

Headquarters of the Get It On organization

The website has its headquarters in the United States.

When will Get It On be Released?

The year 1999 marked the beginning of the company. Since that time, it has been demonstrated to be one of the greatest dating sites for developing casual relationships or meeting people for sexual encounters.

Countries and Territories That Can Access Get It On

The website may be accessed anywhere in the world, and it currently has close to or even more than 10 million users from different countries.

GET IT ON Includes a Number of Special Features

It is well-known for designing the most innovative dating websites, which are packed with exceptional features. This website, just like the rest of the system websites, does not experience any kind of lagging in any kind. Continue reading to learn about some of the most incredible benefits of getting it on.


It is precisely this function of the website that enables members to post their contributions to the site. Members are free to express themselves in whatever manner they see fit, including through the medium of writing. After doing so, users are able to view the posts that have been blocked by other members and comment on those posts.

Put Some Points On It

If a member invites a friend to the Get It On website, they are eligible to receive bonus points. Or, if they are capable of completing a chore from the Get It On list. In later levels, you may be required to spend points in order to use certain unique features. You may even trade in your points for one month’s worth of gold membership if you want to.

Get Your Act Together Groups

It is permissible for members to start a conversation in the forum with other members, who are generally referred to as groups. Members are free to participate in the discourse and offer their thoughts on anything at any time.


Members are permitted to tip other users as a method of showing their gratitude for the service they have received. These hints, at a later stage, are converted into points, which, in turn, can be utilized to unlock fantastic features and gain access to particular perks for free.

Live Chat With Models

Professional models conduct live video chats in this unique service. Joining in on the fun and watching the film is open to any and all Get It On participants. You are only able to draw videos that have the free tag attached to them. Members who pay a monthly fee to participate in a model fan club have access to a variety of other video conversations that fall under the private category.

Refer A Friend

You also have the ability to invite a buddy to sign up for Get It On, which is another fantastic feature. You are eligible to get points in the event that your buddy joins the community or upgrades his membership.

Upgrade to Gold for the Rest of the People.

Through the usage of this function, you will be able to purchase a gold membership for any other user of your choosing. When you assist another user in obtaining a higher membership level, that person will be notified of your assistance.


The United States only accounts for nearly 7800000 of the site’s total membership. It receives 15,000 daily logins from users located in every region of the world. This website is growing at a quick rate despite having only a 30% female population and a 70% male population. The members of Get It On come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. There is to be no differentiation of personality on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Participants are urged to sign up and look for another member with whom they can have a sexual encounter. If one prefers to search for a couple or a group, that option is also available. Individuals can also sign up as a partner or couple in order to discover members with whom they can form a swinger or threesome. You merely need to be specific about the kinds of sexual encounters that you are looking for to fulfill your desires.

The tremendous eastern listing organizes its members into categories denoted by the nation or state in which they are located. In addition, you have the option to browse by either gender or a specific place. You have the option of clicking on any one of the following categories: men/women, couples (man/man) (woman/woman) (man/woman), or a group seeking for men/women, couples (man/man) (woman/woman) (man/woman), or a group looking for men/women, couples (man/man) (woman/woman)(man/woman). To view the profiles of other users, all you have to do is select a category and click on its link.

Distribution Of Ages Among Members

The majority of the people who belong to this group are between the ages of 35 and 54. Only 17% of the population is comprised of people between the ages of 18 and 24. There are still young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 making up 21% of the population. There are 26% of people in the population that are between the ages of 35 and 40,4 years old. There is a quarter of the population that is between the ages of 45 and 54. In general, you can observe that women make up only 30 percent of the population, while men make up 70 percent of the total. This leads one to the idea that it does not matter how old you are because it is possible to find a spouse at any time.

Fakers And Scammers In Site

On the Get It On website, the number of people trying to steal personal information is significantly lower. On any site, there are always some people who find a method to swindle other users, despite the fact that there are stringent rules, laws, and regulations. You simply need to be on the lookout for strange behavior and report it if you observe it. Members who are found to be engaging in fraudulent activity will have their accounts terminated and will be barred from using the service. People who create phony profiles and pretend to be someone else are promptly kicked off the platform on the grounds that they are engaging in fraudulent activity.


You may locate the app that is incorporated into every buddy finder by searching for it. It can be obtained by download from the App Store on your iOS device.

Make A Request For It Here.

There is one application available, but it is an integrated app because there is no separate application.

There is currently no information accessible about the app’s specifics; however, you may connect in to your account in any friend finder mobile app using the same credentials that you use for Get It On.

Put Up a Website for It

There is explicit adult content available on the official website. Everyone is free to browse the website without concern. It presents the alternatives for logging in as well as creating a new account in a clear and concise manner. The allure of the website will have you hooked with just one look. Additionally, you can access the website from your mobile device. On this version, you will see the same features that are available on the desktop version. The mobile version also includes the full complement of tools and tabs that are accessible on the desktop version.

The Get It On app can be used on a computer, can users do that?

It is not possible for you to use it on your computer because there is only a single integrated program and not a separate one.

Which web browsers are supported by Get It On?

The website is compatible with all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and UC Browser, among others. You only need access to a functional internet connection; the browser won’t be a problem. You may learn how this product functions by reading reviews written about Get It On.

Why Is It That Some People Have Difficulty Entering The Site?

The sole reason you are unable to view the website is most likely due to the fact that you are located in an area with a sluggish internet connection. Simply double check to see if your internet connection is working properly. If you are unable to log in, try connecting to a virtual private network (VPN). If you are currently residing outside of the UK, then you may be affected by this issue. One solution is virtual private network (VPN) software, which can be activated first, and then the website can be accessed.


The user interface of the website is uncomplicated and straightforward, making it easy to understand. You are able to select the point features, and then you can click on them according to your needs.

Registration Process

The entire process of registering for Get It On can take anything from 30 seconds to three minutes. In the first step of the procedure, you will need to fill out a form that asks you questions about your gender as well as the gender of the person you are looking for on the internet. You must be specific regarding whether you desire a single guy or woman, a couple, or a group of people.

Additionally, you and your spouse have the option of registering together as a couple. After that, you will need to choose your preferred sexual encounter format from among the available options. You have the option of engaging in one on one cybersex, one on one cybersex, threesome cybersex, or threesome cybersex with cams. You are free to check any boxes that apply.

After that, all that’s left to do is compose a snappy headline for your profile that summarizes your various sexual inclinations. After that, you will be prompted to select a username and enter basic information such as your nationality, date of birth, email address, and zip code. The relationship status field is completely voluntary.

You will not be required to select a password; rather, you will get a password via email. Choosing a password is not required. Simply fill in all of the details, then click the “submit” button. After that, you will be taken to the graduation page automatically.

Is It Possible To Unmatch A User When Using Get It On?

There is a feature known as the hotlist that allows you to add users that you find appealing. If you want to remove someone from the list, all you have to do is navigate to the member’s profile, click on the settings tab, and then select the “remove from the hotlist” option.

What is the minimum age requirement to become a member of Get It On?

When applying to become a member of the Get It On club, applicants must demonstrate that they are at least 18 years old.

Is There Any Way To Confirm That This Account Is Real?

The company in and of itself is safe and has received certification. However, there is no information that can be found on the verification of the account. There is no need for concern regarding verification because the system is reliable and risk-free.

How Would Someone Confirm That Their Email Address Is Correct?

Signing up for or registering an account with Get It On does not require an email verification of any kind.

How Do I Register Using My Facebook Account Information?

You must use your email address in order to register. Get It On does not support registration using Facebook, thus that option is not available.

Is It Possible To Use The Website Without Creating An Account?

You are unable to use the website in the guest capacity. To begin making use of it, you must first complete the registration process, which is the barest minimum need.

Config of the Profile

Creating your own profile and browsing the profiles of other users is a chore that can be completed with relative ease.

When putting up a profile, the return does not ask for an excessive amount of information. The information identifying your location, your user name, your gender, your age, and the profile headline that represents you will all be located at the very top of the profile section. You can also find out if the individual is currently online or when the last time was that they were online.

You will notice that just below the profile header are three tabs labeled videos, photo album, and profile. Viewing films and photo albums is restricted to only the premium users. A section on the characteristics of your ideal spouse will be included in the Get It On profile, which will also include a paragraph describing your personality. On your profile, we also include other pertinent information such as your date of birth, astrological sign, languages spoken, marital status, and preferences about sexual encounters.

Testimonials, Message Box, Friends Network, My Activities, and Blings are some of the tabs that can be found in their own individual portion of the profile. And when you go to the profile of another user, you’ll be able to see a compatibility chart that illustrates how compatible that user is with you in terms of factors such as sexual orientation, gender, body type, age, marital status, and distance.

How Do I Remove a Photo That I Have Uploaded to Get It On?

You have the ability to alter or remove your profile picture at any moment. Simply navigate to your profile and click on the picture that represents you there. After selecting the settings menu item, you will then see the icons to modify and delete. If you want to get rid of the image, all you have to do is click the delete button.

How Can I Change My Username On This Website?

You will need to navigate to the settings of the account in order to make changes to the username. Simply select the edit tab, and you’ll be able to modify the username as well as any other information you like.

What Are The Steps To Delete Your Profile?

Within the account settings, there is a button that you can click that says “permanently erase my entire account.” You can access this section of the site by selecting the tab labeled “modify profile availability.”

What Happens When the “Show Me On Get It On” Icon Is Turned Off?

If you turn off the “show me” button, other users won’t be able to see any of your details, including your profile, for the time being.

How Can I Remove the Information That I Have Already Submitted in Get It On?

Clicking on the “edit profile” button will allow you to make any necessary changes to the information you have already provided. You have the ability to make adjustments to the preferences, as well as the data in your profile and any other account-related information.

Member Search In Site

You won’t have any trouble locating members on the site. The very first and most important thing that you need to do is enter your username and password so that you may log in to your account.

It should come as no surprise that going to the search box on the Get It On website is the most straightforward approach to look for other members. You will be presented with some fundamental search options to locate other members. Either type in the member’s username, or fill out the form that asks for your choices. Both of these options are available to you. There, you will have the opportunity to select whether you are looking for a man, a woman, or a couple. After that, all you have to do is press the button labeled “search.”

However, unless you have upgraded to a premium membership, the information of your searches will not be kept.

How Can I View the Members That I Have Already Liked on Get It On?

The hotlist feature is accessible to free users as well, therefore the answer is yes, you will be able to view the list of persons you like to see.

What Are the Various Get It On Searches Options That Are Available?

The only approach that could possibly work to find people is to use the search box that is located at the very top of the navigation bar. You are able to search for profiles based on vicinity, hotness ratings, and whether or not they are currently online.

If you are a free member, would you be able to see the people on Get It On who have liked you?

In order to determine whether or not someone likes you, you will need to purchase a membership.


When you have a premium subscription, you will have the ability to send messages and flirts. The most important forms of communication are the “hotlisting,” “messaging,” and “flirting” systems.

How Do You Begin a Message Conversation With Another User on Get It On?

There are a lot of different ways to find members who are compatible with one other. The first option is to use the bar that looks like a search engine. Aside from that, you can begin adding people to your watch list at this point. Even if you have a free membership, you will be able to send him a message if you come across another user who has upgraded to a premium membership and has the extended chat messaging capability. You can also watch live model video chat and become a member of fan groups while you play Get It On. You will have quick access to the movies, as well as the model in her naked state. You are welcome to watch the models in either a public or private stream.

To send private messages to other users, however, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.

How Do I Send A Message To Another Member?

To begin chatting with someone, all you have to do is navigate to their profile and select the “talk” option from the drop-down menu. After that, you will be able to send a message.

Is There No Cost Involved When Sending Messages?

The premium subscription allows users to send messages to one another. If you are not a premium member, you will not have access to this function at no cost.

How Can I Determine Who Sent Me a Message on Get It On?

To check who has messaged you, all you have to do is open the chat option in your settings.

How Can I Get Access To And Make Use Of The Camera On Get It On?

You are welcome to make use of the camera in order to carry out a live broadcast.

Put a filter on the messages sent through Get It On.

Regarding the filtering of messages, there is no such option. On the other hand, you can choose to interact with the messages sent by the individual whose company you enjoy while ignoring the ones that cause you trouble. You also have the option to block the numbers if you feel they are being abusive.


  • You will not be charged anything for the free trial that lasts for seven days.
  • The price for a subscription that is valid for one month is $29.95.
  • The price of each of the three monthly subscriptions will be 19.95 US Dollars.
  • In addition, the monthly fee for the annual subscription of 12 months will be $14.95 USD.
  • The total cost of your subscription can often be paid for using one of three distinct payment methods.
  • by check, electronic check, or credit or debit card.

Complimentary Benefits of Membership

If you do not have a paid subscription, making contact with other users on the official Get It On website is quite difficult, despite the fact that the website is laden with free services. You will find a list of free services that are available to you in trial version further down the page:

  • Establishing a user profile
  • Putting together a profile
  • Accessibility of search filtering
  • Viewing the profiles of other members
  • Including more people on the wanted list
  • Participating in a forum discussion group as a member of a group
  • Taking part in free live chats hosted by models
  • Publishing blog post

Features Exclusive to Paid Memberships

The following are some of the general premium membership perks available in Get It On:

  • Adding friends
  • Browsing the picture albums of other users as a member
  • Sending personal messages
  • Service to patrons given top priority
  • Sending flirts
  • Webcams streaming live with no limits
  • Position yourself at the top of the member search results.
  • Putting a testimonial on the profile of another person

If you pay for a premium membership for either one month or one year, you will have access to all of the features.

Aside from that, you will receive a membership to enhanced chat messaging, which will permit other users to text you for free before they do so themselves. You will be responsible for making a payment of 19.9 USD 5 per month, which comes to 35.9 USD for three months or 10.7 USD per year.

Aside from that, you can acquire tokens by spending a specific sum in order to do so. You can get a hundred tokens in $12, 185 tokens in $20, $550, 1000 tokens 899 dollars.

The final option is to become a member of the fan club. In order to become a member of a premium fan club, a monthly fee of $14.95 will be required from you.

Is a Premium Membership available through Get It On?

As you can see, the website does, in fact, offer a variety of premium membership options. You are free to select the package that caters to your needs and preferences the most.

The Procedures to Follow in Order to Cancel Your Membership

If at any moment you decide you no longer want to be a member, you simply need to access the settings for your account and select the Cancel Membership option.

Does Get It On Support Auto-Renewal for Their Memberships?

Your Get It On subscription will be automatically renewed for the same amount of time that you chose in the initial sign-up process.

How Can I Get a Refund for the Time That I Spent in the Site That Was Unused?

After purchasing a subscription, there is no provision for receiving a refund for any period that was not used.

Is There An Automatic Renewal For The Membership?

  • Yes, it will be renewed without your intervention until you choose to cancel the membership.
  • It is not possible to request a refund for Get It On through the Customer Support System.
  • The website does not offer an assurance that your money will be refunded.
  • Put a Notation of Your Support Into Your Credit Card Bill.
  • The cost of the bill will appear on the statement as being incurred by the premium subscribers to the company.
  • Providing Other Get It On Members With Premium Memberships As Gifts
  • It is acceptable for you to purchase premium memberships for other members of the site.
  • Providing Assistance for One Whole Month
  • The answer is yes; it is up to you to decide how long or how many months’ worth of membership you wish to purchase.


GoDaddy has validated that Get It On is a trustworthy website. It entails having in-house technical staff check in on members on a regular basis to ensure their safety. Additionally, the website has started collaborating with Mandiant, a major third-party forensic expert company, in order to improve the security system. Due to the fact that it adheres to the privacy policy, AFF does not request or collect highly personal information from its users.

Get It On members’ right to their own privacy

When it comes to protecting your privacy, you are in good hands. There is no public access to any of the information you have provided about yourself in order to create the profile. It is not disclosed to any other parties by the governing body. You are the only person who has access to the information; no one else does without your permission.

Are Personal Texts and Chats on Get It On Protected by Encryption?

Every single one of your private conversations and texts will be kept intact and shielded from prying eyes at all times. Because the chats are encrypted, it is extremely difficult for any other person to access the information contained within them.

Can We Get It On And Locate All Of The Members?

No, the website won’t be able to find you unless you provide it very specific and accurate information about your location, which is not something we recommend.

Is There Any Way for the Police to Trace Users?

Although the authorities have not yet tracked down any participants in Get It On, they are able to do so in the event of particularly fraudulent conduct or urgent situations.

Whom Should Be Contacted If Questions Concerning Get It On’s Privacy Are Presented?

The contact information for the website’s administrators and moderators can be found at the bottom of this post. All you have to do is use that information to get in touch with them.


Due to the fact that it employs the most advanced security measures possible, this dating website is one of the most reliable ones available today.

There are currently no moderators on the Get It On Forums.

People are urged to participate in discussions by using online forums and threads. However, moderation of threads is not always maintained, and you are able to check this information in your account as well.

When a member withdraws money using their Get It On account, what happens to that member?

Anyone who exploits a member’s personal information to harass them in order to acquire financial support will have their access to the account terminated permanently.

Account that has been closed down

A member will be kicked out of the community if they breach the guidelines and regulations, abuse other members, or harass other members.

Why Is It That Users Cannot Access Their Get It On ID Accounts?

It is possible that you broke a rule when you did something that resulted in you being banned from your account and unable to access your profile.

How Long Does a Ban Against Get It On Last?

It is unknown how long the restriction will remain in effect.

How Can I Activate the Account That Was Banned?

You will need to communicate with the Get It On website moderator in order to deactivate your account. You can do this by connecting with him on the Get It On website.

Take care of yourself.

You can defend yourself by adhering to the regulations and maintaining the confidentiality of your information.

How Can I Report Someone I Suspect of Being a Scammer Or Block Them?

If you see a member that seems suspect, all you have to do is enter their profile and click the “report abuse” button on their page.

Which Kinds of Information Should Never Be Submitted Through Your Get It On Account?

Your private information, such as your home address and contact information, should never be made available to the general public.

Aid And Companionship

You can access and interact with customer service more easily with the help of the support area. You will also get detailed responses to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as how to search, how to log in, and so on.


In general, I can say that it is the most trustworthy website available today for singles as well as couples. I am happy that I was able to investigate my sexuality and recover the passion that I had lost. Another advantage is that I was able to locate true business partners who were well worth the investment. Because the company looked out for my best interests, I was able to avoid falling for any cons. In conclusion, all I can say is that you really need to sign up for this website if you are interested in having a casual yet passionate relationship.

Is Get It On the Most Effective and Widely Used Dating Website or App?

It is one of the most popular websites, and each day there are many new people checking it out in the hopes of finding a date.

Is Get It On a Risk-Free Option?

We are able to declare that it is one of the safest platforms as a result of its remarkable features and the highest possible level of security.

Is there not a fee to use Get It On?

Registration and use are completely free, but in order to access the full range of benefits, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

How exactly does the Get It On-Site system function?

After you have created an account and logged in, all that is required of you is to provide some information about yourself as well as your preferences for sexual encounters. After that, the website will present you with potential companions who are the most suitable for you based on the information you entered.

What Should Be Done Regarding Fake or Bogus Members on Get It On?

There are only a few people trying to pull a fast one by becoming phony members or scammers. On the other hand, you always have the option to report abuse or make contact with the authority if you run into con artists like that.


The following are some websites that are comparable to getting it on:


People who are searching for a casual HookUp or an occasional short term relationship will find the most success using this Get It On website. It is meant for sexual experiences, but who knows whether you may finish up falling in love with each other. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 can create an account on the site and rediscover the thrill of satisfying their sexual urges.

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