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Anyone can find a mate on My Naughty Dates, regardless of shyness or prejudice. Everyone is welcome on this website, including heterosexuals, gay men and women, lesbians, and other LGBTQ+ individuals. On the dating site My Naughty Dates, people looking for sex can find what they’re looking for. You can use the service on your phone, tablet, or computer because the website has a fully responsive web design (the page will adjust to fit the size of the device’s screen). Neither iOS nor Android has any applications available right now. A premium subscription is available. It costs $29.95 to buy.

How do My Naughty Dates operate or perform?

On My Naughty Dates, users cannot be blocked. The best course of action if you continue to get offensive or inappropriate messages is to ignore them or report the offending user to the website’s moderators, who will look into their behaviour.

Have difficulties come up with a lead sentence? Sending a virtual gift to your match is a terrific way to create a discussion and leave a positive first impression.

Video web chat is becoming more and more crucial in online dating since the COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for people to connect in person. You can interact with your matches via live video chat on My Naughty Dates. Thanks to this, you may see and hear the person you’ve been conversing with.

Most people desire to communicate with users in their area unless they are explicitly looking for a long-distance relationship. Therefore, a filter option that enables you to connect with locals is essential. This is available on My Naughty Dates and a search filter option based on particular standards.

Without messages and chat, online dating would not be possible. Users of My Naughty Dates can send and accept chat invitations. Other communication tools are available in conversation so you can express yourself (these include emojis, virtual gifts, etc.).

To communicate with possible matches, the website offers an instant messaging tool.

You can see which users are online and available for chat right now.

You can check My Naughty Dates to see who is online and open for a chat. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can change your Messenger status from “online” to “offline.”

When you’re awaiting messages, are you impatient? People frequently experience this when texting. Because of this, My Naughty Dates’ chat section includes a visual that lets users see when comments are being written.

On online dating sites, seeing profiles of other users is the most popular pastime. Given how frequently this occurs, giving people more expressive options is critical. As a result, My Naughty Dates allows you to rate the profiles of other users by giving them a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” This increases your chances of interaction and makes you more noticeable.

According to fundamental criteria, you can search and filter other users on the website.

  • The users’ gender;
  • Users’ age;
  • Only users with profile pictures;
  • Users who are online right now;

More specific criteria are available in addition to the methods mentioned above, allowing you to search and filter users.


  • You may send gifts online.
  • For face-to-face communication, users can also use webcam chat.
  • Results can be filtered to only display locals. Additionally, you can focus your match choices by using sophisticated search filters.
  • To join private chats, users can invite one another. For match communication, this element is crucial. Additionally available are advanced search filters that can be used to hone user choices further.
  • You can express yourself and give feedback on other people’s profiles by choosing to rank other members. Additionally, it will let you know how other people feel about your profile. This feedback helps figure out what users want.
  • To communicate with possible matches, the website offers an instant messaging tool.
  • If you want others to know that you’re available, you can choose to display your “online” status.
  • If you don’t want others to know you are online, Messenger lets you set your status to “offline.”
  • You may also tell when someone is writing to you using Messenger’s visual.
  • To prevent the formation of phoney or fraudulent accounts, user emails are verified.
  • Fully responsive is My Naughty Dates (you will not have a problem using it on mobile devices).


  • Currently, the website does not provide a downloadable iOS application.
  • There isn’t a My Naughty Dates Android app available for download.
  • Since user photographs and photos are not subject to review, the site will probably contain many phoney profiles and pornographic images.

How much does membership cost? Price & Paid Membership Options My Naughty Dates is it free?

No free trial or paid membership options are available on My Naughty Dates. There are premium membership alternatives on My Naughty Dates.

If you no longer want to utilize this service, you must cancel this premium membership before the end of the paid period because it renews automatically.

A coin-based system is unavailable on My Naughty Dates, where you pay for tasks like sending messages or virtual presents to another user.

Options for paid membership

  • The cost of Premium 1 Month is $29.95;
  • The price for Premium 3 Months is $44.85;
  • My Naughty Dates promotions and discount codes
  • My Naughty Dates does not currently have any coupons or promotional deals available.

What are the steps for signing up for My Naughty Dates?

The registration form for My Naughty Dates requires a lot of information (containing more than 10 fields).

Mobile versions and applications

The website has a responsive web design, so you may use it exactly as you would on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet (the page will resize to fit the screen size). Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android devices have any apps.

Discretion and anonymity

In general, public and private dating websites are separated. Anyone can browse a list of all user accounts for public dating. Contrarily, personal dating provides greater privacy and anonymity because only other registered dating members have access to your profile (no one else can see your profile).

Since user profiles are private, only those registered with the service can view them. The only individuals who can view your profile or information are those you choose to interact with. This is a valuable extra security measure that guards your privacy.

Preventing fraud and bogus profiles

The website uses moderators or animateurs to moderate discussions, according to the Terms of Service (ToS). Users won’t get an authentic experience as a result. These conversations frequently involve bots or moderators who copy and paste the text. The prospect of really dating the moderators or animateurs is also absent.

My Naughty Dates registration requires email confirmation. Your experience on the site will be more secure because email is a typical safeguard against establishing fraudulent profiles, and you won’t have to worry about potentially communicating with phoney accounts.

On My Naughty Dates, photo approval is not available. Consequently, it’s feasible that you could discover phoney or fraudulent profiles on the website (celebrity impersonators, movie characters, branded content, etc.). The photographs of these bogus accounts might make them easy to spot. Be selective about the people you choose to interact with, though. Be mindful of this as well. Manual clearance also aids in removing improper or explicit photographs that users occasionally upload to dating websites.

Rules and Regulations (TOS)

The terms of this dating site are available (you will find a link to them on the main page). We advise reading them before registering. Despite the text’s length, you must become familiar with it.


Cancelling a Paid Account at My Naughty Dates: How Do I Do That?

If you’ve chosen to have a premium membership, it’s crucial to understand how to cancel it. You may delete your account on My Naughty Dates online. Payments are automatically recurring means that if you no longer want to utilize the service, you will need to cancel your account manually.

How Do I Delete My Account On My Naughty Dates? Cancelling Your Account

Your My Naughty Dates account may be cancelled at any moment and is cost-free. This is possible online. Contacting customer service will provide instructions if you can’t find the option to terminate your account. You might have to cancel any memberships or paid services when you deactivate or delete your account because joining this dating site is a paid membership. Users can opt-out of mailing lists and other notifications. They will no longer receive updates from My Naughty Dates due to this.

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