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Istripper Site Review 3

Do you know how to tell a quality website from a subpar one? Reviews online, of course. If you’re suspicious and want to know if a website is a scam, it typically is, and plenty of people have criticized it online.

But what if you read down that line of comments and found a mix of favourable and unfavourable reviews, some with 5 stars and others with just one or two jabs that wouldn’t deter anyone from visiting the site? You’re fortunate today, fellow tugger, because we’re going to talk about one of those elusive gems: iStripper!

The website I’m going to discuss today is almost like a game. However, the desktop strippers on your display are all actual models instead of being animated. They appear on your screen with nothing but their pole as their background, and they go well with everything else you’re doing, whether it’s work, gaming, music, online browsing, or anything else. If you enjoy playing tug of war and spend a lot of time online or on your phone, you’ll want to find something to occupy your time, which is the ideal diversion.

IStripper: What Is It?

What better way to concentrate on your work than watching PC strippers all day?

(not meant to be ironic) People used to download a petite, two-inch desktop stripper in the beginning, spinning around the corner of your screen, which you could either pull yourself off of (remember, this was 1998!) or ignore and carry on with your work. In today’s world, iStripper has grown from small, unforgettable software to a massive service for anyone who wants to see a real stripper on their screen – round-the-clock!

Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t necessarily want to tug to an iStripper, but I can certainly appreciate those who would desire one for that exact reason. Since there are currently over 22 million users of this app, and they have seen significant growth over time, they must be doing something right.

iStripper fits into an office space like your tugger does inside a watermelon; you know it shouldn’t be there, but you still love it, and you quickly run to hide it if anyone walks in.

Because of this, iStripper can be muted, minimized, or deleted from your desktop anytime. In the case of iStripper, if there is ever an inspection at work (wink wink! ), you can uninstall it with a few quick clicks, which will remove all of the app’s content in addition to any suspicious content they might be looking for. This app has many features—certainly more than you’d anticipate! So let’s investigate them and discover how to enjoy iStripper the most.

I must admit that I am a bit of a weirdo since I genuinely feel uneasy entering a gentlemen’s club and watching exotic dancers in person. I find it to be a little too genuine, and I would rather have some separation from my fantasies. So iStripper, the most recent version of a program previously advertised on Virtual Girls and Desk Babes, is just what I need.

Members Area Sneak Peek

Yes, you read it correctly. The hidden jewel on the Istripper website is a piece of software. And after you’ve downloaded it, you can watch stunning hotties perform sensual stripteases directly on your PC. Since there is nothing but the girls’ figures and body shapes in these videos, they are no videos in the conventional sense.

If you’re having trouble visualizing it, try imagining that you’re looking over a plain old spreadsheet when one of these hot numbers appears on top of the information you’re looking at. You can still read some numbers peeking through the space between her legs, even though her torso will block some of them. Of course, you may always grab the girl and move her to another area of your screen.

Or you may right-click and enlarge her if you’d instead give in to temptation. A full-screen option is also available, unexpectedly displaying a larger image of the girl overlaid on a background image. She might appear to be having fun poolside or in a strip club. Of course, you can choose to watch her G-rated performance become more graphic.

Because you must purchase credits to access the naked shows, this free software’s creators generate some money through nudity. Of course, you will pay less per credit the more credits you purchase in a package. Most girls need 16–25 credits, which includes what they refer to as XXX acts using sex toys and lesbian pairs. Additionally, we’ll give you additional credits on all the bundles if you use our link!

In addition to the desktop strip show being updated once you pay for premium performance, you will also find a download video and a photo set to go with it. I can tell you that there are 3585 videos available for playback; the majority of them are in Full HD. Additionally, 1494 photo galleries in Zip format are available for download.

The performances now include release dates, and more scenes are added each week. However, it appears that there are fewer cards than what we discovered previously. In any case, I believe everyone should try out iStripper because it is free to view free previews and entertaining to experiment with. If any of these stripteases manage to seduce you into purchasing their more explicit counterparts, they are reasonably priced.

How Does It Function?

Even while you always have the option to get nude shows at the touch of a button, I must first let you know that all the free performances are not naked. You’ll find that you may choose which models to view once you download and install the program. You’ll essentially be watching pre-recorded shows that give you some degree of control over the strippers.

Now, if you prefer the non-nude (but still really gorgeous!) version, you have to click on the desired model, put her in full-screen mode or minimize her, and carry on with your day. When the stripper is on your screen, you can always right-click here to read more about her, change the settings, and, of course, order her to strip off every piece of clothing in her distinctive manner. The nerdier TugBro’s among us could find some more… unusual models like DIV.ASS or Sexy Gotham is appealing.

Now, if we were discussing anything animated or, to be honest, anything less than perfect, this would seem quite ridiculous. IStripper is lovely in every way. Their models are all displayed in Ultra 4K HD video, and both in full-screen and minimized versions. The images are apparent and smooth, giving the models a very realistic appearance.

So, how convincing do they seem? Your initial thought would be, “How did that stripper get in my screen and why is she so tiny?” if you were inebriated when someone installed iStripper on your computer. It is that genuine. In fact, they take things a step further by including virtual reality programs that you can watch using an Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, or any other VR device — it gives you the impression that you’re actually in a titty bar!

There is a lot visible on the screen besides the excellent picture. The females in the non-nude presentations are dressed in bikinis and other scanty clothing. Still, they are continually luring you with their curves and jiggling booties via the screen. Let’s speak about how to get them to remove their clothes immediately, as I know you’re probably wondering how to do it.

What is the price?

You may access all the non-nude shows right now by creating an account and installing the free iStripper app. When the time comes, you will have to pay the amount in credits to remove their clothing. Since iStripper will always be free for anyone who wants to use it, you’ll need to add a payment method to your account with them. However, it’s only reasonable that you’d have to spend money for the authentic iStripper experience.

The shows you have on VirtuaGirl or Deskbabes will also work with your iStripper account if you were a member of those sites. Otherwise, you’ll want to strip some chicks finally. To ensure that you know precisely what you’re getting for your money, iStripper includes a preview of each stripper’s performance before you purchase it.

Therefore, when you’re ready to take off your bra and underwear, you can purchase packs of credits or earn them through various free tasks (such as spinning the wheel or playing games on the website). Payment options include credit card, SMS, and postal mail.

Here is how much iStripper credits cost:

  • Buy 25 credits for $4.99. (20 cents per credit)
  • Price: $14.99 for 100 credits (15 cents per credit)
  • Buy 250 credits for $29.99 (12 cents per credit)
  • Buy 500 credits for $49.99. (10 cents per credit)

It’s pretty simple and inexpensive to build up a massive collection that will keep you company for the whole of your internet porn career because the most expensive episodes cost around 25 credits, and you get to retain them and re-watch them whenever you want

Just to keep you entertained, post a show on your preferred porn website while you’re tugging to something else! Nobody can take something away from you if you enjoy it, and because 22 million people appear to do so, I’m going to bet that iStripper is pretty darn good. I’m about to download it myself to keep my heart racing when I’m between tug sessions Additionally, as I write this post.

The short version of the iStripper review is that if you spend a lot of time on computers, you will adore it. Although it includes a smartphone version, let’s face it: you want to see that booty on a giant screen, and you’ll get it!

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