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WooPlus is one of the most popular dating apps, and it is one of the few that is specifically built for both men and women who are of a larger size. The app places an emphasis on encouraging people of a plus-size to celebrate their curves and feel comfortable mingling with others of all shapes and sizes. With the addition of a card game element, “liking” the profiles of other users may now be done in a more entertaining manner. Even though there is a cap on the total number of “cards,” you have the opportunity to purchase additional ones if you so desire.


The app, which was introduced to the public in the year 2015, was conceived of and designed by Neil Raman. After watching his sister go through so much heartache in her search for the ideal partner owing to her weight and figure, Neil was motivated to develop an app specifically for people of larger sizes. The fact that WooPlus maintains a community that is free from fat-shaming is admirable. The purpose of the app is to match curvaceous people with potential mates who are also interested in the plus-size population. The majority of the app’s more than 2,100,000 users are located in the United States, despite the fact that it is just as popular in other countries across the world. Members who are active on the site hail not just from the United States but also Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Every week, there are more than 500,000 people who are active. The percentage of male users on the app is significantly higher than that of female users. There are 35% female members and 65% male members in total. To be able to register an account on the site, you will first need to take a personality test. This website caters specifically to the plus-size community across all age ranges. On this platform, you won’t find a lot of phony profiles to choose from. The users rapidly respond to each other’s messages and comments, which increases the likelihood of discovering a love meeting.


The working algorithm for WooPlus is very easy to understand. Your ability to find a perfect match is directly correlated to the accuracy of the information you supply about yourself throughout the registration process. The app will recommend possible mates based on the information and preferences you offer during the registration process and then compare those to the information and preferences provided by other users. The alternatives that are relevant to your search are shown to you there.


  • The registration process only takes a few seconds.
  • You may sign up using either your email address or your existing Facebook account.
  • You are free to upload an unlimited number of photos.
  • One of the free features is the ability to look at other users’ profile photographs.
  • It is required that you reveal your gender.
  • Putting together a profile can be a lot of fun if you take the personality test first.

The registration process for the app is quite quick and just takes a few seconds. There are only two ways to register for the service. If you want to do this, you can log in with either your email address or your Facebook account. In order to finish the registration process, you will need to click on the many alternatives that the app presents to you in the form of choices.

Every piece of information that you provide into the application is made public and can be seen by other users who are interested in getting to know you better. There are a lot of questions, and the most of them are entertaining to both answer and read. Before you can begin using the app’s features, you will be asked a short series of questions, and these questions will continue to appear as you progress through the app. Profiles that make an attempt to answer all of these questions in a realistic manner can help users distinguish between authentic and phony profiles. You need to seek for a profile that has answers to all of the questions, and they need to be complete.

How to Make Initial Contact

If you are a free member and there is a match between the two of you, you will be able to message the other person.

Premium members have the ability to message other users without first having to make a match.

You are able to send gifts as well as examine the total number of gifts that a person has already obtained.

You are able to utilize all of the search filters, with the exception of location, to discover a person.

You are able to view information about other people, such as their age, interests, hobbies, and whereabouts, without having to pay a fee.

You have the ability to report inappropriate behavior and block members whose profiles you find offensive. If a person breaks the rules, you may also block them.

It is impossible for an online dating platform to fulfill its function as a dating network if it does not permit you to create relationships with other users or if it requires you to upgrade a membership in order to enable communicating. The WooPlus app, on the other hand, does not suffer from this problem because it includes free messaging as one of its features. When compared to other online dating platforms, WooPlus makes it very simple to get in touch with other users.

You have the ability to contact anyone who appears on your search results or match suggestions by sending them a message. You are able to use all of the other search filters, with the exception of the location filter. Simply going to the user’s profile and clicking the “Message” button will get the conversation started. Poking is one of the many different ways to initiate a contact, and it’s also a function that’s completely free. Sending gifts is another wonderful option you have. To purchase gifts, you can make use of the free coins that are awarded to you at initial login. You have other options, such as purchasing a teddy bear, flowers, cake, etc.


User profiles are informative because they provide sufficient information about the user being profiled.

A verification process is carried out on each profile to ensure its genuineness.

Viewing options include the user’s profile as well as additional photos.

After the initial registration procedure is finished, you will have the ability to make changes to your profile information.

The vast majority of the app’s users have created profiles that are both comprehensive and extremely informative. It is not required that all of the information be filled out at once; instead, you can finish up your profile as you use the portal in more depth. You won’t have to respond to all of the questions at once if you use this app because it will prompt you to do so at several “checkpoints” along the way as you make your way through it.

There are some individuals who do not like to utilize their genuine photos as their profile pictures. Despite this, the majority of the members rely on their most accurate portrayal. The policy of the website is very genuine, particularly with regard to the humiliation of people’s bodies. There is not a single profile that publicly humiliates other members that you will find. Reports of body shaming are taken very seriously by WooPlus, and those responsible face severe repercussions for their actions.

How to Stay Away from False Profiles

When registering for the app, users are required to enter either their email address or their Facebook account. After that, you will be able to finish off your profile by importing some of your information from the social platform. Because it is such a laborious process, the opportunity to create a false profile is significantly reduced as a result. In addition to this, if there are any fraudulent profiles on the network, you will be able to identify them quite quickly. The first telltale sign of a fraudulent profile is a personality test that is only partially completed. Nobody but a real user would waste their time answering inquiries. You should also avoid profiles that contain pictures that have been downloaded from the internet if you come across any of those. The app makes a big deal out of the fact that it verifies everyone’s profile to make sure it’s real.


The software possesses a sophisticated appearance that is not only understandable but also simple to operate. If you are new to the world of online dating, you won’t have any trouble figuring out how to use the icons or the overall style of the site.

The “Moments” tab, on the other hand, has some room for improvement in terms of its cleaning up. Through this tab, you will be able to upload photos of activities that you participate in on other social networking platforms without those photos taking up the full screen space. In addition, the straightforward construction suggests that a minimal amount of loading time is required. The design of the profile is likewise very elegant. All of the necessary information regarding a member may be quickly and easily viewed with just a glance. Additionally, the design of the icon presents no difficulties in terms of comprehension.

You won’t have any trouble figuring it out even if you aren’t very adept with technology. You can’t ignore the fact that being an active member on the portal comes with some enticing perks, and one of those perks is the regular upgrades that are made to the app.


  • The WooPlus app offers a straightforward layout that is simple to comprehend and quick to navigate.
  • You won’t be charged anything to get the application on your Apple or Android device.
  • The program includes explanations of its operations, which makes using it significantly less difficult.

When it comes to having a better knowledge of how icons should be used, the app’s sophisticated design provides clarity. The application includes a description of the many advantages and functions of the icons that are accessible through the portal. In order to obtain further information, you will need to tap on the small question mark that is located next to the con. Due to the fact that the web platform is now unavailable, the entire registration process needs to be finished via the mobile application. A notification will be sent to you whenever you receive a new message.

The attractive icons, remark boxes, and not to mention the exquisite layout of the user profile are some of the good features of the application. There is room for development in the uncomplicated layout of the “Moments” tab. Overall, the software is simple to use, making it accessible not only to younger people but also to older people and others who are not as familiar with technology.


The WooPlus website offers a wide variety of features that are not available on any other online dating platform. The following is a collection of one-of-a-kind features that will make your time spent using the website more enjoyable:

Send Unlimited Messages

You have the ability to send an unlimited number of messages to anybody you choose. In addition, you are able to check to see if the recipient of your messages has read them or not.

Continue to engage in Card Games.

Every day, you will have access to a greater pool of prospective matches than the day before.

Adjust the Settings of Your Search

You have the option to search for people using various filters, such as location and ethnicity.

Find Out Who Likes You.

You also have the option to have a look at the list of people who are fond of you. By doing things in this manner, you can spare yourself the hassle and speed up the process of finding a suitable partner.

Reset the Pass Card You Have.

You may go back to the previous screen and swipe again thanks to the feature, which will save you time and effort.

Reactivate Your Previously Expired Match.

You will have the opportunity to relive a romantic experience thanks to this feature.

Select WooPlus (WooPlus)

You are able to search for persons who are not only the most searched but also the most active by making use of this function.


Even while upgrading to a premium membership is not very expensive, some people might find that it is still a financial hardship. You have the option of paying with either a credit card or via PayPal or your mobile phone.

Fundamental Membership

On this portal, users get access to a wide variety of free services. The following is a list of functionality that can be utilized by any member of the community:

  • Basic members are able to communicate with other users by sending them messages.
  • You are not charged anything to look for other registered users.
  • Free users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of images to their profiles.
  • You are not restricted in any way in your ability to leave comments or like other members’ images.
  • There are no limitations placed on the number of profile pictures that can be uploaded.
  • After registering, you will still have the ability to change the information on your profile.
  • Free members are given coins, which may be used to purchase further benefits.
  • Another option available to you is to “poke” other users.
  • You have the ability to tailor the search.

Membership at the highest level

If you are ready to invest some of your own money into upgrading your basic membership to the premium level, you will be eligible for a great number of additional benefits. The following is a list of one-of-a-kind features that are only accessible to users of the WooPlus who have upgraded to a premium membership:

  • The location search filter is available to premium members who have upgraded their membership.
  • You are given the opportunity to select from the most actively sought members as opposed to inactive members or fake accounts.
  • You are able to view the read receipt for any messages that you send.
  • Premium members get limitless match proposals.
  • In addition to this, you have the ability to rewind match proposals that you have received in the past.
  • You are also able to access the matches that have already run their course.

Coupons for WooPlus

Coupons are not available on the online dating service.


Only by logging in with either your email address or your Facebook account can you register for access to the site. Both approaches need you to sign up with the identification you actually use in the real world. The application asserts that it will provide a dependable and uncomplicated setting. You can feel at ease while perusing the available profiles because the setting is ultimately safe, regardless of whether you are looking for an honest friend or a potential romantic companion. You do not have to be concerned about being called names because of your weight.

Is WooPlus a Fraud or a Scam?

The app is not a hoax, but rather a legitimate platform via which you can meet a spouse of your choosing. Fake profiles are present on the site; nevertheless, it is very easy to identify them, and it is certain that there are no bots. The sheer number of people who use the app is sufficient proof in and of itself to suggest that thousands of people are making use of its features to their advantage.

Is there any truth to WooPlus?

It is clear from reading the user reviews that are accessible online that WooPlus is a legitimate dating platform. Through the use of the app, millions of people have been able to successfully find a suitable companion. Because a greater proportion of male users are making regular use of the application, there is a greater possibility for women to meet males through the platform.

Is There No Identity With WooPlus?

The owners of the portal place a high premium on the confidentiality of its customers. According to a number of different WooPlus reviews, the users appear to do a good job of protecting their privacy, particularly the paying members.

The Challenge Presented by WOOPLUS

Those people who are plus size and are having trouble finding a date in the real world are sure to find the Wooplus app to be a godsend. There is no way to dispute this assertion. Nevertheless, there are some issues that are pervasive and cannot be disregarded. The following are the errors that you simply cannot overlook:

There is not a web platform with all of its functions.

To begin, there is no web version of the application; you can only download it as a mobile app. Even though there is a website, all it does is provide information on how to make an account on the app, as well as answers to some of the questions that are asked most frequently.

There is no provision for video chatting.

The choice to engage in video chatting is not one that can be made. Video chatting is still one of the most appealing aspects of utilizing online dating services, but the fact that this feature is not always available makes the entire process more laborious.

There is no unrestricted access to the location filter.

You won’t be able to search using the location filter if you sign up for a free membership. Nevertheless, you can use any of the various filters that are available to you.


Because every dating site comes standard with a customer care crew, finding assistance is not a particularly challenging endeavor. You can communicate with the representatives of the customer care department by filling out the form that is located within the Wooplus app.


Although the WooPlus Website is the finest choice for the plus-size community to meet a spouse of their choice, there are always going to be those individuals who look for other options. There are many options available besides using the site; some of these choices are as follows:


When you do anything for the very first time, it’s natural to have a lot of questions running through your head. Creating an account on the WooPlus website follows a pattern quite similar to this one. The following are some responses to some of the most often asked questions, which should certainly put an end to all of your inquiries:

I’d like to make some changes to my Wooplus profile; is there a way to do that?

When you initially create an account on the app, you will be asked to participate in a personality test by providing responses to a series of questions. Having said that, you will have the ability to make changes to this information once the registration process is finished. You will need to navigate to your profile and select the edit button in order to make any necessary modifications.

What kinds of things do people typically do with WooPlus?

Using the app, you have the potential to find love, passion, an ideal companion, and a friend who is sincere. The program works like a charm for folks who are overweight and unable to locate a romantic partner. You can have romantic success without having to worry about being judged by society or being called names for your weight.

Is Wooplus a Genuine Online Dating Platform?

The software, which is a phenomenal online dating tool, will, without a doubt, assist you in finding the person who best suits your needs. You will not be able to meet other individuals who are looking for someone like you until you register for an account on the app, which is mandatory if you are a plus-sized single person of any gender.

How Do I Cancel My Account With Wooplus?

If you no longer wish to use the app’s services, you have the option to remove your account, which, according to the Wooplus Reviews, is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

Launch the program.

Cancel any memberships that are already in place, if any.

You can delete your comments by going to the bottom of the page, clicking on Help & Feedback, and then clicking on Delete. Maintain my account as is.

When you try to delete your account, the application will ask whether you want to maintain it.

Simply include the reason for the deletion, and you will be finished.


It is clear from reading the WooPlus Reviews that an app is the ideal location for plus-size men and women to locate potential romantic partners. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect person to share your life with and forming a bond with them that will either last a lifetime or at the very least stand the test of time. On the portal, you can not only have a romantic encounter, but also a genuine friend who shares your values.

The fact that users span such a wide range of ages makes this platform one of its most appealing selling points. The majority of the features impart a sense of gameplay, which makes navigation significantly more enjoyable. The profiles of the majority of users are finished and contain sufficient information to give you an idea of what the majority of users are interested in. There are a lot of questions that require answers from you, but not all of them at once. These inquiries are presented to you in the form of “checkpoints,” which emerge as you navigate the application. By providing responses to these questions, you will be able to finish completing your profile and will have the chance to demonstrate to the other users of the WooPlus Website your wit and sense of humor.

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