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Interested people can use the dating website called Lustagenten-de. Users who have not yet registered cannot view the information in your profile. This is done to safeguard your privacy and guarantee that only individuals you have chosen to engage can view your information. The cost of a premium subscription starts at $42.25, including all applicable taxes. The site allows users to make purchases of coins and credits, with prices beginning at $15.13.

How does Lustagenten-de function, or what is its purpose?

Lustagenten-de does not include a function that allows users to be blocked. If you want to steer clear of undesired or improper communications, the most effective course of action is to ignore them as they come in. However, if the situation is unbearable, you can report users to the website moderators.

User demographics are based on gender.

Users’ average ages

There is no access to essential search functions. In addition, more specific searches based on filters such as gender, age, photos, and online users are not available.


  • Lustagenten is not responsive, making it difficult to use the site on mobile and tablets.
  • Currently, the site does not provide a downloaded application compatible with iOS.
  • Currently, the site does not provide a download option for Android applications.
  • Since the emails provided by users during the registration process are not checked, fraudulent profiles will likely be found on the website.
  • There will probably be many false accounts and explicit photos on the site because photos and images of users are not subjected to any approval before being uploaded to the site.

Cost and Available Paid Membership Levels -How much does it cost to become a member? Is Lustagenten free?

Lustagenten allows users to begin their membership with a free trial period.

Because this trial membership will be automatically renewed after the allotted time, you must cancel it before the trial period ends.

There are paid membership options available through Lustagenten.

If you do not want to continue using this service after your paid membership has been renewed, you are required to terminate your membership before the end of the paid period.

You can pay for premium features on Lustagenten with either coins or credits, which are the game’s in-game currency (such as sending messages, chatting with users, greater profile visibility, etc.).

The fee for using the coin system is only made once. Because it does not perform an automatic renewal in the case of an insufficient supply of coins, you will need to manually purchase the quantity required each time you want to utilize this service.

Options for membership with a trial period

The cost of a trial subscription for three weeks is $3.62;

The cost of a one-month trial subscription is $42.25;

Options for membership with a fee

  • The price for one month of basic membership is $42.25;
  • The price of a Power Membership for three months is $90.43;
  • The cost of an annual membership for one year is $240.90;
  • Choices for the acquisition of credit and coins
  • Buying Coins will cost you $15.13, and you will need 50 coins.
  • Buy Coins One hundred coins will set you back $30.26;
  • Buying Coins will cost you $60.53, and you will need 200 coins.
  • Buying Coins will cost you $90.79, and you will need 300 coins.
  • Buying Coins will cost you $121.06 for 400 coins;
  • Buying Coins will cost you $151.32 for 500 coins;
  • Buying Coins will cost you $181.59 for 600 coins;

Lustagenten promotions and discount codes are available here.

At this time, Lustagenten does not offer promotional codes or discounts for use on their website.

Registration – What are the steps involved in registering with Lustagenten?

The information field you must fill out to register for Lustagenten is relatively brief and may have fewer than five fields or none at all.

Applications and Versions for Mobile Devices

Due to the lack of a responsive web design on the Lustagenten website, the content may look different on your mobile device or tablet than on your personal computer. It is also possible that it will be challenging to use all of the features and functionalities. Unfortunately, neither Android nor iOS devices support any of the available applications.

Confidentiality and anonymity

There are typically public and private options available on dating websites. Anyone can obtain an aggregate view of all user accounts when using a general dating service. On the other hand, personal dating provides greater privacy and anonymity, given that your profile is only viewable by other users who have enrolled for the service (no one else can see your profile).

Your information will be viewable to users who have not yet registered on the site because profiles are not private. Therefore, exercise caution regarding the information that you choose to provide.

Protection against fraudulent activity and phony profiles.

The validation of your email address is not required for Lustagenten-de. It is conceivable that you will come across bots or false accounts when you are utilizing the service. This is because verification is a systematic method used to prevent the formation of fraudulent profiles. Be alert of other users who appear to be acting suspiciously, and think before you give any personal information to them.

On Lustagenten-de, there is no system for photo clearance. As a result, there is a chance that you will come across false or fraudulent profiles on the website (celebrity impersonators, movie characters, branded content, etc.). If you look closely at the photographs associated with these bogus profiles, you might be able to spot them right away. However, use caution regarding the people you choose to interact with. It is important to remember that manual approval helps screen out improper or explicit photos that people occasionally upload to dating services. You should pay attention to both of these aspects.


Conditions & Terms of Service (TOS)

This online dating service makes its Terms of Service available to users (you will find a link to them on the main page). Before registration, it is strongly suggested that you read them. You must become familiar with the content, even though it may be lengthy.

How to Cancel Your Account – What are the steps to get rid of my Lustagenten account?

On Lustagenten, you can deactivate your profile at no cost. This can be accomplished over the internet. You also have the option of contacting user support, which will be able to provide you with guidance on how to cancel your account. A fee is required for membership on Lustagenten. When you deactivate or delete your account, it might be necessary to cancel any subscriptions or premium features.

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