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On its landing page, OnlyHookup.com displays a small number of profile images. We are aware that signing up is free. The landing page only contains this one piece of data. Of course, this is way too little. Transparency, in our opinion, is crucial. Its presence or absence can suggest either a wise decision or a con. To learn more about this site, we had to do some online investigation.

Only female singles are displayed in the profiles on the landing page. We observe numerous shapes because these images are constantly changing. However, not a single male profile picture is shown. There appear to be only female users. This, in our opinion, leaves a wrong first impression. The profiles appear to be phony.

Deniro Marketing LLC, which appears to have its headquarters in California, USA, is the platform’s operator. There isn’t an imprint. This is yet more indicator that this is a wrong decision. In general, we have an initial negative impression of this portal. But we’re experts in our field. The overwhelming number of female profiles may have favorably pleased other users.

OnlyHookup.com: Is it a scam?

The dating website OnlyHookup.com is a fraud. The profiles on this website are false. The profiles on the landing page are immediately taken to be made up. We later discovered this evidence in the legal records—the fantasy chat on this website. The false profiles are for entertainment purposes only. Moderation and entertainment frequently go hand in hand. In this instance, it refers to a scam involving a phony chat. Users are unaware of restraint. Additionally, the primary purpose of moderating is not to entertain people.

Fake chat operators manage false profiles. They invite new participants to join a chat. Users won’t be informed about moderation while they are in a conversation. Fake profiles are not identified as being fake. A fraudulent chat moderator or false chat operator will not identify themselves as such. And they’ll strike up a discussion to start things off. Reviews of this on the internet are also unfavorable.

The cost of premium membership is not justified. Additionally, it turns out to be a cunning subscription scam. Low-cost trial membership will be available; this is the trap. It is impossible to stop it in time. The notice period for termination is 72 hours. However, this subscription is only valid for three days. After that, it will be renewed as a regular premium membership, which is also challenging to cancel. Unknown is the operator’s location. So, canceling an order might be an arduous task. Former users’ reviews also mention this point.

Creating an account on OnlyHookup.com

A working email address must be entered to complete the registration process. Next, we move on to step two. However, a new link also appears in the browser. An online pornographic site called CaMonster.com appears; it has live content. This gives a wrong first impression. The new website, though, does not appear to be an untrustworthy option at least, but it is also not inexpensive. We click the new link to shut it and get on with OnlyHookup.com registration.

We enter our gender and sexual orientation at step two. When searching for any gender, we can register as either men or women. So both straight and homosexual people can use this service to find a partner. Next, we provide our username, password, age, and location. At this point, we saw a brief notice regarding purported internet cupids. These are fictitious profiles created for people’s online amusement. To put it briefly, this website moderates false profiles.

We think it’s great that this notice is given out upon registration. However, this notice describes its basic service using synonyms. Furthermore, this brief comment does not fully explain the moderating scope.

However, registration is still ongoing. We must accept the terms and conditions to complete the profile creation process. Following that, we have the option to expand upon the information on our profile. But doing so is not required. As a result, we registered without submitting any pertinent personal data. A profile photo wasn’t needed either. Now, this does generally speed up and simplify registration. However, the fact that we can make a profile without contributing helpful information is not ideal. At the very least, the matching algorithm requires some personal data.

Also, we weren’t required to confirm our account. This doesn’t leave a favorable impression either. Safety is ensured by verification. False profiles can enter the market if you don’t insist on these. Spammers and con artists then enjoy a smooth ride. Other dangers also cannot be ruled out.

Area for members on OnlyHookup.com

We are sent to the portal after registering. The payment area is on the first page that we view. So before we can access the platform, this website wants us to pay for a subscription. This doesn’t seem to be reliable. In general, we suggest that you exercise caution while making online payments. Never purchase without first inspecting the item.

We decided to review the website before moving on to the payment choices. The members’ area is where we start. We saw a sizable number of members there. We believe there is a reasonable probability of finding a match. But whether it’s possible to connect with other members will determine everything. The webpage provides an excellent summary. The members’ section is divided into some pages to keep track of users. We may observe live streaming on the right side of the screen. The live component of this website is extensive. Members are broadcasting sexy live streams there.

If we want to, we can take part. A few live feeds are available for free. However, most models will demand payment from their audience. Consequently, this is not only a dating website. There’s also live porn available. We see that there are relatively hefty charges to join the live stream. There are slim possibilities of running with a model who offers live feeds. There are several models from nations other than the US. American residents also frequent the website. The locals appear to be friendly and open-minded.

We have more than 200 messages in our post box that alerts us. We can’t, however, open these. To read statements, we must acquire a premium subscription. We shall be taken to the offer of premium membership if we click on the invoice.

Of course, this is a trick. The volume of messages is evidence of a false chat. It is improbable that we would receive more than 200 contacts in the first 10 minutes after registering. Furthermore, we didn’t fill out our profile with even a single piece of personal data. Therefore, it makes no sense for anyone to contact us. Only fraudulent chat operators could send the messages. Online reviews also include bogus talk.

A new member’s profile receives messages from fake chat operators. The latter’s interest eventually outweighs his caution. Users then decide to upgrade to premium membership. The trap of premium membership will befall you. Additionally, the subscription is not worth the cost. The pool of member profiles is phony and edited. They have a history of defrauding new members. Their access to the live porn stream is through premium membership. However, there are many more affordable and dependable options available.

On OnlyHookup.com, the price.

It costs nothing to sign up. Costs then start to accrue. Following registration, we are presented with a premium membership offer. The premium membership is available in some bundles. In our opinion, such requests before a customer enter a website are the first indication of a scam.

You can avoid making a payment. The basic membership for a new member will then be free. This type of membership is perpetual. However, it also only grants a few usage rights. You cannot participate in the live broadcasts of models. It’s also unable to access our mailbox. Therefore, it costs money for us to read texts. We have already received more than 200 messages, the notification states. These communications are undoubtedly bogus. However, they raise a potential subscriber’s interest.

Premium membership is available for one month, three months, or six months. Additionally, free trial membership is open. This type of membership is only valid for three days. Naturally, trial membership is far more affordable than the alternatives. It simply costs one US dollar. You can use a credit card or an online check to pay. The one-time trial membership fee differs from the other subscriptions’ monthly fees.

The monthly premium membership fee is USD 29.95. It costs 16.65 USD for a three-month premium membership. The cost of premium membership for six months is $11.65. In general, if a user doesn’t cancel their subscriptions promptly, they will all renew themselves automatically. This often poses no issues. But in this instance, a trap is set. It is impossible to cancel a trial membership in time. Additionally, the operator makes termination challenging. The subscriptions are a trap, so whichever option you choose, they are.


The verdict after using OnlyHookup.com

The scam website OnlyHookup.com features bogus chat and a membership trap. This website claims to “entertain” users by creating fake profiles. Well, that’s not the case. Affected chat operators manage the false profiles. They will invite new participants to join a chat. They won’t reveal their identity as made-up individuals when conversing. But they strike up a conversation by making the first move. Over 200 emails appeared to have been sent to us while we were reviewing. We lack evidence to support this claim. We just received this many texts, according to a notification.

We must pay to read these messages, though. The payment invoice cannot be opened until we have a paid subscription. This is a trap. After registration, premium membership is also made available. In other words, we are expected to view the site before purchasing. Of course, this is a bad sign. But the actual catch is the available trial membership option. There is no time to finish this. Canceling a regular premium subscription is also challenging. This is due to the absence of the operator’s complete contact information.

Its owner is a company by the name of Deniro Marketing LLC. It appears that this business is based in California, USA. There isn’t an imprint. The terms and conditions don’t include any additional information on the place. This can make the cancellation process more challenging than it already is.

By the way, actual live porn is also available on this website. But the price is just too high. This website is also unreliable. Additionally, a subscription is required to view the live feeds. Payment will thus lead to a trap.

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