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LoveHabibi is one of the most well-known names on the list of prominent niche dating sites, representing the most exciting development in the online dating industry. You might have the impression that the searches solely turn up people of Arab or Muslim descent. But the fact is that there are also Christians on the site looking for their relationships. The site’s primary audience is single Arabs of Muslim and Christian faiths looking for romantic relationships. The website aims to bring together people from diverse cultural and religious origins who share similar worldviews and ideas. In this review of LoveHabibi, we will go over all the information there is to know about the online dating site, including its unique characteristics.

An Analysis of LoveHabibi by Industry Professionals

Casual dating is not very popular among Muslims because of their strong belief in the concept of love being found after marriage. This review of LoveHabibi demonstrates how users may quickly locate compatible matches by utilizing the various aspects of the site.

The dating website offers a secure environment where individuals from the Middle East, including Muslims, Arab Christians, and other singles, can search for potential partners. The algorithm for matching selects the best possible matches for you, considering all your preferences.

On the website, you can hunt for both platonic and romantic partnerships, as well as friendships. The target audience for the website is exact, and it has been open to members from around the world since 2009.

Compared to other specialized dating websites, the site’s membership count of over 70.000 people is considered lower.

The platform attracts users with ages ranging from 20 to 40 on average. On LoveHabibi, most members identify as being straight regarding their sexual orientation. You won’t find any homosexuals or lesbians on this site since Islamic culture does not accept anyone who identifies as LGBTQ.

Design of Websites and Their Accessibility

Regarding the design of their website, LoveHabibi opted for a more straightforward strategy. When you initially log in to the LoveHabibi website, you will be brought to the main page, where there are numerous members’ profile images. The website is geared toward people from all over the world, including individuals who are not particularly tech adept.

On this page, you will find profiles of people, each containing basic information about that person. The presence of a green dot on a profile shows that the user is currently online.

The profiles of online users are displayed at the top of the page, while those of inactive users are listed below. It makes it simple for members looking to chat with someone readily available. The primary features, including those listed below, can be found in the top navigation bar.

You can view all the online and offline users and basic information about each.

Messages: All of the sent and received messages are included in this section. It also includes a new tab called Matches, which lists all potential matches you have liked and who has liked you back.

Activity: The activity tab displays all the users who have viewed your profile and liked you, as well as your likes, views, and the shapes you have selected as your favorites.

Search: You may access all the search filters by clicking on the search icon on the right side of the page.

You can view all the profiles saved to your “Favorites” list.

Account: In the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile photo, you’ll find all the account-related settings.

You can edit your profile by pressing the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.

The LoveHabibi evaluations are often accurate because the service is straightforward to use. You will not have trouble locating any features, and the website will point you toward your desired place. By logging in with your LoveHabibi account, you will have unrestricted access to the site’s free core features. To upgrade your membership, go to your profile and select the orange button.

Special Features

LoveHabibi is a well-liked dating platform among individuals of various religious backgrounds, including Muslims. Compared to other dating sites, this one doesn’t have as many features, but the ones there are sufficient to locate the most suitable mates.


You can “wink” at users whose profiles you find interesting. The wink can be used to start conversations and allows you to get a reaction to your likes, so it’s a great way to make new friends. It is comparable to letting them know you want to talk to them.

Favorite List

Everyone using the LoveHabibi dating service has access to the excellent favorite list feature, a recent addition to the platform. People who respond to your Like with a Like can receive complimentary messages. As a free member, you can add people to your favorite list to review them at a later time. However, you will need to upgrade your subscription to send messages to the people on your favorites list.

Who has been looking at your profile?

Every site member is privy to the information regarding who has visited their profile. The ability to let members know who else is interested is a beautiful feature. It helps members identify the finest possible matches while simultaneously saving them time.


One of the most valuable aspects of LoveHabibi is its blog, which has many articles that are rich in information. From practices that are common all around the world to various religious concerns. On this website, you’ll find a wide range of subjects, each broken down into parts and described using language that’s easy to understand.


The LoveHabibi messaging service is only accessible to members who have purchased a premium membership. You can only send complimentary messages to other users who have already shown interest in you. As with any other dating site, you can modify your notes by adding emoticons and attaching files. You will only be able to rely on instant messaging and voice calls because, unfortunately, there is no capability for video calls.

Members Who Are Blocking

The ability to block other members on the dating website is an excellent one for maintaining member safety. You can stop other members from communicating with you by using this tool if another user harasses or makes you feel uncomfortable. The individual who has their access denied will have no way to connect with you on any level. Because even your profile won’t show up in their search results, LoveHabibi is one of the most secure online dating sites available today.


LoveHabibi operates in an introductory manner as a specialized dating website where you will be able to connect with people who share your interests. You should be aware that most people on the site adhere to the faith of Islam and that Christianity is the second most common religion. You can discover Muslims wherever in the world and connect with them according to your needs. Service members can locate romantic partners, friends, and dates for themselves.

The general operation is the same as any other online dating service. You may get started by signing up for an account on the website. Everyone member of LoveHabibi has access to a tool that allows them to see who has visited or liked their profile. This is an excellent feature of the site. After entering your username and password for LoveHabibi USA, you can click on any shape displayed on the site. You can start things by winks or dewinkingting members as favorites on your list. On most other dating websites, the functions are restricted exclusively to the paid users of the site.

The Process of Signing Up

It won’t take more than five minutes to sign up for LoveHabibi, as the process is quite simple. Filling out all of the information requires a few steps to be taken. Create an account with the assistance of the step-by-step guide, and then use that account to log in to LoveHabibi.

Step 1

The initial phase involves gathering specific fundamental data, such as:

  • Initials only
  • Email address
  • Password

Step 2

  • The material presented on the second page, or step, is more in-depth. You are required to offer:
  • Your gender (male or female).
  • Your birth date and the year it was.

What it is that you hope to find on LoveHabibi, whether it be a spouse, a date, or some new friends:

You can adjust the Age slider to fall within the age range that you find most suitable (from 18 to 80).

The name of the city in which you currently reside.

Pick your ancestry from the drop-down menu of available options (Arab, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Persian, South Asian, Turkish, White, Mixed Race, or Other).

  • Choose your faith from the options on the list.
  • You can go back to your previous state or convert to the new one.
  • Profession.
  • Degree of education attained
  • Choose a creative title for your profile from the options listed, or write your own and customize it.

Describe yourself in a few sentences.

In addition to the time-consuming registration process, the form also includes some additional inquiries. You have the option of clicking on the arrow, which will bring up a new series of questions, which may include the following:

  • Hobbies
  • Speaking languages
  • Height
  • Values
  • Mental status
  • Lifestyle
  • Children status
  • Smoking and drinking habits

You can construct your profile with the help of the signup procedure; you can choose to skip some steps and complete them at a later time. However, you must provide certain information to finish the registration procedure.

The Standard of the Users’ Profiles

You may get started by utilizing the filters on the site to search through the profiles. They enable you to search for profiles based on the following:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Ethnicity
  • Origin of the Family
  • Religion
  • status in a relationship
  • Degree of education
  • Height
  • profiles including a photograph

The search filters are not very refined, which makes it challenging to locate the most excellent possible match in the site’s database. Your search will become more specific with each additional filter that you apply.

The LoveHabibi website features complete profiles demonstrating the dating platform’s willingness to facilitate long-term relationships. The matching system seeks out shapes that are the closest match to your interests. Concerning the completion of profiles, you can do so either at the time of registration or at a later point after logging in. Certain sections, such as gender, religion, preferred relationship type, city, and date of birth, must be filled out. On the other hand, the remainder of the questions, such as drinking habits, number of children, marital status, and so on, are voluntary and can be answered at any moment.

LoveHabibi, like any other dating site, has some fields that are required and some that are optional, but we recommend filling out all of the areas to create a strong profile. The finished profile is quite impressive and allows other members to learn more about you before they interact with you. In addition, they can forecast compatibility based on your preferences and way of life.

Your profile is a brief introduction that provides other users with the opportunity to communicate with you or not. It also provides a peek at your personality. For instance, if you are only interested in meeting other Sunni Muslims on the site, you will only be able to give a thumbs up to profiles of people who have specified that they are Muslims (Sunni). The same may be said about how children typically consume alcohol. It is in everyone’s best interest to be aware of their strict confines, especially before doing anything challenging.

  • If you’re not sure how to construct a profile that stands out from the crowd, try following these easy steps:
  • If you want to make an impressive profile, you should do your best to fill out all of the information on the site.
  • When writing about yourself in your website’s “About Me” area, use imaginative phrases and colorful words.
  • To make a good impression, you should always post a photo to your profile.
  • Use photos of yourself alone instead of group photos, pictures of scenery, or images of your pet as your profile picture.

Always tell the truth when providing information.

You’ll be able to construct a strong profile that others will find quite remarkable if you follow these suggestions. Suppose there is a choice between which profile you will like, the one with all the information or the one with minimum or no knowledge. In that case, you will always prefer complete profiles because it demonstrates the member’s severe attitude and interest in seeking relationships or friendships on the site. If you choose which shape you would like, the one with all the information or the one with minimum or no knowledge, you will always choose the one with all the information.


Several additional niche dating sites target Arabs or Muslims in addition to LoveHabibi. You can find the most fantastic match possible by signing up for one of these sites and using its features.


Muslima.com is a dating website that Cupid Media started for Muslim men interested in meeting new people. Since its founding in 2005, Muslima has assisted thousands of Muslims worldwide in finding the person who best suits their needs.

It is considered one of the most trustworthy websites, and it has more than 4.5 million subscribers worldwide.

The only purpose of the website is to bring together Muslim individuals interested in finding a mate for marriage or a committed relationship, and it does so in a manner that is consistent with the norms of Islamic courtship.

The signup process is quick, painless, and completely free. Enter your first name, gender, age, and preferences into the appropriate fields. You can also sign in using your email address and a password, along with the ability to upload a photo, by using Facebook. After that, you’ll be able to examine the photographs that other members have uploaded and start a conversation with anyone whose profile photo grabs your attention.


It first opened its virtual doors in 2002 and is currently a member of the World Singles affiliate program. ArabLounge is another extremely well-liked Arab dating website that has experienced fast growth since it opened its virtual doors.

The fact that Arab men and women of any faith, including Muslims and Christians, are welcome to use the website is a distinctive feature that helps to set it apart from similar platforms. Joining the ArabLounge community costs nothing and can be accomplished in minutes. You will be asked for information such as your gender, preferred gender, the country and city in which you currently reside, your date of birth, email address, username, and password, among other things when you fill out the registration form that is located on the homepage of the website.

After establishing your account, the next step is to change your profile to give potential partners an outstanding first impression.

Single Muslim

SingleMuslim has two million users who can rapidly search for their perfect match using the website or the brand-new mobile app. This website, in contrast to the ones that came before it on our list, features a fascinating signup form.

The form begins with the typical sections for personal information, which are as follows:

  • Make sure you have a username.
  • Provide and authenticate your email.
  • Please tell me about the country that you come from.

Next, you input your birthdate. Therefore, what differentiates this Arab dating site from others is that it inquires about the purposes behind your registration.

On the site, you are tasked with finding a mate for yourself and your friend, daughter, son, or brother. You will have access to an extensive database of other people once you have registered, and you may do this by creating a profile for yourself.

You can search for other users on this Arab dating website and mobile app based on their career, photo gallery, or user name.

The Cost of Membership and How to Make Payments

Users of LoveHabibi can upgrade their subscriptions and gain access to additional benefits by doing so. The vast majority of the functions can be accessed without a fee, but a few services are exclusive to premium users.

Free of Charge Services

  • Free users of the website are eligible to enjoy all of the following benefits:
  • Free signup is available.
  • Putting together a profile
  • Putting up a picture
  • Include people on your friend list.
  • Include members in your list of favorites.
  • Bock members
  • Make use of the inbox filters.
  • Find out which other members have been looking at your profile.

Subscription for the Premium Standard

The regular premium subscription can be had for $19 per month if one so chooses. Members can terminate their subscriptions at any moment they choose. At the time of the LoveHabibi review, a discount of 25% was being offered, which brought the monthly subscription cost down to $14.25.

Unlimited likes and messages

You can view the users who have liked your profile.

Your profile will be more visible to potential employers during searches.

Premium VIP Subscription

A Premium VIP membership can be purchased for $24 per month, or it can be purchased for $18 per month with a discount of 25%. The following are some of the privileges afforded to VIP users on the site:

All of the benefits associated with the premium standard are included.

You can view the members who have chosen to highlight you as a favorite.

You can examine the number of times the profiles of other members have been liked and viewed.


In a nutshell, LoveHabibi can assist you if you are looking for a life mate with the same religious or moral convictions. There are still a significant amount of profiles to choose from, even though their user base may not be as massive as the user bases of some other dating websites. It is preferable to use a specialist dating site like this one rather than waste time on general dating sites conversing with people with whom you don’t have much in common. In addition, the profiles on the site are written quite well and give the impression that they are genuine. Sending winks is a good starting point for determining whether or not the paid membership is worth the money spent on it.

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