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You can establish a connection with other lesbians immediately after using the Lex dating app. This Lex app review, which we have produced and would love to share with you in order to learn more about this wonderful app, analyzes important features, price options, and the reasons why lesbian women from over 100 countries use it. We hope that you enjoy reading it!


The Lex app is a platform for female dating that assists bisexual, transgender, and lesbian users in finding love and having sexual encounters online. The app is only available to individuals who identify as queer, and it has profiles from more than one hundred different nations. Kell Rakowski established Lex in 2017 with the intention of assisting lesbian and transgender women in establishing meaningful connections with other members of their community through the use of traditional personal advertising.

It is of the utmost importance that lesbians have safe venues to congregate, considering that 69% of lesbians have reported being harassed on dating apps. If you are seeking for a secure environment in which to explore your lesbian identity and are interested in nonbinary relationships, then the Lex app might be the ideal option for you.


Lex is a unique app and not your normal Grindr for lesbians! You can respond to personal lesbian sex advertisements posted on Lex or submit your own. You can locate these adverts by either entering keywords or using your location as the search criteria. If you have a response to your ad, the next step in the connection is to carry it further through direct communication.


The Lex app is a totally cost-free resource for lesbians looking to hook up. There are no premium memberships available, nor are there any other hidden fees. Anyone can start posting or responding to personals as soon as they download the app and start using it.

Fundamental Membership

You may build a profile on Lex, create and respond to personal advertisements, instant communicate, and search through various ads until you discover the person who is the right fit for you all with a basic subscription!

Membership at the highest level

Lex is one of the few lesbian dating apps that does not require a paid subscription, making it one of the few completely free options. After downloading the app and creating an account, you will almost immediately have access to all of Lex’s functionality.

Is there a cost associated with using Lex?

The app Lex is completely free to use. Installing it from Google Play or the App Store is all that is required in order to gain access to all of the features. The Lex app is a queer-friendly platform that is dedicated to providing lesbians with a place to connect with others completely free of charge!


Signing up for Lex takes less than two minutes to complete. Lex ensures that everyone is able to register and begin communicating with one another right immediately!

Sign in with Lex.

Want to meet lesbians and queer women? Create an account for yourself at Lex by going through these steps:

  • You may get Lex from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • You can join up with Instagram or enter your phone number here.
  • Please agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Complete your profile with personal information such as your name, birth date, and pronouns.
  • Set your location

Now either look through the available personals or make your own.

After you have finished the quick registration process at, you will have the ability to browse through personals that were posted within the last 30 days. These personals will be posted by persons located in your general vicinity. In addition, if you’re looking for something in particular, you can utilize the search tool! Simply answer using Lex chat if you come across a personal ad that piques your interest.

Quality Lex Search & Profile Results

Lex does not have any conventionally written profiles. Users are responsible for creating their own personal advertising. Because individuals are free to write about whatever interests them, the advertisements can take on a wide variety of forms. Additionally, many advertisements are entirely of text. You can locate these advertisements by either typing keywords into the search bar or by making use of parameters such as age and location.

Is it possible to spot a false profile on a dating app?

You may join up for Lex using either your cell phone or Instagram if you want to make an account there. Because of this verification process, the quantity of bogus profiles has been drastically reduced. It is unfortunate, but with all dating apps, you will still come across some phony users. As a result, you need to observe the fundamental laws of internet safety, and you should always remember to avoid sharing any personal or sensitive information with other users.

Putting Together Your Legal Reputation

In point of fact, Lex does not have any profiles. Your name, the pronouns you use, and your location are the only pieces of information that are shown on your profile. You need to either write ads that are intriguing or replies that are excellent if you want to have a lot of success on Lex. If you want to start connecting with other lesbians on Lex and have some success with it, follow these tips:

Respond to advertisements in your immediate area. If you react to advertisements posted by individuals located in other parts of the world, your message will be marked as having been read. Concentrate on ads posted by ladies who live within a few miles of where you are to increase the number of responses you receive.

Steer clear of generic responses – Users are allowed to get up to ten responses to their advertisements. To differentiate yourself from the other people in the room, you need to provide a response that is both fascinating and engaging. It is imperative that you respond with wit and originality, addressing specific aspects of the advertisement to demonstrate to the poster that you have taken the time to read it.

Develop a sense of excitement and mystery in your reader by avoiding putting mundane lines in your advertisement such as “32, single, searching for a movie date.” Instead, offer the reader a window into your personality and explain what it is you are really seeking for in a partner. Take this profile as an example: “32, just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago and looking to have some fun.” I have black hair and eyes, and my body is toned and muscular. I am tall. I enjoy femme blondes! if you enjoy drinking shots of tequila and watching sci-fi flicks. Let’s catch a movie this weekend and see what happens!”

It’s important to send a lot of responses on dating apps because the competition is fierce. Because many users are inundated with responses, you shouldn’t let it discourage you if any of your responses are disregarded. To create connections, you should attempt to react to many adverts every day!


Lex has built a very lovely and basic interface. The black and white colors are basic and uncomplicated. If you enjoy the feel of Medium, then you are going to love Lex. The navigation is also of the highest quality, since it enables you to swiftly travel around the content simply by clicking on the symbols that appear at the bottom of the screen.


Since no other dating app is just like Lex, you won’t be able to find its amazing features anywhere else. Download it now to check it out! Take a look at the following amazing things that Lex has to offer:

Dependent on Location

Because Lex is able to link to your location services, you will have the opportunity to locate nearby lesbians who live in your immediate vicinity.

Personal advertisements

Are you longing for the personals section of Craigslist? Why not give Lex a try? There, in addition to responding to local advertisements, you can also write your very own ad!

Age Filter

Do you want to talk to a woman of a certain age range? You have the ability to filter Lex’s advertisements, so that you only view those from people who are of an appropriate age for you.

100% based on text

Are you exhausted with the superficiality of the dating apps you’ve used? Because there are no images, Lex is able to tackle this challenge successfully. You establish relationships with other users only on the basis of their writing!

Simple Instant Messenger

Everyone who uses Lex has access to the app’s instant messenger feature, which is streamlined and simple to operate. After you have responded to an ad, you will be able to send the person a private message and learn more about them!

The Short Version

You don’t have to be concerned about being negatively assessed at Lex based on your appearance in any way. Your name, location, and a brief bio can be included in your profile, but you cannot upload any photographs.

The Search Operation

Are you trying to locate a particular classified ad or person? You only need to enter a term or phrase into the search tool, and then Lex will bring up the specific advertisements of other people that you are interested in viewing.


The community of lesbians and other queer women will feel comfortable and secure at Lex. In contrast to many other dating apps, Lex will not track your activity or share your information with other parties. All profiles are checked for authenticity by the customer care team using the phone numbers and Instagram accounts provided. Lex also has stringent terms and conditions, which are policed by its moderation team to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all of the platform’s users. Last but not least, the dating app enables you to easily block or report other users with the tap of a button.

Is the Lex a Fraud?

Lex is not a fraud and is widely considered to be among the most reputable lesbian and queer-only dating apps for women. The mobile application was developed with the express purpose of shielding lesbians from predators and harassers online. On Google Play, Lex has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from users and has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Is Lex Legit?

Lex is an absolutely authentic lesbian dating app. The software has facilitated the meeting and connection of thousands of lesbians all around the world. More than 8 million messages have already been transmitted using the site as of right now. Over 700 users have given the dating app Lex a rating of 4.3 stars, making it one of the best-rated apps in its category on the App Store.


Lex is very attentive to the needs of its customers. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they offer outstanding service to their customers. You can contact Lex customer support via email ( They will normally respond within a few hours, but it could take up to 24 hours for them to do so. You may also contact the dating app via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where the company does an excellent job of communicating with users and keeping people informed about what is going on with the app. On the official website for Lex is a wonderful Frequently Asked Questions section. Using the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tool, you need only key in your issue and then select the appropriate response. Because Lex has provided responses to hundreds of queries that are pertinent, we strongly suggest that you check out the FAQ area before sending an email to customer service.


There aren’t very many dating apps out there that are exclusively geared toward lesbians, and that only use text-based communication. On the other hand, we have compiled a list of Lex options that you may utilize right away in order to meet other lesbians. All of these alternatives to Lex are secure, have a large number of lesbian users, and claim a variety of wonderful features that make it simple to get to know new people:

Her – This incredible application was conceived upon, designed, and developed specifically for queer and lesbian women. Because there are presently more than 8 million users on this site, there is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet your next girlfriend or hook up with someone. To get started, you should begin by adding users to your friends’ list, and then you should direct message those folks. You also have the option of obtaining invitations to private lesbian events in your area.

Are you searching for a raunchy version of TikTok that’s populated by lesbians? Check out Fem. Then the dating app Fem is the one for you to use! Fem is one of the most popular lesbian dating apps, and it enables users to communicate with one another through video chat as well as the uploading and receiving of movies.

Lesly is the lesbian alternative to the popular dating app Tinder. To get your next date, post a couple images, click the meet feature and start swiping. Once you have found a match, drop into their direct messages and start the conversation.

You can’t go wrong with Hinge if you’re looking for a committed lesbian relationship and want to grow your social network at the same time. You are matched with friends of friends and friends of friends based on your Facebook profile when you use this highly rated app. If you both like each other’s posts, you can then begin exchanging direct messages with one another.


What exactly is the function of Lex?

Lex is a dating app exclusively for lesbian and queer women that communicates solely through text. The dating app allows lesbian users to respond to personal advertising or publish their own ads. The application does not contain any photographs or males. The dating app on Lex is utilized by users in search of friendships, serious relationships, and casual encounters. Because the app makes use of location services, it is not difficult at all to locate other lesbians who reside in the same town or city as you do.

Is it possible to send pictures using Lex?

Lex is a dating app that only communicates through text. The application does not contain any photographs. You can, however, email links to your Instagram or add a link in your bio to direct people there.

The culture of swiping, which places an excessive amount of emphasis on appearance and photographs, is one that Lex aims to displace. Lesbians can communicate with one another through written posts in an environment free from criticism, with the goal of developing relationships based on shared values rather than superficial attractions.

Is the dating app Lex a good option?

This fantastic up-and-coming dating software is called Lex, and it offers a secure environment for lesbians to use. Over 8 million messages have been sent thanks to this software, which has aided queer women in their search for romantic partners and casual encounters.

Lex is the greatest option for you if you are searching for a secure environment in which to investigate your lesbian identity and would also like to meet local women who share your interests. Because this app is relatively new, there are not as many people on it as there are on other apps; hence, it can be somewhat more challenging to locate suitable matches with this app.

What is the minimum age requirement to use Lex?

In order to use Lex, you need to be at least 18 years old. If it is discovered that the person who created the account is less than 18 years old, the account will be removed.

You are need to verify your age and accept the terms and conditions of the Lex dating app before you can sign up for the service. It is not appropriate for youngsters to use Lex because it is focused on assisting lesbians in developing connections and hooking up.

How do I move to a different location, Lex?

  • Simply following these instructions will allow you to modify your location on Lex:
  • Make the location services available.
  • To access your profile, navigate to the bottom right corner of the screen and tap the icon that looks like a circle.
  • Tap the “Edit” button that’s located next to your name and age.
  • After selecting “Save,” you can then select “Find my current location.”

At this time, the only way to change your location is if you move to a new physical location. On the other hand, Lex intends to roll out in the not-too-distant future a function that will allow you to adjust your location independently of where you actually are.

How Can I Delete My Account on Lex?

Within the Lex app, you have the ability to terminate your subscription at any moment. Please follow these instructions if you wish to remove your Lex account:

Launch the account settings menu.

Simply select the “ACCOUNT” option.

Select either ‘Temporarily deactivate account’ or ‘Delete account’ from the drop-down menu.

Confirm that it is indeed you.

Delete or deactivate!

What Kinds of Payment Options Are There to Choose From at Lex?

Since Lex is an app for dating that is completely free to use, it does not support any form of payment. Using this LGBT dating app does not require you to remove your credit cards from their secure location in your wallet.


Lex is the ideal dating platform for you to use if you are a lesbian searching for a dating app that is both original and secure, and that allows you to communicate with other women through text rather than through photographs. The dating app Lex is one of a kind since it combines the most useful aspects of new-age platforms (such as location and age restrictions, as well as keyword search) with those of traditional personal advertisements.

The streamlined black-and-white lo-fi appearance of this dating app contributes to its exceptional level of design. In addition to being entirely free, Lex is reserved exclusively for lesbians and other queer women. It would be foolish not to give Lex a shot straight away given all the benefits it offers. Visit our site at your convenience to read other insightful relationship tips that can increase the likelihood of your landing a sexy hookup tonight.

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