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The internet dating industry is a sizable one. Although several websites are devoted to this industry, not all are reliable. Finding a website that allows you to discover hookups or serious dates can be both difficult and exciting. We assume that if you are searching for this, you have already found “EroticMadness.”

This website operates under the premise that you may quickly locate the ideal date by using artificial intelligence (AI) to discover hookups (also known as “erotic encounters”).

But does EroticMadness give what it advertises? You can decide whether it’s worthwhile to provide this hookup platform with a try or whether you should look at other websites with a like premise after reading our in-depth assessment of it.

Introduction to EroticMadness

  • With the aid of AI technology, this service promises to assist users in finding hookups or sensual encounters.
  • To sign up, you don’t need to provide many details. Only a password and your email
  • There isn’t a mobile app for it.
  • The website says otherwise despite EroticMadness’ claims that it uses an AI-based matchmaking system to offer users unique pairings daily.
  • Right now, signing up for a premium membership is impossible. EroticMadness will take you to a completely different website if you click “Claim.”
  • In a technical sense, this platform is free.

Starting with EroticMadness

The website EroticMadness has an intriguing idea. It makes it possible for you to meet people who share your interests by using AI to identify the ideal match for your “erotic encounters.” Since the matchmaking system is the leading “hook” of the website to keep you interested and attentive, it is extensively explained on the first page you see.

In less than 3 minutes, the registration procedure is complete. You will be directed to the registration page if you select the “unlock my matches” or “find my matches” choices.

Now, you must begin surfing the website and entering your email and password. But the registration screen is strange because it claims to have your gender and “FS” score even though you haven’t given it any personal information. The section below will display several “secret” profiles that are even more bizarre. One of the first warning signs we could identify on EroticMadness was this.

You can begin exploring this dating site’s interior after completing all the fields and clicking “unlock my matches.” You can only register if you are over 18, even though the website’s registration requirements aren’t particularly severe ( or 21 in some countries).

People from all walks of life are welcome at EroticMadness. It does not discriminate based on gender, colour, or religion. But be aware that the platform will only display the “most compatible” profiles.

You should also be aware that this site tempts you to register because of how the female profiles are presented. At EroticMadness, men are more numerous than women.

Variety of Member Types & Profiles on EroticMadness

This platform has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to profiles. To begin with, some of your profile images will be hidden, so you cannot view them all for free. Despite this, the material on each profile is relatively sparse, and most profiles lack substantial content.

Men predominately make up the population of our website. Even if you haven’t yet supplied any personal information, the website will probably display many female profiles to you (and some of them may even message you to persuade you to buy a subscription).

Your emails will be highly provocative to persuade you to buy the premium subscription. Most, if not all, of the profiles that message you once you register on the website are phoney, so keep that in mind.

According to online data, men over 55 make up the bulk of EroticMadness users. Additionally, men make up roughly 78% of the visitors to our page. As a result, the same analysis reveals that the website has a 3:1 ratio between the number of males and females. Although it may not seem like much, there is a significant difference.

Consequently, a website that promises to employ current technology to assist users in finding their ideal match—whether for a short-term or long-term relationship—truly falls short in several areas.

Characteristics of Erotic Madness

There aren’t many features on this website. It is pretty simplistic and has poorly developed functions. Although it may appear professional, it is empty and limits your options to little more than viewing and editing other people’s profiles. What you can discover on EroticMadness is as follows:

Here, you can view several profiles (of ladies) who you might be able to hook up with (allegedly). EroticMadness doesn’t have anything else to offer, unlike most dating websites, which share a similar feature.

Profile: There aren’t any additional menu options. Only your profile, where you can configure your information, will be available for modification (although what you can write here is extremely basic, which makes the website even less convincing). Your name, age, and gender can all be entered. Additionally, you will have the option of uploading a photo and including a brief bio. I think that’s it.

The only features we can count on are these two. There are no picture-exploring galleries, search options, or other types of galleries. EroticMadness is not filled. It makes a lot of promises but delivers nothing.

There are no further links on EroticMadness that take you to other parts of the website, such as a “FAQ” or “Help” section that can help you solve some of the most frequent issues with the platform. The website only lets you visit the following three pages in addition to what we’ve already described:

Unsubscribe: This website will send you multiple promotional emails if you have previously registered. As a result, you can choose to unsubscribe and stop receiving them in the future.

Read more about how the website maintains your information and guards you from potential issues in our privacy statement.

Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions are displayed on this page and are part of your registration for the website. However, it doesn’t appear that EroticMadness has recognized these conditions as a need for being able to register.

Ultimately, we are left with an almost barren website lacking in content. Although the concept is quite interesting, it falls short of user expectations.

Specialized Support and Services for EroticMadness

EroticMadness doesn’t have many features, but it does include two “features” that some find to be somewhat exciting:

AI Matching: This platform’s AI Assistant will present you with a variety of profiles that you might get along with based on your level of compatibility. According to the website, all matches are created using the data that users submit. However, given how badly the profiles are described, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Let’s say you’ve located someone who grabs your attention. In that scenario, you can click “claim” to get in touch with them, albeit we can’t guarantee that the person you select is natural.

EroticMadness doesn’t offer anything; thus, there are no additional unique services. When you try to pay for it (which we don’t encourage), you are taken to a whole separate site, so you won’t even be able to find a subscription page on the same website.

We couldn’t discover any information about assistance, unfortunately. This platform is unreliable because there is no means to get in touch with the operator, which is especially problematic if you want to subscribe.

Making Contact with Users of EroticMadness

Only premium members can message here and cannot view any messages they receive.

There is no “search” feature on this website.

Only potential “matches” who meet your criteria will be displayed to you. However, we discovered that the profiles shown are consistently the same after utilizing a VPN to create two different shapes.

Although we’ve indicated that this website is missing many crucial components, messaging is not one of them. As you might have figured, the only people who can use this option are those who have paid for a premium membership. You must also pay for the subscription to read any messages you receive.

The matchmaking algorithm on this website should use the details in your profile to identify suitable mates. Thus this is one of the most significant warning signs we found. This doesn’t appear to be the case, as all the data you can enter into your profile (and view in other people’s profiles) is elementary. With your gender, age, and a brief description, how can you match with someone?

While the majority of profiles on our website are very sparsely detailed and contain very little information, we’re not claiming it’s impossible. Without knowledge, it is challenging for a matchmaking system to locate the ideal pairings.

Because of this, even if the website’s central premise seems intriguing, it lacks the necessary capabilities to function as a dating site, leaving us with nothing but dissatisfaction.

EroticMadness’s safety and anti-spam policies

This website has no absolute “safety” or “anti-scamming” guidelines. The terms and conditions make no mention of such matters. Despite having a privacy policy, the website has not updated either of these pages since 2018. As a result, we cannot guarantee that your information will be completely secure on our website.

Additionally, this website doesn’t strictly adhere to most moral practices. Therefore, if you still want to try EroticMadness and discover if it works, we advise against entering any sensitive information.

Pricing for EroticMadness: Free vs Paid Accounts

The differences between “free” and “paid” accounts become problematic because it is impossible to determine what is included in a premium package, and the website doesn’t even outline how to acquire it. The only thing we are confident of is that you must be a premium member to contact other users. There don’t appear to be any further features on the website.

Even little is known about the cost of the subscriptions. You will always be sent to a different website that has nothing to do with the first one whenever you try to purchase the subscription. We do not advise disclosing your payment information on this website because it appears reasonably suspect.

Reasons to Use EroticMadness

We cannot discuss any positive aspects of this website. Even though we’d want to state that the website’s user-friendliness and straightforward, modern design are robust features, the reality is that everything else on the site is either unethical or broken.

Drawbacks to Using EroticMadness

Many warning signs on EroticMadness make it clear that the site is a rip-off. For illustration:

There are only the profile settings and the feed where you can view the profiles of other members. It lacks any other features.

Additional to the sites indicated above, there are no other pages on the website. Because there is no search feature, you cannot utilize it. EroticMadness always sends you to a different page if you try to buy a premium subscription.

As the platform promises, the matchmaking mechanism doesn’t function.

Therefore, you should consider several factors before providing this website with your personal information. It is not a trustworthy site for finding hookups or long-term relationships.

Is EroticMadness effective? Is EroticMadness a fraud, or is it real?

We have enough evidence to conclude that this website is a hoax. One of the significant cautionary signs is the lack of features, but another is the absence of contact details and other means of learning more about the website. The only pages you can read are the terms and conditions and the privacy policy, neither of which have been changed in more than four years.

Additionally, the fact that the identical profiles appear regardless of where you register makes us think this website is a scam that wants your credit card information.

Questions and Answers on EroticMadness

EroticMadness: What is it?

A website called EroticMadness makes the promise to use artificial intelligence to assist you in finding the ideal match.

EroticMadness: Is it trustworthy and safe?

This website is fraudulent. As a result, it is not a place where your personal information is secure. To aWe’t advise putting any critical data on your profile or giving the platform your payment information.

Is to avoid potential issues EroticMadness free to use?

Technically speaking, this website is offered without charge. Without a paid subscription, you will not be able to “claim” (contact) other users. Getting a premium subscription is even trickier and complicates things because EroticMadness doesn’t walk you through the procedure; instead, it sends you to another platform.

Are there any false profiles on EroticMadness?

Similar websites openly acknowledge utilizing phoney accounts to lure people into their platforms and eventually convince them to pay for a premium subscription. Most of the female profiles on this website are false, even though EroticMadness does not mention this in any of the pages it offers.

What criticisms have people had of EroticMadness?

You can hardly do anything on this website because it is poorly constructed and has unclear instructions. Even if the site takes you to another website that doesn’t appear to be related to the first one, you can’t subscribe to it there.

Who is EroticMadness’ owner?

Crix Ltd owns EroticMadess. Although the company’s headquarters are listed as Eden Island, Mahe, and Seychelles, this operator appears fake.

Do You Have a Mobile App for EroticMadness?

A mobile app is not available for this website. Unexpectedly, the website does have a responsive layout. It is easily navigable on a smartphone or tablet.


Conclusions regarding EroticMadness

This website is a phoney dating service with a fake owner. The site has many issues, beginning with the absence of functionality and challenges in obtaining a membership – even if you’re paying them. Therefore, we cannot suggest this website to anyone looking for a serious date or possibly just a hookup in their neighbourhood.

There are a ton of different platforms where you can occasionally find dates and where your information is somewhat protected. For whatever purpose, EroticMadness is NOT a dependable platform.

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