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In the United States, SearchingForSingles.com describes itself as the best-kept secret. They advertise themselves as the finest spot to liven things up and begin discussing your craziest dreams with like-minded people. There is no pornographic content displayed on the landing page. It states that free signup is all you need to get unlimited access to the service. Said, this is an extensive collection of lies. Only creating a profile is free; users must buy pricey credits to send messages to other members.

You will never be able to meet anyone on SearchingForSingles.com, regardless of how much you spend. This Website is nothing more than a bogus chat scam. There are fictitious profiles on it that don’t correspond to actual users. These accounts are run by impostor chat operators who aim to increase your platform spending.

This scam is being perpetrated by the London-based company Hellerman Ltd, about which we have written multiple reviews of other websites that are similar to them. Additionally, they have a terrible web reputation. Many previous users have spoken out about how unreliable this dating site was.

Is searching for singles a scam?

Although SearchingForSingles.com promotes a fantastic deal, further investigation reveals that it is only a scam. This platform shouldn’t be trusted just because they give false information about charges on the home page. Prospective subscribers believe they will never have to pay for anything. The reverse is true. Free registration is pointless because it prevents you from speaking to anyone. The purchase of credits is necessary for members to send messages.

A website is more likely dishonest about other things if it is not transparent about costs. We conducted an online search and discovered some user reviews that bemoan a bogus chat fraud. We found proof that SearchingForSingles.com is just intended for virtual enjoyment in terms and conditions. This indicates that the member’s area profiles are false. They are governed by trained chat moderators who pose as actual users.

It is impossible to tell these profiles from real ones, assuming there are any because they are not designated separately in the system. As a result, it is impossible to know whether you are speaking to a faithful member. As said, SearchingForSingles.com is not made to assist you in finding actual dates.

Creating an account with SearchingForSingles.com

You must fill out a short signup form on SearchingForSingles.com that has a few required fields before you can create a profile. Only a username, password, email address, current location, and gender are required. After that, you won’t need to confirm your email address for you to browse the member’s area right away.

Nothing concerning credits or expenses is mentioned at any point in the procedure. The inability to schedule in-person encounters on SearchingForSingles.com is also not mentioned anywhere. Only the terms and conditions contain this information. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to read all legal paperwork before registering for a new dating website.

On SearchingForSingles.com, the members’ area.

The design of the member’s area is straightforward and uncluttered. Particularly appreciated is the lack of bothersome external connections. All search possibilities are available right now. Locals closest to you are displayed first. A green dot indicates the users who are online at this time. With the bare minimum of free registration, each member’s images are accessible. The links to the other parts are located on the left side in a pop-up menu. Your matches, favourites, and visitors may all be found here. Some of these features require additional fees.

After registering, we received about 10 messages from attractive women who wanted to communicate with us within a short period. All this attention is unwarranted because our profile doesn’t even contain a picture. These communications are coming from phoney personas that only attempt to get us to purchase credits.

Conditions for using SearchingForSingles.com

a passage from the SearchingForSingles.com website’s terms and conditions. As of August 1, 2022, the terms and conditions are in effect.

The Website provides a messaging service to let Users and Premium Members flirt with the Profiles in exchange for a set amount of credits per message. The Website is not meant to be used for in-person meetings; instead, it serves as a communication tool for Users and Premium Members to interact with the Profiles.

SearchingForSingles.com fees

Credits, which are fictitious goods that may be exchanged for messages and other actions on the Website, are where SearchingForSingles.com gets its money from. Sending a message costs one credit for each message. Credits can be purchased in various-sized bundles. Depending on the one you select, a single notification can cost between $0.80 and $1.50.

Only credit and debit cards are accepted as payment methods. The business doesn’t run any automatic top-up programs. As a result, if you want to keep talking after running out of credits, you must actively purchase more. This is excellent news because there is no chance of falling for a subscription scam.

How do I find women using SearchingForSingles.com?

The simplest method is to choose the Browse page option that your cock like the most. You can scroll through these beauties as long as you like to admire their attractive faces. Only a photo, name, and age are displayed on a thumbnail. After all, when it comes to casual sex, who cares about anything else?

Utilizing search is yet another way to find the most fantastic girl to chat with. However, there aren’t many filter options. Just your age range, hair colour, and body type are required. At the very least, I would like boobs filters.

Features of SearchingForSingles

A few useful tools are available on the Searching For Singles website to assist you in having a smooth and fun time hooking up.


On the platform, it’s the sole way to get in touch with hotties. Conversations can be made even more enjoyable by sending stickers and attachments with your messages. Additionally, various conversation openers are available to begin a connection creatively. The Website itself created these templates.

Games Match

You can choose “Liking” or “Xing” random profile images. By clicking “Like,” the particular babe will be informed if she awakens your cock. If your pecker becomes even softer, press “X” to move on to the following picture.


You can keep track of who views your profile page using this area. It’s only accessible to Premium subscribers.


The SearchingForSingles website charges for communication; you cannot send messages without purchasing credits. Depending on the package you select, the price varies:

Additionally, a Premium subscription may be purchased, granting access to several added features like unrestricted access to the My Favorites page, the ability to browse women’s media galleries, and knowledge of who has viewed your profile. The following are the costs:

  • Aluminium: $12.95 per month
  • $10.95 per month for gold, billed every three months
  • Platinum: $8.95 per month with a six-month billing cycle

The overview of the platform I gave you is evidence that most SearchingForSingles reviews agree that it’s a beautiful website to find a pussy to bang.

This Website has a contemporary design, a good user experience, and ample communication tools to help you find a hot partner for an unforgettable sex date. So, buddy, how you use it is now entirely up to you. Don’t be afraid to check out the Searching For Singles website!


Summary of our SearchingForSingles.com encounter

The homepage of SearchingForSingles.com gives the impression that registering for the site is all that is necessary to connect with the thousands of singles actively looking for dates. This is all untrue. You cannot access any of the crucial features with the basic membership. You will need to purchase pricey credits to send messages, but doing so is a waste of money. You can only obtain a virtual erotic experience from this platform because most of thees are bogus.

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