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Why It’s Not Worth It

I haven’t explored a lot of websites yet, but I will ultimately do so, which is how I discovered I will explain why I’m writing this review before I detail what I know about the website. First, I find it rather annoying that many dating websites exist yet fail to fulfill their obligations to paying members. It’s alarming, to put it mildly. If I had to sum up my opinion of in one sentence, I would say that it cannot be trusted, but I encourage you to read this and form your own opinions.

My experience with the 4Club app was negative.

According to what I know, the website and app are dubious and should not be trusted. They pretend to be a completely legitimate dating network. However, this is not the case. I found many disturbing things about this site while utilizing it and going through the processes.

Not Paid, Not Communicated

The fact that you can’t contact with anyone on the 4Club network if you don’t pay is the first aspect of it that I detest. In other words, after going through the annoying registration process, you are required to upgrade your membership, which is not inexpensive.

Here are the prices for you, broken down:

  • $ 2-day trial, $1 month, $29
  • 1-year: $97
  • 18-month: $133

Doubtful messages

My evaluation wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t discuss the dubious messaging on 4club. So, after signing up for the website or mobile app, you’ll start receiving many messages, all of which turn out to be nonsense. They are what I would regard to be a complete scam that is not at all genuine, is what I mean by that.

It doesn’t take long to recognize that these delivered emails, messages, and chat notifications could be fictitious or phony. To the best of my knowledge, all of these notifications are sent by a server or computer that automatically notifies users of new activity. These automated messages are referred to as “flirts” by those who use them. Many websites, including and others, employ this.

The fact that you are paying money to connect with actual local people and, as a result, are communicating with a machine rather than a natural person on the other end is the real problem here.

Ultimately, the business wants nothing more than to sign you up and eventually pay for an upgrade. I have never encountered anyone who has been able to connect with a member of properly.

What to Consider

It would help if you considered what is happening in this situation. Let’s say you made a profile and are already getting messages from individuals without trying to create a good shape. You don’t have a profile picture, an excellent bio, or a tagline, yet you still receive many emails and chat messages. It’s a lot of crap!

The People and Images

Many people are using this website (or they want you to think that). I’m presuming that most pictures are either bought or stolen. You can look for these girls using a reverse image search. You’ll see right away that they are published on dating websites that are either associated with the 4club app or have many other dating websites as partners. Do they exist, or are they a fabrication?

It’s too difficult to distinguish between the two here. I won’t sit here and advise you to conduct a fruitless search to find everything. I looked into it and discovered that they make the absurd claim that and are the sources of the photo galleries. Using the Spazilla website or employing one of those disgusting “Listcrawlers” would almost be preferable. Trust me. I also don’t advise doing it.

Termination of Your Membership

The conditions of terminating your membership here are horrible. According to what I read in Article 4 of the TOC, is entitled to keep any money left over. Whether you close your account or they do, they may still do so. In essence, you won’t receive any money back. That stinks, huh? I know!

Who they are

This website is managed by Tekka Digital SA, a TKD White Label Network member, also known as the TDK Network. You can quickly get in touch with the business if you wish to. You may find all the information you require here.


The 4Club App and Website Are Not Worth It, in sum.

You should stay away from the network if you want to date. You won’t encounter someone online with a profile photo purchased from Fotolia or istockphoto. Honestly, come on! Let’s be honest; if you want to get laid, sign up for one of the top 10 casual sex dating apps I’ve listed on my homepage. Any other strategy is a total waste of time and resources.

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