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The wild role-playing game Pornstar Harem is a porn game that lets you control the filthy adventures of some of your favorite porn stars as they embark on a scum-soaked adventure across a sinful world.

Is this, then, the pinnacle of all pornographic games for Gooners? You’ll have to keep reading this review featuring Pornstars to find out the answer for yourself. You can also play this adult adventure game for yourself right here.

What exactly is a harem of pornstars?

The online role-playing game Pornstar Harem allows you to increase the number of porn stars in your harem with the assistance of an angel, a shape-shifting woman who not only assists you in getting laid but also fucks you on occasion.

You can accomplish this by traveling to different areas all around the world and performing tasks, as well as participating in PvP battles where you have the opportunity to win the love of a porn star if you are successful in luring her away from her competitors.

You can take control of your favorite Porn Goddesses and work towards the goal of transforming them into the ultimate globe-trotting whore by jerking to porn rather than just sitting back and jerking to porn.

Of course, you are free to pump yourself up to ridiculous levels as you do your business. This is a game that can be played with just one hand! Why not make the most of the situation by pairing it with a Pornstar Fleshlight?

What are the rules for playing Pornstar Harem?

Pornstar Harem is a game that can be played on your browser and is easy to navigate. To begin the adventure portion of the game, you must first select a location by clicking on it and then watching the cutscene.

If you run out of stamina, you either have to wait for it to recharge over time, or you can buy more using gold, which is one of the game’s two currencies. Clicking through each frame of the scene costs stamina. If you run out of energy, you either have to wait for it to recharge over time, or you can buy more using gold.

And while we’re on the money, I should explain that there are two primary currencies. The first is gold, which functions similarly to cash in the actual world. Spending virtual, physical money from the real world is required to get gold.

You can speed up the completion of quests, refill your stamina, collect your in-game profits more quickly, or buy more of the game’s other currency, cash, with gold. These are just some of the things you can do with gold.

Cash can be spent on purchasing training aids for your harem, which raises their level, gifts for your harem, which raises their devotion to you, and gear for your avatar. Increasing your harem’s level raises their level (which increases your stats).

What kind of gameplay experience can you expect from Pornstar Harem?

The management of resources is the game’s focus at its most fundamental level. From the main menu, there are various tabs to choose from. The following is how they function:

Adventure Mode

In the adventure mode, you will go to several different locales, each displaying several stills from fantastic pornographic flicks.

You only need to click through each frame to view the magnificent Porn Goddesses featured. At early levels, each click will typically cost one point of stamina, but as you progress through the game and reach higher levels, the number of required clicks will increase.

After completing the beginning section, which is called Begin City and is said to be a real town somewhere in the middle of the United States, there are boss bouts in which you pit numerous girls from your harem against an “evil” porn star who is commanding her harem.

If you give her enough beatings, you’ll be able to “release” a girl from her harem.


This is the section of your pornstar harem where you take care of the girls. You overall understand each girl’s ‘affection’ degree and level of experience (which controls just how naked she is on her profile picture).

Additionally, each female contributes to your revenue (in-game cash, not gold), which may be collected roughly every half an hour. You can increase the amount of naughty experience your girls have by engaging in battles against pornstar bosses or participating in PvP events in which your harem is pitted against the harem of another player.

You also can purchase a wide variety of sex aids for the slut under your command to increase their filthy levels of kink pleasure. You can also buy a girl’s affections by using the three primary routes to a woman’s heart, which are as follows: enormous dildos, butt plugs, and floral undergarments.

More choices are available, but it is common knowledge that real women are obsessed with items they can wear on/in/around their butts, noses, or mouths.

Once you have reached the next level of a porn star’s devotion, you will be able to pay a premium (in the form of either cash or gold) to have her profile picture enter a state of undress that is slightly more suggestive.


You’ll discover something that’s not dissimilar to the daily missions on a regular MMO under this category. For example, you’ll have to buy X items, perform X monster fights, etc. The first subheading is titled “daily goals,” precisely what it sounds like: goals you need to complete on that particular day. After reviewing the samples given above, it would be best if you had a clear notion of what these are about.

The word “missions” will be the second subheading that you see. There is nothing overly complicated about these; merely pick one, and the task will be finished within the allowed time. Last but not least, there are ‘contests,’ in which you compete against other players who enjoy pornographic content. Make a more significant monetary donation or accumulate more points by completing challenges than your rivals. You will have a chance to win some of the most valuable prizes.

The best rewards will typically award you with gold, which is valuable, so participating in these is recommended.


Those players who take pleasure in the player-versus-player (PvP) part of the game can compete on this ranked leaderboard. You cannot participate in ranked player vs. player combat until you have reached level 20, which demands a little time commitment (4 or so hours from the beginning of the play).


You can expect to devote a significant portion of your time to this location. There are four distinct types of shops located in the market:

Equipment is often known as things with which you can outfit your character. You can boost your character’s hardcore, know-how, charm, endurance, and harmony stats here by purchasing items such as tantric cock-rings and motivating ballgags, all of which offer a wide variety of benefits.

Your character’s stats will experience a transient increase whenever you use boosters. You may purchase anything from penis pumps to questionable dick medications at this location.

Books are not read to improve anyone’s erudition; instead, they are ready to enhance the erection-inducing capabilities of your harem. You can use them to offer your girlfriend experience points.

Pantyhose, buttplugs, flowers, and other presents. You are used to raising the affection a girl has for you, consequently getting her to become more naked around you. Remember that even if you level up a girl’s affection level, you will still need to buy cash or gold to unlock the next level.


At the nightclub, you can participate in the form of a lucky dip using either gold or cash to acquire legendary artifacts or girls at random. The more money you spend, the higher the quality of the products you have the potential to obtain.

The Way of Sex as God

This option will become available to you once you have completed the first two towns, allowing you to compete in high-level PvE combat for premium girls.


Unlockable once you have a harem consisting of 15 different women. There were fewer than 15 women in our harem at the time this article was written.


Unranked player vs. player combat, in which you and your harem take on three opponents that are chosen at random. If you are victorious, you will earn experience points and gems.

Kisses are the game’s in-house version of a virtual pornographic currency, and Seasons uses them.

Pornstar Harem Review

Pornstar Harem is, at its core, a freemium game, but it’s also a game that’s very generous with its free content. Even though we didn’t spend any money on our free account, we still managed to get a good amount of use.

There are even a few ways to earn gold without paying a single penny, in addition to the many things that can be accomplished with in-game cash that does not require resorting to buying gold with real-world dollars.

Your harem serves as the game’s primary source of income and enjoyment. They will assist you in defeating bosses and other players in player-against-player combat.

You will need to spend much money on gifts and sex education books to level them up, enabling your females to deal more damage during battles.

The more effort you put into them, the more victories you’ll get in combat with them, and the sooner you’ll be able to see them in their underwear.

“Before you know it, you’ve whiled away the wee hours controlling some of the world’s most prominent porn stars as they fuck and suck their way around the world.” “Before you know it, you’ve spent the wee hours controlling some of the world’s most notorious porn stars as they fuck and

The game’s adventure mode is very similar to a sleazy comic book you would read online. You’ll go to a location where one or more naughty ladies are waiting, and there will be a series of stills in which the girls fuck and suck their way through the story – often accompanied by some humorous language. You’ll have to go there. The more you play, the more you unlock, and the more you want to play the game after that, so it’s got that addictive quality. Pornstar Harem is always designed to have the potential for “just one more mission,” which ensures that players will keep coming back for more.

The timers on most missions and the time it takes for your harem’s money to come through are not that long, either, contributing to the addictive quality of the game, which makes you want to play just one more round. Logging on is simple, and before you know it, you’ll have spent the early hours of the morning assuming control of some of the most infamous porn stars in the world as they fuck and suck their way through the environment.

Options for Payment Through Pornstar Harem

Gold is the name of Pornstar Harem’s in-game currency, as was previously mentioned. It is possible to make a single purchase of gold using the conventional freemium model, which gives you a discount for increasing your quantity of assets.

The following is a rundown of the gold price as of the time this article was written:

  • 1320 gold for 10 euros.
  • 2760 gold for 20 euros.
  • 7200 gold for 50 euros.
  • 15.6k gold for 100 euros.

As can be seen, the benefits increase proportionately with the amount of money put in. In addition, monthly subscriptions are available for purchase. A silver card costs roughly 3 euros each month and grants you 60 gold daily in addition to various benefits. You get a free trial of the silver card for three days when you sign up for it.

The next upgrade is the gold card, which costs roughly ten euros and grants you 150 gold daily and additional resources for use in PvP and boss engagements.

Finally, the platinum card grants you 360 gold every day, additional chances to participate in PvP and boss battles, the ability to re-roll premium things that you have already purchased but do not like, and enormous discounts on all market transactions. There are also special bundles that can be purchased. These bundles are updated regularly and include a variety of delights in a single package. Even a season pass can be purchased at a reasonable price and provides significant cost savings for a single season.


So, Would You Say That This Is the Ideal Gooner Game?

If you are a lover of porn and the exciting world of online games, there has rarely been a better alternative for such a fantastic addition to your fun collection than Pornstar Harem. If you are a fan of porn and adore the inspiring world of online games, you will not be disappointed.

Overall, Pornstar Harem is a reasonably priced freemium game with quite a bit to offer, even if you don’t spend any money on the game.

However, even with the silver pass, you can have a significantly better experience. Considering the vast number of porn adventures available to you, the cost is relatively minor. Checking out Pornstar Harem is something you should do even if you don’t intend to spend any money there. What are you waiting for – take a look at it on this page!

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