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The dating platform Cougar Life demonstrates that there is no age barrier when it comes to romantic relationships. Since its inception, the Cougar Life has functioned as a secure dating site that facilitates communication between mature women and younger men. The website is regarded as one of the best dating services due to the fact that it has more than 7 million users from all over the world. In any event, not everything is perfect, and reports of numerous bogus accounts might have an effect on the reputation of the organization. We looked into each category, subgenre, and audience on Cougar Life so that we could have a better idea of what this dating website has to offer its users.


Ruby Life Media, a Canadian company, began the publication known as Cougar Life in the year 2006. Regardless of who the site’s intended users are, the women in their mid-30s and older, as well as the male customers who make up the bulk of the cougar dating site, make up its core demographic. Men aged 18 to 34 years old, who make up the majority of the audience, effectively dominate the younger women. This demographic represents the most significant portion of the audience. It would indicate that the men who have signed up for this dating website are looking for laid-back dates or connections with more seasoned women who have a history of gaining a reputation for being more mature.

In spite of the substantial clientele, there is evidence to suggest that Cougar Life is home to a large number of bogus profiles. When your brand-new profile receives several messages and consideration in a short amount of time despite the absence of images or subtleties, this may be a symptom of a false profile. The fact that we were not confronted with the following issues at Cougar Life led us to believe that the website has identified and resolved these issues in order to facilitate effective communication and collaboration amongst users.


It is quite enjoyable to enter the Cougar Life dating website and observe a skilled website design that can be seen on their landing page. This is something you will find when you navigate to their page. Let’s get a deeper understanding of how to register for websites and how to navigate their interfaces.

The process of signing up. Is It Simple to Live Here?

It does not take a lot of time to sign up for Cougar Life and become a member of the organization. The entire process only takes a few moments to complete and consists of a few different steps. You will be required to submit a variety of personal information, including your email address, name, a secure secret word, city and country, gender, height and body type, eye and hair shading, and other information. Your profile will be prepared once it has been filled out in its entirety and you have accepted all of the Terms and Rules.

After that point, the Cougar Life website will give you the option to upload some personal images and provide further information about yourself in a section that is all your own. It is not absolutely necessary for you to complete it; you can do it a little bit later. You should respond to a few questions on how you would generally spend your free time, your favorite exercises, and the most significant successes in your day-to-day life in order to make your profile more interesting. It will be of assistance in making matches that are much more ideal.

Is It Really Possible to Use These Accounts?

In terms of the information contained in a member’s profile, a Cougar Life account contains a enough amount of material to construct an overall portrait of that person. A user’s age, location, ethnicity, physical type, eye and hair color, and eye color will all be included in their profile. In addition to these fundamental particulars, you can also glance at the About Me tabs on their profile to learn more about their personality and preferences. The profile and any attached images will eventually be viewable by standard users. In any event, a customer may have moved a private picture to your account; in order to view it, you will need to file a request. You will only be able to view their private images once they give you permission to do so.

If you want to be successful on Cougar Life, you need to portray yourself as something that the vast majority of customers will probably be looking for. The most important piece of advice is to ensure that your profile photographs show you engaging in some kind of activity. It may be images from the time you went skydiving, boating, or to the gym most recently, or it could be pictures of you playing your favorite game. You should have a lot of images of people engaged in interesting activities outside the house. It encourages curiosity and brings in possible business partners.

The facts that should be included in your life story can be found in the following piece of advice. In this section, you should describe the kinds of outdoor activities that you enjoy doing, what you do for a living, and make sure to mention that you have a soft spot in your heart for furry friends. The part of the page that asks “what you are seeking for” should be serious and go straight to the point. It is the crucial factor! You can quickly get matched with multiple people and go out on dates thanks to this method. You need to make your intentions clear right away and communicate that you are eager to start a relationship.

Website and Mobile Version

When you go to Cougar Life for the first time, you are going to be captivated by its sophisticated and understated architecture. The website has an incredibly wonderful design that is also quite simple to navigate. The entirety of the components may be seen at a glance. You have nothing to worry about, regardless of whether or not you are a novice. In addition, in contrast to other online dating sites, you won’t find any adverts on this one, which means that from the very beginning, you won’t have anything to distract you. It appears that the people who made this did an excellent job, as evidenced by the pretty pink background and the portrait of the adorable pair. The landing page provides users with all of the information that they require regarding the Cougar Life navigation.

In general, the website’s interface, design, and usability are extraordinarily pristine and user-friendly, making Cougar Life an excellent resource for students. The graphic below will show you the primary dashboard for the website, which contains the four most important sections that need to be adjusted by you. The most important tab is the inquiry and search tab, which is followed by the dashboard, your profile, the information area, and finally the informing area. These four tabs are contained within a blue box. The navigation is not particularly innovative in comparison to other popular dating sites. Once you have created your profile, the most important section for you to understand is the search and filter section that is located to the right of the screen. This is because the expectation to take in information is incredibly straightforward.

In addition to having a wonderful desktop design, Cougar Life also offers an android and iPhone application available for download for users of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system. You can use the service comfortably by downloading the Cougar Life mobile application, which can be done quickly and easily. Because it is compatible with both iOS and Android, locating it in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store is simple, and you can start using it without any problems right away. It is completely acceptable because many modern people have really busy lives, but they do have some downtime and the opportunity to look for things. A mobile app, similar to the web form, is equipped with all of the necessary capabilities. A qualified plan in tones of pink and white are featured in it. The outline is not very long and it is easy to understand. You are going to value it because of how effectively it operates.

Special Feature

A photo gallery that only members can view is one of the most important aspects of Cougar Life. Clients can choose between an open display of photographs and a private display of pictures; the open display is available for both paid and free clients to view. You are able to put photographs in your display that are interesting and appealing, and you may choose to sell only those pictures that you believe deserve it.


The searching highlights that Cougar Life provides are probably the most important component of the dating service that they provide. The search tab, which is located at the very top of the website, is where you will find the majority of the site’s most notable features. You will have the ability to look for cougars or cubs and filter the results based on your choices in this section of the website. As a free member, you are permitted an unlimited amount of use of this function. You will need to upgrade to a more sophisticated subscription in order to have the ability to communicate with other users.

How does the life of a cougar work?

A number of highlights are provided by Cougar Life, each of which contributes to the continued success of the Cougar Life dating service. The ability to send presents is the most significant way to express affection for another person. In practice, you would give gifts to the person you care about the most. You have the ability to bestow virtual representations of these advantages upon the cougar or cub in Cougar Life that has captured your attention. Because you have to spend credits on endowments, it demonstrates to the recipient that you care about them very much.

Finding a date in your area might be an important first step toward developing a romantic connection with someone. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see a number that represents the number of cougars that are looking for dates on a certain day. Simply select the cougar whose appointment you want to seek by clicking on the icon that says “Discover a Date Tonight.” After that, follow the on-screen instructions.

Options and Filters for Searching on the Cougar Life Website

On Cougar Life, regardless of whether you pay something or not, you can access the various searching tools and filters. You can search for your ideal partner in the sections under “All cubes” and “Online recently.” In these sections, you will find a large number of customers who are willing to provide their opinions regarding factors such as age, physical appearance, and race. You can also visit the website titled “Find your date for this evening,” where you will be able to set progressively specific filters concerning the local area. There is the possibility of finding people who have images posted on the internet or who are available for a date this evening.

Users of the most important search filter should examine their photo collections on a regular basis to see if they have anything to contribute. You may also search for people based on whether or not they are currently online, available for conversation, or available for a date today. You have the ability to block people that you have recently had a conversation with but have not yet met in person. With Cougar Life, older women who are interested in dating younger guys can search through one million members’ profiles to find the most eligible candidates and then communicate with them.

Additionally, you are able to filter results based on your height and your body type. It won’t be difficult for you to weed out the cougars that don’t meet your aesthetic standards, whether you want her to be muscular, stunning, ordinary, or carry a few extra pounds. Additionally, you have the option to search by eye color, hair color, or ethnicity, in addition to three different languages: English, Spanish, and Dutch. As can be seen, the available choices are quite a few.

Various Modes of Communication

You have access to a variety of communication channels as a free Cougar Life client, and you may use these channels to communicate with various users that you have selected while issuing invitations. Along these lines, you might demonstrate that you actually are interested in the topic at hand. You will also be informed whenever another user adds you to their most-loved list. This list provides an exceptional opportunity to avoid missing out on profiles that are noteworthy. Individuals who have paid to participate have access to the capacity for messaging. Sadly, if you have a free subscription, you won’t be able to initiate or answer to private communications.

Customers of Cougar Life who have access to paid highlights have the ability to send gifts that have an extraordinary variation that helps them to stand out from the crowd. Exchanging personal images is another another technique of highly intense communication between two people. It is a paid capacity; nonetheless, it enables you to receive a lot of genuinely fascinating impressions, therefore it is well worth the money. In addition, you have the option to buy a component of priority messages. It makes it possible for your messages to be displayed at the top of the list that your beneficiary sees. This aspect ensures your victory in the event that you have a few hypotheses that your competition may have a large number of people to speak with.


  • DateACougar
  • Milfberry
  • Milf-date

We would insist that you go with Cougar Life because of the large amount of engaged members it has. The advanced support staff is responsible for preventing the growth of false profiles and ensuring that customers receive high-quality service.


The whole feature set is accessible to members with the ungraded membership tier. If you sign up for the free subscription, you won’t have access to the option to communicate with the person who could become your companion for the rest of your life. The paid registration option on Cougar Life is the way to go if you simply are unable to pass up this opportunity.

Available payment options:

  • Cards de crédit
  • PayPal

Complimentary Benefits of Membership

A free subscription to Cougar Life is more of a gamble than anything else because you never know what amazing things you might find. Because of this, there are not a great deal of free highlights available. You are welcome to take advantage of the following features without charge:

  • Sign up
  • Putting your images up on the website.
  • Looking for your perfect partner
  • Access to the images stored by other users.
  • Sending out invitations for the event
  • Taking a look at the statistics of other users

Features Exclusive to Paid Memberships

A premium subscription offers the full experience, which includes many different kinds of special highlights. You will find that everything works to your advantage in terms of finding a spouse as quickly as is humanly possible. If you join up for a paid membership on Cougar Life, you’ll have the ability to locate other users who share the highest degree of compatibility with you. It depends on the recommendations regarding your information as well as the filters that you use. In this vein, some of the paid highlights include the following:

  • Communication via sending and receiving messages
  • Informing priorities with capacity
  • Possibility to deliver gifts
  • The most prominent position in the users’ chat list

Is It Really Dangerous to Live the Cougar Life?

When it comes to protection, the Cougar Life guarantee is pretty close to a hundred percent. As is the case anywhere else, you need to use extreme caution because no one can determine who the specific individual is who is participating in a conversation. In spite of this, the most of the time on our site, you’ll have access to a respectable safety system that will allow you to communicate and utilize the milf dating website without any worries.

Aspects of Protection That Are Technical

The account verification process on Cougar Life is efficient and trustworthy. It is astonishingly uncommon to come across a con artist in everyday life. Every one of your transactions is carried out in a risk-free manner, and they are extremely well protected. You do not need to be concerned about the technical aspects of Cougar Life protection because it functions on a high level.

Assistance to Customers

You have two distinct options for how to get in touch with the Customer Support team on Cougar Life. The first step in the process is to set up an assistance service arrangement. To find it, look for the section titled “Get in contact with us.” The one that comes after it is a telephone number. Unfortunately, customer care is not available around the clock, every day. In any event, you can be assured that from nine in the morning until seven in the evening, they will do everything in their power to assist you and resolve any problem. The support group is comprised of highly knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly neighbors.


How to Get Past the Photo Verification for Cougar Life?

Because Cougar Life does not conduct a stringent verification method (other than the check of the email address), it is highly justifiable that they have limited the opportunity for a normal user to communicate with a variety of other users. A cougar’s major focus will be on your photo while making a decision about whether or not to contact you. Therefore, make sure that it presents you in the most favorable light. When you are looking for a partner on Cougar Life, you need to make sure that the profile photo you choose is the greatest and most outstanding one possible.

How Can I Delete My Account on Cougar Life?

You have the option to delete your account on the Cougar Life website in the event that, for whatever reason, you decide that you no longer want to be a member of the site. To access your account settings, all you need to do is click on the small version of your profile image that is located in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the option to “Deactivate Your Account,” and then confirm your decision. To remove your account, all you need to do is navigate to the “Delete Account” section and then confirm your decision.

How to Find Out Who Likes You on Cougar Life without Spending Any Money

After a person likes one of your images, you are immediately notified of their action. In the event that you find this feature to be bothersome, you can disable it entirely via the settings of your account.

What are the steps to take to block someone on Cougar Life?

To prevent further communication with another person on Cougar Life, simply open their profile and click the “block” icon. Simply click Account Settings, then click the Privacy tab, and make the necessary changes to the blocked profiles there to remove a user from your Blocked list.

How do I terminate my subscription to Cougar Life?

At this time, you will not be able to terminate your membership by accessing the options tab of your account. If you have made up your mind to go through with it, the easiest method to go about it is to phone the hotline at 1-877-740-3176 between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm. The customer service staff will investigate your inquiry and come up with a solution.


When all of the benefits of the Cougar Life dating platform are taken into consideration, we can confidently say that

I would recommend this service to older women and younger guys who are trying to make authentic connections and have enjoyable conversations. The user database is quite extensive, and the UI is very simple to use. First things first, you might think that Cougar Life is just another run-of-the-mill cougar dating service. After delving deeper into it, you’ll see that the website makes a significant amount of effort, recommending noteworthy highlights in an effort to draw in more people.

However, the cougars who are eager to discover their ideal partner appreciate using the dating site, despite the fact that the fee may surprise some customers. People on the website have the same worldview, regardless of whether you are looking for older women or men specifically or not. The majority of the time, they communicate in a straightforward manner. In contrast, the likelihood of you meeting someone will be much increased for you to take advantage of. A trusted dating platform for men and women with an open mind, Cougar Life connects like-minded singles. After reading our evaluation, we are confident in advising you to give it a shot at some point.

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